Evening classes were not my idea of fun, school was not a time that held many good memories and going back to that environment didn’t seem very appealing. However being new in town, living alone for the first time and being a useless cook led me to sign up for a basic cookery course. Two hours, once a week, was the commitment, not to arduous and when I saw the instructor it suddenly seemed far to infrequent.

The other attendees were pension age widowers, suddenly needing to cook for themselves and twenty something women who were finding frozen meals didn’t match Mums’ home cooking. Daisy was I guessed mid-thirties, amazonian build, blond, tanned and dressed to thrill. A sensible, knee length, kitchen apron over a sheer blouse and tight shorts. Safe and practical from the front, hot and revealing from the back.

All of us had been sent a shopping list for the first class, simple English cooking, easily recognisable ingredients. It was only when Daisy began the instructions and grabbed a carrot that anything other the cooking came to mind. She waved the unoffending carrot as though conducting an orchestra, although I’ve never seen a maestro eat his baton before. As she devoured the defenceless vegetable I got a mental picture of her holding my cock and feeding it into her face, lips not teeth working me over.

It was a good job we were seated behind desks as my hard on tented my trousers. I looked around at my fellow students but nobody else seemed to be on my wavelength, solemnly going along with the instructions as Daisy talked us through the recipe. All the ovens were at the front of the room behind where Daisy stood so we lined up to put our concoctions in to bake, Daisy strolled down the line, checking out the offerings, giving an encouraging comment or two along the way.

I was last in line and holding my dish low to cover my still erect cock, Daisy seemed to sense my embarrassment, “That looks nice” she said, eyes aimed at crotch level, “if you need any extra help hang around after we finish”. Nobody else appeared to hear this and she smiled slyly as she winked at me. The nutrition lecture passed over my head, all I could think about was the “extra help” on offer.

As we lined up to collect our cooked meals at the end of class I made sure to be last in line and delayed my departure messing around wrapping my meal in tinfoil and then kızılay escort securing it in a plastic box. When I looked up Daisy and I were the only two left in the room. She twirled a key around and asked if I was okay to stay and help tidy up before she locked up. I assured her I was free as long as needed and she grinned sexily and strolled over to lock the door.

As she came back she untied her apron strings and slipped it over her head. The sheer blouse turned out to be the only cover for her upper body. Now the apron was gone her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. She worked her way around the room, straightening up chairs, wiping down desk tops. I followed, putting any left behind rubbish into a refuse sack. At the last desk she suddenly bent to pick up a recipe sheet from the floor, no lady like squat, a bend from the waist, legs straight, tight arse on full display. As I admired the view she looked back at me, licked her lips, gave me a dazzling smile and winked suggestively at me.

I took the hint and moved up behind, rubbing my bulge against her butt and taking hold of her hips to pull her towards me. She straightened up and I slid my hands round to squeeze her nipples as she ground her butt into my groin. I kissed her neck as she reached behind herself to massage my erection. Sliding my hands down her taut abs I rubbed her crotch and attempted to unfasten her shorts. Daisy spun round to face me and grabbed my hands, I thought I’d gone to far and was about to be dismissed but she pulled me over to the desk she’d used during class and sat down facing me.

Spreading her thighs she pulled me in close so my bulge met her crotch then wrapped her legs and arms around me and lifted her face to lock lips with me. I slid my hands under her shirt and pulled it up exposing her breasts and teased her nipples. Her kisses became more enthusiastic and she ground her crotch against me, no doubt in my mind now that I was going to score a home run. As I went to undo her shorts for a second time Daisy broke her clinch and pushed me back, not another knock back though, she drew her knees together, unfastened her shorts and wriggled her bum sexily on the desk top as she slid her shorts and knickers off.

She beckoned me back into her open embrace and went back to kissing me as maltepe escort her hands pulled me back to rubbing against her damp core. She locked her ankles behind me, using her leg muscles to pull me tight against her in a rhythmic motion, my bulge splitting her cleft with every forward thrust. Soon my trousers were damp with her juices and I managed to undo them and let them drop to the floor with my boxers. The next time Daisy tightened her thighs I lined my cock up and let her pull me in. Her lips parted and I was swallowed up balls deep in one long squelching drive. Looking down between us I could see her swollen pussy lips gaping wide and her clit peeping out from the apex of her slit.

Knowing that a first time fuck in an erotic location would bring me to a quick finish I withdrew my cream covered cock and freed myself from Daisys’ leg lock. Squatting down in front of her I drove my tongue into her sopping gash, lapping her juices up and exciting her clit every time I parted her lips on the upstroke of my tongue. After a few minutes of my ministrations Daisy squeezed her thighs around my head and had a shuddering orgasm, her hyper sensitivity finally leading to my release as she could stand no more contact.

Daisy pulled me back to a standing position then jumped down from the desk and guided me to assume the warm place she’d just left. As soon as I was seated she dropped to a squat and took my cock in her mouth, the earlier “carrot moment” heightening my excitement as she deep throated me expertly. Her tongue circled my helmet as she pulled back then her lips peeled back my foreskin as she took me deep again. Soon I was coming to the boil again and had to ease her to a standing position.

She reached behind me for the bag she’d brought with her and to my surprise pulled out an unused carrot. “No touching me or yourself, just sit there and watch.”

Turning her back to me she moved her feet a shoulders width apart and bent over, giving me a fantastic view of her juiced up gash. next her hand appeared between her legs holding the carrot and aimed it at her pussy. It exceeded the length and girth of my cock but she buried it effortlessly and started to masturbate slowly. White cream soon coated the carrot as her fluids oozed out and a second climax swiftly came

Still beyond my reach mamak escort she stood up and turned to face me, the tip of the carrot visible between her lips. Slowly she used her vaginal muscles to expel the lubed up carrot, grasping it before it dropped to the floor. “Hungry?” she asked with a smirk, I nodded and she offered me the end. I let her face fuck me with the tastiest carrot I’d ever enjoyed. Withdrawing my vegetable treat Daisy took the tip in her mouth and as she locked eyes with me bit the end of with a loud crunch. The look of pleasure left my knob twitching with anticipation, not unnoticed by Daisy who turned her back to me again, bent forward and shuffled back so I could line my cock up with her fanny.

Once she felt the tip part her lips she leant back and engulfed me. I grabbed her hips and regulated her thrusts to prolong the pleasure, letting her forward enough for my cock to completely emerge then parting her lips and surging past her muscular entrance to bury my full length inside her. The visual stimulation, added to the vaginal wall contractions she seemed able to control so easily, soon had me at the edge of climax. Daisy sensed I was close to coming and reached back to fondle my balls as they bounced off her clit with every thrust.

The triple stimulation drove me past the point of no return and I held her tight to me as I pumped my load into her depths. This triggered another orgasm for Daisy, the ripples of her internal muscles milking me completely. My heart was racing as though I’d just run a 100m sprint and I could hear Daisy was similarly breathless. Slowly we returned to normal breathing and Daisy stood upright allowing my softening prick to slide from her. “I’m going to drip everywhere” she said, then realised she still held the carrot. Squatting quickly she pushed into her cum filled pussy. “I’m of to the bathroom to clean myself up” she said, grabbing her clothes from the floor, “there’s some wipes in my bag if you want to use them”.

Cleaning myself up was the last thing on my mind as I watched her walk away, sexy and carefree, glutes rippling as she gripped her “pussy plug” and disappeared through the bathroom door. Distraction now removed I sorted myself out and soon Daisy was back, fully dressed and ready for departure. She locked up and I helped carry her stuff to her car, unsurprised at the questioning looks she got from a few idling students from other classes as she ate the carrot while sauntering across the carpark. “Jump in” she said “we’ll stop for a drink and discuss what’s on the menu for next week then I’ll drop you off”.

I never did become a good cook but as a biology teacher Daisy was first class, you’re never to old to learn.

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