Alleyway Cum-Union


Conrad clicked the lighter shut as he took a long drag of his fifth cigarette of the day.  “Are you sure you want to do this?  Like really sure?”“They don’t call it a calling for nothing, North.”Conrad North and Peter Kjellsson were sitting outside this fifties-themed diner, having just finished their burgers, and Peter was slowly slurping his shake, as his best friend since fifth grade chain-smoked as he had at any available moment since eighth grade.  “Seriously though, Pete, the priesthood?  Can you really go the rest of your life without sex? I thought you wanted a family with ten kids and a  big messy house and to be  Dad of the year or some shit?”   Conrad asked as smoke came out of his nose. Pete ran his hand over his dirty blonde, very curly hair,  and sighed.  “When you get called,  you have to listen. Do you remember the story of Jonah and the whale?”“Most whales eat other things like krill or plankton.  I’m just saying,  give it some real thought before you resign your dick to a life Escort Beylikdüzü of solitude. I don’t want to read some news article about you being one of those Catholic priests having broken the vow of chastity in an illegal way…”“You won’t.  I mean.  I barely have any sexual experience anyway. It’s not like I know what I am missing all that much.”Conrad stamped the cigarette out with his Chuck Taylor sneaker and exhaled the smoke out of his nose again. In the late, crisp, autumn air,  the smoke was really clear and gave Conrad the aura of a bull or a minotaur, which made sense considering the labyrinth of life examination this conversation held. “Maybe you should.  You know, find out.  Hire a hooker or something?  I can help you look for one.”  Conrad moved from sitting on the table to sitting back in the chair like a normal person. His eyes were almond-shaped and ink-black but bright with excitement at the thought of helping his friend get laid.While Beyoğlu escort Peter was a chubby, round-faced, wet dream of manhood with too much curly platinum blonde hair, wispy on his head. Conrad was tree bark brown  And clearly given an Anglo-sounding name to distract from that. His black hair was sleek and shiny. He looked like a Bollywood movie star. He could run his hands through his hair and make people swoon. He also had the physique that screamed a relationship with some sort of a fitness routine. “I am not sure how I feel about a hooker. I would rather it be with someone I know.  I feel like a hooker would  … make it hard for me to … perform.”  The fact that the soon-to-be-priest was even entertaining his friend’s suggestion about a hooker, to basically bang his brains out before he goes to Seminary school in a few months,  spoke volumes to how much he’d already considered such a thing. Conrad buzzed his lips in thought.   “Well,  have you got anyone Bomonti escort bayan in mind?  I know you dated Michelle for like  five seconds in sophomore year, and asked Rachel to prom, just so you didn’t have to go alone but  beyond that, I don’t really know what you like”“I don’t think I do either.”Conrad exhaled a scoffing laugh.  “Well,  what do you think about when you jerk off?”Peter suddenly became interested in his shake and started slurping it to keep from talking for a moment.   Conrad waited patiently and was contemplating taking out another cigarette.“I don’t really know, I mean I just think about how much I need to cum. Over and over. Till I do.”“So … urgency turns you on?  That need to release and unload into someone,  anyone, or anything, just ….the ache, the build, and the gushing finish, and sweet relief”  Conrad deduced perceptively.Peter fidgeted in his seat a little bit and looked over at Conrad, his chest, and how his shirt clung to his body,  and the stubble on his chin,  and how his nostrils naturally flared upward a bit, reminding him of minotaurs again. He looked away.  Feeling his body getting hard, at the thought of unloading all over his friend’s face,  or taking him with reckless abandon in the nearby alleyway.“Yeah.  You could say that”   he replied awkwardly. 

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