Allie’s Interludes Ch. 04

Abella Anderson

Lately, life had been getting dull. My sexual trysts were not happening as often as I’d like them to. I could feel it in my bones. My nipples were so sensitive. The material of my bra’s rubbed them into hard peaks. My pussy ached and twitched. Even my favored dildo wasn’t doing the job. Sure I would cum again and again, but I still never felt sated. I buried myself in my work. I needed something to happen. Without the naughty adventures filled with sexual longing, there was little to be desired. So to quell this longing of mine, I signed up on an online sexual profile. There I could be myself to the fullest. I updated the profile with all my desires, leaving nothing to the imagination. I listed all my desires such as role-playing (I’d always fantasized about an adventure starting out like a kidnapping and non-consent but turning into a total orgasm fest), I like a little bit of the kinky, bondage stuff too. I put a few sexy pictures up and I also said that I was interested in men and women. After updating my profile, I waited with hope. I desperately needed something.

About a week went by and I’d had some profile views and some emails but nothing that hit my button. But then one day after a long day at the office, I came home and checked the emails. I scrolled through them and came across one with an interesting subject line. It read like this:

To: Allie

From: Nick

Subject: I’d love to role play with you……

Hello Allie,

I’ve been looking at your profile and let me just say that you are gorgeous. I bet your pictures don’t even do you justice. I’d love to get to know you and your sexy body better. I’m really into role-playing like you. There isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do. Send me a message if you’d like to hook up.

Can’t wait to meet you,


This really piqued my senses and I emailed him back saying I’d love to get to know him and see what we could come up with. After a few weeks of sexually explicit messages, we’d finally set up a time and place when we’d meet. I was literally counting down the hours till we met. When the day finally arrived, I carefully picked out my outfit. A lacy bra and a barely there G-string laid the foundation for me and then I put on a tight black mini-dress that my tits practically spilled out Escort Kızılay of. I put on some makeup and slid my feet into four inch pumps and took a look at myself in the mirror. I looked hot. Slutty, but totally ready for this. As I drove to our meeting place my body hummed with anticipation. My nipples were erect and any movement shot sparks of desire through to my core. My pussy twitched with nervous excitement. It had been a long while. Too long.

I arrived at our meeting place and looked around nervously. The meeting place had been arranged at a housing development that had houses that were being built and were not finished yet. I had been instructed to wait until it was dark and then go around and enter through the back. As the darkness settled in around me, I breathed in heavily and opened the car door. I walked quickly around to the back of the house making sure no one saw me as I went. When I reached the back of the house, no one was there. I couldn’t see really well so I went up to the sliding door and tried to open it. It was still locked. I looked around and saw nothing. Just as disappointment set in, I felt a hand reach around my face and then the world went black.

I woke with a start and everything was dark and I realized that I’d been blindfolded. I wasn’t wearing my dress, but my bra and G-string were still on. I was gagged and my hands and ankles were bound to the bed. I tried to slip out of the restraints, but did so to no avail. I then heard a voice, “Hello Allie. I’ve been watching you for a while now. You are so fucking sexy.” I couldn’t say anything but just whimpered. I heard him walking over to the bed and felt him. He ran his fingers up and down my body murmuring that he loved my body, that my tits were perfect. He unhooked my bra, my breasts spilling out for him to see and touch. He massaged my breasts turning my nipples into hardened peaks. He groaned as he admired them. He leaned close to me and whispered in my ear, “I am going to enjoy this Allie. I know you are too.” All the while still teasing my nipples, making me shiver and tremble with a fearful lust. This is what I had been longing for. This excited fear.

I moaned through the gag and thrashed around the bed trying to release myself from the restraints. I felt his hands Kızılay Escort rubbing my ass and then he spanked me. The sudden sting from the slap made me pull against the restraints and I whimpered loudly. His hands rubbed for a while and then he slapped me again. “Oh yeah….look at that sexy ass,” I heard him say softly. He cupped my pussy and began palming me and I moaned again. “You like that baby?” I moaned and pressed my sex against his hand. He rubbed my pussy harder and I felt my wetness on the material of my G-string. He bunched my G-string up and began using that to pleasure me. I moaned and writhed with pleasure, wordlessly begging for more.

I then felt the bed shift with his weight and a moment later I felt his tongue licking up and down my G-string. He pressed the material into my clit teasing me, almost bringing me to climax and then stopping. His hands gripped my ass; giving him leverage as his tongued my now soaking wet pussy. I moaned and bucked against the restraints as I felt his fingers inching closer to my asshole. He lubed his finger up in my juices and began rubbing it around furiously. Just a few moments later, I felt my climax approaching. I felt it racing through my veins, flowing to my pussy. I bucked against the restraints as wave after wave of pleasure streaked through my body. After what seemed like an eternity, I came down from my orgasmic high.

I felt the bed shift again as he moved up to my breasts again. I felt him as he massaged my tits, teasing, torturing my nipples into rock hard peaks. I moaned and tugged against the restraints begging for more of the pleasurable assault on my nipples. Pleasure raced straight to my core as he played with my tits. I felt him move and then heard him taking off his pants. He climbed on top of me and began to fuck my titties. He squeezed my tits together with his hands and fucked my bouncy tits in a frantic rhythm. He moaned and murmured again about how great my breasts were. He leaned down and told me he was going to remove the gag, but told me to keep silent.

As he removed the gag, the bed shifted and moments later he pushed his long hard shaft into my mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, trying to take all of his length in as he was quite large. He grabbed my head and began Kızılay Escort Bayan fucking my mouth with his cock. Moans of pleasure escaped from his lips as he thrust himself deeper into my throat. After a few more minutes of him fucking my mouth, he then told me he was going to remove the restraints around my ankles and that I was to do exactly as he said.

He knelt down by my feet and removed each restraint. He then flipped me onto my stomach and pushed me onto my hands and knees so I was on all fours. He moved behind me and I then felt him bury his face into my dripping wet cunt. He lapped my juices like a kitten to cream and his hands massaged my ass. He moved again and then in the next instant I felt him pressing his cock into my wetness. I felt the swollen tip of him first and then slowly inch by inch felt him filling me, stretching me with his long shaft.

He paused for a moment, letting me adjust to the size of him and then he began moving rhythmically. Slowly at first, drawing his cock almost all the way out and then thrusting back deep and hard. He began building up speed, with short, quick thrusts. I felt my body tighten in response as my orgasm began building. He grabbed my hips with both of his hands and was pounding his rock hard cock deep into my swollen pussy. I could think of nothing except for the sheer lust and desire racing through my body. I felt as though I was going to explode. And then… body shattered into a thousand pieces. Pure electric pleasure raced through my bloodstream as my orgasm ripped through my like a hurricane. By now, he was moving at lightning speed, fucking me so hard and so fast. He then withdrew his cock and quickly flipped me back over and climbed on top of me. He quickly pumped his fist up and down his cock and moments later he began to cum all over me. Jets of cum sprayed all over my face, my breasts and my stomach and I heard his sigh of content as the final moments of his orgasm passed.

I then heard him put his pants back on and then the world went black again. The next thing I knew I woke up and was in my own apartment. Feeling groggy and pleasantly sore, I made some coffee and turned on the computer. I checked my email and there was a new message.

To: Allie

From: Nick

Subject: Last Night

Dear Allie,

I hope last night was to your liking. I do hope that next time; I’ll get to see your beautiful eyes as I make you scream in pleasure.

See you soon,


I smiled recalling last night’s adventure and hit ‘REPLY’. Dear Nick…………..

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