A Fresh Cream Pie


A Fresh Cream PieWe put the k**s to bed for the night, and I grabbed a beer and wine cooler out of the refrigerator. We go in the living room and sit and watch TV as we drink, you put your feet into my lap and I rub them knowing this turns you on. I stand and that off your jeans, sitting back down I put your thighs across my lap so I can rub your soft thighs and let the back of my hand brush her pussy. I message your thighs until you start squirming, I know you are getting Escort wet and I can smell your essence. You open your legs up a little to give me better access to your pussy. I rub a finger up and down your pussy slit getting your panties wet. I reach up and take off your top and bra so I can play with your titties with one hand as I slip a finger from the other into your panties hitting your hard clit. Your body shudders are an orgasm goes through Escort Bayan your body. I take your panties off and I undress. I bend you over the sofa, I get behind you and I slowly slip my hard cock into your very wet pussy feeling it grab every inch as it goes in. I slowly fuck you and as I do I insert my thumb into your tight ass hole. I hear a moan slip from your lips I work my cock faster and I know I will not last long. I start working my hard Bayan Escort cock fast and my thumb and I hear you moan and your body stiffen and your pussy warms with your juices and I can’t hold back any longer I fill your very wet pussy with a load of my cum it is over flowing. I lay you on the sofa and I get between your legs and you ask what are you doing and I tell you to lay back and enjoy. I lower my head and take in the smell of our juices mixed. I stick out my tongue and take a small lick then a bigger lick it is not so bad and I stick my tongue in your pussy and suck out our juices. I come up to kiss you and you turn your head and say no, but what did I expect from a woman who don’t suck cock at all.

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