Oh little nun What will hurt you this time.He only fucked for a short time.And when you wanted so much more.Behind his silence was your door.Oh old nun it will be ok.Another one will fill you up today.With words of praise instead Demetevler Escort of crimeWith his cum and his timeOh sad little nun just don’t cry.He just wasn’t that kind of fuck guy.To soothe Demetevler Escort Bayan your lonely old soul.To fill up your aching nun hole.So my sweet nunThe time is now and you are done Put on Escort Demetevler that habit you once shed The past is over the friendship deadOh red wearing nunIt’s not your fault it was no funYou wanted more, they wanted lessPull up your panties, smooth your dressBrave face my little friend.The beginning is the end.But for you the sweet pious one.Send the message, let it and you be done.Raise your head oh worthy nunFace the future my love, turn towards the sun.Worthy you are, worthy you beLove yourself inexplicably.

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