A new chapter for my brother and I


Hello, my name is Sarah – Amelia or ‘Sami’ for short, I am 23 and have a brother called Aaron-John who is 24. THIS is the story of how him and I opened a new chapter in our lives.You see, we were like any normal brother and sister. Our parents divorced shortly after I was born, so me and A.J lived with my mum in a small but cute house in north England, away from my dad and his family. Because we lived together in such a cramped space, me and my brother shared a room and we had bunk beds, so we grew close, we knew everything about each other and shared secrets.We were both in the same ‘gang’ at high school, I was the head cheerleader and A.J was the head footballer, we trained the same amount of time each week and because my squad represented his team, we were together 24/7, so we spent every minute together, I was the popular one of the squad, tall, curvy, firm but big 34CC boobs, a firm ass and hair so long it reached my ass in a high pony, and A.J was the same, tall, muscular, deep voice and incredibly handsome.It started one Saturday morning before cheer leading and football practice, me and A.J were alone as mum went to work early so we spent the morning together, A.J had just got up and was doing his bed when I came in.”Morning, gorgeous!” “Oh, morning, sweetie, I said, as A.J gave me a kiss.’Do you mind if I go for my shower first? only my clothes are in the wash so when I get out they’ll be ready’.’Course not, I need to get changed anyway so I’ll be ready for when you come out’, ‘Sound’ said A.J and I went to my drawer and got out my shirt. As I started to take my top off, I notice A.J was looking at my boobs in the mirror, I didn’t want to say anything in case it embarrassed him so I carried on, I had Çekmeköy escort noticed that A.J was looking at me more than usual lately, always peaking in the shower or when I was getting dressed.A.J when for his shower and I put my dressing gown on but forgot that my thong was in the shower, as I went in there A.J opened the door and shocked me, my hand came off my robe and fell to the floor, not only did I notice that he had a massive erection pointing through his towel, but my thong was in his hand, he dropped it and fled to the bedroom, when I picked it up I noticed that it had cum on it.The rest of the day went like normal, cheer leading practice, lunch, more practice, football, then going to town for tea, me and A.J didn’t get back until about 9:30pm, at which time we went toilet then bed, once in bed I decided to confront him about the cum stain and the erection and the fact that he always watches me undress.’Hey sweetie’, I started off saying, ‘Yeah?’,  said A.J getting into bed, ‘What were you doing with my thong in the shower this morning?’, ‘Nothing’, he said, ‘Really?, ‘Why did they have a huge stain of your cum on them then?,’ ‘I don’t know what your talking about shut the fuck up will you!’, said A.J before turning over.’Fine then be a dick, just lately I’ve noticed you being really nosy always watching me when I get dressed always peeping in on me when I’m in the shower, my thongs always smell of cum and you are forever getting erections and then ignoring me so if you won’t tell me then maybe you’ll tell mum!’.’Fine, fine! ‘he said, ‘the reason why I have been ignoring you lately is because I keep getting horny when I’m around you’. ‘Really?’ I said sitting Gebze escort bayan next to him, ‘Yeah, I watch you getting undressed everyday because it turns me on and the site of your body in those tight clothes it’s so sexy, I love watching you in shower because you always frig yourself so I steal your thong so when I get into bed at night I masturbate over the thought of your finger being my cock’. ‘And the smell of my thong helps you to imagine that’, I said, ‘Yeah, I’m sorry that I do that it’s just, your so fucking hot I want to fuck you all the time’.’Your not the only one who does that’, ‘what do you mean?’, he said,’When I’m in the shower imagine that my finger is actually your cock’, ‘Really?’ said A.J, ‘Yeah, I have had an immense crush on your for years but I never told you because I though you would hate me forever’. ‘Are you kidding me?, I could never hate you, your my little sister and I love you too much’. ‘I love you too much too.’With that A.J took my face in his hands and gave me the softest, sexiest and most loving kiss I have ever been given, ‘WOW!’, I said, and kissed him back, he then parted my lips with his tongue so we were kissing passionately.I’m not going to lie to you, being the head cheerleader meant I got with a lot of boys, I had kissed, tongued, had sex, given and received oral, masturbated boys and had even had anal, which apparently most girls hate.That’s where I got the nickname ‘Insamie’ from, but compared to all those boys, A.J was the best kisser, his hands were all over my back and in my hair, within one quick flash my bra was undone and my tits bounced free.I had my hands down his boxers and within seconds had his 8 inch cock out, Escort Şerifali I shoved him on the bed then downed his cock whilst he moaned and held my head down, ‘FUCK SARAH!’, Your good at sucking cock, your better than Annie (his ex cheerleader girlfriend) I knew that A.J had done oral so knew what felt good, and I was using all the best techniques I had, which seemed to be going well until his balls tightened so I knew he was going to cum.With that he grabbed me and forced me on my front on all fours and shoved his cock into my ass, I had never had it done without lube and fuck it hurt, but I’m such a slut I screamed anyway, he fucked me hard and fast for a good 5 minutes before pulling and finishing off in my pussy, he pulled in and out twice then came before collapsing on top of me.’Fuck me that was good Sarah, I had no idea you were so good’, ‘Learn something new every day don’t you’ I said, we both then got dressed and climbed into my bed before snuggling up. ‘Can I ask something?’, ‘Yeah sure babe,’ ‘Is this the only time or will we carry on?’,’Well I’d like there to be more of this so yeah we’ll carry on, but it’s our secret, nobody else can know, that means not even your best mate Jodie or her brother my best mate Jack, OK?, ‘OK, loud and clear, this also means that we will still date other people, correct?’ ‘Of course’, said A.J.With that I turned out the light and turned over, ‘I have a question’, said A.J, ‘OK?, ‘Your ass was incredibly flexible and not at all tight, I though you said the last time you had anal was about four months ago?’, ‘Well to tell the truth I had anal two days ago’, ‘Ooh yeah?’ said A.J sounding stern, who with?. ‘Well I told him not to tell and I told Jodie who it was and they both swore to secrecy.’That’s funny, because Jack told me he had anal two days ago but when I asked him who the chick was he said he wouldn’t tell and when I asked Jodie she said she had been told not to tell’. With that I turned over and went to sleep as fast as I could before he figured it out.

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