Bikini And A Badge Ch. 14


Back onboard the houseboat, Brittany and Evelyn helped Kimmie get her clothes and gear stowed away. Kimmie’s airsickness had passed, leaving her in a much brighter mood. Sitting out in the shade on the front deck of the houseboat, the trio sipped iced tea, chatting about the upcoming assignment.

“I read in your dossier, you speak several languages.” Brittany remarked.

“Yes. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and of course, Chinese.” Kimmie stated, smiling.

“Do you know how to use a handgun?” Brittany asked.

“Oh! No, I don’t.” Kimmie exclaimed. “I could learn though.”

“That’s alright.” Brittany responded. “If you’ve never fired a handgun, now isn’t the time to learn. I’d feel alot better keeping you unarmed. That way you won’t accidentally shoot one of our guys.”

“Do you think there will be some shooting?” Kimmie asked, her voice indicating a sense of fear.

“Well, I’m not ruling it out.” Brittany answered. “I doubt if any of the drug runners we might be chasing are gonna give up without a fight.”

“You’ll be wearing a bulletproof vest if you’re out with us.” She added, trying to calm the young woman’s fears. “But you’ll probably spend most of your time here on the houseboat.”

“I understand you have a daughter.” Evelyn spoke up.

“Yeah. Her name’s Leanne.” Kimmie replied. “She’s just four years old. I had her right after high school. My parents are taking care of her while I’m away.”

Both, Evelyn and Brittany knew from Kimmie’s dossier that she’d never been married. Brittany would have to make sure Kimmie stayed safe so she could eventually return to her daughter in Virginia.

Brittany glanced at her watch. It was nearing 2:30pm.

“Rob should be on his way back.” Evelyn remarked. “Don’t ya think?”

“Yeah. He should be somewhere east of the Keys.” Brittany responded.

“Who’s Rob?” Kimmie asked.

“Rob’s our pilot.” Brittany replied. “He flew down to Andros Island to check out the landing site.”

“How many guys will there be with us?” Kimmie inquired. “I hope not many.”

“Five including Rob.” Brittany replied. “Two shooters and two surveillance specialists. And, one more girl, Rebecca, she’s another shooter.”

“I hope there won’t be alot of weird things going on.” Kimmie said.

“Better define weird.” Brittany said.

“You know. People having sex.” Kimmie muttered. “Getting drunk, running around naked, stuff like that.”

“Hmmm.” Brittany responded, grinning. “Well. I’ll try to keep it down.”

All three women laughed at the remark, even Kimmie.

Around 3:30 the women decided to prepare dinner in the houseboat’s large galley. Brittany’s cell phone rang, startling her. Answering the call, she found herself talking with Rob Garrison.

“How’d it go?” Brittany asked. “Can you land and take off from the site I picked.”

“Yeah. But you’ll have to take off and land from the south end.” Rob answered. “The communications tower is right at the side of the dirt road to the north. And there’s a small pond just south of the tower but I don’t see that as being a problem. Just something I’ll have to deal with.”

“I made it down and back up just to see how smooth the road was.” He added. “It’s better to land parallel to the road. Heck of alot smoother in the short grass.”

“Great!” Brittany remarked. “We can be within walking distance of the cove.”

“Whatta you want me to do next?” Rob inquired.

“I need you to fly me to Houston tomorrow morning.” Brittany replied. “We need to pick up the guns and ammunition.”

“Ok. What time?” He asked.

“Let’s leave around 7:00am.” Brittany suggested. “How long will it take to fly to Houston?”

“About five and a half hours.” Rob answered after giving it some thought. “Depends on headwinds and weather.”

“That should work out alright.” Brittany commented. “I’ll set it up with Duke to meet us around 1:00pm, Houston time.”

“I’ll get a room here at the airport hotel and meet you at the hanger around 7:00.” Rob stated.

“Ok. Or you could stay here.” Brittany suggested. “Kimmie’s fixing spaghetti for dinner. She says it’s one of her specialties.”

“Well ……… I don’t want to be a bother.” Rob replied.

“You won’t be a bother.” Brittany responded. “Why don’t you grab a cab and bring your things.”

Less than an hour later, the airport taxi arrived at the marina’s security gate. Brittany punched in her code, activating the gate opener. As they walked the short distance to the houseboat, Brittany’s eyes glanced to the side, taking in Rob’s handsome features.

While Evelyn and Kimmie finished preparing dinner, Brittany showed Rob around the houseboat, directing him to his stateroom. During dinner, the conversation was light, mostly about the boat, the weather and the Bahamas. Kimmie received numerous compliments on her cooking skills, making her blush. The group spent the rest of the evening sitting on the top deck, relaxing and watching the activities in the marina.

Brittany and Rob left for the Miami almanbahis airport early the next morning for the lengthy flight to Houston. Sitting in the copilot’s seat, Brittany scanned over the multitude of gauges, dials and levers. Noticing a picture clipped to the visor over the pilot’s controls, she commented on it.

“It’s a picture of my son, Tyler. He just turned seven.” Rob stated. “I take his picture with me everywhere.”

“He’s a cute little guy.” Brittany complimented. “Bet you really miss him.”

“He’s all I’ve got left worth living for.” Rob murmured. “He was just five when Lori was killed. He reminds me so much of her.”

Brittany sensed Rob was still mourning the tragic death of his wife. Rob’s hands gripped the yoke firmly to keep them from trembling. Brittany waited patiently while Rob regained control of his emotions. She wanted to console him but she was afraid.

The Piper Seneca twin-engine aircraft took off, heading northwest towards Houston. Flying out over the gulf, Brittany watched as the city of Miami slowly faded from view. The aircraft slowly climbed to altitude before leveling off. Brittany’s eyes looked out over the front cowling, occasionally glancing out at the engines and the sea below.

“She’ll fly on one engine, if that’s what you’re wondering.” Rob stated.

Brittany nodded her head, acknowledging his statement.

“You know anything about planes?” Rob asked, breaking the short period of silence.

“Nope. Just boats and guns.” Brittany replied.

Rob pointed out the horizon indicator, altimeter, airspeed indicator and radar warning system to Brittany as well as the compass and radio.

“Take the yoke in your hands gently.” Rob commanded. “You can feel the aircraft respond to your touch.”

Brittany put her hands on the yoke, keeping it steady. Rob pointed out the pedals, explaining their principle. Brittany put her feet on the pedals, complying with Rob’s instructions.

“Keep her on this heading and maintain your altitude.” He ordered, pointing to the compass and altimeter. “Keep your eyes on the horizon indicator. It’ll tell you how level you’re flying.”

Rob took his hands off the yoke and his feet off the pedals, letting Brittany take complete control of the plane. Controlling the aircraft was unnerving at first but she slowly gained confidence the more Rob left her alone.

“Want a cigarette?” Rob asked, turning on the cockpit’s ventilation system.

“Yeah, I could use one.” Brittany immediately replied.

Rob took control of the plane while Brittany lit a cigarette, then let her retake control. His hand pushed gently on her shoulder till she was sitting back comfortably in the copilot’s seat.

“It’s more enjoyable if you relax.” Rob said. “Let your arms relax and rest your hands on the yoke.”

With Brittany at the controls, Rob slid the pilot’s seat back, stretching his legs out. Flying the airplane was much different than a boat or car. The plane seemed to glide along, responding instantly to every command.

Nearing the gulf coast of Texas, Rob slid his seat forward, retaking control of the aircraft. Approaching the Houston airport, he radioed the control tower, getting landing instructions. Moving one of the many levers, he lowered the landing gear before lining up on the runway in the distance.

The Piper landed smoothly, it’s brakes screeching the tires on the hot tarmac. Slowing the plane’s speed dramatically, Rob taxied the aircraft towards the private hangers. Brittany spotted Duke’s black Hummer parked at the far hanger.

“All the way down to the last hanger.” Brittany said. “That’s my guy with the stuff.”

Rob taxied past the countless private planes till he was within a few yards of the Hummer.

Duke and his redheaded girlfriend climbed out of the expensive SUV.

“Geez!” Rob exclaimed. “He’s a big guy, isn’t he?

“Yeah.” Brittany quipped, remembering the size of Duke’s cock. “He definitely huge.”

After Brittany made the introductions, they set about loading the plane. Duke and Rob handled the heavy ammo boxes while Alicia and Brittany loaded the assault rifles, handguns and the rest of the equipment. The aircraft was loaded to capacity. After a brief and private conversation with Duke, well away from the aircraft, Brittany joined Rob inside the cockpit of the aircraft.

After refueling and obtaining takeoff instructions from the tower, the plane slowly built up speed as it raced down the long runway. The Piper lifted off, slowly gaining altitude as it headed out over the gulf.

Rob kept control of the aircraft for over an hour, not saying a word.

“That Duke guy, is he a close friend of yours?” Rob muttered, breaking the silence.

“Sorta.” Brittany replied. “It’s strictly business.”

Rob’s reaction to her answer wasn’t what she wanted. Not saying much during the return flight to Miami, she felt he didn’t believe her. He seemed distant and angered.

Transferring the weaponry and equipment into the van, Rob kept fairly almanbahis yeni giriş quiet. Brittany wanted to say something, but was afraid it might only start an argument. It was nearing dusk by the time everything was safely stowed in one of the houseboat’s stateroom. Rob maintained his quietness, barely saying a word.

“What’s the matter with Rob?” Evelyn murmured, pulling Brittany aside.

“I don’t know.” Brittany whispered. “I don’t think he cared much for Duke.”

“Maybe he thinks you and Duke are closer than just business acquaintances.” Evelyn suggested.

Brittany shrugged her shoulders, walking towards the galley. Taking a beer from one of the refrigerators, she watched Kimmie busying herself with preparing dinner. Rob sat alone on the rear deck.

“What’s with Rob?” Kimmie asked.

“He’s just being an asshole!” Brittany remarked. “He’s pissed about something. He’ll get over it.”

During dinner, Rob never glanced towards Brittany, keeping his conversations brief and only with Evelyn and Kimmie. Later in the evening, his mood changed some but he still distanced himself from Brittany. His behavior was beginning to wear thin with her.

Late in the evening, after everyone had gone to bed, Brittany heard someone in the livingroom. She decided to investigate in case it was a prowler. Instead, she found Rob sitting in the dark.

“You wanna tell me what’s the matter?” She inquired, keeping her voice down.

“Nothings the matter.” He retorted. “I’m just not sleepy.”

“Bullshit!” Brittany snapped back. “I know better.”

“It’s Duke isn’t it?” She asked. “Did he make some off-color remark?”

When Rob didn’t reply to her question, Brittany knew she’d guessed right. Lighting up a cigarette, she joined him on the couch, curling her legs underneath her.

“Maybe we should talk.” Brittany said. “Get things out in the open.”

Rob just shrugged his shoulders, looking off in the distance.

“Fine.” Brittany said in a raised voice. “I’ll talk and you can just listen.”

“I don’t know what Duke said and I really don’t care either.” Brittany spoke. “What I’ve done in the past is my business and not yours. I’m far from the moral type of woman you’re probably used to. So get over it.”

“He said something about the tattoo on your butt.” Rob muttered. “Asked if I’d seen it.”

“I don’t have a tattoo on my butt or anywhere else.” Brittany replied. “He was just feeling you out, seeing where you and I stood. You just got fooled. That’s all.”

Rob remained silent. Brittany snuffed out her cigarette before returning to her stateroom, leaving Rob alone in the dark. Eventually she drifted off to sleep.

Waking early the next morning, Brittany showered and dressed before going to the galley to make a pot of coffee. Rob awoke next, joining Brittany on the front deck.

“As soon as the others are ready, I’m heading out for the island.” Brittany stated. “You can fly down to Nassau or Freeport if you want. Maybe take in the sights or whatever.”

“How long will it take you to get to the cove at the south end of the island?” Rob inquired.

“I’m not sure.” Brittany replied. “I won’t make it before dark, I know that. I should make it to Moxey town. We’ll tie up there for the night, then onto the cove tomorrow morning after refueling.”

“About last night ……….. I” Rob spoke.

“Forget it.” Brittany interrupted. “I meant what I said. We’re just working together. That’s all, nothing else.”

Brittany was still angered by Rob’s reactions but she knew eventually things would heat up between them. It was just a matter of time.

Casting off a couple of hours later, Brittany carefully steered the houseboat through the causeway towards the open sea. Rob was heading back to the airport, returning the minivan to the rental agency before flying the plane down to Nassau.

The calm sea and clear blue skies ahead put Brittany’s mind at ease, certain they’d have a safe and pleasant voyage. The huge houseboat cruised effortlessly at fifteen knots per hour. Evelyn and Kimmie sat alongside Brittany at the helm on the upper deck.

“Did you and Rob work out your differences last night?” Evelyn inquired, trying to keep from grinning.

“No!” Brittany replied. “I’m giving up on him!”

“Too bad.” Evelyn said. “I thought you two made a great couple.”

“Yeah, I kinda thought so too.” Kimmie added. “He watches your every move.”

“No, he doesn’t?” Brittany asked, surprised.

“Yeah, he does. I noticed it too.” Evelyn commented.

Brittany tried to keep thoughts of Rob off her mind, but it wasn’t easy.

The voyage to Moxey Town on the northern coastline of Andros Island was accomplished without incident. It was late afternoon, plenty of time to refuel before settling in for the evening. For Kimmie, the Bahamas were intriguing, capturing her interest.

Leaving early the next morning, Brittany eased the hundred foot long houseboat away from the docks. Following the coastline a few hundred almanbahis giriş yards from shore, they slowly made their way to Curly Cut Cay at the south end of the island. Hearing the sound of a twin-engine plane approaching from the north, the women looked back as Rob Garrison flew low and directly over their boat.

“There goes your boyfriend!” Kimmie remarked with a grin.

“Don’t start that.” Brittany responded. “Or I’ll sick him on you if you’re not careful.”

Curly Cut Cay, located at the southern most part of Andros Island was a tropical paradise. White sandy beaches led to rocky outcroppings at the edge of the treeline and dense overgrowth. It was serene, undisturbed and quite deserted. The clear waters added to its charm and allure.

Rob Garrison was standing along the water’s edge waiting for them with his gray cowboy hat shading his face.

Brittany throttled the engines to idle speed, slowly approaching the beach. The houseboat gently eased into the soft sand. Brittany cut the engines, shouting for the Evelyn and Kimmie to grab the mooring lines. Racing across the top deck, she scrambled down the interior stairway to the main level of the boat.

“Tie it off to the trees!” Brittany shouted, jumping off the bow of the boat.

With the boat securely moored to the trees, the four stood on the beach taking in the tranquil and picturesque beauty of the cove.

“What’s next?” Kimmie inquired.

“Let’s take the rest of the day off.” Brittany suggested. “It’s too late in the day to fly back to Miami for the other boat. Let’s enjoy ourselves while we can.”

“You’ve got another boat to bring down here?” Rob asked.

“Yeah, a chase boat.” Brittany answered. “It’s back at the marina. We’ll wait till tomorrow morning to fly back for it.”

While everyone changed into their swimsuits, Brittany phoned Langley in Washington to let him know how well things were going. He had some good news for her. The powerboat that had been confiscated in the drug raid was theirs to use. It was docked at a marina in Fort Myers waiting for them to pick up.

“I’ll pick it up tomorrow, probably around noon.” Brittany stated. “Can you call the marina and let them know?”

“Yeah, I can do that.” Langley replied. “What about the ATV’s you asked for? You still want em?”

“No. We won’t need them afterall.” Brittany responded. “The plane’s right up the hill from the beach. We can walk it.”

Langley mentioned the rest of the team flying in to Freeport on Grand Bahama Island the coming weekend. Brittany informed him she and Rob would meet the rest of the team at the airport and get them situated at the island.

Completing her cell phone call, Brittany walked out onto the rear deck of the houseboat. Evelyn, Kimmie and Rob were having a great time swimming in the clear Caribbean water.

“Hey! Aren’t you gonna join us?” Kimmie shouted.

“I’ve got some things I need to check on.” Brittany responded, thinking of a quick excuse.

“Thought you wanted to take the rest of the day off.” Rob spoke up.

Not responding, Brittany walked to her stateroom. Sitting on the bed, she debated whether to join the others or not. Quickly changing into a bright yellow wet-look bikini, she sauntered out to the rear deck. Rob’s eyes grew bigger as he visually devoured her body. Diving into the warm water, she swam out to join the group. Rob couldn’t take his eyes off Brittany as she swam about. The crystal clear water didn’t hamper his view as she porpoised below the water’s surface.

Back on the houseboat, everyone toweled themselves off before proceeding through the houseboat to the front deck. Sipping cold refreshments at the deck table, they chatted about the next day’s activities.

Kimmie Chen, clad in a skimpy white bikini, phoned her parents in Virginia to let them know where she was and to talk with her daughter, Leanne.

“Langley’s got another boat for us but it’s up in Fort Myers.” Brittany stated, looking at Rob. “We’ll need to fly up there tomorrow so I can get it.”

“What about your boat? What’re you gonna do with it?” Evelyn inquired.

“I’ll call Monica and tell her to leave it in storage.” Brittany replied. “I better call her before I forget it.”

Walking back inside the houseboat, Rob watched her till she disappeared from sight.

“How about some lunch?” Evelyn suggested. “Maybe some burgers on the grill.”

“Sounds good to me.” Rob responded. “I’ll do the grilling. It’s been awhile but I haven’t forgotten how.”

Returning from her stateroom, Brittany found Evelyn and Brittany busy preparing lunch while Rob fired up the gas grille. Grabbing a couple of cold beers from the refrigerator, she joined him out on the deck.

“Thought you might be thirsty.” Brittany said, handing Rob one of the cans.

After taking a drink of the beer, he took in a long drink of Brittany in her bright yellow bikini. He couldn’t keep the smile from forming on his face.

Rob suggested he and Brittany take one of the waverunners out after lunch. Brittany agreed, wanting to see what the little coastal town of Mars Bay along the eastern shore was like.

After lowering one of the Yamaha FX 140’s into the water, Brittany checked the fuel and placed her digital camera, wrapped in a beach towel, in the storage compartment.

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