Addicted to Love Ch. 03


Amy was sleeping soundly when she felt warmth against her, covering her naked body. She turned her head on her pillow and just slightly began to open her eyes. She was laying on her stomach, her arms up on either side of her, being gently held down by a man’s arms. Brad. She smiled to herself and blinked her eyes to help her fully wake. Brad was still naked too and laying on top of her. She felt his sweet soft kisses on the back of her right shoulder and she could tell his luscious mouth was curving into that sexy smile that always turned her on. Turning her head a little more, she looked over her shoulder at him.

“Well, good morning handsome” she whispered to the guy she adored. She fantasized about having him in her bed since she met him and last night, her dream finally came true. And what an incredible lover he was.

“Mornin’ beautiful” he whispered back to her, leaning forward and kissing her softly. Those lips of his were magical. They did incredible things to her body, things she had never felt before. No guy had ever taken the time to fully explore her body the way he did and she loved every second of it. Slightly parting her lips, his tongue soon finds hers, meeting half way. His kisses were soft but deliberate, gently tightening his grip on her hands against the mattress.

Breaking the kiss, he kissed her cheek, making her smile again. She felt her cheeks start to lightly warm and tingle as he moved his mouth to her ear. His lips touched lightly behind her ear, moving to just below her earlobe and she could feel his hot breath against her skin.

“You’re incredible..” he whispered in her ear, his voice low and somewhat hoarse. It was then she felt his hips press forward against her and she could tell he was aroused. His large and very hard erection pressed against her bare ass making her own arousal apparent. One of his hands lifting up from her own, he moved her long hair to one side, exposing her back to him. Moving his hand back over her own, he began to leave kisses on her skin again starting at her shoulder. His mouth moved slowly across to the back of her neck, giving her a gently nibble before moving down to her upper back and right down along her spine. This sent a shiver through her and a soft moan escaped her lungs.

His hands moved from hers to next to her sides, supporting his weight as he kissed down her back. She lifted her upper body just a bit, arching her back and closing her eyes at the feel of that wonderful mouth. Suddenly she felt his left hand move up to her left breast, which was just barely exposed, and he cupped it softly. His strong big hand started to squeeze her breast, firm but gentle, causing her nipple to harden quickly. Another moan escaped her as she feels him move back up, his hot and hard flesh pressing against her again.

“Lay down again” he almanbahis adres whispered to her, a bit of dominance now in his voice. She did exactly as he said as he moved his hand from her breast. Straddling her legs, he ran his fingers from her shoulders to her lower back, pressing down slightly to massage her flesh. His hands traveled to her lower back and then lower, very slowly. His big hands covered each cheek. Amy bit her bottom lip, loving the feel of him touching her when suddenly…SMACK! She jumped and gasps at what she had just felt. It wasn’t painful but caught her off guard. Brad massaged the place his hand just slapped and just as Amy was beginning to relax again…SMACK! to her other ass cheek, this time a little harder.

“Mmm” she moaned, biting her bottom lip again. She knew she was already very wet but this was just turning her on so much more. Never before had a guy slapped her ass like that. It was hard enough to leave a light hand print on her pale skin but he wasn’t hurting her. He smacked her bottom a few more times, each time he would massage her tingling cheeks afterwards and she would let out a soft groan every time. One of Brad’s hands moved down to her thigh and over to her pussy. She could tell he was amazed at how wet she was for him as he slowly slid one finger into her slit and his breathing became heavier, louder. Inserting another finger, he slid them in and out of her at a slow but steady pace. Amy’s fingers curled and pressed into the mattress at the feeling of his fingers fucking her. She needed him in her again, she wanted to feel every inch of his cock deep inside her.

It was as if he could read her mind. Brad pulled his fingers out of her, licking his fingers to taste her wetness on his skin. “Mmm, damn you taste good” he moaned and told her. Knowing he was tasting her on his fingers and enjoying it drove her wild. Moving up just a bit, he lined himself up to her and began to rub the head of his dick up and down her wet slit. At first she thought he was just using her wetness for lubricant but then she realized he was teasing her. It was obvious how badly she wanted him and he was using that to tease her! Lifting her hips, she pressed herself against him and felt how hard he was but it was short lived. Grabbing her hips, he pressed her back down on the mattress and let out a groan. Leaning down to her, he continued to just let his dick slide against her.

“Right now, I’m in control. Relax..” he told her, a little more sternly, speaking near her ear so she could feel his hot breath again. Amy could barely stand it but she did as he said, liking how he was being firm and dominant yet caring with her. She had always been the more submissive type but never expressed her desire to explore being controlled. She wasn’t into anything extreme but this is almanbahis adresi what she wanted. She couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else. He had always had an effect on her and now they were taking it to another level. She trusted him, knew he wouldn’t hurt her.

Just as she was beginning to relax and get lost in her thoughts, she felt the head of his cock press into her. She was drenched by now but very tight and he entered her slowly. Very slowly. She couldn’t believe how incredible he felt. Her senses were on overdrive and he was taking his precious time moving every inch of himself inside her. She felt him stop, his pelvis pressed against her ass and his cock buried deep. He leaned down and kissed her shoulder lightly, letting her relax around his length for a moment. Giving her shoulder a quick bite, he then straighten his back and put his hands on her waist. He began to move, pulling out of her with ease until just the head of his dick was in her. He tightened his grip on her waist and he thrust back inside of her a little faster. Feeling him enter her so deeply again made her cry out in pure pleasure.

Amy could imagine how Brad looked behind her…those bright blue eyes filled with lust, his powerful hands holding her body tight, him grinning to himself at how easily he could make her moan. It was like he knew exactly what she wanted and needed. His body moved more…sliding out of her and then thrusting back in, each time just a little faster than the time before. She felt his hands move from her waist and pressed down into the mattress next to her own, holding himself directly above her. His lower body continued to move as he fucked her faster. She felt his mouth on the back of her neck and could hear his heavy breathing mixed with low moans. Her orgasm was building up inside her so quickly but she was determined to last longer. But oh how good he felt!

“You’re all mine” he whispered to her and she tightened her pussy around him, clenching and trying to keep herself from cumming. She turned her head to look at him and she was amazed at the look on his face. Lust and passion burned in his eyes, his face had pleasure written all over it. It was then she realized that she had just as much of an effect on him as he had on her. Their lips met, soft and sweet compared to the now hard thrusting he was doing. She wasn’t going to last much longer.

Suddenly, Brad moved to his left side, pulling her with him and keeping himself buried inside of her. They were now both on their sides and he remained behind her. One arm under her and wrapped around her tightly, the other made it’s way to her face. His big hand was gentle on her skin which was now flushed. She was looking over at him, his thumb caressing her cheek and they were staring into each others eyes. She felt herself almanbahis adres clench and tense up again, ready to cum.

“Cum for me, baby” he told her, as he swelled inside of her even more, getting closer to his own orgasm. She couldn’t hold back any longer, not after hearing him say that. He was telling her to cum but calling her that made her feel special. He already told her that she was his, he was taking her like no one else ever had, he was taking the time to pleasure her and he was being sweet to her the whole time. Her legs began to shake first and as her orgasm made it’s way up her body, he held her tighter, thrust inside of her harder. She kept eye contact with him and her mouth went slack, moaning loudly as she started to cum.

“Brad!” she cried out, feeling ecstasy rush over her, working it’s way from her toes and up her spine. Every inch of her body felt pleasure and she was shaking from the feeling. He moaned for her before placing his lips on hers again. This time he kissed her harder, more urgently and she heard him moan against her lips as his own orgasm washed over him. Still thrusting deep in her pussy, she felt his warm cum shoot inside of her and she clenched again, squeezing his erupting cock. She had never let any guy cum in her but it felt so right with Brad. He slowed and eventually came to a stop, still inside of her. They were both breathing heavily, no longer kissing but their lips touching.

They laid there for a while, catching their breath and his arms around you. She placed her hands on his arms and let her fingertips glide across his skin. Looking over at the alarm clock on her nightstand she couldn’t believe it was already after ten o’clock. She didn’t want him to leave so she came up with an idea. She smiled to herself and hoped things went the way she planned.

Looking back at him again and giving him a smile, she finally broke the silence since their intense orgasms. “Would you like to take a quick shower with me?” she asked, hoping he would say yes. Brad gave her that sexy grin of his that always made her knees weak.

“I’d love that” he whispered and kissed her softly. He sandwiched her upper lip between both of his, giving it a light lick with his warm, moist tongue. She took his bottom lip gently between her teeth, giving it a little nibble and tug. A smile crept across her face, unable to contain her excitement. Brad pulled back and looked at her, subtly licking his lips to taste her on him.

Moving his body away from hers slightly, he unwrapped his arms from around her and gave her ass a light smack making her jump and giggle. He kissed her shoulder one more time before beginning to sit up. “Come on, let’s get to that shower” he said as he sat up and began to lift himself from the bed to stand. Amy moved to the side of the bed and stood but her legs were still a little shaky but she was able to find her balance. When Brad joined her, stood next to her, she took his hand and started to lead him to the bathroom. She bit her lip and thought to herself how she couldn’t wait to feel that hot water running over their bodies.

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