Brod: Growing Unrest Pt. 04

Big Tits

Arva lead me into the Curvy gym. We entered through some kind of concrete storage area. There was a bunch of equipment, spare parts, plates, and other such things.

“I am not sure who is here,” she said. She stopped in front of a second door. I could hear water behind hit. “This leads into the showers.”

I nodded and took off my shoes and socks, setting them near the door. My socks were soaked from my my fitting session with Lana.

“Now, I will announce you,” she said, looking down at my dripping cock. “And I suppose nature will take its course.”

She stuck her head into the shower room. I couldn’t see what was going on, but she paused for a long moment before yelling. “Excuse me, ladies! I know you are getting cleaned up, but I have brought someone to give you a special training session!” she called. Then she looked over her shoulder at me. “They seem confused. Stick your cock in.”

I had to wonder how confused and startled the women in the shower may have been. But I suppose this was one way to make an entrance. I shrugged and moved to the door. I slid my two-foot monster into the gap. The gigantic thing was monstrously thick and pouring slimy precum, its flushed head shining. From inside, all they could see was my cock sticking into the shower room.

I heard a chorus of gasps and shouts.

“Oh my god!”

“No way that’s real!”

“Do I look stupid? Is this a prank?”

“Come on!”


“Go in and prove that you are real,” she told me.

I chuckled and stepped into the steamy room. My feet slapped wet tile.

Each wall had about a dozen shower heads along it, and in the middle was a concrete bench sort of raised area. A woman was standing beneath each head, and a few more sat on that little bench-island-thing. All their eyes were on me. And as I came in, those eyes all opened wide.

I drank in the attention, smiling and putting my hands on my hips as my behemoth pulsed and dripped in front of me. I drank in the air, heavy with sweat, soap, and steam. My cock bounced with my heartbeat. My nuts were bigger than any of their heads and hung down near my knees.

The crowd was varied. Some middle-aged women, some younger. Chubby, skinny, muscly. Skin ranging from espresso to cream. Some perspiration beaded on my skin from all the heat. There was a long silence.

Finally, a thin white redhead near me yelled, “Holy fuck!” she stood from the bench and came towards me. “Are you real?! How can you be real?”

“Come touch me and find out,” I said, nodding down at my cock.

She ran her hands over my shoulder, down my thick arm. Okay, well, she was touching one of my appendages, at least. A chubby brunette came over. A bit of cellulite on her. She had a cute, soft-looking tummy and thick thighs. A black woman came over and ran her hands over my pudginess. She looked toned and powerful, and her abs were inviting to my tongue. Women of all kinds began to approach. I was soon surrounded.

I felt hands on my thick forearms, on my wide shoulders. The ladies nearest me began to caress my cock. One by one, they began to get on their knees.

“Oh my fuck!”

“Sweet Jesus, this thing is like a whale!”

“¡Ñoooo! ¿Cómo camina?”

I wasn’t sure how many hands grabbed at my meat. It was like a much less painful zombie feeding frenzy. I couldn’t even see my cock! There had to be over a dozen hands rubbing over its surface. Some of the ladies looked up at me. I smiled. The white girl and the chubby brunette were near the head, and they both began to lap at the cupfuls of pre I was pouring.

“What’s this training session?” asked the latter.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Paola,” she answered.

“Well, I’m gonna train your internal muscles, Paola,” I said, grinning down at her as she lapped up precum. “What I have in mind is a total-body, deep-core workout.” I explained.

Fuck, this felt great. Ladies on either sides were rubbing my nuts. I could feel palms and fingers gripping and massaging handfuls of the thick scrotal skin. Tongues rolled up and slicked through the folds.

“I’m Chelsea Atridge,” said the slender redhead. “Are you the guy who fucked my daughters?”

“I, uh….” I shook my head. “I might be? Oh, yeah!” I grunted. I could feel those hands and fingers rubbing up and down all over my cock, from tip to base.

“And my sister-in-law?”


“And my friend, Trish?”

“I guess?”

Chelsea seemed satisfied for the moment. The centimeter-thick layer of white jizz was coming off on their hands, being used to lubricate my length. My whole cock was being stimulated at once!

You normally-endowed guys have no idea how good it feels when you’re used to only having a third to a half of your cock being pleasured at most. I don’t know what it’s like having a normal cock, but just imagine having twenty times as much penile surface area to feel pleasure with!

A couple of women were to my sides, Ankara escort half-bending so they could touch some of my cock. I gripped handfuls of two asses, one firm, one soft and pudgy. Schlick-schlick-schlick. The pleasure didn’t stop. They kept massaging my balls, ensuring a big load.

“I want to train, too!” cried a tattooed Latina who was too far to reach my cock. I think she may have been Chilean? She looked Mestiza.

“Me, too!” cried a pale woman closer by. I think she was Chinese?

“I’ll train everyone here,” I told the crowd of glistening wet ladies. They weren’t just wet from the showers, either. In the enclosed, steamy space, I could smell the growing, heady scent of dozens of dripping pussies. I took a long, deep breath. “I love the smell of cunt juice in the morning,” I rumbled. I could already feel my nuts tightening up. So many hands, such a strong smell, mixed with the scent of the sweat from women who hadn’t gotten clean yet….

“It’s noon!” said a blonde.

“I know. Now who wants a protein shake?” I asked. I looked over at Arva, who I remembered was still back there. She had her hand down the front of her sari. “This will take a few hours.”

She nodded. “I am … I am going to … take a break. Yes. I cannot bear this!” Then she slipped away. Oh well. I’d fuck her later. There was no question she’d give me her pussy after we were done measuring.

My soccer-ball-sized nuts were practically vibrating under the dozens of fingers stroking and rubbing their surface. I felt several mouths kissing and licking it. A few more faces were bobbing near my head, drinking and slurping the precum loudly. Schluurrp! I heard gulping. Gluck. Gluck. Gluck. Feverishly-hot tongues caressed my domed head. I couldn’t last.

“I’m gonna blow my load!” I declared.

The ladies began shifting in front of me. The hands and tongues became more insistent. I sighed deeply.

SPLOOOOOORCH! My cock erupted like a cannon. I could feel it recoiling from the sheer power of the nickel-thick river of jizz I was shooting. That rope of thick whiteness splashed against the faces directly in front. The tried valiantly to swallow and gulp. White pearls sprayed out onto the other ladies nearby.

SPLUUUUUUURT! SPLUUUUUURT! The crowd of hungry mouths tried to suck down all my spunk. I could hear the desperate swallowing. Gulping. I painted ladies like geishas. The first few women in front of me fell back. I could see several swollen stomachs … but this was a few-months-pregnant swollen, nothing like what I did to Lana. I saw a woman’s cheeks bloat out, her eyes bugging as spunk blasted from her nose. Another fell back, spitting up mouthfuls of white goo.

As soon as they cleared, more ladies took their place. GLUUURT! GLUUURT! GLUUUURT! I fed the gathered women pint after pint of fresh, boiling-hot jizz. Some sprayed out, slathering white stripes and spots on them. Torrid seed splashed and splattered them, gooey stickiness that clung to the skin and was deliciously viscous to the touch. The steaming-hot goo flowed over their faces, mucking up their eyes, saturating their hair, rolling in waves down all those breasts and thighs.

Most of it ended up in someone’s throat. I let them sort it out. They kept pumping my cock, the hands showing no coordination and moving every which way. Their spunk-slick bodies slipped against each other as they tried to gulp down my seed. Hands and mouths kept sucking and massaging my balls, which of course only helped me to shoot even more jizz. I found dozens of white-painted faces looking up at me, and each seemed to be accompanied by a mildly swollen stomach.

Finally, the last, languid load escaped my cock. Bluuuuurtt. My cock sputtered.

I sighed and smiled down at the ladies. “That was a good start. Who wants to get fucked first?”

“A good start, he says…,” muttered Paola. “We look like ghosts!”

“You’re going to look like a bunch of creme-filled donuts when I’m done,” I said, grinning at her. The gathered ladies looked at each other.

“Fuck me, first!” said the toned black lady. “I’m Ora!”

Paola shook her head. “Hello, no! I got him off the most!”

“There were like thirty of us!” countered Ora.

I held up a hand.

“Yeah, I saw you, you were rubbing his stomach and his nutsack!” said Paola.

Ora waggled her finger. “That’s because you happened to be close when he came in!”

Why do women like to talk about me like I’m not in the room?

I snapped my fingers. “Please, ladies! Ladies, you are all getting fucked, it’s just a matter of what order I’m going to fuck you all in,” I said.

There was a short, pale, chubby girl near the back. She hadn’t been at the forefront of the jizz-frenzy, but I’d noticed her because of her dark hair and red streaks. She’d been lurking at the back, and had caught a few globs of jizz. I didn’t know how old she was, but my money was on her being a university student. ankara olgun escort Regardless, my announcement surprised her. She broke the momentary silence. “R-really? But I thought you only fucked hot girls?” she said. “Like, I heard you fucked all of Omega Delta Delta!”

I knew the sorority she meant. They were known for being pretty damn vain. None of the girls I’d pounded there could have been over a hundred and twenty pounds. And I’d seen what was in their closets.

I smiled warmly at her and waved her forward. “What’s your name?”

Her eyes got big, and she looked around at all the other women before stepping towards me. “Felicia,” she said, blushing. I could tell she was somewhat uncomfortable now that she realized she’d made herself the center of attention. I didn’t know her, but I imagine just showering in front of others had to be difficult for her.

“Listen to me. You need some loving too, okay? Just cause I fuck girls that designate themselves ‘hotter than thou’ doesn’t mean you’re not ‘hot’ as you put it, okay?” I put my meaty, rough hands on her pudgy belly. I noticed a few stretch marks—nothing I cared about, considering I had my share of long-faded stripes. “Besides, look at me, I’m not a skinny guy.”

“You could fuck anyone,” she breathed, looking up at me. Felicia couldn’t have been over five feet tall, and she wasn’t exactly a skinny girl. Her breasts weren’t especially large, her waist wasn’t as defined as I imagine she would have liked. She was more pear shaped. I saw divots in her nose from where glasses rested day after day. Another feature I was more than familiar with.

“I could fuck any one, or I could fuck everyone,” I told her. “And if you want my cock, you can have it.” I looked around and raised my voice. “Someone got a phone in here?”

A few hands went up.

“I wanna fuck!” yelled Paola.

“I told you, I will fuck all of you,” I told her. “But there’s one fair way to do this,” I said as Felicia began to rub her hands over my hot glans, biting her lower lip. She lifted a hand and spread her fingers. Glistening webs of precum stuck between them. I looked at one of the phone-owners. The tattooed Latina. “What’s your name?”

“Martina!” she answered.

“Okay, Martina, let me borrow your phone for a second. I’m going to download a random list app.”

She nodded and retrieved her phone from a shelf on the wall near one of the showerheads. I took it from her and downloaded the app while Felicia fondled me.

“I’m going to fuck Felicia first,” I stated.

Felicia gasped and looked up at me.

“After that, it’s up to fate who gets it next.” I gave the phone to Martina, who began to gather the crowd’s names. Despite taking a couple of minutes to get things in order, the reek in the room didn’t die down—the delicious fog of flowing fluids, now mixed with my own decadent scent. It mixed with the steam in the room and became a literal fog of sex. Sordid steam flowed through my nose as I breathed.

I smiled at Felicia. “So how do you want me to fuck you?” I asked.

She looked down at my cock as it approached her, massive, pulsing, dripping pre. “Uh … well…,” she panted. I backed her up toward the bench island. “You’re the expert?”

“Lay down,” I said. “Don’t let those sorority girls talk shit, cause I’ve seen them when they wake up caked in dry jizz.”

Felicia gulped again and laid back on the cool, wet tiles. I laid my cock atop her soft belly. Slimy-steamy precum poured onto her chest.

Some of the women closed in. I felt hands stroking my shoulders and back. A couple got to their knees and began licking my nuts. I sighed in pleasure.

“Can I ask you to do something?” she asked.

“What’s that?”

She blushed. “C-can you call me ‘captain?’ ” Felicia bit her lower lip.

“Are you a space captain, or a sailing captain?” I asked.

“Sp-space … starships,” she specified.

“Sure,” I chuckled. “Now show me that pussy.”

She spread her thick thighs and adjusted her belly to give me a view of her neatly-shaven entrance.

“Prepare to be boarded, Captain.” I gripped my cock behind the head and pushed it up to her dripping lips. I felt her heat against mine. I heard her moan as I began to push forward, the mass of my cock and muscle pushing its head into her and stretching her welcoming silkiness.

When Felicia began to slide backwards on the wet tiles, Ora got up behind her and positioned herself with Felicia’s head on her chest. The contrast of Felicia’s milkiness and Ora’s coffeeness (that’s a word now) was delicious. Now so braced, Felicia’s body finally accepted my honey-tanned cock

Schl-pop! My glans and the first couple inches were inside the Captain. Her eyes bulged, her voice sang, her pussy squeezed.

“Aaaugh!” Gloosch! Her juices splashed over my cock.

“Captain, coming so soon!” I chuckled.

“You’re fucking huge!” ankara ucuz escort she howled.

“I’m packing enough firepower to knock up a planet.”

I began to slowly pump my hips, little thrusts that helped loosen her tight, resistant walls. Her juice flowed freely, and my own heat poured into her body, adding to the mess. I grunted as I pushed deeper, her pink lips becoming bright red as I stretched them like a rubber band. My thrusts sped up. I wasn’t pumping into her so much as jiggling my coconut-sized crown inside her body, but it had the desired effect.

She bit her lower lip and clenched her eyes shut. I saw tears roll down her face.

“Captain, what is your status?” I asked.

“Fuh-fuck! You’d better not stop, Commander!” she yelled at me. I still wasn’t sure which starship I was serving aboard, but hell, it was fun nonetheless. I’ve been to a few cons before. And I fully admit a major part of the draw is fucking girls in costumes.

My thick thighs tensed as I drove into her, sweet heat slowly creeping up and engulfing more and more of my cock. Already, though, my juices were filing her, and they squirted out around my girth with every motion. Her belly jiggled and wobbled. The hands on my nutsack rubbed my balls, massaging handfuls of flesh. I wasn’t yet moving fast enough for them to lose their grip. I felt hot breath from my new friends against my wide back. I felt fingers rubbing over my fat.

Then I felt my Captain having another orgasm. “F-fuh! Aaaugh! Motherfucker!” she cried out. Sklllrrt! Sklllrrt! Slick juices sprayed my belly and over my cock, hot droplets pattering my skin. The squirting jets splashed the nearby bodies.

I heard moaning from the audience. Then my cock bottomed out. The giant glans pushed up against the back of her pussy. Unlike smaller girls, the bulge of my cock wasn’t as obvious in the Captain’s stomach, but I could still see it.

“Fuck, I can see how deep he is!” gasped Ora.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one.

“Damn, boy!”


“I want that!”

I grunted and leaned forward, my hips rolling as I pumped into her, each thrust sending ripples through both our bodies as I loosened her cervix. I pulled my hips back, back, back. The wall of women seemed to hush.

Then I rammed forward. My cock rammed into her womb’s fleshy gate and through it. The glans filled her womb and stretched it upward. Her whole body lifted briefly. Her toes curled. Her feet kicked into the air. Her eyes rolled back and she screamed. “Aaauugh!” Gloooosch! Crystalline juices gushed around me, bathing me in liquid heat. It re-coated my cock. She kept cumming. Sklrt! Sklrt! Sklrt! Our mixed juices showered the women nearby.

Her tunnel kept rippling as I kept fucking her. I grabbed her legs and put her ankles up on my shoulders, my coarse hands gripping her hips, my fingers digging in. As more and more cock stretched the Captain out, the bump in her belly became more pronounced.

She bit her lower lip, mewling in her throat. A few of the ladies kneeling nearby looked at each other. Paola was on my left, a tan blonde MILF with big hips kneeling to my right. The latter must have been in her early forties from what I could tell, and I knew she was a mother because I could see the c-section scar. It always amazes me how asinine some guys get about little things like that.

The blonde grinned up at me. I looked down at her, grinning back. My grin disappeared as I grunted and growled, breathing hard as I looked back down at Felicia’s quaking body. The blonde put her hands on my cock, gripping the part that wasn’t inside the girl … she was only taking about ten inches or so. That meant over a foot of cock was still not lodged inside her.

Paola had been trying to lick my balls when she looked at what the blonde was doing. Then, it seemed, she figured out what she was doing. “Mm, good idea.”

“Faster he gets off, faster we get off,” said the blonde, winking.

Those words resulted in their hands and another woman’s gripping the remaining portion of my cock. I let out a long growl of pleasure. Even as I fucked a girl silly, I had three … then four women jerking me off! Martina came over and smiled at Felicia. My arms wrapped around her legs and gripped handfuls of her soft belly. Martina leaned down and put her hands over where my head kept pushing up, bulging visibly under the softness. I felt her hands gripping my head through the flesh. Doing so also stimulated the womb that I’d stretched out and set on fire with my cock … and Felicia cried out and spasmed through another intense orgasm. Sklooort! Sklooort! Juices cascaded over me.

Minutes passed, and her climax didn’t end. With all these attentive ladies, my own was getting harder and harder to hold back. I looked around at the gathered audience, which was growing as more ladies wandered in to clean up. I had a lot of wombs to fill … no reason to dawdle!

“Watch her belly!” I yelled, my voice echoing off the tile, heard even over the murmur of my audience.

I felt that delicious sensation. All those hands massaging my nuts, adding to the swelling pressure inside of the heavy organs. The feeling of squishing, sloshing seed distending my jizz-tanks. The pressure. The swell of my cock’s throat. The explosion….

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