a great rave story


a great rave storyI went to this rave last month, and i met this little Asian girl there, she was so sexy and i was on e, she asked me to dance and we did, i didn’t leave her side for the rest of the show.I had a great time and well i had to leave after on a party bus and didn’t think id see her again. then This month there was another show so we got in touch and she wanted to go, so she came down and we had dinner at a lovely Hawaiian restaurant (Shes Hawaiian) it was a good call she liked it. So we went to this rave. we were watching little John and Steve Aoki and i decided to try and find some d**gs to take. i asked this girl and she just gave me half a pill, it was cool i kind of felt it for a while. we smoked some weed that these guys had, and she took a hit and i blew one in her mouth. a few minutes later I looked down and her head was hanging down, she was passed out, blacked out cold. I panicked for a second because i did not know what to do and this was a nightmare of mine to have a girl sieze or something around me and not be able to get them out of the crowd or why this happened, she hadnt taken any d**gs except for smoking weed. she was almost on the ground for a second when i realized she was so small and only about a hundred pounds that i could carry her out of the crowd. So i picked her up and hauled her ass out of there, then when we were almost out of the crowd i put her on my knee for a second to grasp her better and got her out of there, she was semi conscious but couldnt Escort really walk. a security man asked if we needed a medic, i thought we did but she just said she needed some water, she just fainted so i said alright, then we were walking up the stairs and she realized she dropped her small purse in the crowd! so we went back down and she could barely walk and started to pass out again so i picked her up, walked up two flights of stairs and around a qauarter of the building to get some water. so we got some and walked back, realizing she lost her stuff i thought i would at least try and find her purse, so i left her by the door and by some fresh air, walked down and started looking, i couldn’t see anything it was so dark and i was stepping on peoples shoes thinking it was it, well after a few minutes later i looked down and saw something, around where i put her down for a second to get abetter grip, stepped on it and it wasn’t a shoe, i picked it up and what do you know, i found her purse, to my amazement. i told the security guard i found it , and he said it was my lucky day. it truly was, i came back up to where she was sitting and she was so bummed, i told her i dint find it, i don’t know why i did it was fucked up she passed out but i did it was kind of mean but i had to. there was no way in hell i thought i would find it in a crowd of like a thousand people. so when i pulled it out of my pocket she was so amazed, i had to put it in front of her face she had her head in her Escort Bayan hands so bumbed, i saved her ass. and it felt awesome, i cant believe i did all that. we went outside and relaxed for a few minutes, i was in a rush with adrenaline from carrying her out in my arms and finding her stuff unbroken, by now the little bit of Ecstasy wore off and i felt normal again just a stoned, so we hung out and sat down in some chairs for a while, drank a little more and she actually wanted to dance some more, what a champion. i was glad i didnt do any more d**gs, i didnt need to this girl was very fun to dance with and i felt amazing not all fucked up, people were all giving me props for being with this little asian hottie so i was stoked. so the concert ended and well she dint want to drive home it was like 4 in the morning. she slept in my bed and we cuddled, i didnt want to try and pull any moves on her, i was so tired and so was she, she was such a quiet little asian, kind of the introverted ones. and she never smoked so i think that made her even more quiet and alkward. it was cool though i had a great time and didn’t think anything would happen, but in the morning i had such a boner i was pressing it up against her ass and stuff, i got into it and put her hand on my dick. to my suprise she started rubbing it and grabbing it. i turned around and kissed her for the second time, before she passed out the night before was the first and she didn’t seem into it. i got on top of her Bayan Escort and started pushing my dick down on her clit and it felt so good. we were kissing and i was kissing her stomach thinking about eating her pussy but was over it. maybe if she had showered i would have lol. she had to leave soon, but to my utter surprise she asked if i had a condom. thank god i did, i busted it out, put it on and fucked that tight Asian pussy, she was about a hundred pounds and Asians have always been my fantasy, never had one in bed i was so excited. i pounded away on her wet tight pussy for a few minutes. she was grabbing me and pushing me in further, to my surprise i didn’t think she could even take my 6 or 7 inch dick. i flipped her over and fucked her from behind for a few minutes. starring at her tight asshole and grabbing her and trying not to fuck her to hard, but then i gave in and pounded away for a couple seconds, pulled out and came all over her back and even shot some across the bed on my pillow. it was amazing i was so surprised i had just fucked this girl, and all that happened the night before. i was not expecting it, but that night and morning was one of the most awesome experience i have had. i want to go visit her now it was so awesome to have a night like that where i saved a girl that was blacked out and found her purse in the middle of the crowd to amazement, and then fucked her the next morning. one of the best experiences. it couldn’t have been better, and i played it off while texting her the next day saying i had fun, not mentioning the sex like some asshole. this girl is very cool and i hope to hang out with her again, and i wont be expecting sex that is for sure, but i would love to hang with her anytime again

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