A Birthday I’ll Remember


It was snowing lightly the night Steve and I sat around in my hot tub, celebrating my late December birthday. We were smoking good cigars and drinking whiskey. We saw headlights pull up on the other side of my hedge, and it seemed like a car had parked. Soon our friend Sue came around the fence and said “I brought some champagne for your birthday, Kurt. I don’t want to be a gate crasher though, if you guys are having a private party.”

“Well hi Sue,” I said hopefully. “Steve and I would never exclude a girl like you from our party. Come on in, the water’s great. You know the rule though, I don’t allow clothing in this hot tub.”

“Sure” she replied. “I’ll go get out of my clothes, and bring some glasses for this champagne.”

“Sounds good, Sue.” As she headed into the house to get naked, I told Steve “I know you’ve always wanted to fuck her. She’s not the best lay I’ve ever had, but any opportunity for some pussy-play sure beats jacking off. Just follow my lead tonight, and I think I can get you the opportunity to pump your jizm into her sweet spot.”

“That’d be great, Kurt. As you said, I’ve always wanted to fuck her. How’s this going to work?”

“Here she comes. Just follow my lead, and I’m pretty sure we’ll both end up getting our nut off. I’ve got a plan.”

“Well, happy birthday Kurt. Boy, this hot tub is great on a snowy night like this” Sue said as she lowered herself into the steaming water. As she entered the tub, Steve and I got a pleasant eyeful of her nice tits. It certainly elevated my desire for some hot sex, and I was pretty sure Steve felt the same way. “Open that champagne, and let’s have a toast to your 25th birthday.”

So, the three of us sat there shooting the breeze, soaking, drinking, and us two men puffing on our stogies. I had scooted over next to Sue, supposedly to pour her champagne, but the real reason Sex hikaye was so I could finger her pussy once I set the champagne bottle back into the snow. I could tell by the way her body responded to my finger invading her womanhood that she was well primed for a night of hot sex. As Sue started to catch a buzz from the champagne, I started making sexual suggestions [in a joking manner], and Steve followed suit.

Eventually, Steve stated “I need to talk to a man about a dog”, and he climbed out of the hot tub.

I said “That sounds like a good idea. I think I’ll join you.”

Steve and I stepped around the corner of the garage to the secluded area those of us fortunate enough to be of the male persuasion used as a pissing spot. As we stood there nakedly draining our dicks I told Steve “Here’s the plan. Instead of getting back into the hot tub, why don’t you get dressed and make a run to the liquor store? Pick up some more cigars for us, some more champagne too. I’ve had my finger up Sue’s cunt for the last 45 minutes. Trust me … she’s ready to fuck.”

“When I get back in the hot tub, I’ll say you’re gone for a bit, I’ll get her bent over the edge of the spa, and enter her cooze from behind. I’ll make sure that she is facing away from the deck. When you come back, park in the driveway where she won’t see your lights. I’ll be listening for you. Strip at your car. When I hear you quietly close your car door, I’ll tell Sue ‘stay right here while I get us a whisky.’ ”

“When I come back with the whisky, you quietly enter the hot tub instead of me. Sue’s pretty buzzed, and will think it’s me. I’ll stay out of both of your lines of vision, and hand her her whisky from behind, as you are mounting her, sliding your dick into her hot slot.”

“Think she’ll know it’s a different dick pumping her quim?” Steve Sex hikayeleri asked. “I’m up for fucking her tonight, whatever it takes, but eventually I want her to know that I’ve fucked her. It’s my theory that once you’ve scored on a babe one time you can pretty much get back into her snatch any time you want.”

“I hear you on that Steve, and I agree. But how the Hell would I know what a chick’s cunt is able to feel? You and I are both circumcised, so there’s no foreskin issue for her to feel. I’m packing 6 1/2″ straight and hard, what about you?”

“About the same,” Steve said. “Definitely no curves in my dick, and Fred’s a good, solid 6″ when I spring a boner.” [As do most guys, we had names for our cocks … I have always refered to my penis as “Zeke”, and Steve called his “Fred”]

“Anyway,” I told Steve, “Once in the hot tub, quickly slide your stiff pecker into her love tunnel. After you long-stroke her a couple times, my plan is to step around in front of her, shove Zeke into her face, and tell her ‘Well, Sue, while Steve is busy using your pussy I think it’d be nice if you give me a birthday blow-job’.”

“There we are, Kurt! If you have Zeke jamming up her face, and she feels some other stiff prick working her love box, she’ll know that it’s me fucking her, whether or not her twat is able to feel any differences in our stiff cocks.”

“Right you are, Steve. Hopefully she’ll just start sucking my big schlong, while that fucking monster of yours is pumping her belly full of spunk.”

“Hang on a second Sue,” I called out. “Steve is going to make a quick run to the liquor store, but can’t find his keys. He’s going to get some more bubbly, do you want anything else?”

“Nah,” said Sue. “Some more champagne sounds real nice though.”

“Okay. I’ll join you in the hot tub as soon as we Ensest hikayeler find those damned keys!”

Steve then whispered to me, “Is Sue on the pill? I don’t want to knock her up.”

“Can’t help you on that score, buddy. We’ve never discussed birth control. I’ve fucked her at least 20 times, always bareback. Haven’t planted a baby yet. I could be shooting blanks though. Maybe a real low sperm count, I’m just not sure. I had a real high temperature when I was a kid … the measles or mumps or some damn thing. Could have knocked my nuts out of commission easy enough. If Sue does somehow end up pregnant from tonight, we’ll just have to talk like Hell to get her to go to a clinic … split the cost and get that bastard sucked out of there.”

“Sounds good to me, Kurt. My baby-juice knocked up a chick in college. Really screwed my life up for a while. I agree though … I really don’t want to ball her in a hot tub wearing a damned rubber. I’m willing to chance it if you are.”

“You bet, Steve.”

“Oh, here are your keys, Steve,” I yelled. Then, whispering, I told him “Get going, guy. As soon as I hear your engine starting, I’m going to start a nice, slow balling of that bitch in the hot tub. I don’t care if Sue cums right away, but I’m saving my first load tonight for her mouth, which means you’ve got to get back and be inside her cunt. I’ve never been in her mouth before, and I want to put my brand on it. I just hope the bitch will swallow! Hurry back, I am getting so fucking horny even taking it slow I won’t be able to hold back too long.”

As Steve drove off, I poured the dregs of the champagne into Sue’s glass. I sucked her tit briefly into my mouth, and then rolled her over so she was leaning over the edge of the hot tub, facing away from the deck. I had fucked her in this position before, and knew she was okay with it. As I slowly slid the now rock-hard Zeke into her heavenly female orifice I told her “God, Sue, for the last half hour I’ve been needing to get my peter inside of you. Man!! That feels so fucking good!”

“MMM HMMM,” Sue purred. “That feels really nice, Kurt. Sooooo good to me too . . .”

End of part one…

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