Blind Date


“Well, see you next time then.”

Sam smiled as he used his white cane to find his way into the bus. He waves in the direction where Julia’s goodbyes come from. As the bus drives him home he over thinks the last few weeks. He cannot remember that he ever felt so much for a girl. They met each other in the train, he takes it to go to school every day and she takes it to work. After they had talked a few times she proposed to have a drink, the next time they went for dinner, a few days later they went to the beach. But when Sam suggested going to the movies she was surprised.

“Why would you like to go there? You can’t see anything.”

Sam was used to this question; although he was born blind he had always loved to go to the movies. He couldn’t see the screen but he could hear the sounds, feel the emotions of the actors and smell the action in his head. The romantic comedy they went to was finished a long time ago but they spent hours talking in the bar next to the cinema and just when they agreed to go home Julia surprised him with a kiss. Her hands grabbed his head and he could smell her subtle perfume coming closer and closer, her soft lips touched his and he wrapped his arms around her slim body. He could feel her lips part and it was immediately after that when their tongues started their erotic dance. It was one of the most intimate minutes of his life. When her breath touched his lips softly when they broke their kiss he knew he loved this girl.

In the days that followed they texted back and forth all day (you got to love those modern phones with text to speech). The only time they didn’t text was when they were together in the train. The day after their last date they started greeting each other with a kiss, it were the best moments of Sam’s day. By the end of the week they agreed to have dinner at Julia’s place the next day on Saturday.

Sam’s sister was almost just as excited about Sam’s date as he was. She used the entire afternoon the pick his clothes. Sam was amazed that his sister took all day to pick just a shirt and a pair of jeans. He assumed they looked good since his sister always picked his clothes and received some compliments on his clothing now and then.

Just before they left, Sam’s sister would bring him to Julia, his sister tidied up Sam’s hair. It was a 15 minutes drive to Julia’s place. Julia saw the car coming and picked Sam up to guide him to her front door.

“Have fun!” Said his sister from the car as they walked to the door hand in hand.

Julia Anadolu Yakası Escort closed the door and took Sam’s coat. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him in the hall. Sam also wrapped his arms around Julia. The two 18 year olds stood there for almost five minutes before they entered the living room.

“You look good Sam, I like the outfit.”

“Thank you, I assume you also look amazing.”

Sam said as he was placed on the couch by Julia. Even though they had only met a few times Sam trusted Julia completely.

“Thank you. And for your information; I’m wearing a dress and a pantyhose.”

Julia snug up against Sam and he could feel the fabric of the dress against his arm. He also quickly touched Julia’s leg and felt the synthetic fabric of the pantyhose. Upon his touch he heard Julia giggle softly.

“Dinner is almost ready Sam; shall we go to the table?”

Julia led Sam to the table and together they ate a fantastic meal cooked by Julia.

After the meal Julia led Sam back to the couch and she started to clean up the dinner table. During the small talk they made Sam followed Julia’s voice though her small apartment. When Julia was done she stood in front of Sam.

“Shall I guide you around the apartment?” she asked.

“Sure.” Sam replied.

Julia grabbed Sam’s hand and walked to the kitchen first.

“Here is the kitchen, it is not very big but it does the job.”

Julia continued the tour to the bathroom and finally arrived at the bedroom. Here she pulled Sam close to her and wrapped her arms around him. When Sam did the same to her he felt…skin. He moved his hand up and down her back only to find a little sting on her back and a pair of panties covering her bottom. Sam felt his heartbeat rise and got nervous. He felt the breath of Julia moving to his ear where she started whispering.

“I’m wearing my bikini, it is very easy for you to take it off, just pull the loose ends.”

Sam’s hands started shaking and he felt an erection building in his pants.

“I…I have never did this before.” He whispered back.

Julia gave the softest kiss he ever felt on his cheek.

“Don’t worry, I will help you. You are going to love this.”

Julia started to unbutton Sam’s shirt while she softly kissed Sam’s lips. Once the shirt was off she unbuttoned his pants and she moved her lips back to Sam’s ear.

“You can sit on the bed behind you so I can take off your pants.”

Julia quickly took Avrupa Yakası Escort off Sam’s pants and socks and then sat on his lap facing him while he was sitting on the edge of the bed. Julia saw the erection in his boxers clearly. Sam moved his hands nervously up and down Julia’s back, not knowing what to do. Julia grabbed Sam’s hands and placed them on the two pieces of fabric covering her breasts.

“Please Sam, touch me, touch me everywhere.”

Sam felt the synthetic fabric with Julia’s hard nipples poking through. Sam squeezed Julia’s breast gently while kissing her on the mouth. After an intense kiss Julia stood up and pushed Sam’s shoulders. Sam understood the hint and moved further on the bed where he laid down. When Sam was comfortable he felt Julia hovering above him. Julia pressed a kiss on Sam’s mouth as she lowered her body onto him.

“Let’s take those boxers off.” Julia said.

She slowly slid down Sam’s body and Sam could feel her nipples on his chest. She quickly removed his boxers and kissed his fully erect cock, she then slid back up his body and kissed him.

“You are so beautiful Sam.” Julia said.

“Thank you, but this is not fair; I lay here naked and you are still wearing your bikini.”

“Then do something about it.”

It didn’t take Sam long to find and untie the knots of Julia’s bikini top on her back and in her neck. Once Sam threw away her bikini top he touched her breasts. It was the first time Sam touched a pair of breasts; he loved the firm touch and the different structure of the nipples. Julia moaned softly as Sam touched her nipples o so gently. Julia took over again and guided Sam’s hands to her hips where the ties for her bottom were. Sam quickly pulled on the strings and Julia pulled the bikini bottom away and threw it in the corner. Sam’s hands were a bit hesitant to touch Julia’s pussy but with some guidance from her Sam touched her. The warmth, the wetness and the softness of her pussy were a huge turn on for Sam. Sam was stroking and exploring Julia’s pussy when he slid a finger in her. Julia moaned and Sam wanted to retract his finger.

“It’s ok Sam, please go on.” Julia said.

Sam continues to explore the inside of Julia’s pussy. He felt her getting warmer and wetter but Julia rolled of his body.

“What is wrong?” Sam asked nervously.

Julia gave him a quick kiss.

“Nothing sweetheart, I’m just getting ready for the next step.”

Sam felt something cold being placed on the İstanbul Escort tip of his cock, Julia was pushing it down and he felt it covering his entire cock. It felt a bit strange and Sam didn’t know how to react.

“I just put a condom on you, don’t worry.” Julia whispered.

Julia gave Sam a deep kiss and placed the tip of his cock on her pussy. They both let out a soft moan as Julia lowered herself onto Sam. Sam now felt the warmth and tightness off Julia’s pussy all around his cock. He felt Julia moving up and down, her pussy massaging his cock. Sam didn’t really know what to do but Julia guided his hands to her breasts. Sam hears Julia’s moans get louder and louder as he massages her breasts. Sam also feels he is on the edge of an orgasm, he does everything he can to postpone it but Julia is too good. Sam lets out a loud moan as he fills up the condom, he feels his cock twitch inside Julia’s pussy.

“That…that was amazing Julia.”

Sam holds out his arms and Julia lowers herself onto him. They hug tight and give each other a deep kiss.

“I love you Julia.”

“I love you too Sam.”

Sam feels his now flaccid penis lying on his stomach, and then he feels Julia’s breath near his ear.

“There is cum leaking from the bottom of your condom, let me clean it up for you.” She whispers with a hoarse voice.

Sam feels Julia kissing her way down to his cock but when she is almost there he feels a strange warmth above his face, there is also a smell that is totally new to him. When Sam feels above his face with his hands he finds Julia’s hips. Julia lowers her hips a bit more until her pussy is on Sam’s mouth.

“Oh Sam please lick my pussy.”

Sam doesn’t get any time to respond; Julia’s pussy smothers him immediately. Sam starts to lick Julia’s lips, he tastes her juices and enjoys the saltiness. With his tongue Sam feels a small lump at the top of Julia’s lips. Every time he touches it he feels Julia’s body respond. Sam focuses his licking now on this mysterious lump.

Meanwhile Julia is cleaning Sam’s cock. She takes the condom off Sam’s flaccid cock and sucks up the spilled cum around it. Just when she is done with that she feels that Sam has discovered her clit. He licks it furiously and she can’t repress a moan. Julia pushes herself up and sits on the bed, she quickly guides Sam’s head back between her legs. After this quick repositioning Sam continues to lick Julia’s pussy. The sound of increasingly louder moan encourages him to lick and suck faster and faster. It doesn’t take long before Julia reaches her orgasm. She shivers over her entire body as an orgasm rips through her body.

When the orgasm has died out she rolls of Sam and lies next to him in the bed. A deep kiss leads in a long conversation about their experiences of the night.

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