At The End Of A Stressful Day


It was 7.30pm. Working overtime and returning home late was no joke at all, especially when there was no one at home to return to. Well, time to relax and unwind after a stressful day. No dinner until much later; stressful days kill ones appetite. And save the bath until much later – put your feet up for a while. Those were Amanda’s thoughts as she entered the house.

Feeling a great weight loss from her shoulders as she dropped the briefcase from her hand, she made her way up the stairs and to the bedroom. Now, she knew that she could really relax. The first move was to shed her work clothes. First, she began to unbutton her blouse hurriedly, until it was tossed on to the bed. She then slipped out of her shoes.

As she unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, she stepped out of it, and made way to roll her black hold-up stockings down one by one. Sitting on the bed, she pulled each foot out of her stockings, and suddenly felt free again, away from the everyday hustle and bustle of the office environment. Finally, having stripped off the day-to-day stresses, she had now removed her sheer bra, and was left in just her sheer red thong. As a finishing touch, she slipped on a tee-shirt that reached down to the top of her waistband, and headed downstairs to recline in the living room in front of the telly.

As she sat on the sofa with her feet tucked under her thighs, she switched on the television. “Same old same old….” she said to herself. Losing emek escort interest in the telly, she reached over to the DVD which she had borrowed from a close friend recently. Now’s a good time to watch this, she thought. Being a sensual woman at heart, she loved erotica, especially full-on sex in a film.

As the action began, she started to feel mildly aroused. Her hand moved down to the warm, moist part between her legs, and she began to massage her clit through the sheer material of her thong. Her breathing became rapid as she watched the sexual action on screen, her hand now inside the waistband of her thong and her finger slowly edging in and out of her moist vagina.

Gradually, the gusset of her thong became a soaking wet mess, and the feeling of this wetness just added to her arousal. Her finger worked her clit rapidly, making herself even wetter. As she came to a shuddering, soaked orgasm, she realised she was missing something…………..

Settling herself, she left the front door and made her way to the flat above, still only in her tee-shirt and thong. Yes, he was in, and she knew she could have everything she wanted. As the flat owner opened the door to her knock, she asked “Can you help fix my TV for me? It’s broken down again”. Without hesitation, he followed her back to her flat, as he knew that wasn’t really the reason for her call.

As he entered, the DVD was still playing, keçiören escort this time at another sex scene. With a smug look at him, she said “I didn’t need to give you much persuasion to come in, did I?”. She crouched down to his waist level, slowly undoing his jeans, pulling them down to his knees, followed by his pants. Cupping his penis with her hand, she gently pulled the foreskin, so that just the tip of his knob was exposed, and darted her tongue around the inside of the fold of skin, caressing the tip of his erect penis. She pulled away to draw the foreskin right back, exposing his moist glans. Her tongue licked away at all areas of his knob, gradually leading to her taking his length into her mouth, tonguing away as she did so.

Taking it slowly, ensuring he didn’t come too quickly, she began to caress his balls with her hand, feeling just how tight his sac had become in the height of sexual excitement. She looked up at him, and in her huskiest, sexiest voice, said “Let’s both get naked”. He didn’t waste any time in taking all of his clothes off.

As he sat down to watch Amanda strip, his hand slowly slid up and down his penis. She stripped out of her tee-shirt, and stood topless, her arousal clearly apparent by the stiffness of her nipples.

As she slid out of her thong, the warm, moist smell of her sexual excitement coupled with her sex juices which soaked her gusset filled the gölbaşı escort air. She then sat on the edge of the sofa, with both feet up on the edge, holding her vagina lips wide open, showing the warm sexual wetness that literally dripped from her vagina. That was all too much for her friend. He knelt between her thighs, and sucked both nipples back to erection. Slowly working his way down to her crotch, his tongue found its way to her clitoris, and gently began tasting the throbbing redness, tasting her juices and savouring her aroma. Taking care not to let her come too quickly, his face edged back up her body, meeting for a long kiss so that she could now taste her own juices.

As they kissed wetly, his penis slowly entered her vagina. He could feel just how wet she really was by now, and as he pumped in and out of her, his penis was coated in her white sexual excitement. His finger slid inside her anus – he knew she loved this by her gasps, and the way she gripped his waist.

As he pulled out of her vagina, he arched her legs back, and slowly entered her back passage. There was more than enough lubrication to make the move smoothly. Slowly, he thrust in and out of her anal passage. Before too long, he could feel that he was ready to cum. As he pulled himself out, she slid back down to his penis and took the full length back into her mouth, rubbing it as she did so. Within seconds, he had reached a mind-blowing state of orgasm, whilst Amanda took every drop of his semen in her mouth.

After seeing off her friend with a passionate kiss, she headed to the bathroom, and soaked in a hot bath, now completely relaxed and devoid of the stresses of the day. As she lay naked in bed, she thought back to the evening and, once again, her hand reached down to her clit. “Time to get wet again”, she thought.

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