Youth Group Outing


(BASED on a true incident, then it veers off to fantasy land)

When I was a sophomore in high school, my church youth group went to a Lutheran conference in a major city three hours away from our small town.

To save money, we were packed four to a room with two king-sized beds and one floor monitor for each sex. I was in the same room with Jim, Arthur and Paul. We had grown up together and went to the same school as well as the same church, so we knew each other pretty well.

What Paul and Arthur didn’t know was that Jim and I had been sucking and fucking for over a year.

Getting ready for bed that first evening, Jim dared me to sleep in the nude, and I dared him right back. One thing led to another and soon all four of us were nude running around the room, our half hard junk hanging out. Jim was king of the size chart, followed by Paul, Arthur and myself.

When we settled down, we turned on the TV and were surprised to find we had Cinemax, or Skinamax as we called it. We all tried to hide our hard ons as we watched large busted blonds having screaming orgasms while riding on top of their bodybuilder boyfriends while never getting anywhere near their cocks.

Jim predictably began to beat off first. None of us said anything or got up to get any lube, but soon we were all dry slapping our dicks up and down.

Sitting beside Jim at the end of the bed, I felt his hand on my ass and he ran it up my back and caressed the back of my neck. I knew what he wanted, and I wanted it too. Without even thinking, I bent over and took his dick into my mouth. His precum was salty and he smelled like he hadn’t taken a shower for a couple of days, so his crotch was kinda funky, but he also knew the smell turned me on. He ran his hands through my hair as I bobbed up and down.

I heard a gasp from the other bed as one of the guys saw what I was doing. I tried to raise up, but Jim’s hands grabbed my head and forced me back down. The jig was up anyway so I figured I might as well enjoy it.

I got down off the bed and crawled on all fours between his knees. Someone had turned off the TV so the sounds of my sucking filled the room. Jim began to grunt, and grabbed my head again, gaziantep escort bayan and started to really fuck my face. I knew he was close, and I gagged a little because of his forceful fucks, but I relaxed as much as I could knowing Jim was about to shoot.

That was when I heard a grunt to the left of me and something warm and wet hit my back, followed by another grunt to my right as sperm rained down on my ass just as Jim swelled in my mouth as he shot off a huge load into the back of my throat.

I stood up, and looked at Arthur and Paul. They seemed shocked, but both still had hard ons. I wiped up some sperm from the corner of my mouth and licked it clean from my finger. Paul’s cock got harder and began to bob in time with his heartbeat. We had a winner.

I got back on my hands and knees and took him in my hand. Of all of us, he was the only uncircumcised one. I rolled poked my tongue under his tight forskin and licked around the head of his dick.

“FUCK!!!” Paul said, “Suck me bitch.”

I took his seven inches all the way to the root, throating Jim’s ten inches was a great training. Grabbing my head he ground he pubes into my face while I tongued the underside of his cock. I yanked on his ball sack which was hanging low and full.

When he eased up his grip on my head, I began to suck in earnest. I wondered if an uncircumcised dick felt any different up your ass. I figured the way things were going, I’d probably find out this weekend.

Jim had pulled Arthur over to sit beside him on the bed. Arthur was so mesmerized with what I was doing to Paul, I don’t think he even noticed Jim stroking his dick.

Paul was verbally abusing me, calling me a man cunt and cum slut. I could see he’d be rough trade in a few years, especially if he got into the Marines like he wanted. With every name, my dick twitched, and I shot out a little precum. I felt dirty and horny, and I loved it!

He pulled my head off his dick, “I’m gonna cum soon. When I tell you, I want you to open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue.” Then he pulled me back to him. He was grunting incoherently now, and when I spared a moment gaziantep escort bayan ilanları to look over at Jim and Arthur, Jim was going down on Arthur.

“Stroke my shaft harder and faster, I’m getting close,” commanded Paul. He grunted with every down stroke. “Ready for my load whore? I’m gonna blast in your mouth. You don’t deserve my slime, but I’m gonna give it to you anyway. Here it comes!” With my free hand, I tugged his balls as they drew up and prepared to fire.

He pulled back, grabbed his dick, and began stroking furiously. I sat back and opened my mouth with my tongue out. He began hitting my face with his dick and screaming my name out. The first blast of cum missed my mouth and blew on my face. Then he squirted in my open mouth and I never thought he was going to stop.

On the bed I saw Arthur’s cock twitching as he shot off in Jim’s mouth. My ballsack was tight against my body, I was wondering if I could get Arthur to finish me off when the door to our room flew open, and Mr. Graham, our youth group leader strode it. “What the fuck is going on in here?”

Paul was still squeezing out the last of his massive load onto my face and Mr. Graham could see everything.

“Get dressed all of you,” he grabbed me by the arm pulling me to my feet, his eyes locked on my open mouth still full of cum. “Except you, I know you are the ringleader. The rest of you go down to the lobby, and I’ll discuss this with you later.”

In a soft voice only I could hear as the other scrambled for clothes, Mr. Graham told me not to swallow.

The other three left quickly and then Graham turned to me. “Open your mouth.” He ordered, and then he began to french kiss me, scooping up Paul’s cum with his tongue.

When he had it all he pulled back and shoved me roughly to the bed on my back.

“Sweet,” he said. “Who knew a punk like that would have such sweet cum? I’ve been wanting to taste him for years.”

He began ripping off his clothes. “I’ve been watching you, my little boy cunt. Coming to youth meeting wearing see-through mesh football jerseys and obscenely small shorts. Many the time gaziantep escort bayan reklamları was I wanted to pull you into the storeroom and ravish you. Now if you don’t want me to tell your parents about your little adventures here tonight, you’ll lay back spread your legs and take what I give you.”

His body was incredibly hairy, unlike the teen bodies I was used to. The look on his face as he fisted his eight incher to maximum erectness made him look like a wild animal

I ran my hands over my nipples causing him to growl, then I grabbed the back of my knees and lifted my legs in the air, presenting my ass to him.

He dove in and began to tongue my hole, something I just couldn’t do. I could feel his spit running down my ass cheeks. Then he scooted up and looked me in the eyes as he shoved his barely moistened cock up my ass.

This wasn’t a loving tender gesture, it was pure lust. He must have liked the pain he saw in my face as he grinned harder, pushed all the way inside me and held it there. “Nothing like teen ass. Bet you never felt anything like that up you have ya?”

I squeezed him with my ass muscles, smiled, and whispered, “Jim has ten inches.” That only caused him to growl and began to pound my ass. With every outward stroke, his big flaring head ran over my prostate and I could tell I was in for a massive orgasm and I had hardly touched myself all night.

I grabbed him by the shoulders and began kissing along the side of his neck. When I got to where the neck meets the shoulders, I began to cum all over our bellies and I bit him tasting blood.

He roared and jammed himself as far inside me as he could go. I felt pulse after pulse leave my cock as he poured his cum into me.

As I began to recover, across the roomI saw the door to the room closing and Jim standing there with his cell phone. I knew Mr. Graham was ours to do with as we pleased, but better to let him think he was still in charge, at least this weekend. He got up, wiped his shitty dick on the pillowcase and began to dress.

As he reached the door he looked back and I knew he could see his cum running out of my gaping hole.

“Your ass is mine Larry, and don’t you forget it. Fuck it around all you want, but when I let you know it is time, we fuck. Understand?”

I nodded, he left, and I fell asleep with a satisfied smile on my face. I woke to find Arthur sliding his five incher inside my abused leaking hole. “Hope this is ok buddy?”

I reached up and kissed him. “Just fuck me.” And I laid back to enjoy the ride.

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