Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 9


Melanie looked at her father and smiled as they stood listening to her brother and mother. She began to think that there could be more to just having her father to herself. She knew that would also not be fair to her mother since they were still married. Her father had been dipping into her mother longer than he had been with herself. Now her brother had just done so.“Daddy, come on. We don’t want to get caught. Let’s go to my room.”“You didn’t get enough of me against the wall?” Her father asked with a laugh.“Ha ha, very funny. To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I really did get enough.” Melanie said and smiled and pulled her daddy to her room.They were just entering her room when Justin’s door opened. His mother exited and caught the tail end of her husband vanishing into it. She smiled and thought that he was going to get exactly what he had been after all those years. Little did she know that minutes ago, they had each other in the back yard.Shortly after his mother had walked out of his room, Justin walked out and found his mother paused in the hall. Her ear was pressed up against his sister’s room door listening. Justin walked up to his mother and whispered in her ear, “Don’t tell me Melanie and dad are. . .”His mother looked over her shoulder at him Yakacık escort and smiled. That was all she had to do.Justin listened as well. He actually could not hear much. He looked at his mother and said, “Want to make a party out of this? This could be our chance. This could be fun!”“Justin, we just got through. . .”“Yeah, I know mom,” Justin interrupted, “but honestly, I bet dad and Melanie did too. Take your clothes off.”She just looked at her son with a very surprised look. She could not believe what he was proposing. It got her arousal flowing though.So, she did as her son suggested and disrobed there in the hall and let her clothes fall to the floor. Her pair of sexual lips were still moist with her recent orgasm. She could actually feel it getting wet again. Justin came out of his clothes and let them join his mother’s on the floor also. Immediately, he got hard at the thought of what he and his mother were about to do. His mother saw it and she was glad that she was not the only one aroused. “Ready mom?” Justin asked.“Before we do this, one question. What if we are wrong?”“Then let’s hope me and you will start something instead.” Justin said as he opened the door to his sister’s room. He was not wrong.Melanie was Atalar escort bayan laying naked on her bed, her ass positioned on the edge of it, her legs spread wide revealing her shaved smooth pussy. Their father was on his knees with his face on the verge of being buried in it.Melanie and her father looked at Justin and his mother. Melanie turned red. She really did not know why. She just did. There was no need too. She saw that her mother was naked like her and her brother was naked like their father. Her pussy suddenly quivered at what was standing in her room.Melanie watched her mother come to the bed and climb up on it. With a brush of her mother’s hand, she lied back down on it and watched her mother. She was not the only one watching. Her husband also was. Justin was sort of beside himself because this was new to him.Before Melanie knew it, she was looking up at her mother’s large labia. She wondered how her mother didn’t have a constant orgasm with them rubbing on the lining of her underwear. They were very nice to look at, but Melanie sure was glad her inner labia, for the most part, stayed hidden, at least until aroused. She was so happy she did not inherit her mother’s sexual lips. Hell, she never even thought Escort Kadıköy she would ever be tasting her mother. But she was getting ready too.“Taste me Melanie. Taste your mother while your father tastes you!” Melanie heard her mother say. She could see the moisture in the seam of her mother’s slit. She could smell the recent sexual aroma come from it. She actually was ready to let her mouth work her mother over.Justin watched as his mother lowered herself to her daughter’s lips. She felt Melanie’s warm mouth on her hot pussy and groaned as Melanie tasted her core. She also felt the twitch in Melanie’s mouth as her husband’s mouth found their daughter’s perforation. Justin did not want to be left out. He, too, climbed up on Melanie’s bed and stood beside his mother, who instantly took her son’s hard cock into her mouth and sucked.Melanie sucked on her mother’s soft division. She could taste the mature years in it. She was hoping the delectable experience would pass into her as she drank from her mother’s personal well. As Melanie swallowed, the delightful burn slid down her throat. She could feel the sting of her mother’s erotic center as it went. It was like a fine wine. The years had fermented well.As she ate her mother, the feel of her father’s mouth on her vertical pink smile showed years of practice. By the way his tongue moved over its puffiness and up and down the middle folds, Melanie felt the years of experience in his mouth upon her tender skin. She knew how. She was eating it now. That’s why her father’s mouth felt so good between her legs.

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