Broken Vows Ch. 3


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any characters depicted in this story are over the age of 18. Chapters 1 and 2 can be found in the Non-Consent category.

* * * * *

Early the next morning, Father Kirk and Sister Purity met in an out of the way room while Father’s Flanigan and Jameson handled the morning prayers. The convent enjoyed a long history including hiding runaway slaves. Because of this, it was built with many hidden rooms, twists and turns. Father Kirk sat in a padded leather chair with Sister Purity kneeling at his feet.

“Sister Purity, tell me what we can expect from our little Mary this morning. How do you think your meeting with her will go?” Father Kirk sipped a cup of hot tea, the fragrance reminding him faintly of Mary’s aroused scent. He felt his cock coming to life at the memory. He looked down at Sister Purity and enjoyed the look of her wide, clear eyes and flawless complexion. His cock twitched against the soft material of his robes. He shifted in his seat.

Sister Purity looked up at Father Kirk with adoring eyes. “I think she will join, Father.” Sister Purity blushed as she remembered the seduction of Mary last night. “You were wonderful with her last night,” she said glancing down.

Father Kirk watched Sister Purity with affection. It seemed like yesterday when she had been initiated into the Order. Father Kirk had watched Father Matthews seduce her over 10 years ago. Although she had not been as naïve as Mary, Sister Purity had been a virgin as was the requirement for the Order. Remembering the long ago scene of the young Sister crying out as her hymen was ripped made his cock strain against his robe.

Leaning back in the chair, Father Kirk spread his legs and parted Fındıkzade Escort his robes, his engorged cock standing proudly up and away from his body. The cool air caressed the heated skin.

Sister Purity had noticed the Father’s cock growing harder and smiled when Father Kirk leaned back and exposed his thick shaft of meat. Although technically a virgin when she entered the convent, Sister Purity had experimented with other forms of sexual stimulation. One of the activities she enjoyed most was worshipping a man’s cock. She loved the way they felt and tasted, they way they pulsed and jerked, the way the sack would wrinkle and crinkle as her tongue ran over it.

Understanding the unvoiced invitation, she snuggled down between his legs. She arranged her habit around her and leaned forward, lovingly putting the side of her face against Father Kirk’s cock stroking it with her soft cheek. Her breath quickened and her nipples hardened as she felt the hard velvet skin brush her face.

Murmuring softly, almost like a prayer, Sister Purity said, “Oh Father yes Father, I love your hard cock on my face, I can feel the soft skin against my check, smell the fine musk…” She flicked her taboo tongue out and licked Father Kirk’s cock from base to head. “Mmm, taste you, Father.” Her tongue began the warm loving process of licking and wetting every inch of his cock. At the head, she teased around the ridge, licking and flicking. Her black habit billowed around her and her veil fell forward as she bowed her head over his cock.

Father Kirk put his hands in Sister Purity’s hair and guided her as she began to deep throat him. Pumping his hips up and down into her willing, warm wet mouth made his cock Fındıkzade Escort Bayan swell even larger. The sound of her sweet, nun’s voice whispering against his cock added to his lust. Her lips wrapped around him tightly, sucking at his cock, pulling in and out. He moved her black veil away from her face and watched his cock disappear and reappear, in and out. His body tensed, his balls clenched and the cum began boiling up his thick shaft. He grabbed Sister Purity’s head and held her down on his cock, forcing her to be still as he pumped his cum deep into her throat. He shoved his cock deep into her mouth letting every nerve ending of his excited, twitching cock be surrounded by her wet heat. Her tongue slid around on his shaft while her mouth sucked him, drawing her cheeks in. Grunting, he finished and let go of her.

Sister Purity looked up at him, her eyes dark and smoky from desire. Her lips wet with his cum, she smiled at him trembling. Her body flooded with desire, as she tasted him on her tongue. Her face was flushed and pink.

Father Kirk pulled her into his lap, his hand burrowing up under her habit. He pinched her nipple gently, then harder until she gasped.

“Are you a hot little nun, Sister?” Father Kirk breathed into her ear. “Do you want my sacred cock in your wet pussy? My tongue on that throbbing clit?” Father Kirk gripped her clit between his fingers and squeezed. He smiled against her neck as he heard her squeal and felt her wiggle on his lap.

“Oh please, Father, you know I need you! I always have and I always will,” she said fervently. Her nipple still ached from his pinch and she savored it. She bucked against his hand trying to get him to finger her more.

“No, Escort Fındıkzade Sister. Not now, you know you must go and meet with our little Mary now. I think it is best that you meet her in a state of need,” Father Kirk said, grinning. Glancing at the chiming wall clock he said, “You just have time to get there for you meeting this morning. Sister, you know what to do. See that you do it.” With that, he gave her one last rub on her clit making her moan and stood her up. He really did love the knowledge that under her habit and veil, Sister Purity was completely naked, ready and available for his every desire and need. The thought stirred his cock again. “Sister!” He said sharply, before she left. “Please put my cock back where it belongs.” He leaned back on the leather chair and grinned at her.

Sister Purity pouted her lips at him, leaned over and looked him in the eye, letting her habit brush his now thick and hard cock and retorted, “You KNOW where it belongs and I can only obey my Father!” She laughed and pulled her habit up around her waist and began to straddle him.

Father Kirk pushed her off of him. “Get gone from here, Sister. I’m sure you will find some way of taking care of your needs.” He adjusted his robes, letting the fabric caress his rigid member.

Sister Purity stood up and quickly put her habit and veil in order. Leaning up she kissed Father Kirk. “Oh you are such a tease, brother! You made me wet and hot and now I must go tend to little, not so quite virgin, Mary! The only consolation I have is that YOUR cock is hard as a rock again and I’m leaving!” Chuckling quietly, she slipped out of the room, once again a proper nun.

Father Kirk stood in the room a moment and looked at the cross on the wall. He believed totally in the teachings of his church. On the other hand, he also believed that God would never have given man a cock if He had not meant for man to use it to take control of and pleasure women. Feeling his cock twitch at the thought, he left the room to attend to business.

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