your 1st ever fashion show


your 1st ever fashion showDo you remember the first ever fashion show you did for me Mum?It was on my ?th birthday and I had had a fantastic time. You organized a party for me and every time you could you would move yourself in such a way as to show me, your Son whats up your skirt or down your top. yes Mum, I noticed. I sometimes saw your black bra or pink knickers and I noticed I always got a throb-throb in my pants.There were a lot of people at my party, my friends and there parents all in the garden and lower part of the house. I asked my Dad where you were as my friends Mother wanted you for something. As I was walking up the stairs I heard a soft whimper like sound.So I creep ed along the landing till I reached the bathroom door.The door was open a little and I could see you through the gap.Wow Mum the first thing I saw was you sat on the toilet with your little pink knickers around your knees, one hand was between your legs and the other was cupping one of your firm tits.I got the idea you was not in pain from what you was doing and soon got that throb-throb feeling in my pants again. My first vision of you, my sexy Mum with your little pink knickers around you knees and your hand working away between your legs is stored in my mind!I reached into my shorts and grabbed my little erect ?year old dick and copied your hand movements and soon Mum, soon we were wanking together. My little hard cock was throbbing sooo hard as I worked my hands up and down my pole all the time not taking my eyes off you.Just then I heard Dad call out your name, where are you love”?I spun my head round to see where he was and when I looked back our eyes met.You caught me Mum. Do you remember?I quickly ran into my bedroom as I heard my Dad coming up the stairs.The party ended and I began helping you clean up the mess. Mum I couldn’t take my eyes off you!The way your big juicy nipples poked through your thin top as you moved was better than anything I have ever watched!Dad came into the kitchen as you were washing the dishes and said Escort ” Im going to the shop – Anyone want anything? “No” you said, I have all I need here Thank you” all the time looking at me. “Ok, wont be long” shouted dad and Thud went the door.You looked over your shoulder. At me.The room fell silent as dads car pulled off the driveway. Then you just turned round to face me and said”Did you enjoy watching Mummy in the bathroom” ?I was speechless! You just stood there looking at me waiting for an answer. “Well baby” you said in a low and sensual soft voice.”Ye Yes Mum” I answered and you smiled at me turned round and carried on with the pots.” Good boy – Mummy has seen the way you look at her you know Son – now go on, go and clean your room.I was confused as to why you told me to go clean my room as one, it was my birthday and two, you never went in my room.But I didn’t mind as I could relieve my aching ?year old erect little cock. As I left the kitchen I heard you say”Make sure you do a good job with it my beautiful baby boy” with a giggle.I didn’t think very much of it till I opened my bedroom door to find your little pink knickers on my bed. I just stood there gobsmacked. I grabbed them and instinct or curiosity took over. I lifted them to my nose and inhaled your sweet musky motherly smell and there it was again… … … throb-throb.As soon as my nose made contact with a wet patch my dick lunged and began bouncing away like mad.The more I smelled – The more I bounced! Soon I was working my hand up and down my cock as I sucked your beautiful juices out of your skimpy wet knickers. It wasn’t long before I was enjoying both the sensation in my erect little cock and the taste of your sweet, musky motherly juice.My head was in a spin Mum! Where they the same knickers I saw you half in earlier?Why were they on my bed and what you meant by “Make sure you do a good job with it my beautiful baby boy”?With my hand working on my cock and your sweet motherly juice on my tongue I began to empty my hot Escort Bayan boys cum.Oh I remember it as though it was yesterday Mum.Jets of cum flew out of my cock and all over my belly and hand.The 1st time my Mum had helped me Cum.I was that spent I simply fell asleep on my bed with my little boys cock out and your wet knickers on my face.(Hope you didn’t see me)When I woke up I had my quilt over me. I lifted it to see your little knickers wrapped around my lovely hard cock.still hard I thought?? When I moved them I noticed a little smudge of red lipstick on my lower belly.Then I heard voices coming from downstairs. I heard dads voice bellowing out some rubbish about you wearing clothes that were too reveling and you shouldn’t wear such slutty stuff at home. “Whats wrong with wearing what I like in my own damn home” Was your reply shutting my Dad up in an instant!.I pulled your tiny wet Mums knickers off my cock, pulled on my shorts and came downstairs.Mum, you had changed into something new, the littlest denim skirt iv ever seen, Wow there was no hiding my cock as it began throbbing and bouncing in my shorts. I looked at you to see you looking right at it Mum, did I catch you looking at my, your sons cock?Dad went upstairs in a huff shouting your name, “come see me when your sorry”You simply turned round and carried on washing up the pots. I couldn’t take my eyes off your bum Mum!I don’t know if you knew this but you looked sooooo hot Mum. The way the skirt ended high on your thighs leaving lots of beautiful flesh for me to enjoy, and I was Mum!I had to sit down to hide my bouncing erection. as I sat at the dinner table you began humming.I noticed your bum sway in time with your humming. What a wiggle Mum.As I was now sat I noticed I could see the bottom of your bum cheeks as you swayed it only feet away from me, your very exited Son.I was lost… In a trance while I watched you seductively swaying your beautiful arse for me.Just then you dropped a fork and I watched it land on the floor Bayan Escort under you. ” Be a love and get that for Mummy” you said and just carried on washing up. with my ? year old erect little cock at full mast I slipped on the floor on my knees and crawled over to you.The closer I got to you the more I got to see up your little skirt – till I reached your feet.Oh my world Mum, wow wow wow You had on some yellow lacy knickers on and I could see your huge bulging cunt.I’m a thigh man Mum and your thighs are to die for, I love your creamy flesh. your tiny yellow knickers hugged your mound so tight I could make out the whole shape of your aching fanny through them. “Throb-Throb”Then what? Did I see you open your legs a little instead of moving?I eventually grabbed the fork and lifted up so I am stood behind you. I curled my hand around your slim waist and placed the fork in the sink. Did you push back Mum or did I move forward ? All I remember is my hard cock coming into contact with your cute little arse.Mum why didn’t you move?Just then we both heard Dad coming down the stairs. I moved back and heard you sigh as I sat down.”Mum, I whispered, look at this” – You turned round to see me pull the front of my shorts down to show you my, your Sons hard little cock.Dad said your name love, will you put the coffee on please – I want to watch the game” and with that grabbed the remote and sat in his favorite chair. I heard the commentary come on as you spun round. Now facing me and looking right into my eyes you say”Sure baby, anything for you”! You wink at me as you walk to the fridge, knowing Dad carnt see you, you turn round so your backs against the fridge, facing me you began to slowly sink lower and lower.Wow the more you went down the more your legs opened meaning more of your creamy motherly thighs came into view.Oh wow Mum what a sight! “thank you for that xx Soon I was staring at that thin piece of yellow lace that only just covered your heaving bulging steaming Mummy’s fanny and the best bit was Dad didn’t know.Did time stop Mum? It seemed you were in that position for a long time as I lovingly watched. I didn’t realize I moved my hand down to my bulge but soon I was stroking it while you watched. Dad coughed and reality hit me!Your very naughty Son. xx

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