Brotherly Love


Four years ago, I was dragged to Rennes, a sex slave, and no longer in control of my mind, my heart and everything I knew was stripped from me. By chance or insidious design, I was elevated to the position of Prince. Not the royal kind of prince but the noble kind, like a duke or earl but called a prince, running a principality. It’s all dull and unimpressive so I shall avoid the deep explanation. For what it’s worth, I intended to stay as prince for no more than two years. I am a year beyond that with no hope of freedom in sight.

I’m not even certain I want that freedom anymore.

I looked up as one of my pages cleared his throat and waited for me to acknowledge his presence. He was lanky, blond and rather dull in appearance with a mind to match. It often took him a few moments to understand what I wanted but I am a patient man.

“Your Grace, your brother has arrived and he is demanding to see you. He has a rather large elf with him and I was not inclined to argue that you are…” Thalizar chose precisely that moment to come barging in, his face red and his long, black hair strangely disheveled for my usually vain sibling. Clearly, he was unhappy and unhappy with me in particular.

With a bland expression, I sat back in the chair of my audience room and waited for him to speak. This room, which resembled an office like any of my other official meeting places, contained my desk, a book shelf, a wooden puzzle on the desk to occupy me when I became bored and one chair. The idea was for the visitor to speak his mind and get out while I made my decision. I dare say it worked out well. “Open your mouth and let the words fall, Brother Mine,” said I.

He stormed over to my desk and planted his gloved hands flat upon the surface then leaned forward, his face so close to mine that I was breathing in his breath as he exhaled. There was a curious scent to my half-brother, which was a combination of sandalwood and pine with a hint of mint that was unique to his person and always had been. I rather liked it. “You took over the thieves’ and assassin guilds here in the city?” he yelled in my face, his spittle landing on my skin.

I shrugged and leaned back. I had wondered when he would find out that I was now running both the underground guilds here in the city. It clashed with my duties as prince but it also improved my information gathering by a thousand percent. Though the business I began with Ambrose was far away in time and space, I could never break out of it entirely and so I still hired people with the appropriate skills to do various jobs for me. The assassins’ and thieves’ guilds were a fine source of both information and hirelings as well as a steady influx of coin from those paying the guilds to do the jobs. Some money went to the city, some went to me. It was a very lucrative association and I was fond of it, something Thalizar clearly was not. I tried explaining this to him but he threw up his hands before slamming them down, in fists, upon the desk, rattling it and its contents.

Through my magic, my empathy, I could feel his rage and it touched something deep inside me. I enjoyed the emotions of others in small amounts but I shielded myself from them for the most part. Thal, who was usually controlled and cool, could lose his temper at times, the anger leeching through my shields and filling me with it due to our closeness, both personal and physical. I could never inspire him to love me as I wished he would but these moments of hatred were just as powerful. And just as erotic.

“Random, please ensure that we have privacy, as my brother and I have much to discuss,” I said to the muscular young elf behind Thalizar.

My brother bristled and said, “He is not yours! You cannot order him around like he is a dog.”

“Yes, Brother-Mine, he wears your collar but I am the prince of this city and that demands a level of respect, of which I am certain he appreciates.” With a nod of my head, my eyes on the red-haired elf, I said, “Random? Please?”

The boy looked askance at Thal, who waved Gaziosmanpaşa Escort his hand dismissively and did not watch the boy’s retreating back as he headed for the door. I loved Random like I loved living and watching him leave twisted me from within. We were soul-bound, he and I. Two hearts, two minds, one connection to bind us both through empathy and love. Thalizar’s restrictions on his sexual activities meant that we could not make love as I desired but we would sometimes visit one another’s dreams and make up for it.

It was enough for now.

Looking back to my brother, I said, “Now. Speak to me. What on earth is your problem with the way I am running things?”

“Because I need to visit the Guild Master for a specific job I am doing and…”

“…he is me?” I finished, a sly grin on my face.

Silence was his reply but the emotional barrage continued and I was pounded by it. “I understand that you had no intention of working for me as a hireling and for the most part, you are not. However, I do own the guild now and it answers to me and if you are doing work for the guild, well… You are doing work… for me. Of course, your compensation will be equivalent to the work your do, as long as it satisfies the goals. You have an opportunity to be paid twice…. you know.” Coin was my brother’s mistress and he hesitated, considered my words, before bristling once again, his cheeks flushed.

“How dare you!” he roared in my face. “The guilds are independent of their host cities for various reasons…”

“Yes, including the necessity of killing the leaders of the cities should they be offered enough coin to do so. What I did was in the name of self-preservation, Thalizar. And information, of course,” I said with a gleam in my eyes. The spark of rage that gleam ignited was too much for him. I knew he was coming for me before he came. I braced myself wearing a teasing smile.

He swept the few items on the desk to the floor with his arm and reached across it to grab my shirt, popping the three top buttons. They fell to the floor and rolled away, forgotten, to be stolen later by one of the servants.”You had no right!” he yelled in my face, his breath hot against my skin. “That guild had invited me to take on a leadership position when Random and I were here three years ago as a reward for our work! I had other duties then but now I return and get a job only to find out what you’ve done and I-I…”

“Do you truly hate me now? It was my suggestion to them that you become Guild Master back then but when you declined, I had to take other precautions. As you can understand, I am somewhat paranoid these days,” I said coolly. He was holding my shirt tightly, the fabric twisted in his hands before shoving me backwards into my seat. My teeth rattled as I landed but eyes burned with need as he focused his seething gaze on my face. Unraveling my brother’s mood was becoming quite fun for me and the emotional emanations were like the finest cognac; heady and powerful, leaving me dizzy with the need for more.

Braver than I imagined I could be, I smiled up his panting torso.

Thalizar came around the desk to my chair, his eyes wide. “You put forth that offer?” he demanded with arched brows.

“It was merely a suggestion but yes, mine. I thought that having you as Guild Master would be beneficial to myself and the city in general because I know you won’t allow anyone to touch me in a violent manner, yourself aside, of course. The city keeps its prince and I keep my head while you make a fortune as Guild Master. Overall, a win for us all.”

The wave of emotion that washed over me from him was delicious and I opened my mind fully to it, allowing it to fill me. He pulled me up from the chair in a manner that could have resulted in a loss of his personal freedom, or even his life, had I chosen to call the guards but I was enjoying this. “You were trying to protect yourself and to do that, you manipulated me and the guild and made a mockery of what we do. You Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan are just like every other politician out there, Veranon.”

Dangling like a doll from his hands, I shrugged. “I had the power to do what was necessary. The Master had all but dismantled the assassin’s guild in fear of his own life, you see. I revived it and gave it purpose again. If that makes me a horrible person, so be it. If you want to be Guild Master, just say so.” He dropped me back in my chair with a dark snort of anger.

“I didn’t want to be Guild Master! I wanted to be Guild Second so that I could…”

“…live your life as you do now and reap the rewards of working for the guild in a leadership role. Curious how well our minds work together, is it not?”

Then he hauled me up again but this time, he spun me around and pinned me against the desk. I was bent over it, his hand pressing my cheek against the mahogany wood, my upper body sprawled across the top, his torso against mine. Any papers, quills or other items that had been there were now scattered across the floor. Thankfully, the inkwell was stoppered tightly so the rug was safe. He gripped me painfully by the hair at the back of my head and hissed, “Our minds do not work well together. I am nothing like you! And stop finishing my sentences and interrupting me! It’s pissing me off, Veranon.”

“I know…” I purred with a smile.

He hesitated for a moment in confusion. “Wait… You’re doing this on purpose? You’re trying to anger me?”

I squirmed a bit but only to wiggle the groove of my ass against his perfectly huge cock, which was becoming semi-erect.”If you joined the guild and I own the guild then clearly I must own you. Lovely how it all works out, is it not, Brother-Mine?” I said languidly, the smile on my face teasing, mocking him.

“Fuck you…” he hissed in my ear.

“Yes… Please do…”

He pulled off his gloves, threw them aside and then peeled his tight, leather breeches to his knees. I heard him digging about in his bag and then the sound of steel against steel as he withdrew one of his small blades. “I could kill you, Veranon,” he murmured against my neck, the sharp edge of the knife pressing into the skin above the main artery in my neck. My pulse quickened as fear gripped me. I knew he wouldn’t do it but knowing that he could thrilled me. “I have had offers, some very nice offers, to take your life. You took over the guild, usurped a position that you could never appreciate as well as an assassin does and that gives me a very good reason to remove you, now. Imagine! The prince of the city and the Master of two guilds in one kill! You have made yourself a very expensive and appealing target, Brother-Mine,” he whispered dangerously into my ear.

“Hmm… So I have. What are you going to do about it?” I asked him softly.

He chose that moment to cut me across the back of my neck, near scars from wounds that nearly ended my life years ago. The action returned me to the terrible night they were inflicted and I cried out in pain- as well as pleasure. I had learned to appreciate pain as another kind of stimulation while a captive. It was the only way I could have survived.”I won’t kill you,” he murmured as his other hand slid around my body to grip my hard cock tightly. The fingers of his other hand dropped the knife and then moved around to my ass, plunging them deep inside my tight hole. The pressure was lovely as he manipulated my prostate, my body responding enticingly to his manipulations. “Just now, you were using this… revelation… to trick me into fucking you. If you wanted me, all you had to do was say so,” hissed.

“I wanted the emotions from you, Thalizar. I wanted to feel something from you other than your usual condescending disregard for me. That and… asking doesn’t always grant me what I want from you.”

I felt the cool sensation of lubricant as he smeared it on his cock and inside my ass. “Did you get what you wanted, then?” He was still angry but Escort Gaziosmanpaşa there was an edge to his voice, a quiver of desire I sensed as well as heard.

“Yes… During your uncontrolled moments, I felt something unexpected from you. It has assured me that having you as my Guild Second is perhaps the wisest choice I have made in recent years, Brother-Mine.” He leaned over, closed his teeth upon my shoulder and bit down, hard. I cried out with ecstasy as the intense pain of the bite filled my body. Blood oozed down my shoulder, along the back of my arm before dripping onto the polished wood floor.

He bit me again and jammed his huge cock deep inside my body. He was rough, brutal as his hand shoved my face against the desk, flattening my cheek and pulling at my shoulder-length red hair. I felt his pointed nails tear against my skin, raking it in long, jagged lines down my back. The pain was exquisite combined with the brutal force he used to thrust himself in and out of my body. I cried out loudly and for the benefit of my guards, I added, “YES! Fucking, YES!” Otherwise, we would have had several armed men interrupting us and that simply would not do in a moment like this.

Pleasure and searing agony danced and flirted with one another until they blurred into one powerful sensation that, even without anyone touching my cock, not even me, brought me to a fantastic orgasm. I cried out and Thalizar curled his fingers around my jaw, raising it so that his lips could reach my neck. I twisted my head around and we kissed, our tongues and lips joining in a maddening, powerful dance. With a final thrust, my half-brother released his pleasure. He remained inside me for several moments as we continued to devour one another’s mouths and faces in hot kisses. Soon, his flaccid cock slid out of my body and he released me, allowing me to finally stand on unsteady feet. White fluid from my cock had landed under my desk, on my desk and coated the crotch of my silken breeches. I pulled them off and threw them in a pile into a corner of the office then tossed my shoes (also sticky) on top of them.

He stepped on his pants, pulling them the rest of the way off his body and dropped into my chair while I gathered a towel and poured water from a pitcher onto it. I cleaned off the white goo of our pleasures from my body and my ass before handing him the towel so that he could wipe himself clean. Then, with unexpected tenderness, his hands pulled me down into his naked lap where he gently scrubbed away the dried blood from my neck, back and arm. “You said you felt something unexpected from me…” he murmured softly, his voice tinged with emotion. What he would never admit to, I finally felt at last.

I nodded while his magic fingers slid across my skin and cleansed me. His lips soon replaced his hands and I sighed contentedly. “Mmm. What I discovered is that you do, in fact, love me very much, an emotion you keep hidden because it is not your way to express it. You also love Random but that is something I have long suspected. Your feelings for me, or rather the intensity of them, that was what surprised me.”

He was quiet for a moment as he embraced me from behind. “You breathe not a word of this to anyone?” It was a statement posed as a question, a desperate request.

“I keep many, many secrets, Thalizar. My discovery is ours to explore between us alone. I would have it no other way. I love you as well, mon amor, and always have. I always will.”

He kissed me after I said that and something, an agreement of sorts, seemed to have been made though it was not readily apparent to me at first. After this encounter, though he continued to treat me like some kind of underling despite being both his prince and Guild Master, we became much less adversarial and worked more easily together.

But I had become a master of something else, something neither of us anticipated. Emotion is a powerful thing and when used by an empath, it can become a tool or a sex toy, manipulated by the user however he likes. Thalizar was fine with this arrangement, much to my surprise. Perhaps he could feel its effects as well through our connection. Perhaps he simply appreciated its effects on me. Whatever it was, when we dealt with one another after that night, there was a wink and a knowing smile after each insult that was meant only for me.


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