A Walk In The Woods


I have been taking early morning walks for the past few months. I like to go out to a nearby state park and get some exercise in. In the mornings there is hardly anyone around and I can clear my head with a quiet walk. I made the mistake of telling my mother about the park. She asked if she could go along.

I like my peace and quiet and my mother likes to chat a lot. I tried to dissuade her but she said she wanted to get a walk in. I told her she needed to be ready at seven am. Sure enough I pulled up to her house and she was standing outside ready to go. She got into my car and we headed out.

It is about a twenty minute drive to get there. I pulled into the parking area and we started on our trek. I should tell you about my Mom. She is in her late forties. Mom is a little overweight. You might say she is a full figured woman with large breasts. Yes I know, I shouldn’t be looking at her chest but I can’t help it. I have always been a tits man.

The main feature at this park is an artificial lake. We took the trail that took us to a small beach there. My Mom was already huffing and puffing and we hadn’t gone very far. We finally made it to the small beach and we took a breather. I was looking at my mother’s chest as she was breathing deeply. I could swear I could see her nipples popping out from her shirt she was wearing.

I don’t know what possessed me. I came up behind her and I put my hands on her shoulders. I could stand there and look down to see her chest.

“What are you doing Matt?” She asked me.

I had been so horny lately. My mother spun around to face me. I had one thought in my mind. I pushed down on her shoulders. bursa escort It finally dawned on my Mom what was going on. She tried to fight it but she was soon on her knees. Mom was looking directly at my crotch. I unzipped and I pulled my cock free. My dick was a few inches from my mother’s mouth.

I took hold of my dick and I slapped it against her lips. She tried to fight it but I placed a hand onto the back of her head. My mushroom was pushing at her mouth when she finally opened for me. I slid my shaft into her mouth and she wrapped her lips around me. I began to face fuck my Mom. She was looking up at my face. She seemed confused as to what was going on. She was also gagging on my eight inch pecker.

I didn’t care. It felt so good with her tongue lapping at my now wet cock. I was getting harder by the minute. It didn’t take long until I was erect. I reached down and lifted my mother up by her arms. I took hold of her shirt and I pulled it up over her head.

“No Matt, we can’t do this!”

I wouldn’t hear her complaints. I turned her around and I unsnapped her bra. Those magnificent tits came spilling out. Her nipples were shaped like pink silver dollars. I couldn’t resist. I lowered my face and took a nipple into my mouth. My mother began to change her tune. I could hear her moaning now. I went from one nipple to the next. I used my tongue to lap all over her titties. Mom was getting into it now.

I stopped for a moment. Pulled my shirt off and then kicked my shoes off. Then I pulled my pants and briefs off. I stood there naked before my Mom. Her eyes went wide when she saw me totally naked. I told her to undress the bursa escort bayan rest of the way. I guess she was into it now. I looked down to see her pussy lips peeking out from her pubic patch. I gathered up our clothes and placed them on the sand.

I lowered my mother down and then I knelt between her legs. I took hold of her ankles and I pushed her legs back towards her chest. My mushroom brushed against her gash and I slid into my Mom’s drenched pussy. Oh yes, she was wet down below. She couldn’t pretend that she wasn’t excited. I took my Mom’s pussy slow at first. After a few minutes I went harder. My big balls were slapping against her bottom. Mom was getting loud now.

“Fuck me Matt, I need your cock!”

I brought one hand to her pussy and I pressed a thumb against her clit. That really set my mother off. Between that and me pumping my pole into her belly my Mom began to squirt her juices on me. She couldn’t control herself. A fountain of liquid coated my chest. I was sure my mother was embarrassed but I was getting into it. I told my Mom that she was mine now. I was going to fill her pussy up with my cream.

“Oh my God!” She cried out.

Our pubic mounds were rubbing hard every time I shoved my thick shaft into her belly. I took my Mom like she was a cheap whore there on that small beach. The sun was already getting hot as we fucked like two animals in heat.

My mother cried out, “I’m going to orgasm!”

I watched as her big tits and her body shook from the fucking she was taking from me. I only had one thought now. I wanted to fill my mother up with my baby batter. I was getting closer now. I could feel escort bursa my balls pinching. I didn’t tell my Mom I was about to cream her pussy.

I grunted a few times and then unloaded inside my mother. I saw her face light up when she felt my white sauce enter her body. She was shaking as I sent jets of my cum deep into her womb. I just kept feeding her cock until I began to go soft. I rested my spent dick inside her. We were both breathing hard now. Finally I pulled free.

Our juices came spilling out. Mom had her eyes closed for the longest time. She finally sat up and got to her feet. She stepped away and then squatted down and pushed my cum out of her pussy. We both got dressed quietly. Nothing was said until we got back to my car.

“What possessed you to do that?” Mom asked me.

I told her I had fantasized about her tits for so long. I finally had to act. Mom told me that since she had split with my father that she only had sex one time. When I came onto her she couldn’t resist. She needed cock. I drove Mom back to her house. Once there we had sex again. Mom made me hard again and then she mounted me. I had my hands on her hips and I pushed her down onto my erection.

Mom slid up and down on my fat cock. I eventually brought my hands up to her chest and I squeezed her huge melons. Her nipples were getting so hard. I didn’t have much cum left in me. This time it was all for Mom. She told me she had three large orgasms that second time around. I eventually finished off my mother. As we rested there on the bed Mom told me she wanted me as her full time lover.

I now stop by her place a few times a week. You might say my mother is a cock and cum freak. For a middle aged woman she just can’t get enough of me it seems. We have even discussed moving in together. Perhaps getting away from prying eyes. For now I am giving my mother all the cock and cream she can handle.

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