Working from Home


It was a wonderful birthday dinner party with a very good friend of mine from work (Xochitl), her husband, my wife and myself. It was a wonderfully pleasant evening with nothing out of the ordinary to talk about.

I decided I would walk my guests to their car while my wife started clearing the table and such. We get halfway to the car when Xochitl turns to her husband and says “I forgot my purse inside. Could you please be so kind to get it for me?”

He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and went back towards the house, when Xochitl turns to me and said, “I think you should work from home tomorrow. I have a project that I would like some help with, and I could come by. Not too early, mind you, but we can go get lunch after, if you want. But don’t tell your pretty little wife you are working from home, you might be able to sneak in some golf afterwards or something.”

With that, she winked, and hid it just from her husband seeing it, as we continued to the car. I was thinking that maybe the wine was affecting her, but it was a very pleasant thought. She is a very lovely lady, with a very nicely proportioned body. As soon as her husband came up to us, I just dismissed it entirely, and we joked until they drove off.

I got back into the house, and my wife had a small cupcake waiting for me. She had me blow out the candle that was on top of it and make a wish. I closed my eyes, and remembered clearly what Xochitl had said, and for that moment, I could wish for nothing more than her. So, I wished that the next day would live up to my expectations.

I awoke and sent the wife off to work, and went upstairs, put on my sweats, and made some breakfast, as I logged on to work from home. My instant messenger sent me a notice a while later, and when I checked it, Xochitl sent me a note.

“I hope you took the day to work at home to enjoy your birthday a little bit.”

“I am enjoying it thus far. About to have some coffee.”

“Make a double batch. I will be there in 15 minutes. I am bumming it today in sweats. Hope you don’t mind.”

“No. it will be our office uniform for today. See you soon”

Fifteen minutes later, she rings in from the gate and I let her in. I told her I left the door unlocked and to just walk in. We had our coffee and some small talk. Then she asked where the wife was today. After I replied that she was at work, an evil little grin came across Xochitl’s face.

“Good. I am tired of this façade. We have been talking forever about, personal things. I know you have been looking at me and wanting me for a while. I caught you looking several times. I wanted you to know that every once in a while, I look at you too. Hope you don’t mind me being forward, but I figured I have one shot if I am making a fool of myself, so I am gonna go for it all.”

With that, she pulled the sweatshirt off, and was wearing a nice translucent demi-bra that covered just barely above the nipple. She then kicked off her shoes, turned over, and slowly slid down her sweats, revealing Ofise Gelen Escort a matching thong, holding the pose long enough to look over her shoulder and see me looking. I was caught, but I was in no way going to hide the fact that I was staring at a very lovely ass. She smiled and said, “Good. I am glad to see that this effort isn’t wasted. We have what? Six hours until your wife gets home. I think that is more than enough time. Be a gentleman and bring my laptop bag upstairs with you.”

She stood up and slowly headed for the stairs. “I remember one of your fantasies has you with another woman in the bed your wife sleeps in.”

She continued up the stairs slowly, looking at me. It took me a few seconds to compose myself, but it felt like twenty minutes at the least. I grabbed her bag, and made it up the stairs to see her lying seductively on the bed, facing me with one finger in her mouth. I brought the bag to the bed, and she took it, and opened it. She turned to put the bag on the far side of the bed, but pulled out a long silver dildo, and reached between her legs, running the length of it up and down her slit outside of her thong. She said nothing for a moment, and then started moaning softly.

She was enjoying herself so much; I thought she forgot about me. She then turned her face towards me.

“I also remember one other thing that you definitely like.”

She pulled her thong to the side.

“I waxed this weekend. Thought you might really appreciate that. How about you come show me how much?”

She put the dildo down, as I knelt on the side of the bed and used my thumbs to open up her pussy lips, smelling how delicious she is. I slowly began to lick her slit, tasting how wet her beautiful bald pussy looked. I slid my tongue gently between her lips, fluttering up and down her slit. She gasped, and moaned, lowering her face to the bed. I looked around her beautiful ass, and saw her with a very contented grin on her face, with her eyes closed. I spread her legs a little wider, allowing easier access to her clit, which I began to flicker my tongue just below, making sure I didn’t send her over the edge too quickly. Then I pressed a little deeper, feeling her clit on the tip of my tongue as I pushed my nose just inside her deliciously sweet pussy lips.

I pulled back shortly after that, and spread her pussy lips a little wider, and began to slowly fuck her with my tongue, pushing as deep as I can, then slowly pulling out. I would fuck her slowly, then fast, and then slow, then fast, enjoying the different rhythms of her breathing.

After a while of having her juices flowing on my face, I could tell how ready she was to cum. I moved and repositioned my body so that my face was directly below her clit, then used two fingers to slowly fuck her in and out as I darted my tongue over her clit. I would gently suck her clit into my mouth every so often. After doing that a couple of times, her hips bucked, and she Otele Gelen Escort started moaning very loud, as my fingers felt the wetness of her orgasm as her pussy gripped them.

When she started to relax after her orgasm, I went back to eating her, enjoying her wetness all over my face, pushing my tongue deep inside her, as she slowly started to slide away from me.

“That was good. That was better than good. I definitely will have to come back for more of that. But what about you? How can we make this more fun for you?”

“I love the taste of your pussy. I want to keep eating it. But if you really want to enjoy some of me as well,” I started to disrobe, “then how about you sit on my face and enjoy tasting me?”

She smiled a wicked little grin, and rolled over to the other side of the bed, as I finished removing my clothing. I lay on the bed, as she crawled over to kiss me, tasting herself on my lips, and moaning into my mouth, as she removed her demi-bra, and let it slide onto my wife’s pillow. Then she got off the bed, standing somewhat over me, slowly sliding her thong off, and pushing it underneath the wife’s pillow.

“I hope you remind me to get those from there,” she said with a coy smile.

She then slowly climbed up my body, spreading her legs over my face. She reached down and grabbed my cock in her hand. “God, you are thick. The fun I am hoping that we have.”

With that, she lowered herself down on my face, and started grinding her pussy down on my face. I don’t know if it was possible, but I believe she was wetter as she moved her slit up and down my tongue. Then I felt her slowly stroking my cock just before I felt her warm mouth cover the head of my cock. She swirled her tongue around the head slowly, moaning and vibrating my dick as I started enjoying her ever flowing wetness on my tongue. I felt her tongue push into my cock, scooping up the precum with it, moaning and vibrating my dick even more. She then took her mouth off my cock, and I felt it around my balls, her pulling on one, then the other, before moving back to my cock.

Her hips started shaking, slowly at first, but I knew she was getting close to another orgasm. She gripped my cock even tighter, sucking more into her mouth, as she stroked my cock. Her clit was grinding down on my chin as I tongue fucked her as deep as I could. Moments later, she was flooding my face with another huge orgasm. I couldn’t hold off much longer, as she started stroking harder and faster as she came. Within seconds, I started bucking my hips towards her, trying to get deeper into her throat. She held my cock down, her hand around the base, forcing me to cum in her mouth. Torrent after hot torrent of cum started shooting, as her orgasm started to rebuild, grinding into my face. She came again. No where near as hard as her last one, but it was enough that I tasted the next flow of her juices. She kept sucking and stroking my cock until it started getting flaccid.

When Polatlı Escort I finished cumming, I relaxed, my legs stretching out, my head leaning back. She lifted her leg and got off of my face. She reached over and grabbed her dildo, and slowly started fucking herself with it.

“When you are ready, I can’t wait to feel how thick you feel inside me. But don’t take it personal if I don’t wait for you.”

She started fucking herself slowly with her dildo, sliding it in and out, with her head on my wife’s pillow. She started moaning and bucking. Watching her fuck herself was getting my cock ready a lot quicker than I would have thought. After a few more minutes of her fucking herself, my cock was rock hard, and ready to go.

Xochitl didn’t miss a beat. She rolled herself on top of me as she removed her dildo, placing it on the wife’s pillow, next to her bra. She lowered herself slowly on my cock, enjoying the sensation of a flesh cock inside of her.

She started riding up and down slowly, feeling my cock slowly stretch her, feeling her gasp and moan as she took me. I leaned forward and started sucking gently on her nipples, which caused her to buck a little bit and moan a lot more. She bucked harder as I bit softly on her nipple, pushing herself down all the way on my cock, and feeling it fill her up. She placed her hands on my chest, and pushed herself down as far as she could on my cock, riding it nice and fast, squeezing her cunt on every stroke. I reached up and put my hands on her hips. She smiled, and started leaning back, putting her hands behind her, on the bed, pushing my cock further inside her.

She must have ridden me like that for 10 minutes, cumming a few times in the process. I reached up with one hand, and started playing gently with her breasts, which caused her to buck even more. My cock started throbbing inside her as I was getting ready to cum again. She either sensed it, or didn’t care as her orgasm was building. I started bucking up into her, as she would push down hard into it, grinding her clit against my hips, holding for a moment, the sliding up, followed by slamming down on my cock.

After a couple of minutes, you could hear the slapping sounds of our fucking, as she the pace increased. The panting and moaning of each of us was getting louder and louder, as we each approached orgasm. As I started to cum, I arched my back, burying myself deeper inside her. She pushed back down against me, and started thrashing as she came harder than she had all day. We started cumming hard with each other, thrashing with each other, until we were exhausted.

She rolled off me, kissing me softly and laid there for a minute, before she got up, grabbed her dildo and bra off the pillow, and put them in the computer bag. I reached under the pillow, and grabbed the thong for her.

“You keep those. I will get them back from you later.”

She stood up and put on her bra, sweats, and t-shirt. “Clean this stuff up so that you don’t get in trouble.”

She leaned over and kissed me. “You know, I think that working from home on our project could be a lot of fun. I will let myself out.”

I lay in bed and dozed off for a few minutes. I woke up, wondering if it was a dream or not, when I stood up, and realized that her thong was on my chest. I couldn’t wait until we decided to work on this project again.

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