Zoey Ch. 02


“Zo, have you seen my shoes? I’m going to miss them at the studio. You know your apartment is a further commute. Zoey? Baby? Never mind I found them no thanks to you.” Jake snapped me out of my thoughts.

Thank the heavens that he did because I was thinking about Raven. Two nights ago, we’d had the best time but I left while she was sleep because it was beginning to be too much. She’d told me that she loved me. She knew about my situation. This affair was complicated enough before she said that. Rule

: Don’t grow feelings. Nobody has time for that, least of all me.

Honestly, I’m busy all the time fixing the public image of Clark Records or helping different artists and it doesn’t help that I was dating one of the artists. I was also his manager and agent. Jacob Johnson or as people know him, J Cash. Never in my college years would I imagine that I would be dating a rapper. That’s mostly because in college, I was dating a pre-law student who told me that he only made raps about the lectures to help him study.

Jacob and I have been together since our senior year of undergrad. We decided to pursue music together. I always wanted to be a entertainment attorney but after helping my boyfriend get signed to a lucrative deal, I realized managing was my knack. I was in the Thurgood Marshall Law School program at TSU while helping him work on his mixtape. One hour after we uploaded it. The rest was history. Clark Records immediately rereleased his mixtape. Within hours, J Cash was everywhere. Blowing up that fast was putting pressure on him to make this first album proof that he wasn’t a fluke. I’d been seeing him less and less lately.

I was shocked he showed up last night. He texted me that he needed some inspiration and I was the only thing that could help. Jake was always so corny but that was one of the main reasons that I loved him. He wasn’t a gangster wanna-be or a chump. He was your average 6’5″, ripped, bearded, black guy who could write a rhyme in 2.5 seconds about nearly anything.

As he put on his Jordans, I admired his chiseled chest rise and fall as he breathed. He was beautiful. His mocha skin gleamed as if he’d been oiled down. It always seemed like he was constantly in perfect lighting. His beard and sponge twists showed how much he’d grown since we’d met. He fully embodied a “glow up”. I remember back when the kid had waves talking about how Ankara escort I might drown if I got too close. He caught me staring and smiled at me.

“Do you have to go? You could stay for another couple of hours while I inspire you some more.” I said as I walked over to sit on his lap.

“Zoey, you of all people know how much pressure the label is putting on me to push this album out. Making my freshman album the hottest thing in the country is my goal and the best way to do that is to get a feature from one of the guys on September’s Squad. I don’t want you reaching out this time. I want to make a couple connections on my own. I think it will gain me some respect and more connections in the future. Once this album drops like the fire we know it will be, then we can move in together, in a house with a dog and start talking about kids. I would like to make an honest woman out of you.”

As usual, I went to get some dick and he guilt tripped me about our separate apartments. If it was up to Jacob, I’d be barefoot and pregnant, a giant ring on my left hand and a baby already on my right hip. I knew that four years in was too long to just be dating but I wanted to take things slow. It was a decision that I pushed for and he constantly finds time to state how much he disagrees with me about it. Why would separate apartments matter if we were together almost everyday? I didn’t argue with him right then because I was a girl on a mission.

I didn’t waste time responding to him as I wrapped my legs around his waist and began kissing his neck. As I reached to undo his jeans, I was immediately grateful I stopped him before he got to put on his belt. He groaned as I began sucking and nibbling on him. I pulled his jeans down to release my favorite part of him. He lifted my ass into his hands to help me wiggle his jeans down. He was already semi hard when I finally held him in my hands. I stroked him slowly, antagonizing him for trying to leave. Jake didn’t like that at all.

With my ass still in his hands, he ripped my panties before rubbing my wetness on the tip of his engorged member. He was going to tease me like I teased him. He rocked me back and forth tantalizingly as I wrapped my arms around his neck to steady myself. I needed him so much that I thought I’d explode.

“Please J. I need you inside me now. I want,” I couldn’t even fully Abidinpaşa escort beg him before he filled me to the hilt.

I gasped so loudly that he chuckled. With his hands now on my hips, he began to move me up and down on his shaft as fast as he could. His athletic build definitely came in handy for times like this. He leaned back to get my head off of his shoulder, so that he could kiss me. It didn’t matter if we were fucking each other’s brains out or making love, Jake wanted to see me. He felt staring his hazel eyes into my dark brown ones helped him feel all of me, not just my insides or outsides, my feeling too. I was moaning so much he had to kiss me hard because I couldn’t close my mouth on my own. He shifted and began to changed his pace every minute. Fast for one minute, slow for another, that’s how I knew he was close. He wanted to lengthen this as much as possible.

“Come on baby. Please come inside of me.” I whispered in his ear.

I felt his face shift into a wide grin right before he began to jackhammer me harder and faster consistently. Within seconds, I came. Once I was done screaming obscenities and digging my nails in his back, he let me down flat on his lap with him completely inside of me. Since my euphoria was over, I realized that he hadn’t cum yet and was staring at me. Once he realized my breathing had evened out, he pressed his lips to my ear and whispered as seductively as humanly possible, “You’re gonna have to work for it.”

I listened to a mixture of Nice for What by Drake and the standard iPhone ringtone fill the room, both of our phones were going off. That’s when I realized that I’d heard nothing but our breathing and my ceiling fan since we’d started. For a moment I wondered how long our phones had been going off but didn’t care because neither one of us was going to make a move. I’d just been challenged and every second that I wasted would be an advantage for him to regain his composure. He was still fully erect inside of me. He started playing with my nipples as I began riding him. I squeezed and milked him with my body on all of the up stokes. My legs were a little weak from the workout he’d just given me but for Jacob Johnson, I was a trooper. I’d do anything to please him.

If I hadn’t offered to let him cum inside of me, I would’ve hopped off of him and sucked Akay escort him until he came but a deal’s a deal. I knew even if I’d tried that he would stop me. In the four years that we’ve dated, I’ve only let him finish inside of me seven times. Four of those times were his birthday and the other three were on anniversaries. Maybe it was the guilt of being with Raven or just my overall horniness that made me offer that up. They say when you are getting sex more often, the more you crave it.

I rode him like he was a bull and it wasn’t too long before he came inside me. He moaned and groaned the entire time. He waited a while before he picked me up with his still hard dick still inside of me and carried me to my bathroom. He put me on the vanity and started running the water to ensure it was warm. He ran a towel under the water before he wiped me up.

“All that delicious cum going to waste,” I said while he rinsed the towel in the sink.

“Baby, I’ve got plenty more for you.” he said with a smile.

Without missing a beat, I hopped off of the counter and knelt down in front of him. I clasped my hands behind my back and he smiled at me knowing what was about go down. He placed one hand on the base of his cock and the other on the back of my head. He leaned my head in to feed me as I opened my mouth and took every inch of him. He groaned as my nose hit his crotch. I tasted and smelled myself on him. Together it was intoxicating. I spent the next ten minutes moving from the base to the tip and back again. Every couple of minutes, he would hold me on the base until my eyes watered a little then he’d let me up. Never did his dick leave my mouth. Neither did my hands touch him nor my eyes break contact from his. He was holding out on me because he loved a good show but inevitably, I won yet again and was rewarded with a mouth full of his cum which I swallowed not wasting a drop.

After resting for a moment, he reached back to the sink to grab the towel and wiped himself off. Jacob and I are very in tune to the other’s wants/likes. We are both givers and that makes sex together very intense because we are more in tuned to others need than our own. He gave me a kiss on the forehead before walking out of the room. Before I could say a word, he was back with both of our phones in his right hand and two bottles of water in the left.

“I’ll just try to catch them tomorrow. I’m texting Jaz to see what time they are linking up tomorrow and I figured you’d want your phone also.”

Raven had called twice to see if we could talk. I texted her that I couldn’t talk right then, I’d barely sent a text when Jake picked me up and carried me to our bedroom kissing me the entire way.

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