Breeders Ch. 01


“It is agreed then we will begin taking the best of our young girls and training them as breeding stock. Their virginity will be guarded during training and at the age of 18 they will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.”


They were usually taken young and moved to the camps. Not everyone had the same vision of a perfect woman so they took from a cross section of girls. They took tall girls short girls; large breasted ones and those with small breasts. They selected smart girls and slow girls; heavy girls and slim girls. They took those with broad hips narrow hips; long legs short legs. Red head brunette blonde; they took all types of girls and they taught them. They taught them the art of love through the use of toys, photos, and video. They taught them the domestic sciences; cooking, cleaning, sewing, and the like. They turned out wives and virginal lovers. They turned out ‘breeders.’ No man was allowed to possess more than three breeders. He could sell or trade his stock if he so desired but he had to take care of them. If a breeder was hurt, or passed on, there would be an investigation. More than a few men had been imprisoned or executed for mistreating their breeders. But soon the men began to understand the gravity of properly caring of their possessions. Auctions were held once a month on the last Sunday of the month.


CJ and her friend Marie strolled hand in hand down the dirt road of the camp. The sun was low in the west and the girl’s shadows stretched out long behind them. The girls were both petite in stature, small boned, small breasted, thin. CJ was of Asian ancestry her hair was inky black. She wore it cropped short. Her face was angular her chin was sharp. She had short powerful legs and a small tight backside. Marie was classic Anglo Saxon in appearance. She was slightly rounder, softer Ümraniye Escort than her friend. Her legs were long and lean her features less angular. Long red hair trailed down her back to her waist.

“Today’s your birthday, CJ,” said Marie nervously.

“I know,” CJ replied “and yours was last week. We’ll finally get out of this camp. If someone buys me I’ll finally get to live in a real house again. I wish I didn’t have to wait another three weeks till my auction.”

“Of course someone will buy you. You’re beautiful. Do you ever wonder about who it’ll be though?” Marie asked. “I do. I dream about him. In my dreams, he is always faceless, but I think he will be young handsome and rich. He’ll be strong and confident. He’ll be an excellent lover. He’ll be fertile and I’ll bear him many children. We’ll be happy together.”

CJ looked at Marie and smiled “I just hope whoever buys me is not too old and doesn’t have an oversized organ. I think one of those oversized glands, like we see in the videos, would be quite painful. I can barely fit two fingers inside myself. I can’t imagine what a huge man would feel like. It frightens me a bit.”

“I’m not scared,” Marie told her “In fact, I look forward to a man with a large member, I’ve been practicing and can fit my entire hand in either hole.” She smiled wryly at her companion.

“No you can’t,” CJ said. She punched Marie on the shoulder.

“Can so. Let’s go up to the mesa. I’ll show you.” The girls turned toward the center of the camp. They started jogging – headed towards the hills.

At the base of the mesa Marie picked up her pace, “I’ll beatcha!” she laughed.

CJ took off after her and they were dead even when they both finally leaped onto the top of the flat mount and collapsed in a heap to catch their breath.

After Ümraniye Escort Bayan a brief respite, and a few stolen kisses; they moved about ten feet in from the edge and Marie began pulling off her clothes. She wore only a thin cotton shift and sandals so it didn’t take long to disrobe. They were both breathing hard and just a little bit sweaty from the run up the mesa. Marie flopped back down in the sandy soil and reached her hand between her legs. Her breasts were small but round; her nipples were dark and pointed accusingly at her friend. She started by petting, simply petting. Long slow deliberate strokes that began with her fingertips at her anus and worked up to her clitoris. CJ raised her skirt and rubbed herself as she sat at Marie’s feet to watch.

“Remember, Marie, it has to be the whole hand.”

“I know, I know,” and after a time, she was wet, her juices dripping from her pussy and running down off her ass; pooling in the dirt below. She had three fingers inside when she stopped.

“You do it, Clarissa. Push your hand in my pussy. Gently, gently.” Marie turned over; her shoulders and knees were on the ground, her ass was elevated. Tentatively CJ reached out and inserted a finger, she pushed it in and out, she rubbed Marie’s clit and tapped her G spot. Two fingers, then three; in and out, in and out. Marie began toying with her own anus. Her fingers still wet with her own juices she slowly spread her rosebud open wider as CJ inserted a fourth finger into her pussy.

“Doesn’t this hurt, Marie?”

“Oh, god no.” She panted, “It’s spectacular. I want to cum, but I can’t cum yet. Keep going, keep going please.” She clenched her lower lip between her teeth.

Marie had two fingers inserted deep in her own ass as CJ brought her thumb across her palm and pushed all five fingers Escort Ümraniye into Marie. It was really tight to get her knuckles inside but once they were in and wet, the rest was easy. Soon she was wrist deep inside her friend and was wiggling her fingers. When the orgasm rose up, Marie clenched and bucked. She ground her tits in the sand and made animal noises for what seemed a good five minutes or more. CJ was helpless, her hand trapped inside her friend, who was moaning and growling as she writhed, with her ass in the air.

When she finally settled down CJ was open mouthed. Her hand was wrist deep inside Marie’s vagina and Marie had reached around again, she now had four fingers in her ass, spreading gently.

“CJ, your hand is wet. Do my ass! Do my ass, please. Do it now!” Marie was begging for it, she wanted it badly.

Slowly, gently Clarissa removed her hand from Marie’s Pupusa and moved it upwards to her anus. Pausing only long enough to line things up; she pushed three fingers inside, Marie gasped. CJ pulled them back out and added a fourth, then a fifth. Her hand was so wet and Marie was so ready that it was easy until; once again, she got to the knuckles. There was considerable resistance at the knuckles and she hesitated. Marie sensed the hesitation and pushed back. CJ’s small, delicate hand popped past the resistance and slid all the way inside.

As CJ moved her fingers, Marie clenched and arched her back, she pushed harder onto CJ’s hand and guttural sounds rose from her throat as she lost herself in her second orgasm. When she finally collapsed onto the sand Clarissa gently extracted her hand. She noticed a fine trickle of blood running from Marie’s anus.

“Marie! You’re hurt!”

“No, it’s OK Clarissa, it’s just a slight tear. It happens all the time.” She sat up and the girls faced one another. “Want me to do you now?”

“I, uhm, I don’t think so Marie. Thanks for offering though, and thanks for letting me do you. That was pretty amazing. Whoever buys you will be the luckiest man in the land.” She took Marie’s face in her hands and pulled her close. The kiss was long and tender.

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