Bubble Bath


I came out of the bathroom as my husband had just settled down with the remote control and a glass of wine. The weather was starting to turn colder at night, and so we had eaten a hearty dinner, shared a bottle of pinot noir, and after the dishes were done, I decided to take a nice hot bubble-bath.

This is something that I treat myself to after a long day, when I’m stressed out, or in this case, just because I was chilly. Plus, I always sleep a hundred times better after a bath and feel clean and refreshed to go to bed.

The hubs was not quite sleepy yet, so had flipped on the TV and was driving channels. When I opened the bathroom door, however, his head turned in my direction.

“You smell great,” he said. “What did you put on?”

“Nothing.” I replied. “It’s just the bubble bath I used.” I had picked up a bottle of a eucalyptus scented foaming bubble bath the week before.

At that point I went and stood in front of him. He happily abandoned his TV watching. His large, smooth hands caressed the back of my knees and worked their way up my body, and a moment later he un-tied my bathrobe.

He massaged my ass for a moment before slowly running his hands up my back. I love anything being done to my back. I’m addicted to backrubs and massages, so this was an ultimate turn-on, and he knew it.

Soon his hands worked ataşehir escort around to my breasts, cupping each of them, thumbs running over my nipples, which had become hard and erect. He rolled them between his thumb and forefinger, before sucking them into his lips and flittering the tip of his tongue over them. I uttered a low moan, to even my surprise. I was getting worked up faster than I thought.

He gently pulled me on top of him so that I straddled his legs with mine. I began grinding my pussy on his leg, and he liked that immensely. He was burying his face in my chest, moving from my nipples to the underside to the middle in between, kissing, licking, sucking, nuzzling. I threw my head back and relished the feelings.

He then stood up, taking me with him, still straddling his legs and waist, and in a flash he managed to scramble out of his pants and boxer briefs. I could feel his pulsing cock, throbbing with anticipation, ready to explode soon. I considered reaching down and rubbing the shaft, so that his penis was penetrating my palm, and teasing the tip of his mushroom top. He loves when I lightly run a finger or my tongue around the edge of it.

But I was having too much fun being focused on, he was ravaging me in a way he hadn’t ever before. After 7 years together it surprised me, avcılar escort but I was loving it.

He set me back down on the couch, in a somewhat compromising half-sitting position, and I knew what was coming next.

“Ahh, dinner is served,” he whispered against my already dripping pussy. “You’re so wet!”

He eagerly began the same motions he’d used on my breasts; gentle swirls, suckling my oh-so sensitive clit with his lips, flicking his tongue on the tip, and surprising me with a swift lick from my asshole to my pussy. He began using a little more force and I was on top of the world, crying and moaning and squirming beneath him. He tongue swirled around and around, stopping to focus on my clit every so often, and when he began tongue fucking me, I lost it. I came right then and there, which surprised us both. He lapped up all of my juices hungrily and looked up at me with eyes that relayed triumph. He had my pussy juices running down his lips and chin and looked like he had just come himself, the look on his face was pure satisfaction.

I was crying for him to stop only a few seconds later. My clit had become overly sensitive after I had come. He still had me in a compromising position, with my feet above my head, my drenched pussy open wide. He backed off for a moment, and then took his avrupa yakası escort index finger and sucked on it. This was pretty sexy to me, but I had no idea what was coming next. He then gently began caressing my asshole. I have always liked anal stimulation from my vibrator, but we had never gone there before as a couple, so this was a huge surprise. My tight butt needed a little work though, and he seemed eager to please. Before I knew what was happening he was gently inserting his finger all the way in and out of my ass. It felt amazing, and the next thing I knew, his mouth was moaning against my wet twat again. He gently licked and sucked and prodded my pussy but with not nearly as much force as last time, this was to get me warmed back up. The stimulations together were very different than anything I had ever felt, but it was very pleasing. I was moaning again, and he looked up at me with a look of conquest, satisfying me in such a new way. He soon set in on my clit only, and between that and the action on my asshole, I let off like a police siren. The next thing I knew, he had rammed his hard cock into me, moaning as he went in. I felt a few shudders on my insides and wrapped my arms around him for stability.

“Come on baby. Come for me,” I said.

He came instantly and let out a low grunt, collapsing on top of me. We stroked each others sweaty skin for a little while, before he had the strength to get up and I with him. He took my hand and led me to our bedroom, where we both fell onto it with exhaustion, and quickly fell asleep.

I decided the next morning that I would buy oodles of my eucalyptus scented bubble bath.

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