An Unexpected Christmas Pt. 03


The days between Christmas and New Year filled me with happiness. The day spent with Sandra and the Café. We both toiled away to satisfy the needs of caffeine starved individuals. The evenings, an intimate time for the two of us. Most times, we stayed at Sandra’s and the upstairs. It was easier for us to sleep as late as possible before opening the Café.

Occasionally, we would escape to my place as a change of scenery, or I just needed clean or different clothes. The evening routine was similar. A small meal was prepared, we shared this and relaxed. Making love and having sex was still a new and important part of our growing relationship. Sitting together on the sofa, another part of our lives, Sandra leaning against me and in my arms. I liked her there. Sandra fit nicely.

New Year’s Eve approached and Sandra shutdown the Café, not to open until the January 2nd. We decided to hide at my apartment. Sandra packed a few items, we turned off the lights, locked the door and made our escape. I felt naughty, going off to my place to be nude and make love.

The weather made outside a chilly place. We were glad to be indoors and at my apartment. It was a modest place, the kitchen, open to the living room, one bedroom and one bathroom. I took Sandra’s coat and she ask.

“Could you please turn the heat up a bit? I would like it warmer please.”

The place was usually kept at about 66 F. I found it comfortable and truly, I didn’t spend that much time here. That is until Sandra. The thermostat altered to Sandra’s request and the sound of the heater coming to life. Warm air soon filled the room.

There was not much in the place to eat, and we decided to order something in. A Chinese place nearby fit our tastes and they delivered. The time in between, Sandra began to disrobe in my living room. Once nude and her clothes in a pile to the floor, she came to me, kissed my mouth hard and turned to the bathroom and a shower. The sight of her naked ass was inspiring. Just before disappearing, Sandra turned and blew me a kiss.

I wanted to follow, but the food would arrive soon, and I needed to be there for this. It was quite the tease from Sandra. The bathroom door was left ajar, steam issued from it. Sandra hummed or sang softly. I could see her a little as she soaped her naked body. I envied the soap. The doorbell sounded and scared the crap out of me. So enamored watching Sandra, I lost track of the time.

The skinny adolescent delivered our food and I paid for and gave him a nice tip as well. He seemed a pleasant and polite young man. Sandra emerged in towels and came to inspect our delivery. Hunan Shredded beef with green onions, (my favorite) and Sandra’s food, chicken lo Mein. This accompanied by egg rolls, pot stickers and almanbahis hot sour soup. A magnificent feast.

The meal was enjoyable as we talked and ate. Sandra’s towel continually slipped down to expose her breasts. The pea sized nipples had grown erect and hard. The areola, light brown and quarter sized. Sandra took a bite of her Lo Mein and sauce fell to her naked chest. I was transfixed and Sandra cast a look that said.

“Well, are you going to take care of that?”

I bent forward to lick sauce from Sandra, and maybe lick some other items as well. We then returned to eating. Once finished, the remainder was stored in the fridge, and I was sent to the shower. Sandra volunteered to turn down the bed and warm it up. Such a thoughtful Lady.

I stood in the shower with very hot water running down me. It relaxed me and steamy. I exited the shower and dried. The living room lights were off. The only glow shone from the bedroom. I stood in the doorway in a towel. Sandra lay face up in the bed, the sheets, and blankets to her neck. Her glorious long hair fanned on the pillow. A warm smile spread to her face as she saw me. Fingers and hands gradually pushed the covering down to first expose her breasts and torso. She continued until her hips and upper thighs were exposed.

Sandra spoke.

“Watch me, Phillip.”

Sandra’s hands snaked to her breasts and began a massage. I watched as the skin stretched or pulled depending on her movements. Nipples were raised and rolled in her fingers. Their color began to deepen.

Sandra spoke.

“Are you watching me Phillip? Do you see what I do? This is what I did before you.”

One hand slid to her inner thighs as she opened her legs. Two of her fingers began to make lazy circles on her vagina. Almost immediately, her hips began to sway and move. Visually it was exciting to observe. Lessons I should learn when touching Sandra. Her fingers entered her slit and there was more rubbing and circles. The way she held her breast was firm, and I thought she would bruise her own flesh.

Soft moans issued from her mouth now and her movements were more exaggerated. The bucking hips and the sound of her fingers manipulating her woman flesh. The inner lips peeking thru with fingers sliding in between them. The audible sound of Sandra’s masturbation.

Two fingers disappeared deep into her slit, then quick in and out movements. Sandra’s vocalization became louder as she neared climax. The gooey sounds of a drenched pussy filled the room.

Sandra spoke.

“Bring your cock over here. I want it in my hand when I cum.”

I did so and Sandra pumped me as she continued to masturbate. Faster still, she went, loud moans from her mouth. The spend at which Sandra almanbahis giriş rubbed her pussy was the same as what she did to me. Should she continue this, I would cum soon also. Is this what she wanted? It felt marvelous.

Sandra groaned.

“Oh fuck!!! I’m cumming!!!!! Cumming so hard!!! Get on me and fuck me now!!!!!!!”

I swiftly moved between her legs and slide my cock inside her oozing wetness. Sandra continued to rub her clit with one hand. The stream of words from her mouth was endless.

“Fuck me, Phillip!!!!! “

“Fuck it harder!!!”

“Stick that big thing in me!!!!”

“More more more!!!!!”

“Give it to me!!!!!!”

“Cum in me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do it inside me!!!!!!!!”

“I need you to cum now!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I could take no more. The relentless pounding, I gave her and loud encouragement she issued brought me to fruition. Stream after stream left my body and entered Sandra’s. I ceased movement once I finished.

Sandra spoke.

“You are still so hard. Fuck me some more!!”

I would not deny her. My cum leaked from her with her own juices. Sandra dripped and fluids flowed from wet pussy. She wanted fucked and I wanted to do just that. Sandra muttered and moaned with each thrust. This session had taken her to a special place. The past week had in bed several times making love. But this?

Sandra had let go all the stops and sexually uninhibited. Never had I been with a woman of such sexual magnitude. Desire and feel ruled her.

I had cum once. The second time was long in arriving. Throughout it all, Sandra was fucked as she desired. Cum flowed from me again. I fell exhausted by Sandra in the bed. She continued to sigh in deep pleasure. Much time passed before we both could breathe normally. Once recovered, I held her to me in the bed.

I wondered to myself. What happened to Sandra before? Had her ex-husband been insensitive to any of her needs? What kind of oaf had he been? The woman next to me in bed was passionate, inviting, and wanting the love we had made. Sad, I thought, he had missed this. Lost such a sensual creature due to stupidity, blindness or just ignorance.

Sandra and I cuddled in the bed. She idly toyed with the hair on my arms. Sometimes rearranging her position and then snuggling again. One contented sigh followed another. I had been with a few other women in the day. One or two good lovers. Others, not so much. But Sandra excelled past them all. She does not hesitate to say what she wants or likes.

Sandra awakened something in me I thought was gone. The joy of being with someone interested in you as a person.

We leave the bed long enough to turn off lights, get cleaned up and then return. I lay on my back in bed. Sandra almanbahis giriş faced me, one arm and one leg draped across me. She lay there and smiled at me. The bedside light went out. We held each other in the darkness.

Sandra whispered.

“If I wake in the night, you’ll fuck me again? Right?”

I kissed her forehead in the darkness and answered.

“Sandra, you know I will. Whatever you like.”

Then she kissed me, and we settled in.

I dreamed of Sandra. She was there in many guises. The woman that ran the Café and worked long hours. The skeptical woman that was unsure of who and what I wanted from her. The sexy and passionate Sandra that wanted to be loved and feel everything. But finally, the woman that spent time with me because she desired to do so.

The space of days since Christmas and she occupied my thoughts and time. We had been almost inseparable. A tinge of sadness at the return to regular days ahead. But I knew we could make it work. At least I knew I wanted that. Did Sandra?

So many thoughts flew in my mind. There were a few days before that would happen. I should make use of the time we had fully now. Sandra would wake soon and want loved again. I would not disappoint her. I closed my eyes and drifted to blissful sleep with this gorgeous woman in my bed.

The time was unimportant. It was dark and still night. Normally I would be upset by this, but it quickly occurred to me that we did not work tomorrow. Sandra was lightly kissing my neck and gently stroking my cock. I knew she would wake. I responded with a passionate kiss of my own.

Then I asked.

“What would like Sandra? What is your desire, and I will do it.”

Silence reigned a few seconds before she answered.

“I want to ride you again. The feel of your cock impaling me is indescribable. Never have I felt such pleasure. You suck my breasts and nipples while we make love, we kiss. Phillip I’ve never known such pleasure and joy. Please yes, I want to ride you.”

Sandra rolled to be atop me. Her face in mine now. Exploring kisses for the mouth and other parts nearby. Then Sandra reached down between our bodies and guided my cock into her wet opening. Already she was wet, and I went into her without effort. Sandra remained on my chest. Her movements were slow. She wanted to take time. The slow and gentle motion of her hips had me thrusting upward to meet her motions. My pelvic bone pressed firmly against her wet vagina. I noticed and almost imperceptible change in speed from Sandra. Her arousal had grown.

The climax was not earth shattering or screaming. Sandra simply tensed for a moment, then released. Once she recovered, her movement renewed, and she rocked her hips and ass on my cock.

Sandra spoke.

“Let me make you cum Phillip. You lay still. Just tell me when.”

Moments passed and my time of climax arrived. OMG did this feel amazing. Enormous amounts of cum were released into my Lover, my Sandra. Swiftly, she was becoming my life, my desire, my all.

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