Busy at Work

Anal Solo

Busy at WorkAnother day at the office…bored and ready to tease my boss…yesterday I saw him rubbing his cock when I bent down to get something from the file drawer in my office…he sent me back a few times and I bent over and popped my ass out. I started feeling very horny. I know he went into his office and jerked off! I fell asleep last night with my hand in my panties thinking about ways to tease him!Today I wore my tight black mini dress and a push up corset underneath..I wore a low button jacket that let my double D’s bust out and spill my tits when I bent over…wore some high cut black panties and shoved them up my ass crack so my cheeks peaked out…He called me into the office first thing this morning and of course his eyes popped open wide Escort when he saw my outfit! I brought him some coffee and he said we needed to hunt for some files in my office…Everything he needed was in the bottom drawer so I really worked my ass which was pointed at him just a few feet away!I peaked at him..he was already pulling at his cock thru his pants! My tits were falling out and I made believe I needed to”fix them” each time I handed him a file…After a while it got obvious that I was teasing and creating a very large, hard bulge in those pants of his! He thanked me and went back to his office and shut the door. I waited a few minutes, knowing he was going to start wanking his dick under the desk and decided to bring some him Escort Bayan some “extra cream for his coffee”. Normally I would knock when I entered his office, but today I barged in, bouncing my tits as I walked toward his desk with the cream. Startled, he pulled his chair in under the desk to hide his cock that was sticking up out of his pants. I pretended not to notice as I bet over and pointed my tits toward his face. “Thought you made need some extra cream” I said. I smiled as he fumbled to cover is throbbing boner! I went into my office but left his door open just enough so he could see me. I wiggled my titties and stuck my ass out for him as he beat his cock under the desk. I hiked my skirt up and let my ass poke out and played Bayan Escort with my panties, pulled them up my crack even more…he was tugging his rod and I could see his hand pumping faster under the desk… I let my tits out a little at a time, untill they flopped out. I rubbed my nipples on the file cabinet and made sure he could see. I pretended I didn’t see his arm wiggling as he feverishly pulled as his dick…His mouth hung open as I turned around and pulled my panties over, pulled my juicy lips apart and stuck his sharpie pen up in my wet pussy…He finally shot his load, I could here him breathing heavily…I pulled my top up so you could just see my nipples and I deliverd that wet pen to him before he had time to put his sticky cock back into his pants. He hid it under the desk and smiled as I handed him that pen…He gave me $50 dollars and told me to take the afternoon off but to come in extra early in the morning…. I’m guessing that’s his favorite time to jerk off! Lucky me!

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