Standing there anxiously admiring her form, the possibilities where exciting. She was fully naked standing in front of me, hands bound lightly behind her. “Please, something different this time” really did have a lot of possibilities. “Oh, come on honey, do something new.” she had suggested somewhat impatiently, I smiled as an idea came. Visions of a fashion show I’d seen earlier in the day came to mind. Thin fashion models strolling down the runway wearing outfits made of clear vinyl-plastic material. My idea…same concept only a little tighter fit. “I have a wonderful idea” I said as I reached for the silk scarf to cover her eyes. “Oh please tell me what wonderful ideas you have” was her reply. “No” I had said, “I want to surprise you. Wait here while I get what I need.”

I went to the kitchen looking for what I needed. Searching the drawers I hoped I could find what had come to mind. “Yes” I had thought, finding two new boxes of kitchen plastic wrap “This will work perfect.” Happy with my successful find, I poured a glass of wine, rolled a small joint, and went back to the room where my anxious lover stood waiting.

“Lover, I think you’ll like my idea” I said as I held the cool glass of wine to her lips “Enjoy it’s aroma and drink.” “If you want more just ask and ill be happy to bring it to you. I’ve also rolled you a joint to smoke once I’ve completed my handi work. Pun intended.” “I don’t get it …your pun” she had said . “Its okay you will soon enough.” I set the glass of wine down on the night stand and placed my lover on the edge of the bed the wine and joint within reach. If she ever started feeling a little nervous she knew she could call a “time out” for a small sip of wine and a few puffs of the herb to keep her in a mentally comfortable place.

Once on the bed I knelt down in front of her and began rubbing her bare feet. “Do you like having your feet rubbed” I asked. “Oh yes” she replied. “How about if I bind your ankles together, do you still like them rubbed then?” “Oh yes, even more.” she responded. I reached for the packages I had found in the kitchen. I opened the box and became aware of the aroma of vinyl-plastic. “What is that” she inquired. “You’ll know soon enough lover. Be patient.”

The two small box contained 150 feel of clear, smooth, conforming, self sticking plastic wrap. If it worked it would be entirely new for both of us. I brought her two perfectly shaped feet into my lap.. Pulling about eighteen inches from the roll stretched it around her ankles and pulled it tight. “Well lover what do you think?” “I think it feels interesting, but I’ll break free if I move too much.” “Oh no I don’t think you will when I finish. Is it uncomfortable?” I asked.

“Different…Good” she’d said slightly smiling. It was the sign I needed to continue. I wrapped the vinyl-plastic around her ankles again and again. Each wrap moving up her legs until I’d reached her knees. Each wrap making sure to pull it as tight as possible. Stopping at her knees I asked if it was acceptably exciting. “Oh yes, it’s quite restricting. My legs are so firmly bound I can’t possibly move them apart.” “Beautiful” I said thinking my plan would work.

I offered her a drink of the wine and noticed the pleasant subtle grin on her face. I looked at my handi work Pursaklar Escort with the handi-wrap. Her legs look like a mannequins wrapped for shipping. I had her stand up and continued tightly wrapping, slowly working upward. Around her thighs to her hips, then over her ass and pussy to her waistline where her hands rested together slightly below the small of her back. She now looked like a mermaid with a long vinyl-plastic tail.

I stopped there and removed my clothes. My erection was full and I anticipated rubbing myself against the firmness of her wrapped body. Moving against her, I embracing her with one arm and ran my other hand across her tightly wrapped ass. Pressing my cock against the tight plastic around her warm body made my heart race. I reached behind her and untied her hands. She put her arms around me and purred in my ear “your idea is wonderful honey.” I stepped back from her and reached for the glass of wine and placed it in her hand.

She took the glass with both hands, holding the glass to her nose, savoring its aroma before sipping. I lit the joint and took a deep drag, holding it for a few seconds before sharing it with her. Holding the joint to her lips, I playfully kissed and licked about her neck and face. I took the glass of wine from her and set it aside. Placing her hand on my cock, she instinctively began fondling. “Are you ready to continue” I breather into her ear. “Oh, please do lover, this is wonderful,” she purred back.

I placed her arms at her sides, palms flat against her hips and began wrapping just below her fingertips. I had used a whole roll on her lower torso. Starting with a new roll I had plenty to assure tight secure wrap. From just below her fingertips, I wrapped my way upward towards her shoulders, making sure the plastic-wrap was tight and at least three layers thick. She was now completely immobile, covered from her shoulders to her ankles, bound with layer upon layer of the plastic film. She couldn’t move, except maybe fall over, and then she would be immobile where ever she fell. Underneath her skin was beginning to sweat. In the few pockets of air between her skin and plastic beads of moisture where barely visible. I could just make out the darker areas of her nipples and pubic area through the layers of plastic. She stood there content, slightly smiling, anticipating what I might do next.

I asked her if she would like to see how she looked. She said she would. So, I picked her up like a sack of potatoes and moved her to the full length mirror in the bathroom. Once there I removed her blindfold. She smiled a big smile and said, “Oh it is wonderful. It looks so nasty. I love it. What are you going to do now?” I moved behind her, pressing my nakedness against her bound form, and said “Take advantage of your helplessness.” I then picked her up and carried her to our bedroom and lay her down face up on the bed. Once situated on there I asked her if she would prefer to watch of be blindfolded and surprised. She preferred the surprises so I placed the blindfold over her eyes again and left the room for a while. Leaving her there to relax and enjoy her desired bondage anticipating what would be next.

I went to the bathroom and retrieved a bottle of baby oil Rus Escort and a straight razor and placed them on the night stand next to the bed. Then I rolled a joint and poured a fresh glass of wine. I smoked and sipped the wine while quietly watching her from across the room. She just lay there silently content, slightly smiling. After about ten minutes she spoke out “Lover are you there?” My clue she was ready for more. “I’m here” I said getting up and approaching the bed.

I climbed on the bed straddled her chest, grabbed a hand full of hair and shoved my cock into her mouth. She anxiously accepted me allowing me to fuck her face with no resistance. She licked and sucked eagerly rapidly bringing me to climax. She drank my cum only allowing a small amount to escape out the sides of her mouth. As my orgasm subsided I slid of her and kissed her licking the remains of my cum off her face. She lay contentedly as I sat in the chair again and regained my balanced breathing.

A couple of minutes later I climbed on the bed and straddled her over her hips. Then poured a small amount of the baby oil into my hands and coated my cock with it. Then poured some more of the oil over her prone form. I then laid forward and rubbed my body over her. Sliding over her tightly wrapped body was very exciting as she was totally immobile. All the while she just lay there enjoying me using her for my own pleasure. I rubbed over her form to the point of near climax and stopped. I then slid off to her side and reached for the straight razor.

I opened it and held it to her face letting her feel what it was. She began to breath a little heavier as I lightly traced the curves of her face with the back side of the blade. I slowly moved the blade down her body to the place just between her legs. There I turned the blade over and carefully, avoiding possibly lancing her skin, cut a “y” shaped opening in the plastic allowing me access to her private parts. Then loudly I put the blade back on the table next to the bed. She breathed an audible sigh of relief. Through the “y” opening in the plastic I poured a large amount of the baby oil and the slight smile returned to her face. I then lay down next to her, my head on her shoulder and slipped my fingers through the opening in the plastic between her legs.

At the first touch her breathing wretched in anticipation and I began to stroke the soft fur covering her tender spots. The baby oil provided enough lubrication to give me free access to her love button and area between her legs. As I rubbed and stroked, her body stiffened, her back arched forward, her breathing became irregular and she eventually came in shudders. As her orgasm subsided I stopped the rubbing but continued pressure at the point of pleasure until she had relaxed and her breathing returned to normal. I lay there holding her tight until she finally spoke. “Oh lover, that was so intoxicating, my head is swimming and my heart pounding” With that I moved up and gently kissed her on the cheek and told her I loved her. She just smiled and lay there enjoying the cool bedroom air on the sweat beads that had formed on her face, neck and exposed skin of her shoulders.

I moved off the bed and went to pour another glass of wine and roll another Sincan Escort joint. When I returned she had drifted off to sleep. I gently nudged her and asked her if she would like a drink and smoke but she said she felt so warm and secure all wrapped up she just wanted to sleep for a while. I put the joint and wine down and went to shower. About fifteen minutes later I was finished and returned to check on her. She was still sleeping so I sat down on the chair across the room and watched. About thirty minutes later she woke and again said “Are you there lover?” “I’ll always be here for you” I responded as I rose and went to her side. She said she was thirsty so I propped her up and held the wine glass to her lips to drink. I asked her if she was ready to be released but she said “not yet.” So, I lit the joint and shared it and the wine with her until they where finished. By then my cock was hard again and she was just sitting there enjoying her captivity.

After another five minutes or so of just sitting here without a sound, I moved down to the end of the bed and pulled her down flat by her ankles and over onto her stomach. I picked up the straight razor again and straddled her ass. Leaning forward I again brushed the back side of the blade against her cheek. She flinched and said “that’s too scary.” I apologized but drew the back side of the blade down her cheek, over her back and stopped at the top of the crack of her ass. There I turned the blade over and carefully cut a straight line through the plastic, avoiding lancing her skin, down the crack of her ass , between her legs to midway down her thighs.

As the plastic opened she purred “the air is so cool.” I put the razor down and lay beside her and slipped my hand between her legs. Her shin was hot to the touch. The baby oil had worked its way there and everything was slippery to the touch. As I worked my hand there she arched her back thrusting her ass upward giving me better access. She was purring with pleasure at the act of being taken. I moved straddling her from behind and pushed my cock into her. She moaned with pleasure as I drove in and out in hard thrusts. It didn’t take long before I drove fully into her and filled her with my load of hot cum. As my climax subsided I collapsed onto her with my full weight breathless. When my strength returned I moved off her and rolled her over onto her back and removed her blindfold. She looked at me and smiled contentedly. I leaned forward and lightly kissed her. She looked at me and said “the evening has been wonderful.” I just smiled and said “The evening isn’t over.”

Almost unable to walk I stumbled into the bathroom and drew a hot bath, went to the kitchen and fixed a tall glass of ice water and placed it by the tub. Then went and picked her up and carried her into the bathroom and cut her free from the restraints. As the plastic wrap came free her skin reacted with goose bumps to the cool air.

Once completely free she stepped into the tub and lay back sipping the cool ice water surrendering to the need for sleep. She lay there relaxed as I bathed her washing the sweat, oil and sex from her skin. When I finished bathing her I dried her dressed her in a silk robe and placed her under the covers of our bed. She promptly drifted off to sleep without a word being said. After she was asleep I showered, cleaned up the mess we had made, smuggled up to her and drifted off to sleep.

The next afternoon I woke to her gentle kiss. She had fixed breakfast and brought it to the bedroom. I sat up and as she placed the tray across my lap she smiled saying “I love you.”

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