You were are Police station to report the theft of the your


****?You were are Police station to report the theft of the your handbag…it is eveningin a moment …a lot of noisedustdustthe hearthquake….everything is movingyou fall downpeople screaming…when you get up…you see a lot of confusionall police agents are laying onb floorno lightjust few light from windowsyou hear a noise behind you…4 guys are running…getting guns and other things from floor…rough guysmaybe prisonersyou are just watching when you realized that they are around you….one of them get your arm: and run towards outssidethey get a police van …they push you 3 minutes you are from a calm police station to a police van with 4 prisoners is driving…but the others are looking at you with a strange light in their eyesmaybe they got you to have a hostage but now they are seeing that you are a beautiful girl…you feel they eyes on you and your nipples are hardeningthey note that and start talking to you…look her nipples…she is a bitch ..for sure: ther is not a good smeel in the van….one of them rip your shirtand your bragets hand cuffs and put them on your boobsit hurt a lotyour nice tits are tied by handcuffsyou feel them esploding: one of them start to beat your tits with cosh…cuffs are hurting your titsyou feel the metal cutting your skinthey are laughing bornova escort seeing you….one of them use 2r pairs of handcuffs and fixed youe legs to the vannow you are seated with opened legsboobs burningthe van stopsoutside you see that is night nowyou do not knwo how much time you have been therethe driver arrives ..opening the side sliding dooryou are in a huge garage or a warehousethey open hand cuffs of legs and transport you on a tablefixing your legs wide opendthey are getting off clothesit is cold theryour nipples are completely hardenedone of them push the cosh in your mouthand with the other hand is squeezing tits so hardthe other is cutting your clotheswith scissorsyou feel the cold nmetal on your skinyou are naked nowin their handsthey start plauing using cosh…in your mouth your pussy: in your assyou are wetthey see that: 2 of them get a electric cablethey are whipping youon pussy and your titsit hurts a lotbut you are excitedyour hand is touching a cock of one of them and you pull it close to your mouthfinally you have a real cock in your mouth: he gets out it from mouth and slaps your face hard …they are laughing now….one of them covers your eyes so you do not know what happensbut you feel something cold between your legsmaybe glass..pushing bornova escort bayan in your pussyat the same time you feel 2 cock close to your mouthyou try to open it to get bothmmmmmmmmmmmm2 cocks are pushing on your lipsone guy is whipping your pussy with the electric cable…the last one is turning and pinching your nipplespulling ..turning…pinching…now one of them is smoking a cigarette and put it close to your nipples…he laughs…you feel the hot ….now he puts the lighter on and close to few seconds you feel the hot metal burning your titsyou want scream but the 2 cock are in your mouth.fucking your mouth hardyour boobs are so senstive nownipples are so hardened that you fell them hurtingone guy is biting themso hardmmmmmmmmmmmyou hear them laughing again…whatr are they doing?you do not +see themin the van they have find some traffic cones…then they get your arms nad seated you on something..oh my god …you are so wet and the cone enters easily..just the beginning..the cone is dilatating your pussyone guy is slapping your purple boobsone of them get off the blindfoldwhen you see the cone you scream…so bigyou just feel something pushing in your pussyoh my god …you are so wet and the cone enters easily..just the beginning..the escort bornova cone is dilatating your pussyone guy is slapping your purple boobsone of them get off the blindfoldwhen you see the cone you scream…so bigthey ale slapping your buttsand you slowly are seating on scream again..they laugh…now 3 guys are moving your body up and downmaking you fuck the large coneeach time deeper and harderthe last guy is squeezind tits so hardthey move your nice body like tyou was a dolllaughing while yoyu are having a strong orgasma mix of pleasure and terrormmmmmmmmmmmmmmmthey leave you seated on cone and one of them is pushing his cock deeptrhoatanothetr one is tightening your throatone guy got the battery from cargot cables and clamp one onb your right nippleusing the other cable got a electyric chock..on nipplesyou are screaming….pain pleasure…it is like to die of pleasurethey laughone onf them pee over you so electricity will be strongeragaina terrible shock…after that shock you seated deeper on coneyou feel your pussy wide opened…they move your body and put your sekf in a doggy positionyou do not have will to say nothey get off large cone…of of them pee inside your pussyand then try to fist you…you are so opened that he can easily do thatyou moanafter the rigid cone a smooth hand is a great pleasureone guy fill your mouth with his cockanother guy goes over you and try to fuck your assspit on ithe is r****g your ass while the oyther guy is fisting youyour hole are all filledthe last guy is milking your boobsyou fell your self complete filled and possessed…mmmm

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