Alisa and Mark, a Romance

Big Tits

I was on my way to meet a new client. I’m a personal trainer. This client was referred by a I was on my way to meet a new client. I’m a personal trainer. This client was referred by a friend. I am always nervous taking on new clients. Even more so when they ask me to train at their house. You never know what to expect. Obviously as a personal trainer in Hollywood I have to keep myself looking good. I’ve had more than one out of shape client try to hit on me. Some of them would not take no for an answer. I had to get mean. This time my friend vouched for him. I trust her completely, so I was willing to take a chance.

His home was a condo in a good area near the beach. I have a lot of friends out there. Since this was my last appointment of the day I made arrangements to meet two of them and go out after my appointment. I had a dress in my gym bag.

I pulled up to the gated community. I was told he was an art broker. I wasn’t quite sure what that was but he obviously made a good living. I rang the doorbell. When he answered I was taken aback by his voice. It had a certain resonance. You could almost hear a smile in it. He was upbeat and polite. He thanked me for coming, told me where to park, and how to find his condo.

As I drove through the lot I had to laugh, my little Kompresser was outclassed by every car in the garage. I parked and headed up to the condo. He was waiting for me in the hall. Even if he wasn’t my client I would have noticed him. He was at least 6’2″ and around 190 lbs. He had short dark hair and a huge smile. I was wondering why he needed a personal trainer. He looked like he worked out regularly.

He introduced himself, Mark, took my gym bag, and asked if I wanted a glass of water or something. I think I said that would be nice. Truly I was mostly checking out his place. I’d never been in a guys place that was so tastefully decorated. Well I had, but those guys were gay. This decor was not like that. Stark walls, beautiful artwork, and a lot of big wood and leather accents and furniture. You could smell the mahogany with a fresh spicy scent of something.

He brought me my water and we chatted a bit. I wanted to start by evaluating where we were and what were his goals. He invited me to sit. We sat down. I commented that he was obviously in shape and asked why he needed a trainer. He said he’d been goofing off for 2 months and needed someone to kick his ass and jump start him again.

I laughed and said, “let’s get started.”

He stood up and headed down the hall. It was obviously where the bedrooms were. I had my guard up immediately. I’m glad I didn’t react. He stopped at the first room and opened the door. It was a home gym. Not just any home gym, I’m talking home GYM.

It was about 14×14 with mirrored walls. It had a home universal with about 250lbs on it, free weights, incline board, treadmill, elliptical, and stair climber. I was pretty impressed and said so. He laughed and thanked me.

He said, “I have not been in here in over two months. That’s why you are here. I need someone to throw me in here and make me do it.”

I don’t think he got the double entendre. I did and let out a small laugh.

He then realized what he’d said, gave me a huge grin, and said, “You know what I mean.”

I did. We got to work. We reviewed his regimen, I gave him some pointers and suggestions, and we chatted as we worked out. The conversation flowed easily. I was surprised when I checked my watch and our hour was about up.

During our hour he had told me he had a gallery opening that night. As I was packing up he asked me if I would be interested in attending. I was, a gallery opening sounded fun, but I have a rule against dating clients. I politely refused, told him of my rule, and said I have plans with my girlfriends anyway. He said he understood. He then asked me if I’d like to attend with my friends. He said there’d be free food, free drinks, music and dancing. I thought, after all, who can turn down free food. He offered to put us on the guest list. I told him I’d have to ask my friends. He said he would put us on the guest list and hope for the best.

I drove over my friend Beth’s house. She and I have been friends for years. She’s my wingman. Where I am tall thin and blonde, she is a petite brunette. When we go out we are always being hit on. We’ve worked out escape strategies for almost every situation. We hugged and I went in. We made the usual small talk. She asked what we were going to do tonight.

I told her about my last client and the gallery opening. Beth thought it sounded fantastic. I was not sure if she meant Mark or the opening. When I asked she just said yes. I told her to call Lyn and went to jump in the shower.

I showered and did my make up. I checked out my dress. I wondered if it was OK for a gallery opening. I’d never been to one. The dress was a little on the risqué side. After all, I thought we’d be out clubbing. It was black with a choker/halter collar. The dress Escort Çankaya had almost no back and was bare from neck to the small of my back. It ended about 3″ below my ass. It was meant to be worn without a bra. I pulled my panties out of the bag and put them on. A pink and white lacy thong. The sides were about an inch wide and had ruffles and a little bow. I looked at myself in the mirror. Even I thought I looked hot in just my panties. At a 34c I was not the most curvaceous girl in the world, but I was hot. My blonde hair down to my shoulders, I knew I’d turn heads.

I put my makeup on, a pair of black heels and I was ready to go. When I walked out of the bathroom Beth was ready too. Her dress was not as sexy as mine, but sexy enough so I wouldn’t feel out of place.

Beth handed me a glass of wine and said, “Hey leave some of the attention for us.”

We chatted and laughed till Lyn came to get us.

The three of us called a cab and headed to the opening. When we got there our invitation was sitting at the reception table. Walking in we entered a large hall. Tons of art on the walls (obviously). There was a band playing old Sinatra era standards. There was a huge buffet and 4 bars.

Lyn immediately elbowed me in the ribs. I looked up and she pointed by nodding her head. She had noticed Mark. He was wearing grey slacks an open collar shirt and a jacket. At his size they were probably custom tailored. He looked good. He had not seen us yet. Lyn commented that she thought she’d like the art world.

Mark looked up and noticed us. He flashed that big grin and came over. I introduced him to Lyn and Beth. He offered us drinks. As we walked to the bar people would stop Mark to talk. It was obvious from their demeanor that they both liked and respected Mark. He would introduce us. We would flirt a bit, make pleasantries, and generally enjoy ourselves. We eventually got our drinks. We ate, chatted, had fun. Mark walked us around showing us the various art works and we all chatted and laughed as we tried to interpret them.

Eventually Mark asked me to dance. I refused and told him I could not leave my friends.

In unison they said “Go dance.”

The music was swing era standards and Jazz. Not quite what I was used to dancing to. Mark held out his arms. I moved in but kept enough distance so I wasn’t plastered against him. He took me in his arms and led. He’d obviously done this before. He still smelled like mahogany and spice. When he put his arm around me his hand landed on the bare skin of my back. I was extremely aware of its presence. One because it seemed too intimate for someone I just met. Two because I really liked it.

The night passed quickly. Food, dancing, flirting, and great conversations. Mark ever the gentleman danced a few dances with Lyn and Beth but most of his dances were for me. As the evening went on I found myself dancing closer and closer. Maybe it was the alcohol, that damn smell of spice, or the way I felt in his arms, but eventually my head rested on his shoulder as we danced. I let myself get lost in his strong arms. I could feel his hand at the small of my back. Still on bare skin. It was toying with the material of my dress right below his hand. I would feel his hand brush lightly under the material. Not far, but enough. I was very aware of it. I didn’t want him to stop. I was wondering what I’d do if he slipped his hand down the back of my dress to my ass.

At a lull in the music Mark asked me if I wanted to get some fresh air. Feeling like the world was closing in I said yes. He escorted me out to the garden and patio. His hand on my back the whole time. My entire focus was on that hand. I wanted it to move. I was just not sure if I wanted it to move away or down.

We stopped. Mark turned to face me. His scent became stronger and stronger. His hand was like electricity on my back. He stepped in and kissed me. It was not a tentative kiss. It was the kiss of someone who knew he was in control and knew how to kiss. I kissed back. I melted in his arms and kissed back. That hand finally moved. It moved down. It slipped down into my dress and grabbed my ass. He pulled me to him as he kissed me again. His hand played with the material of my panties. I was hot. I have had one night stands but it’s not my modus operandi. Right now I felt if he bent me over a fence and fucked me right there I’d let him.

We kissed like that for a while. Maybe a minute, maybe a week. I’m not sure. Eventually Mark looked at his watch and said the gallery was closing. We walked back in. I found Lyn and Beth. We all said our goodbyes and left. On the way home Lyn and Beth pumped me for details. I told them everything. We laughed and I went home.

Chapter 2

Next morning my phone rang about 10:00. It was Mark. I picked up the phone and started to apologize for last night and tell him it was unprofessional. Mark stopped me and told me he was firing me. I knew he would given my behavior. It was Çankaya Escort probably best anyways. Then it dawned on me. His next words were to ask me out for Saturday.

I said, “Yes.”

Saturday I started getting ready. Given the other night I decided something with less access was appropriate. I picked a pink shirt dress. It buttoned down the front. It had a collar and the hem was a few inches below my knees. I buttoned the top down so you can see a bit of cleavage. The bottom I buttoned to 2 inches above the knee. Sexy but not too sexy. I wore a cute pink matching bra and thong set. I was sure he would not see them, but then that made me think of showing him. Ok, that made me a little wet. Maybe more than a little.

Mark picked me up. We ended up at a small restaurant. It was dark, intimate, and the food was delicious. As we ate and talked Mark touched me. My arm, leg, shoulder, I felt every touch. I kept moving closer to him. His hand rested on my thigh over my dress. Mark looked in my eyes and said “this isn’t right.” He reached down and started unbuttoning my dress. I just watched. Here I was in a restaurant and this man was unbuttoning the bottom of my dress. The bad thing is I let him. Looking back I think if he had taken it off me in the restaurant I probably would not have stopped him.

He didn’t. He stopped maybe 2 inches below my pussy and then rested his hand on my thigh. “That’s better” he said and kissed me. I could feel his hand on my thigh. All my senses were on that hand. I wanted to grab it and pull it into my pussy. I wanted his fingers inside me right then and there. I restrained myself and just kissed back.

We finished dinner and he escorted me out of the restaurant. As we walked I wondered if anyone noticed my dress was now undone more than it was when I came in.

We were in the parking garage next to the car. He kissed me. A long passionate kiss. Then he stood back. He again reached for the bottom buttons of my dress. Standing in the garage he undid the buttons until the dress was open to about 3 inches above my navel. I just looked in his eyes. I wondered how far he’d go. I was wondering if I bent over the hood of the car if he’d fuck me. The thought made me wetter and hornier.

He stopped and put his arms around me under my dress. One arm around my back, one on my ass. He pulled me to him and kissed me again. I plastered myself against him and kissed him. I could feel his cock getting hard. I started wondering what it looked liked. What it felt like. What it tasted like. He started to let me go but I wanted more. I kissed him again. Hard, passionately, I wanted him to know I was ready. Ready now, ready later, but ready.

He opened the car door for me. I got in. My dress fell away from me. I was exposed up to where my dress was buttoned a little below my breasts. If anyone looked in the car they would clearly see my panties. I did not even try to cover up. He got in s started driving. His hand on my thigh barely brushing the crotch of my panties. I actually tried to slide down so he would touch my pussy but he just moved his hand as I moved. Maddeningly close but not close enough.

He looked at me and said, “Where to.”

I whispered, “Your place.”

We arrived at his condo. He came around and opened my door. I started to button my dress. He said no and extended his hand. I left the dress unbuttoned, took his hand, and got out of the car. We walked through the garage. As we did my dress fell forward and back revealing my panties completely and closing again. I felt exposed but safe. It was exciting wondering if we would get caught.

As we exited the elevator on his floor we ran into a couple getting on the elevator. I felt like I should cover up, but if I covered up it would show that my dress was unbuttoned. The couple obviously knew Mark and Mark stopped to introduce me. I was burning. I could see them notice my dress. They both just smiled. Mark chatted a bit and put his arm around me. As he did he pulled my dress back a bit completely exposing my panties. I was hot. All I could think of is that they were looking at me. I could barely respond to the conversation.

I knew I was being shown off. I liked it. If he was going to show me off, then I wanted him too. I stepped forward so that his hand pushed my dress back more. I turned slightly. I knew they could now see the curve of my ass. They knew I was wearing a thong. Mark smiled at me and we went to his condo. As we walked in the house Mark closed the door. He kissed me. Again his hands under my dress on my ass. Hard and passionately. I responded.

He stepped back. Looked me in the eyes and said, “Lose the panties.”

I put my hands In the band and slid them over my hips. He watched as I exposed my pussy and stepped out of my panties.

He reached over. Unbuttoned the rest of my dress and said, “Take it off.”

I shrugged the dress of my shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Feeling silly in Çankaya Escort Bayan just my bra and heels I take my bra off and let it fall to the floor.

Here I was completely naked and he was fully dressed. I reached for his belt buckle. He stopped me. He put his hand around my neck, grabbed a handful of hair, pulled me to him and kissed me. I kissed back. I was grinding against him. I wanted his cock. I could feel it. I felt vulnerable but excited.

He pulled away to 2 inches from my face, looked at me, and softly said,. “Suck my cock.”

I was thrilled. I wanted to suck it. I wanted to see it. I wanted it in my hands and in my mouth. I got down on my knees, unbuckled his pants, and pulled out his cock. I looked at it. It was bigger than normal. Not super big, but bigger and thicker than any I’ve seen in person. As I looked at it my mind flashed to anal sex. I don’t know why. I’ve only had anal sex like 3 times, but that’s where I went with it. I was wondering if I could get that thick thing in my ass. I was both excited and scared by the idea. I took his cock in my mouth. My lips stretched around it. There was no way I would get the shaft in my mouth. I wrapped my hands around the shaft and started jacking him off as I sucked.

He asked, “Do you like that?”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “Yes what.”

I wasn’t sure of the answer. I said, “Yes I like your cock.”

Mark said, “Good girl, what do you want to do with my cock.”

I was starting to get into this. What did I want to do? “Anything.”

Again he said “Good girl.”

I started going to town on his cock. I was soaking. Truthfully I did not care if he fucked me. I’d be happy I’d he came in my mouth. I wanted his cock. His cum. Anything.

He reached down and grabbed my hair again. He pulled me to my feet. He kissed me again. He said, “I want that pussy.”

I replied, “Ok.”

“On your knees.”

He pushed me to the floor. My head on the carpet. Ass in the air. He got behind me. I could feel the tip of his cock against my pussy lips. He stopped. I tried to push back but he pulled back. I could feel his cock tantalizingly against my pussy lips. The tip sliding against them and against my clit.

Mark said, “Your cunt feels so wet”.

Cunt? No one ever used that word with me before. It sounded dirty. I was feeling dirty. I was enjoying dirty.

My response surprised even me. “It’s wet for you. I want you to fuck my cunt”.

Wow, brave, I couldn’t believe I said that but at the moment I really meant it.

He slid the head of his cock up and down my slit spreading my juices from my Clit to my anus. As he slid it back and forth I would feel the head disappeared slightly in the lips of my pussy. Then against my clit, back to my ass, and then pushing right against the opening of my cunt. I realized there was that word again. Now even I was thinking in terms of it. Electricity surged through my body as he slid it back and forth. I could feel my juices start to drip on my leg.

He had every string of my body on edge. Then I felt the tip enter my pussy. He was thick with a thicker round head. He only inserted the tip. I could feel it stretching my lips and pulling on my clit.

I yelled, “Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Stop teasing me and jam your cock up my cunt.”

He laughed. He leaned close to me and whispered, “What kind of girl talks line that?”

I knew the answer and he was right. That’s who I was for him. “A slut,” I said.

He plunged his cock into me. I came immediately. Shuddering through the aftershocks I felt him pumping his cock into me. I felt it start to build again.

He asked me, “What do I get?”

I panted. I was cumming again. When my head cleared I said, ” Anything.. I am your slut. Fuck me. Fuck my slutty cunt. Fill me with your cum.”

He fucked me. He fucked me hard. My ass in the air I came at least 3 more times. I was getting tired. He was still hard he pulled out of me.

“Come clean my cock,” he said.

He did not have to tell me twice. I crawled over and started licking his cock clean. I could taste my pussy all over his cock. I loved it.

He looked at me and said “let’s see, I fucked your mouth, I fucked your cunt, what’s left?”

I briefly pulled my mouth off his cock and said “my ass.”

He said “what do you want?”

I knew what I wanted. “I want you to fuck my ass.”

He told me to give it to him. I turned. My ass toward him I put my head on the floor. He again started sliding his cock up and down my slit. Spreading my juices all over my asshole. He stuck his cock back in my pussy. I felt his thumb at the entrance to my ass. I was plenty wet and it slid right in. I enjoyed the feeling of being double fucked and came again.

I felt his thumb pull out of my ass. His cock pulled out of my pussy. He rested the head right up against my opening. He just stayed there. I pushed back. This time he did not pull back. He let me slide back on his cock at my own pace.

Slowly I felt the tip slide into my ass. I felt full. Not just full I felt like I would burst. As I took his entire cock I could feel the pleasure and pain of my ass being split. His cock bottomed out and when he was all inside me I came.

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