Young and naive at the gym and steamroom


Young and naive at the gym and steamroomWell, I’ll start out this experience at the age of 18. I was just out of high school and looking to gain some muscle at the gym. As I worked out, some guys asked if I needed a spot on the bench press. It was nearing closing time, I’d say around 9pm and the gym closed at 11pm. These guys were pretty built, one was about 6’3″ 220 lbs. (Mike), the other was maybe 6’0″ about 180 lbs. (Nick) both in their early thirties. Very manly and very masculine. It was us and a couple of females that were working out. I noticed they were very helpful, very polite and kept an eye on me (assuming they were worried I’d get the weight stuck on me). When I decided to finish my work out, I told the men,”Thank you guys for your help, I’ll see next time”. As I went to the locker room to wash up, I noticed no one in there and the steam room was still going. So I decided to shower and hit the steam room. It was really quiet, til I heard the locker room door squeak as it opened. I heard two men talking, I could only assume it was the guys from the weight room. I figured the two men would eventually leave since it was nearly closing time (about an hour away).But then all of a sudden, the steam room door opened and they walked in, I git a lil nervous, since I was only eighteen and never been too comfortable with nudity. Especially around adult men who seemed to always have larger dicks than me. Mike says,”Hey we saw your cloths out there and thought we’d join ya’. My first impression was that they just wanted to hang out and talk. So my response was,’Ah, that’s cool”. Not knowing that staying in the steam room and saying that really meant I was supposedly “into them”. How was I suppose to know what all this adult gay talk and code was about? I was trying to keep my eyes down, but occasionally would look up too see two naked men with….well canlı bahis huge uncut dicks standing near me. I started getting nervous so I got up and walk out to rinse in the shower, where I noticed they followed shortly behind me. I noticed the both of them got into the handicapped shower together and could hear them doing something together. I heard one of them say,”You think he’s down for some action?”. I was sooo naive, I still didn’t get what they were doing, but knew something was unusual. So I headed back to the steam room, where minutes later they came back in. One ws looking at the other and smiled in a way that made me think it was me against them. One of the men asked me,’You ever come here early in the mornings?”. As I looked up to answer him, he was standing right in front of me with his cock in his hand and dick juice leaking from his pee hole. My stomach just about fell to the floor and my eyes widen. I said,’No *cough* is it busy?”. He said,”In here it is!”. He proceeded to put his leg up on the seating area of the steam room, balls hanging and his cock growing with anticipation. I mean it was juts inches from my face and I was getting nervous, and I must say a lil excited. Which he took notice of by inspecting my all of a sudden growing penis. He said,”Well, from the looks of things, you might be enjoying this moment as much as us”. I didn’t know what was going on, or why I actually was enjoying it…but I couldn’t keep my eyes of his thick uncut cock and balls that by now was releasing a along string of precum that my mind told me to lick up with my tongue. Finally he grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face in his nut sack, and I didn’t resist. His scent and moans made me so horny. Ironically his friend didn’t do much til he new it was cool to come over. I took his cock in my mouth and savored ever bit of his juice inmy mouth. As bahis siteleri I turned to his friend, I took his meat in my mouth also. I could feel a cock slapping my in my head and had the other down my throat. It wasn’t long before I had some fingers in my asshole, fuck that hurt my ass so much. I was just hoping that this was gonna turn out to be just some cock sucking. The girl at the front desk went to high school with me and didn’t want her telling anyone what I did at the gym that night. After ten minutes of cock sucking and ass fingering, I was fully erect and almost ready to shoot my load. When the bigger man said,”You ready for a nice big uncut dick in your ass?”. I didn’t want to say no in fear of making a fuss. Then staff would come in and wanna know what was happening in the steam room. then I would seriously be fucked. I told them,”Please don’t fuck me, I’ve never done that before”. That just made them hornier. Mike turned my around, started licking my ass (Oh that felts so good) and shoved his cock in my mouth. My asshole felt better after he spit and lubed it up. Then, there it was….the most painful experience I have ever felt….and his dick head was the only thing in my ass. I thought to myself,”Oh my God, please don’t hurt me!” I wanted to say it but had too much dick in my mouth. Then Mike slid the rest of his juicy thick cock in my ass. I let out a big whimper,”Ohhhhh”. It hurt so bad, I was almost crying. Mike was pounding away, sliding in and out vigorously. I could feel his balls slapping against mine from behind. He was moaning and grunting, wrapping both hands around the back of my head forcing me to suck his friends cock. I had Nicks cock so deep in my mouth his pubes were in my nose. Nick also moaning and pumping, I could taste a lot of precum and his balls slapping my chin. This went on for about twenty minutes or so. My güvenilir bahis ass almost numb, lips feeling raw and legs were shaking from all the penetration. I could tell we were almost done. These cocks were so hard, Mike almost lifting me off the ground with his cock and Nick shaking all over. And there it was, Mike shoved every inch of that uncut dick in my ass and held it there before he shot his thick white cum. It hit the back of my anal cavity so hard I could feel every spurt and convulsion. Then it was Nicks turn to unload, he grasped the back of my head and shoved his cock to the back of my throat where he dumped his load of thick white sperm. He pulled back a lil and some came on my face, eventually returning it back to my mouth where it belonged and swallowing it. Mike was still inside of me, throbbing and sliding slowly, making sure I got every drop of his load in my ass. After a few minutes the two pushed me off of them, cum oozing out of my ass and some still sitting on my face. I fell to the floor crying softly. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed. But what could I do? Jami who worked at the desk would surely tell everyone if she found out what just happens. I gathered myself, waited til Mike and Nick left. After they left I head to the shower where I washed the cum off my my ass. Washed it out of my mouth and face, I noticed some blood in my ass as I washed it and could still feel the cum oozing from my ass. I left the gym and said good night to Jami, as I looked away in shame. I went home and went to bed, ass sore, mouth soar and cum dripping from my still gaping hole that had been destroyed in a matter of minutes. This is a true story, and though I didn’t want it to happen. Today I am glad it happend. It’s made me a stronger and more sexual person. I tried for years to put it behind me, before I accepted it and realized how good dick can be. I love pussy too by the way. I eventually returned to that gym and hoped to see Nick and Mike again. The more I went and didn’t see them….the more went and hoped to see them. But never saw them again.

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