A Christmas Treat Ch. 2

Jack dropped his pants revealing his 7″ thick cock which up until that moment had been only semi hard. But as Amy dropped to her knees in front of him and gripped his cock with her soft warm hands, he let out a moan. His cock practically exploded in her hand as it quickly stiff and hot as lava.

Amy stroked his cock for a few moments while Megan and Mark moved to get a better view, then took his cock into her mouth, swallowing it whole. After a few seconds, she let her lips slide up the length of his cock until just the head of it was in her mouth before taking it deep into her mouth again.

After a few minutes of this long slow torture, she began to suck his cock rapidly, stroking it as she did so. Sweat beads began to appear on his forehead and his breathing became quick and shallow, as he struggled not to cum too quickly. Just as he was about to lose control, she stopped and wiped the saliva from her chin. “Mmmm, that was tasty.” Then she sat back down.

Jack sat there for a moment, trying to regain his composure. After having done so, he pulled his pants up and sat down. “Uh, who’s next?”

Realizing that it was his turn, an evil grin crossed his face. He was going to get even. But the dice didn’t cooperate. Instead, they read, “Suck above waist. Megan receives.” He frowned, akbatı escort but then decided that perhaps he could get even better by giving some pleasurable attention to Megan. “Lift your shirt, honey. I want to suck your titties.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she remarked as she stripped her shirt and bra off. He quickly looked her over, and then proceeded to flip her left nipple with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth. Marty let out a moan and arched her back, pressing her 36C breasts into his face. After several seconds of sucking on her left breast, he turned to her right one and gave it equal treatment.

Finally he sat down and glanced at Amy. Her face was expressionless so he couldn’t even begin to imagine what was running through her mind. Megan grabbed the dice up and rolled them. “Suck above waist. Amy receives.” She looked at Amy for a second and then told her to reveal her breasts. They were going to get sucked. Amy hesitated for only a second before standing and removing her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. Megan stood there for a second, taking in the unexpected view. Jack readjusted his cock in his pants, and Mark swallowed hard. Damn, but was she hot!

Finally, Megan recovered from her daze and walked over to Amy. She leaned aksaray escort over and took a breast into each hand, squeezing them together before taking both nipples into her mouth at once and swirling her tongue around them. Then she began to suck and knead Amy’s breasts, leaving no area untouched. Amy moaned and closed her eyes. That had been the reaction Megan was looking for and so now stood up and sat down, looking at Mark to see what his reaction was.

Mark just grinned and grabbed the dice up. “Lick below waist. Amy receives.” He hesitantly stood up and approached her. “Uh, well, I guess I’ll see what reaction I can get out of her next.” At that, spread her legs open and got on his knees between them. He leaned forward and flicked his tongue all around the outside of her pussy, teasing her. She whimpered and slowly raised her ass up of the chair in order for Mark to have better access. He took this as a sign of acceptance and spread her pussy lips open and took his first taste of this lovely woman. As his tongue made contact, she involuntarily shivered and let out a moan. Figuring he’d done as planned, he began to stand, but she grabbed his hair and pulled his face back towards her steaming pussy. She wanted more!

Mark got back down and began to slide his atakent escort tongue in and out of her pussy, fucking her with it. She moved her hips to match the rhythm. After several seconds of tongue fucking her, he began to flick his tongue around her clit. She gasped and then let out a long moan. “God yes!” Finally happy with his results, “Mark said, “Amy’s turn,” and stood up to return to his chair.

He turned to see quite a surprise. Jack had his pants around his ankles, slowing stroking his cock and Megan was fingering her pussy, slowly sliding a long thin finger in and out with one hand while she fingered her clit with the other. Both Amy and Mark laughed. “Guess you two are feeling left out, eh?” commented Mark. Both Jack and Megan let out moans of agreement.

Megan stopped fingering her pussy and took up the dice. “Suck below waist. Mark receives.” Megan didn’t waste any time getting to her feet and dropping Mark’s pants for him. She took his raging hard on into her mouth and began sucking his 6” pole as quickly as she could. Mark gripped the back of the chair he was standing next to as his knees quickly grew weak and began to feel like Jell-O. Megan stopped long enough to allow Mark to sit down before taking his rod of steel into her mouth again and sucking it like there was no tomorrow.

As Mark let out a moan, he looked over at Amy’s chair. Only Amy wasn’t in her chair. She was on her knees between Jack’s legs, sucking his cock just as quickly as Megan was Mark. From where Mark sat, he had a perfect view, so sat there watching as Megan sucked him long and hard.

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