Bound And Pleasured


Bound And PleasuredI finish checking that the knots in my silk ties are secure, and step back and look down upon Elizabeth. She looks beautiful lying there naked, her arms held taut above her. The ties I’m using to secure her to the headboard have seen too much wear to be worn in public anymore, but they retain their silken softness and strength. Elizabeth is helpless. She is also still dopey, she hasn’t fully come around yet this morning after our long night of love-making, although, of course, she knows she has been bound. She looks around at me to see what I’m up to, as though she doesn’t really trust me.Sitting astride her I pour some massage oil onto my hand and her back. This I slowly work into her skin. Elizabeth moans softly into her pillow, enjoying my sure touch. My hands slide over her back. I pay special attention to her shoulders, and I’m rewarded with an appreciative sigh. I lean over and nibble her neck. My trail of kisses moves round until I can take her delicate ear-lobe in my mouth. I bite gently, and pull. Elizabeth sighs again. There is great sensuality and communication of love in such actions.Sitting up, I move slightly lower and pour more oil over my hands. These I use to massage Elizabeth’s bottom. I knead and rub and pull, enjoying her little moans. On occasion I allow my hands to move to the back of her thighs, tantalisingly dipping my fingers between them.Eventually Elizabeth moves under me so she can part her legs to give me better access. Perversely, I return to caressing her back, enjoying her involuntary gasp as I run a finger down her spine into the crease of her bottom. Then I hold open her bottom cheeks, revealing her anus. I can feel Elizabeth fidget under me, she doesn’t like to feel this exposed, although Escort combined with her helplessness, it excites her. Releasing her buttocks I return to teasing her thighs. She is hotter now, she tries to lift her bottom and move into my caresses. I grip Elizabeth’s thighs in my hands, forcing her legs apart a bit more, and I hold her legs rigidly as I lean over and kiss my way down from nape of her neck to the small of her back. I continue further, kissing down over her bottom down onto her left thigh. This near her sex I can smell her arousal. She is hot for me.I kiss down to the back of Elizabeth’s knee, and then begin the sensual trail back up her other leg. She is getting so hot that she is lifting her bottom slightly, in spite of this meaning that her face is pressed deeper into the pillow as her hands are unable to support her. As I kiss up her leg I can see her pussy nestling between her legs, peeking from between her thighs. On impulse, I lay between Elizabeth’s legs, twisting into position so that I am on my back with her pussy over my face.As I support Elizabeth’s hips I look up into her hairy and beautiful pussy. I admire her labia and take note of her swollen clitoris. Slowly I lower her to my waiting mouth, my tongue ready to delve for pleasure. As her glistening pussy lips descend to my lips I am enveloped in the smell of her arousal. It is heady; an intoxicating cocktail of sex and arousal. A woman’s love juices are the nectar, not of the gods, but of mortal men. I hold Elizabeth’s bottom so that her sex is pressed hard against my mouth; there is to be no escape for her from the pleasure of my tongue. I lick, probe, suck, and flick. Elizabeth’s nubbin of pleasure is the main recipient of these actions.Elizabeth is enjoying Escort Bayan my work. I can tell by her rolling and bucking, and by her love juices which have flowed so that now they are smeared all over my face. I throw my self into my task with abandon and gusto. There is nothing like arousing your woman to new levels of ecstasy. However, I am not so wrapped up as to fail to notice the twitches and tautening of muscles which speak of approaching orgasm. To Lizzy’s obvious reluctance I push her from my mouth and escape the trap of her thighs. In spite of herself Lizzy moans in frustration. She knows that that is want I am trying to do; I love to turn my elegant and proper Elizabeth into the lewd and horny Lizzy who begs for pleasure.Kneeling between her legs, I admire Lizzy’s raised bottom and visible pussy. I slide a finger into her slick vagina. She moans into her pillow, and pushes back against my finger. I slide into the hilt.”Oh yesss,” she gasps.For awhile I pump in and out, fascinated to feel her pussy grab my finger. Lizzy is so hot and wet and tight. Her moans are louder now and are in time with my thrusts. I wonder if our neighbor can hear us. I often wonder what our neighbours’ sixteen year old daughter, whose bedroom shares a common wall with ours, thinks when she hears Lizzy’s moans. When Elizabeth gets hot, she is not the quietest of lovers! Not that I have any complaints. I love this woman. I’m truly blessed to have such an uninhibited lover.I remove my finger, shuffle up the bed, and position the tip of my very hard erection between her labia. I move slightly, coating my knob with her copious cream. However, I deliberately refrain from entering properly. I move backwards in time with Lizzy’s thrust, foiling Bayan Escort her attempt to initiate matters. I continue with little teasing bumps.Eventually Lizzy whimpers, “Please!””What?” I ask, acting ignorant of the raging desire I have stirred once again within her.”Fuck me! Stick your big prong up my hot cunt! Fuck me with your prick!”, a string of lewd demands rush from my beautiful wife. Elizabeth is gone, in her place is horny Lizzy, who knows what she needs, and can’t help begging for it. As always, my cock hardens even more at the transformation. Unable to tease her any longer, I buck forward, sinking myself into her wetness.I gasp “I love you.” My love is more than something which is only expressed while we are making love, but it is good to declare it then too.That delicious thrill of the first thrust is more intense than ever before. Liz and and I cry out together. I pump in and out, feeling so virile as I pull Lizzy’s hips back, bringing us together each time with a slap. I’m sliding so deep within her. My excitement spirals higher with each of Lizzy’s moans. It will only be a short session this morning. The walls of her cunt are so tight and slippery, and my prick is so sensitive that nothing I can do short of stopping for awhile will enable me to last much longer. I can tell from Lizzy’s moans however that I don’t need to hold back. I come and come, but manage to keep thrusting a few seconds longer until Lizzy joins me.We lie together panting. I untie her wrists, and she moves into a more comfortable position and hugs me. We are shattered and in love.”Tonight it is your turn,” she whispers lewdly to me. I feel myself harden slightly at the promise. Tonight we are going to try out one of my fantasies for the first time. Elizabeth is going to wear her black PVC play-suit; silk stockings, ankle boots, and long black gloves. She is going to boss me around, put me over her knee, and then … Well, we haven’t scripted that far ahead.The

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