Yachts Are A Good Place To Start


The day started out slowly, the sun rose over the sea in the east, reflecting wildly on the water briefly, before rising into the clear blue morning sky. It was early, summer, and there was hardly a breath of wind as she stood on the deck of the yacht looking out at the sunrise, while she sipped on the coffee in a mug she held with both hands…

The bay was remote where the yacht rode gently in the swell. Riding up and down slowly with the rising and falling of the waves. No other human being was around for miles, or so the travel brochure had promised them. so she was quite comfortable standing there in a long long-sleeved T-shirt of her man, his smell still on it from their day the day before.

She put the mug down on a whim, and stepped quickly out of the shirt exposing her bronzed body once more to the sun. There were no tan lines, she like tanning naked. Made sense to her. Her long blonde hair fluttered gently over her full breasts in the breeze off the sea, and she stepped to the edge of the deck and dived headlong into the water.

She swam lazily around the boat taking it slowly and appreciating the sensuous feeling the water made as it passed around her body.

She felt Turangüneş Escort a slight tingle as she remembered the night they had arrived on the yacht and sailed the yacht together to this bay. And she suddenly had a tingling heat pass through her body, in spite of the cool morning water she was swimming in.

She got around the yacht and reached up and grabbed the ladder, pulling herself back on deck, dripping water all over the deck. Without a thought she lay down on the towel that was spread on the roof of the wheel house and stretched out her body to get every bit of it exposed to the sun.

Her thoughts went back to the night they arrived, and she began to rub her hands all over her stomach and up over her breast, her nipple leaping to an erect position, almost at command. Her other hand went down and began to play with her hair and she slipped a finger in between her legs… then a second. She wasn’t aware that her man was watching her, and he was naked too, and he was aroused.

He stood quietly watching her, holding himself in his hand and gently rubbing himself, smiling quietly.

She licked her fingers and slipped Türbanlı Escort them inside herself and with her thumb began to rub her clit, and as she did that she began to simultaneously roll her nipple on her left breast with the other hand. Her eyes were slightly closed, and almost rolled back, in her ecstasy. She was enjoying this.

Suddenly, she felt a bearded mouth on her other breast as her man had now stepped forward, knelt quietly down and now began sucking her breast.

Her hand went round behind his head and pulled his hair and as she did that his head came up and she kissed him on the lips, sucking the ripe lips into her mouth and flicking out her tongue, deep into his mouth.

He lay down next to her and his hands were free, one went to help the seemingly overworked hand at her crotch and suddenly she was insanely wet. Her back arched up and forced her hips into his hand almost as if it wanted to tell it to get busy. She turned on her side and lifted her knee and freed up the space for him to work, and he did it SOOO well. Using his thumb he pushed her mons gently up towards her navel and her clit popped out, ready for his Ukraynalı Escort proud attention. And he delivered… rubbing and flicking it, and bringing it to attention. She reached into his face with hers and kissed him again, sucking his lips and licking his mouth hungrily.

She reached down and took him in one hand and there was enough left over for her to take him into her mouth and let her tongue flick over the tip and shaft enthusiastically, sucking and licking in turn as she sought to keep him erect and stop him from coming just yet.

She wanted him inside her. She so wanted his big, thrusting hips to drive himself deep inside her now… she pushed his shoulders back onto the deck and swung her legs astride him, lowering herself over him. Slowly, gently and making small mewing noises she took all of him inside her. Then she began to ride him, slowly at first, then more and more rhythmically and then faster and faster as she rushed him to beat her to it,

Her heat began to thunder in her ears as she realised she was getting very close and suddenly, almost as if she did not expect it, they were writhing together, groaning and moaning in pleasure as they both thundered into orgasm together. Her back arched right back and then she fell onto his chest and lay there panting quietly. She was purring.

He encircled her in his arms and held her gently as they cooled in the morning sunshine… and she looked down and saw that it would not be too long before they could start this all over again. And she smiled.

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