After School With Grandpa

Female Ejaculation

My parents knew that I visited my grandpa often. We told them I was doing chores for him around the house in return for some pocket cash because at sixteen, they knew I needed it. This wasn’t exactly the truth. The truth was that my grandpa and I had been having sex most days after school. I’m about to tell you one of my favorite stories. As I drive to his house I become very horny. I’ve been thinking about this all day at school. I can’t concentrate on anything but having sex with grandpa. It seems that the last few months he’s the only thing on my mind. When we’re away from each other I’ve even called him to have phone sex. I pull into the driveway and am so excited. I grab my bag of clothes and head through the front door. Looking around for him I Ataşehir escort bayan drop my bag by the door, take off my shoes and head to the kitchen. “Hi Grandpa,” I say. I go for the apple on the counter and have at it. “Hey pumpkin,” I hear from the other room. I watch his sexy body as he walks through the door. “How was your day?” he asks me. I set down the apple and slowly creep nearer. “I missed you,” I pout. He smiles as I put my arms around him. I press my pussy against his upper thigh and can feel his hard penis near my stomach. “You know, I’ve been thinking about you all day,” he growls. “I’ve been thinking about you too,” I assure him with a quick hand to his crotch. I start massaging the area Escort Ümraniye by rubbing up and down him. He closes his eyes and starts breathing heavy. My grandpa has such a way of turning me on. He soon pulls me into him and breathes on my neck. His hand grabs my ass while the other begins to lift my leg up his side. He pushes his bulge into me and I gasp. My body becomes more aware of him by the second. I instantly lean my head back so my hips push further into him while my breasts thrust up to meet his face. He gladly takes his hand from my ass to start massaging them. I’m in such a state of pure pleasure. My sexy, strong grandpa has just started to get my pussy wet. When I shiver, he notices and smiles. He Bostancı escort pulls me back in closer and kisses my lips softly. I tease him when my tongue darts into his mouth. I wrap my arms around him and our lips keep going. His hands move down my waist and start rubbing the special spot in my jeans. I make a little noise which convinces him I’m ready. He starts to unbutton my jeans. I let him, the sexual tension is rising. I don’t want to wait but I know that he loves being in bed when he has sex with me so I stop him and pull him to the other room. I jump on the bed and while on my knees I take off my top. I know grandpa loves to take my bra off so I leave it on. Then I lay back and strip off my jeans. My panties go too and now grandpa gets to see my shaved pussy. I purposely spread my legs to give him a good view. He told me a couple months ago that he wanted me to keep it shaved for him so I have. I wan to please my grandpa. Now I watch him at the end of the bed taking off his clothes. As item after item strips off his body I begin to shutter.

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