Bad girl Jade more shed fun with the chav lads


Bad girl Jade more shed fun with the chav ladsI have had to stay indoors due to my sister’s bad behaviour(and my lack of supervision of her). Im 24(25 next week oh I feel old lol) but as I have said before am treated like a k** but still free rent so I can’t moan too much. Anyway this meant I was not able to get my usual chav lad fix. However I was determined to get fucked off their bad cocks. They knew where I lived and knew it would be a matter of time before they came around to give me a good seeing to. I was in my bedroom getting dressed for bed when I heard a knock on my window. I knew it was them and was really excited as I needed a good shagging. I opened the curtains and Jamie and Cris where at the window, both in white adidas hoodies and trackies(I found out later they had ck boxers on which I love on men). They also had there motorcross gloves on which really turn me on. I flashed them my tits and sucked my finger for them as they watched me strip though the window. I sat on a chair and fingered my tight wet slit as they watched though the window. I put a second finger in and fingered my twat hard and fast as they watched on gagging for me. I felt my tits and played with them while furious fingering myself as they were clearly getting harder and harder gagging for my tight wet cunt to fuck the shit out of it. I could not take it any longer, plus I needed to get this done fairly fast or id get caught. I have done this before but that was easier as no one was in the house, they pulled up as I was doing it. I opened the window and told the lads I would be outside in a minute and told them to go wait in the shed for me. Anyway I got dressed, I put a short blue schoolgirl style skirt on, fishnet tights, no knickers, tight yellow crop top with no bra on and put some purple lipstick on to go with my nail polish. I had some big gold chavette bracelets on and some big chavette hoop earrings in. I had some big heeled red shoes on. I looked in the front room though the gap between the door and the hinge. I saw my Mum and Dad and sisters all watching TV so decided it was a good time to do it. I sneaked outside and made my way to the shed. I opened the door and could smell smoke and beer and Jamie Escort was sat on the work bench smoking while knocking back some lager. Cris was sat next to him doing the same expect his dick was out of his trackies just sat there hard waiting for my twat or mouth or hand to take care of it. Cris put his beer down and got hold of my arm after I shut the door. He pushed me down on his cock, I got on my knees(lucky for me its got a carpet now) and pulled his trackkies and ck boxers down, I took his cock in my mouth. I sucked his dick hard and fast, licking his balls at the same time. I went down deep on his dick and licked his balls with his dick down my throat. He fucking loved it and got hold of my face and began to face fuck me hard and fast while I felt his tight gorgeous arse. He sat on the table then drank and smoked while I sucked his hard dick, Jamie was getting restless and said “fukin hell Jade u fukin fit babe I want sum” “Well lick my pussy out then Jamie go play with it u fuckin stud” I replied. He got behind me and pulled my skirt up and put his face in my pussy. He licked and spread my wet tight slit and then put a couple of fingers in it and proceeded to finger me hard and fast. He would take turns between sucking my clit and licking my pussy and then fingering my wet dripping cock hungry snatch with his fingers which had chav rings on them. I could feel the rings in my cunt as he pumped me hard and fast. He licked and probed my arsehole with his tongue and fingers as well. The rings on his fingers felt great when he was fingering my tight arsehole. I was sucking Cris harder and faster while this was happening and he had taken his hoodie off and was shirtless. I was so wet at seeing his sexy body and felt his gorgeous toned body. “Get your tits out Jade” Cris said. “Take my top off then babe”. Cris took my advice and took my top off so now I topless and wearing just my very short skirt and big heeled shoes. Cris played with my tits as I sucked him off while Jamie continued to finger and lick both my fuck holes. I gave Cris a tit wank while Jamie was playing with my fuck holes still. Jamie then said he was “fukin takin my twat” and he took his trackkies down and got his Escort Bayan cock out and I felt this push and pop he was in my twat banging me doggy style. I sucked Cris off more harder and fast as Jamie fucked my twat hard feeling my tits at the same time, fonding them good playing with and pinching my erect hard nipples. Cris started smoking some weed while Jamie pumped me hard and watched. I was glad I had plenty of air fresher in the shed or I would be caught with the smell later lol. Anyway he pumped me harder and faster grabbing onto my arse and hips and really pulling me hard onto his hard throbbing dirty bad lad chav bare cock. Cris had me finish his joint while Jamie continued to pound the shit out of my pussy. I was moaning loud and was off my face a bit. Jamie put his hand over my mouth to silence my moans of pleasure and it felt great as he had his sexy biker gloves on. I was getting turned on by the smell of them as he gagged me with his hand as he pumped my pussy harder and faster holding my shoulder with his other hand. This turns me on so much I orgasm and cum hard on his cock while he gags me so I don’t moan too loud. He keeps fucking after I cam banging me hard and hard really ragging my tight twat with his huge dick his balls slapping as he pumps me hard and fast really using my twat to wank his hard dick off. He bangs me harder and harder until he grunts loud and cums deep in my tight wet snatch. I put my fingers in my pussy and get some cum out and eat it which turns him on a lot. We snog for a bit and he then gets dressed and goes outside and said he will knock if someone comes. I told him not to do that as he will get seen. He goes home instead filling very sexual satisfied as always. Its Cris’s turn now. Cris is the most aggressive sexually of the lot and I love that. He is really tall and built. He pulls his trackies down and takes them off, he is naked now as am I. He pushes me against the door and snogs me deep sucking on my tongue and me his while I feel his lovely arse and he feels mine and puts a finger in my soaking cum drenched cunt. He then sucks my tits and pours some ale on them and licks it off. He pours ale on my tongue and I drink it while Bayan Escort he gets the spillage and licks it off my tits. He then lifts me up in the air and puts me on his dick. I am holding onto his shoulders and snogging him while he bounces me up and down on his massive cock. “Fuck yea fuckin bang me Cris baby” I said inbetween snogging him. He drops me up and down on his hard massive cock .” Fuk u r so fukin hot no bird is as hot as u babe fuk take me dik” He says as he pounds me as I go up and down on his dick, His massive arms wrapped around me as he has complete control over my tiny frame. He then puts me down and bents me over the table. He pumps my twat hard and fast feeling my tits at same time. He pulls me up towards him as he bangs me and snogs me from behind as he pumps my tight cum filled pussy. Hard and faster he bangs me, he puts his hand over my mouth to gag me which turns us both on. He makes me get on the floor, he lifts my legs up in the and piledrivers me with his cock, really pumping my twat deep with his dick like it’s a drill. His dick fills my entire pussy as he pumps and bangs it, stretching it with his huge dick. His hand is over my mouth to cover my moans of absolute pleasue. Cris and Danny(one from the new lad story) are actually my fave lads of the chavs as they just ooze rough bloke, the way the act and smell gets me so wet. They also are the ones the buy me the most jewels and outfits and treat me like the dirty little chav loving whore I am. Cris pumps me harder and makes me cum, I have multiple orgasms as he fucks me after I have cum harder and harder. He then cums deep in my pussy. My twat is filed with his lovely dirty chav juice. I put my finger in my twat when he pulls out and take some cum out and eat it. He loves that. We got dressed and snogged in the shed for ages. We drank and smoked both normal cigs and some weed and this got him ready for more shagging. He lifted my skirt up and layed me on the floor banging me again with his cock like it was a drill. He banged me hard and fast again cumming again in my tight now soaking cunt. We snogged more and then he finally went. He didn’t want to go but he had as I had to get back inside. I got back in after cleaning up and went in sore and red eyed and my sister Emma looked at me with a look that said “You lucky bitch”. She knew what I had done but said nothing just smiled. I didn’t get caught and had a very good time. I went to bed very satisfied.

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