Adventure Ride in Mexico


Life is slow in Mexico, especially during the winter months. Most of the locals head indoors believing the 60 degree mornings are cold. Most of the Norte Americanos (Gringos) are too afraid to venture south of the border, save a few. This makes for some very nice and secluded beaches along the east coast of the Gulf, north of the Yucatan. Only a few RVs for hundreds of miles of beaches… fewer tent campers let alone on a motorcycle like me.

I’d been at the secluded Playa de Azul Agua for two days, with my tent nestled between two dunes facing east and almost invisible from anywhere except directly in front. On the steep sloped white sand beach, a full sized motor home parked about a mile down the beach at the end of the paved road. I watched as the couple made about setting up camp with lounge chairs, awnings and patio accouterments. By late afternoon they had finished and a woman laid back on one of the lounge chairs, sipping from a tall glass. The afternoon was hotter than usual and I too enjoyed lounging but on the warm sand with a cervesa with lime, reading my latest Cussler novel. I glanced back up the beach to see what my neighbors were up to and pondered paying a friendly visit… except I noticed the woman had stripped off her top and her large boobs were warming in the sun. Slightly embarrassed and cursing myself for not saying Hola earlier… I couldn’t very well now, after all she half naked and I was half hard. I tried to focus on reading but constantly found my eyes drifting down to the woman with magnificent tits. One such glance turned into a long stare as she applied lotion all over the big soft mounds. I swore she looked as if she paid more attention to her nipples and seemed to be enjoying it as she threw her head back. Wow, I thought to myself, I must be so horny to allow for such an imagination…perverted as it was.

I puttered around my small camp as the sun began to sink behind the dunes. Lighting a small camp fire and enjoying the distant lights of ships twinkle on. Up the beach, the neighbors light Tiki torches and again, like in the afternoon, only the woman remained outside… I thought how strange. What a beautiful night not to be outside. Who could resist not watching the display of bright stars in all their glory? Now I was curious! I pulled the binoculars out for a closer look. The woman sat in one of the lounge chairs (clothed… darn!). The motor home was well lit and none of the curtains were drawn. I could make out the whole layout of the luxury accommodations right down to wall hung flat screen television playing a football game from a roof mounted satellite dish. Wow! What a great way to travel I thought, as I looked around my meager tent and surroundings. With that, I finished my dinner and prepared for bed. The warmth of the day turned to a mild chill and I knew it was time for me to retire. In bed, my thoughts were of the half naked woman…wondering who she was and more.

The next morning, I was up before sunrise as usual. I made coffee and went on my morning walk, with cup in hand, as the sun peeked up from the distant horizon. I walked south taking me past the neighbors’ RV and for a closer look, from a distance at the water’s edge. The motor home was dark and clearly the occupants still fast asleep. I walked on for a half hour and returned past the neighbors but this time the woman was sitting outside having a cup of coffee. We seemed to wave at each other at the same time saying a “good morning.” Not wanting to intrude almanbahis adres I didn’t stop and continued on to my camp and my second large cup of coffee.

The sun rose quickly filling the sky with magnificent colors. The neighbor lady walked by only a few minutes after pouring my cup of coffee; paying me the same wave as I did earlier from the shoreline. I watched her walk up the beach a short distance before starting back. On her walk back, she changed direction and walked directly towards me. As she closed the distance, I could make out she was a few years older than me and was dressed in matching pair of royal blue sweats.

“Hi neighbor!” came from her lips in a strong confidant voice.

I replied back “Buenos Dias Senora” and for a moment I saw she was perplexed. I quickly offered “Would you like a refill?” gesturing to her empty coffee mug.

Deb introduced herself and we eased into a comfortable conversation sitting on the beach. I apologized for not having a chair to offer but it was a little hard to pack traveling on a motorcycle. We both laughed at the thought. She told me that she and her husband were planning on staying for the week before heading down to Cancun. I really didn’t have a plan and wasn’t sure where I was heading next.

“I hope you stay here awhile… it’s nice to have a handsome man to talk to.” she said very impromptu.

Blushing I thanked her and offered the same, explaining it gets a little lonely traveling alone.

“I know what its like.” Gesturing over her shoulder towards the motor home.

After an hour of casual talk, she excused herself, explaining “I better get back to make breakfast… before the next football game.”

I sensed that this wonderful woman was much more than she appeared. In only a short time we practically got to know each other, short of being intimate… and my mind wandered.

My day went on in silent thought. I threw a line out for awhile, fishing in the light surf and catching several fish which I knew were too many for me to eat. After cleaning the fish I took all but a couple I would eat later to my new neighbors… and special friend. “Hola!” I announced in advance of coming too close, as if asking a skipper permission to come aboard. Deb opened the door wide and stepped out in a brightly colored Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts followed by her husband. Deb introduced me to her husband and I offered the fish as a welcome to Playa de Azul Agua. Thanking me, Deb offered an iced tea and to sit for awhile. I took her up the offer and we talked about where they came from, where they were going and if they liked Mexico. I sensed that her husband was only making niceties for show and soon asked to be excused. As he retreated to the land yacht, Deb made apologies which I dismissed even before she finished.

“He’s like this unless you are one of his buddies and want to watch the game.” she whispered lowly.

With her close presence, I could smell her light perfume and my thoughts drifted to her on the beach… half naked the day before. Before I know it, there was a pronounced bulge in my swim trucks, her downward glance told me that she was aware of it too. I’m sure my cheeks were flushed red with my slightly embarrassed thoughts.

“Will you please excuse me?” “I need to run to town for ice and some supplies.” I mumble in hesitation as I stood.

Her hand lightly touched mine and she asked “Would you mind if I stopped by later?”

“Please almanbahis adresi stop by any time you’d like.” is all I can manage as her fingers ran lightly along my arm.

Wow… was all my thoughts were for the rest of the day. How could I ever think like that? What is wrong with me??? I must be crazy to think she was sending me signals… or was she?

After going to town I resumed my place against the dune and read my book. I glanced down the beach in hopes of seeing Deb again, naked. As if reading my thoughts she stepped out of the motor home to where her lounge chair was. Knowing fully I was just down the beach she shed her clothes completely and lounged in the sun. My cock grew hard and not half way… knowing her better and the remembrance of her perfume. Not being shy, she covered her body with lotion… seductively or at least in my thoughts. Putting my book on my lap, I tried to put my horny thoughts to rest by closing my eyes and taking a short siesta… hoping that my hard-on would subside. Yeah I could have gone to the tent and relived myself but curiosity was making me want to see what would happen, if she did come by. I decided to save the orgasm if my thoughts came true and she came by.

Anticipation is difficult to cope with. When I awoke Deb was clothed again and fixing dinner on the grill. I lit a campfire and proceeded to cook the fish for dinner. After dinner and clean up I took a short stroll north along the beach in the waning light. By the time I turned to make my way back it was dark. The only light was from my small campfire and the lights of the motor home in the distance which seemed miles away. Walking along I wondered if she would pay a visit now that it was dark… under my breath I mumbled to myself “I should have stayed at camp, what if I missed her?”

My daydream was broken with a splash in the water just ahead of me. Before I knew it and to her surprise too… we ran right into each other. I knew in an instant it was her and my arms wrapped around her… more to balance each of us from falling but then her arms were around me too. I offered an apology but she wouldn’t take it and continued to cling to me… and me to her. My eyes focused in the light of a low rising moon and I lowered to kiss her lips lightly. The lightness of the kiss was to test what I was hoping was between us. Her lips parted and inhaled my tongue as we kissed deeper. We embraced passionately with our hands traveling down out backs, pulling us closer and both knowing I had a full hard-on again. Releasing our lips, I kissed down her neck and then up behind her ear whispering to her “I’ve wanted you since yesterday when I saw you sunbathing.”

Whispering back she said “What are you waiting for?”

Moving together we made our way to the nearest dune and away from the shore. By now I had her blouse and bra open and massaging my joy; her amazing breasts. Tweaking the nipples between my thumbs of both hands, I lowered my head to suck on each nipple… then both together. Her hands wasted no time dropping my swimsuit and releasing my rock hard cock.

She whispered in my ear “Gawd you are so big!” taking my hard cock in her hands.

I licked my way between her breasts, tasting the ocean salt and perfume until I reached her lips. Again we kissed but this time more deeply. My hands released her breasts and pushed her shorts down her legs where she kicked them away. Taking her ass in both hands I ground her closer then brought almanbahis adresi my knee between her thighs. Rocking her back and forth along my knee I kissed her deeply, dancing my tongue to hers. Wetness covered my knee, I knew she was excited as I was.

“John, fuck me… put this big cock in me.” she whispered in a low moan.

The dune was steep 45 degrees or so. I laid her back with my shirt behind her ass, her hands still clutching my cock she guided it in. The soft tip of my cock was inside, slightly past her wet lips, at this angle it was so easy to continue. I took her hands, held them above her head; interlacing our fingers tightly, I deliver the coup de grace and sent my cock in, strong and steady. Like a knife to the hilt my cock slid into her like hot butter until it wouldn’t go any further. My mouth covered hers as she started to moan deeply, taking her breath away in that instant moment of pure bliss and passion. Her sudden orgasm caught me off guard as her body writhed in passion. She struggled against me to release her powerful orgasm but I held her in place with my hands in hers and my body pressed against her with my cock impaled. The dune held her in place well with her back molded to it.

With my cock deep, I slowly ground my pubic bone against her bare clit. No doubt she was in the throes of a full and powerfully hard orgasm… in a deep kiss she screamed in passion.

“Fuck, Oh…fuck… keep fucking me… I’m fucking cummmmmmming!” she screams biting my lower lips.

With my toes dug into the sand, I gave her more of what she’s begging for, pumping my cock up and down, pushing her body deeper into the dune. Her body convulsed in another powerful orgasm and I push her down to the dune hard, pinning my cock in her. Struggling to be released she squirmed against my grip, her hands still interlaced with mine. I pumped my cock in and out several more times then held it deep. Wave after orgasmic wave flowed though her body until she crumpled weak in the knees.

“Oh my Gawd that was the best fuck… ever.” she moaned in spent passion.

With a wry smile I whisper lowly… “We’re not done yet or at least I’m not.”

Rolling her over against the hill of warm sand, I parted her legs and bury my feet deep in the sand at the base of the dune. My hand guided my hard cock upwards and deep in her hot wet pussy again. From behind, my hands wrapped around her and took hold of her breasts pressed against the warm soft molding sand. At this angle and height we matched perfectly and the feeling was more intense. I slowly pumped my hardness in and out of her wet walls.

“Mmmmmmm fuck me fast and hard now.” she moaned in wanton passion.

Like the start of a big locomotive, I pumped in and out. Each thrust a little deep, a little faster and a little harder. My hands went past massaging and were now into a full kneading action only pausing to pinch the nipples hard at the precise moment my cock is full hilt with my balls slapping against her clit. My orgasm was now building with hers and I gripped her nipples and ground them to the sand, teasing them to their passionate limits.

“Take this… load!” escapes from my lips as I sent up one very hot and fast squirting load.

The cum smacked her cervix like a freight train followed by the soft tip of my very hard cock, slamming it home. She screamed in passion as her own orgasm boiled over and I sent another hot load deep and hard. One thrust after another in quick hard secession my cock goes in and out, cum spurting with each orgasm… hers and mine.

Completely spent, we collapsed to the soft sand with my arms around her still holding her breasts. The stars were brighter now with a moon full, all shimmering on the calm ocean.

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