Bonfire Fairytales Ch. 03

(in Drew’s voice)

It is a strange enough feeling to watch your girlfriend get friendly with another man’s cock. It is even stranger to be rooting for him to come! But there was something very beautiful about seeing Julie and Lily enjoy a hot new partner. And Julie’s suggestion—that we all take turns acting out erotic stories with one another—had everyone intrigued! Even Patrick, comforted by Julie’s devilish promise to “take care of him later,” was enthusiastic about the idea of having another turn in the little game we had started.

Julie’s playfulness was such a turn-on. There was a certain erotic fascination in watching her arrange us all as pieces on her game board. As always, in these games Julie and I were sworn allies, aiding each other in the conquest of the other players. I could tell that Julie had already set her sights on Patrick, and I was already scheming on ways to enlist him in my efforts to give Julie pleasure. Julie, I was certain, already had her plans for me.

Patrick took his seat again at the edge of the circle, his pants still tenting with a malcontented boner. I didn’t pity him—every frustration would be erased as soon as Julie got her hands on him again. The person I felt for was Sara. It had clearly been difficult for her to retell the story of her break-up. Even though she seemed to derive a vicarious pleasure through the playacting of Julie, Lily and Patrick, it clearly tortured her to have to cut their pleasure short as her own had been cut short a few months ago. Sara seemed anxious to be redeemed by the game that Julie had suggested…

“So who’s going to tell the next story, then?” Sara asked eagerly.

I couldn’t look at her without sending a twitch through my erection. Like all of us, she was still completely drenched, and her gorgeous tits shone alluringly through the sheer fabric of her lime-green t-shirt. With the V-neck already showing the slightest amount of cleavage, and the bottom hem showing a sexy sliver of her navel, I was tempted by the idea that another round of this game might tease the shirt right off of her. And if she was interested in going as far as Julie and Lily had, the night could get very interesting!

“Yeah, we can’t leave Patrick waiting forever,” Lily whined flirtatiously as she began to pull up her tube-top. She jiggled her bare breasts tauntingly in Patrick’s direction before tucking them back into the stretchy, wet fabric. Patrick rolled his head back in amused agony. Pleased with herself, Lily returned to her seat to cuddle with Steve, who wrapped his arm around his naughty girlfriend with grinning admiration.

“There’s one person whom I am certain has the kind of stories we want,” Sara grinned. “Julie, why don’t you tell us the kind of story you had in mind?”

“Okay,” Julie smiled back. “But since we have so much in common, why don’t you be the one to act out my part?” she challenged Sara. Holding my excitement inside myself, I rejoiced at the suggestion. Any story Julie decided to tell was bound to be hot, and she clearly wanted to have some fun with Sara!

“Alright,” Sara replied eagerly. “I’ll do it.”

“Excellent,” Julie smiled. “Now let’s see,” Julie said to herself, searching her memory for a juicy tale. “Ah, perfect! There are many stories I could tell that wouldn’t be news to most of the people here,” she said, smiling at Lily, Steve and I. “But there is one story that I would love to tell, a story that goes back before Drew and I were together… and since Sara told us about her first attempt at a threesome, it might be fun if I told you about mine.”

Julie smiled at me, knowing that she had piqued my curiosity.

She continued, “Drew and Lily both know that I had a little fling with my college roommate and her boyfriend, but I’ve never told anyone all the details. And you know, Sara, you shouldn’t be ashamed about what happened with Matt. He wasn’t entirely wrong for being wary about what would happen to your relationship. Not long after my roommate and her boyfriend fooled around with me, their relationship crumbled under the strain. For me, it was all fun and games, but for them, it was too much to handle.

“For the longest time, the specter of their break-up kept me from letting anyone come between Drew and me. But you were right, Sara, when you said that people are just different. For Drew and me, messing around with Lily and Steve has actually made us closer—it has made us all closer. It’s a dangerous game—but with the right people, it can be the game that changes your life.”

Sara, Heather and Patrick looked at each other as they listened to Julie talk, wondering which type of relationship they would have. Already, Heather had tested the waters by giving Patrick over to Lily and Julie. Neither Heather, nor Patrick, nor Sara seemed discouraged. In their exchange of smiles, I could sense only a determination to see where their curiosity would lead them and a hope that silivri escort it would lead them to a happiness that they did not yet know.

“So should I begin my story?” Julie asked with a bright grin.

Everyone nodded eagerly, especially Sara. For my part, I was dying to know what had transpired on that mysterious college night. I had only known that it happened, but nothing more. It was idle curiosity, of course. Julie and I hadn’t started dating until late in college, and I didn’t have the least jealousy about her prior partners. Still, I had always wanted to know about her wild days before I came along. Finally, it seemed, Julie was ready to tell me.

“Okay,” Julie continued excitedly. “Well, if Sara’s going to play me, then she’ll need someone to play my roommate, Katie…”

Immediately, Heather raised her hand to volunteer. She and Sara giggled at the idea of acting this story together.

“Perfect!” Julie smiled. “You’re a perfect match, Heather. Katie was a cute, sporty blonde.” Heather giggled and flexed her muscles, getting into her “sporty” character.

“And let’s see… What would you say to Drew playing Josh, her boyfriend?” she asked Sara and Heather. “He’s been dying to know exactly what happened this night—so now he’ll find out!”

Like that, Julie handed me on a platter to Sara and Heather! I knew exactly what she was up to, and I waited anxiously to see if Sara and Heather would agree. To my delight, their faces lit up immediately, and they seemed to love the idea!

“Be careful, Julie,” Sara teased. “You never know what we’ll do to your boyfriend.” Sara and Heather sized me up like they were about to tear me to pieces.

“Don’t you worry,” Julie replied with an ominous grin. “I know exactly what you’re going to do to my boyfriend.”

Sara and Heather each raised an eyebrow, suddenly feeling a little trepidation at what they had just gotten themselves into! But at the same time, they seemed intrigued at what Julie would let them do to me. Seeing these two sexy women getting ready to jump my bones, I could only begin to imagine what Julie had in store!

“So how did it all begin?” Heather asked, sitting forward eagerly in her chair. The collar of her shirt fell further open as she leaned forward, and I could see a tempting amount of cleavage encased in the navy-blue lace bra. Julie seemed as glad as I was that Heather and Sara were so anxious to get started. Smiling around at each of us, she began her story.

“Well, unlike Sara’s story, the situation took me totally by surprise. Katie knew that I thought Josh was really cute, but I never really had any designs on him. I actually tried to make myself scarce when Josh was around because the two of them were constantly hooking up in our dorm room. But we all ended up hanging out together on the night before spring break in our sophomore year. Most people had already left campus earlier that day, but Katie and Josh were leaving on a road trip the next morning, and I wasn’t scheduled to fly out until later the next day. So it turned out that the three of us were the only ones left on our hall for the night.

“It felt great to be done with classes for a week, and to celebrate, Josh bought a couple bottles of liquor with his fake ID. We just put on some music and sat around playing drinking games until the three of us were good and toasted.”

I raised my glass to Sara and Heather, and we all gulped down our drinks like we were Julie and her friends.

“After a while we got too drunk to keep track of the rules, so we just sat around gossiping about people who had already left for break. I can remember the scene like it was yesterday. I had collapsed onto Katie’s bed, letting my feet dangle over the edge, and Katie and Josh had pulled up our desk chairs next to the bed. It was so relaxing to know that we didn’t have to show up for class the following Monday, and the three of us sat around commiserating about what a rough semester it had been.”

Sara perked up when Julie started to describe the scene, and she cleared the glasses off of the large brick slab surrounding the fire, making it into a suitable bed. She sat with her feet dangling over the edge as she reclined onto the warm bricks, just as Julie had described. Taking Sara’s invitation, Heather and I pulled our chairs up next to the bricks, facing Sara and eagerly awaiting our next instructions.

“Innocently enough,” Julie smiled, “I rested my legs on Katie’s lap and started to complain about how hard our field-hockey coach had been working us. We had been practicing overtime that week since we would miss a week over spring break. My legs were aching. Sympathetically, Katie started to massage my ankles.”

As Sara kicked her long, bare legs up onto Heather’s lap, Heather began to rub her ankles. Leaning back on her elbows, Sara laid her long, wet body out on display. She rolled back her merter escort head as she felt Heather begin the massage, and the orange glow of the fire flickered off of her bare skin.

“It felt so good to have someone massage my achy legs, and I complemented Katie on her soothing touch. ‘You know,’ she replied, ‘Josh gives a really good massage.’ Josh feigned modesty, insisting that Katie was exaggerating. So Katie says to me, ‘Really Julie, you should let him massage your legs—he’s really great.’ Playfully, I kicked my legs over to Josh’s lap telling him to give it his best shot.”

I immediately felt butterflies in my stomach as Sara set her beautiful legs upon my lap. She wiggled her toes at me, staring me down with a seductive look. There was a definite sexual tension between the two of us. She knew that I was dying to run my hands over her smooth, firm legs—and Julie was about to give me the chance.

“Tentatively, Josh took one of my legs into his hands, starting to work the muscles of my lower calf. It felt really good! My muscles were so tight, and as he worked his hands along my leg, the tension just melted away. At first it just felt really soothing, but as Josh worked his hands up under my knee, I began to feel a different kind of pleasure!”

Sara giggled as I slid my hands up under her right knee, feeling, I hoped, the same kind of pleasure Julie described. Sara’s legs were so smooth, and there was a great heat building between surface of her lightly-tanned skin and the palms of my curious hands.

“Katie had noticed that both Josh and I were starting to enjoy ourselves. At first, I was worried that Katie was jealous. But instead of calling off the massage, she grabbed up my other leg and joined in with the massaging! She mimicked Josh’s motions, rubbing the tense calf muscles from my ankles up to my knees. I was too drunk for modesty, so I didn’t fight it when my legs started to spread apart in supreme relaxation. I simply laid back on the bed and enjoyed every second of their massage.”

Sara bit her lip as she let her legs fall open, genuinely seeming to enjoy the way that Heather and I were rubbing her legs. Her short, denim cut-offs rode up her legs, just barely concealing her crotch. I let my eyes wander lustfully over her body as I continued tracing the contours of her legs with my fingers.

“I could have sworn that I saw Katie wink at Josh as she began to massage further up my legs. At first I fought with myself not to feel sexual pleasure at the touch of another woman, but when Josh followed Katie’s lead, I gave up the fight and simply let myself enjoy the touch of both their hands. Without realizing it, I think I let slip a tiny moan.

“I caught myself, trying not to let on that I was enjoying the massage on a sexual level, but Katie had noticed. Again, instead of calling it off, Katie began to press her fingers even further up my legs.

“By now Katie’s hands were approaching the bottom of my shorts, but they were short enough that she could comfortably massage the joint of my hip. Although I was secretly getting a little turned on, I couldn’t tell if Katie was trying to push my buttons or if her inhibitions had simply been lowered enough to give me a really thorough leg massage. In any case, I wasn’t about to stop them!

“Josh continued to follow Katie’s lead, daring to move his hands along the side of my hip. With his fingers nearly touching my butt, the mood seemed to take a definitive turn. Without question, he had moved into my personal space. The only question was whether anyone was willing to draw the line, and they only thing I knew for sure was that it wasn’t going to be me!”

Sara listened with fascination to Julie’s recollection of these developments. She was either an outstanding actress or she really was feeling the same apprehension and the same exhilaration that she listened to Julie describe as Heather and I inched our fingers further up her bare legs. It was all I could do to keep my cool as Julie proceeded to give me every excuse to let my hands wander over Sara’s sultry body. Julie knew exactly what she was doing, and she watched with devilish pleasure as my hands feasted upon the tender sinews of Sara’s long, sleek legs.

Adding even more to the electricity of the moment, Heather seemed to be enjoying herself as much as I was! Knowing that she and Sara had been prepared to take their friendship to another level, I found Heather’s voraciousness especially erotic. All the while, Sara simply surrendered herself to us, entrusting herself completely to Julie’s designs as the firelight danced upon her soft, inviting skin.

“Each second that slipped by made it more and more impossible to simply consider the massage a friendly favor. Each coming moment would re-define the boundaries of what monogamy would mean for Katie and Josh, and I quickly came to realize that my body was the contested territory. mecidiyeköy escort Knowing this full well, Katie crawled out of her chair and knelt beside me on the bed.

“She looked into my eyes with an unwavering confidence, and as I saw the playful grin creep upon her face, I began to tremble with anticipation. Seeing her lust, suddenly I was the one who had to make a decision. Katie had committed, and Josh was eager to follow her lead. But was I prepared to see how far this would go? Could I surrender to my curiosity? Katie and Josh now presented a united front, and their willingness was formidable, almost intimidating. It would have been easy to be frightened off by the enormity of the choice that now confronted me… but every pulse of hot blood that rushed into my brain melted away the doubts and uncertainties, letting unspoken desires bubble up through the surface of my pretensions and burst into the unison call of body and mind: yes… surrender!”

Sara’s breath became heavy as she let Julie’s experiences become her own. I could feel her body trembling under my touch.

“As Katie patiently waited for the green light, she and Josh continued to prod me along with their fingers. In answer, I dropped my guard, letting myself whimper in pleasure. Katie’s smile turned into one of relief—relief that her unspoken proposition hadn’t been rejected, relief that she wouldn’t be made to feel foolish for wanting to go further. The vanishing tension made Katie giddy, and she giggled with amusement as I began to show signs of pleasure. ‘Feels nice, huh?’ she asked, her voice as impassioned as the rhythm of her hands. I nodded my affirmation, wincing in pleasure.

“Emboldened, Katie placed her hand on my belly, touching the bare sliver of navel that peaked out from the bottom of my shirt. Though welcome, the intrusion sent a jolt of exhilaration through my body, and I felt myself instinctively lifted toward her. Immediately, Katie was drawn toward me as well. The distance between us seemed to simply melt away until I felt our lips lock passionately together.”

Before I knew it, I was seeing Sara and Heather kiss! The impact of Heather’s lips with Sara’s made me feel as if I were in the midst of a fiery explosion. The tension between them had been so close to the surface that it burst like a ball of energy. Far from being part of the performance, the kiss was utterly forgetful of its audience, and the two of them became immersed in the swelling of their own passions.

Heather dug her fingertips into the soft skin of Sara’s navel, and without further prompting from Julie, Sara helplessly parted her lips, letting Heather’s tongue press into her mouth. Sara gripped Heather’s hair tightly behind her head, holding Heather’s face firmly to her own. Watching their wet tongues slip frantically through each other’s soft, pink lips was so exhilarating that nearly I became lightheaded!

By the time their lips finally pulled apart, Heather had twisted the bottom of Sara’s t-shirt in her hand, having wrenched the wet fabric as she gripped Sara’s body. Heather smiled brightly into Sara’s eyes, and the two of them wiped the spit from their glistening lips. Slowly they both became aware again that the rest of us were here, and Sara grinned breathlessly at me. She had become really turned on!

Like all of us, Julie had watched in silent awe, entirely derailed from her narrative. Heather now tugged playfully at Sara’s shirt, and the two of them looked for Julie to continue. Momentarily dumbstruck, Julie collected herself and tried to pick up her story.

“Wow,” Julie began, giddy with shock. “That was even more passionate than I remembered!” Heather and Sara giggled, amused by their own attraction to one another. They nuzzled affectionately, eager for Julie to let them continue. Julie obliged.

“Well, when Josh saw Katie make her move on me, he wasted no time joining us on the bed. He looked to Katie for guidance, and she began to stroke my stomach lightly with her fingertips. I could feel a tickle run down the length of my legs and everywhere in between. Seeing how readily I accepted Katie’s advance, Josh became bolder and began to stroke the undersides of my legs. He drew his fingers along my hamstrings and gradually crept higher and higher. With the two of them stimulating every nerve in my nether region, I began to pant plaintively for an end to the teasing.

“Katie shifted closer to me and, trembling, slid her fingers slowly down into my shorts! I was completely overwhelmed. There was a real strangeness to the feeling of a woman’s delicate hand, and yet I wanted to feel more. I sucked in my stomach, giving Katie room to explore. She was tentative at first, running her fingertips along the rim of my underwear, but as she heard my breath become heavier, she knew that I wanted it. She began to slip her hand further inside, tickling me through the hair.

“Josh was spellbound by his girlfriend’s curiosity, and he watched breathlessly as she pressed her fingers further into my crotch. Smiling at him, Katie withdrew her hand and popped the button on my shorts. Josh eagerly helped with the fly, and together they pulled open the shorts to reveal my silky blue underwear.”

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