Work Trip to Amsterdam


I have to tell you about a work trip I went on with my team to Amsterdam, it was a 2-day buying trip. We’d been away many times before but obviously because it was Amsterdam and because I had a new starter working for me it became more interesting.

The group was 4 people Rosie, Chris, Ashley and me. Rosie was full of life, very sexual and with a male sense of humour. She was very attractive in an unconventional way, large curly dark hair, dark eyes a wicked smile and a good body with big firm tits and strong athletic legs. She’s not really the focus of the story, however.

Ashley was new to the business, she was stunning. Light blonde shoulder length hair, very naturally pretty face with gorgeous blue eyes. Her body was slight, slim with small breasts and long slender legs. She also knew how to dress; she very rarely wore a bra and you could always make out her what seemed to be long hard nipples most days. She also always wore heels of some description either 6-inch skyscrapers or wedge strappy sandals. These always accentuated her stunning legs.

We arrived in Amsterdam together in the morning and set about our day of meetings, nothing new here all very normal. Back to the hotel for a quick change then out for a business dinner with our meeting partners. All very nice a few drinks and all in the hotel bar for midnight. We all decided that tomorrow night being our last night we would have a big night out. We booked a dinner reservation for 8pm and only had one meeting in the morning the following day.

We woke and attended our meeting, and had it done and dusted by 11.30am. Back to the hotel and lunch we all agreed.

We wandered around the back of the hotel on to a little street and found a lunch restaurant. The drinks started to flow, and the conversations took a slutty turn and inuendo’s followed. Nothing too risqué but it had started. After an hour or so of food and alcohol. Rosie and Chris decided to go and do a little shopping leaving Ashley and I to carry on the conversation.

Conversation turned to my situation, I was divorced and recently got with my current wife. I had been with her around 4 months and it was going well but I didn’t let Ashley know. I was giving her the tales of woe story and not satisfied. She was sympathetic and then started flirting. Holding my hand, entwining her legs around mine at the table. She had on a white vest top with her nipples clearly visible, a pair of black skinny jeans that hugged her arse and some black high heels. She was so sexy, the more she drank the more tactile she became, and I was loving it.

We decided to move to a new bar over the road. We walked hand in hand, and it felt great like we were an actual couple. I was heady I have to admit it, all thoughts of my partner (now wife) were out of the window. Right now, it was me and her and I wanted her badly.

We walked into the bar and sat at the bar asked for our drinks and she grabbed me and kissed me deeply. Her tongue found mine quickly and it was so passionate and unexpected. She pulled back and stared at me, I’ve never felt like it in my life. Like the whole of the world was watching me saying “fuck yes go on son’!!

We got our drinks and went and sat on a sofa as close as we could get to each other. Time flew by and we were deep in conversation about everything. We looked at the time and noticed it was 7.15pm and had to leave for the restaurant at 7.45. We darted back to the hotel hand in hand laughing all the way.

We burst into the reception and Rosie and Chris were sat in the bra drinking. Rosie looked incredible in a Black wrap around dress which finished above the knee but had fallen so her right leg was completely out and her tits were literally popping out of the top. Ashley apologised for us being late and she’d be 10 minutes getting ready.

We both headed to the lift. The minute the lift door closed we were all over each other I had her top up and was sucking her huge nipples into my mouth, she was groping my cock through my pants. The “ping” of the lift stopped us, and she took my hand and led me to her room. The door wasn’t even shut, and she was stripping out of her jeans and nickers. I didn’t have to say a word as she got on the bed and offered her pussy and arse to me. I took my thick cock out of my pants and wiped my hard cock up and down her wet slit. I glided into her easily with only a moan from her mouth.

I took hold of her slender hips and began to fuck her for all my life was worth. I caught sight of her face in the mirror and she had an incredible emek escort look of slut all over her face. Eyes wide and mouth wide open as I began to rhythmically fuck her harder and harder. I could feel my orgasm building and within in minutes I withdrew and came all over her arse at which point you turned her head to lock eyes on me and said, “you owe me an orgasm later”.

As I stood, she jumped up and headed to the shower, I took this as my cue to leave to get ready for dinner. I ran to my room jumped in the shower changed and was in the bar by 7.42. We ordered a drink and waited for Ashley. I saw her first she came down the stairs this time in a white dress it was very short and figure hugging. She wore a pair of red very high heels and carried a red back to top off the outfit. Her dress was also completely backless which I loved and the dip in the back came to the top of her arse, it was clear to everyone that she didn’t have a stitch of underwear on at all.

We were all sat at dinner and more alcohol was consumed. Talk was flirty and dirty, and Ashley kept looking at me and nudging me under the table. She eventually went off to the ladies and I left it a couple of minutes before excusing myself as not to make it so obvious, but I also wanted to catch her on her way back.

I don’t think she was expecting to see me in the corridor of the restrooms as it took her by shock. I grabbed her and moved her into a darkened part of the corridor. I kissed her hard and immediately put my hand up her skirt. My fingers came into contact with a completely bald pussy which I loved and as I suspected no nickers. I slid a finger into her roughly then another, I began to finger her frantically whilst kissing her. I was pulling hard against the front wall of her pussy as I finger fucked her. Within seconds she was breathing deeply into my neck and I started to feel water squirting from her pussy. I continued to finger her roughly through her squirt until it subsided. She stood almost fell back against the wall. Her thighs and floor were soaked with the juices from her pussy. She ran off to the toilets to get cleaned up leaving me to dry my hands on a paper towel from the wall.

Back at the table the looks I was getting from Ashley were driving me wild it was pure lust over the dinner table. Rosie and Chris must have noticed but they were both that pissed I doubt they knew anything.

We left dinner and decided it was time to visit the red-light district where else? The taxi pulled up and we all piled out, we ended up right in front of peep show and all decided to go in a booth each. Rosie went in, then Chris, then I did but Ashley followed me in. There was a woman performing a dildo fucking scene and I noticed I could see Rosie directly opposite me, she was just staring at the girl. I then felt Ashley grabbing my zipper and pulling it down, she released my cock from my pants and knelt down and started sucking my cock. I looked down and she took it out and smacked herself on her face with my thick heavy engorged cock. I looked up and concentrated on the blowjob I was getting whilst looking at the girl inserting the huge dildo inside herself. My eyes wandered back to Rosie who was now clearly stood with her breasts exposed and tweaking her nipples while she watched the show.

I couldn’t hold back any longer as Ashley had stepped the pace up and was twisting my cock with her hand whilst bobbing her head up and down on my cock. I reached down and grabbed her head and unloaded my cum into her willing mouth. She took it all and stood up whilst swallowing, like a complete slut she then kissed me deeply making me taste myself on her tongue. I loved it.

We left the peepshow and met Chris outside, then Rosie came out and her nipples were clearly visible through her dress now. She’d definitely done away with her bra that was for sure. We went for another drink in a bar to simmer down before deciding to go to a strip club for our next adventure.

The strip club was semi empty say maybe 5 or 6 people in this vast room. We ordered another drink and a few of the strippers came over. It wasn’t long before Chris and I had both had a dance. Then it was Ashley’s turn, this tall dark-haired thin stripper began to dance for her. There was no touching from Ashley it was when the stripper stood between her legs and widened them that Rosie who was sat next to me both got a perfect view of Ashley’s shaven pussy. Rosie turned to me and kissed me quickly a very short but very slutty kiss. We were eryaman escort both horny from watching the stripper on Ashley.

The striptease was pretty uneventful but then it was Rosie’s turn. She moved to a one huge seater chair so we could all see. The stripper was a very tall curvy blonde girl from Germany. She looked the part, trashy blonde hair, huge fake tits and incredible legs with a firm arse. She began to dance very sexily. The she leaned in and Rosie kissed her, a small inquisitive kiss. The stripper didn’t wait she straddled Rosie and started to kiss her deeply. They were both very into it, being watched but also both obviously into each other. The stripper leant back and removed her bra and offered her tits to Rosie pushing them together.

Rosie leaned in and with long sensual licks licked both her tits and nipples. She then progressed to biting them gently. The stripper was in heaven it was then I saw Rosie’s hand snake through her legs rubbing the stripper’s cunt through her thong. We were all mesmerised. Rosie continued to rub her pussy as she started kissing her again. The stripper then reached back and dug her thong out of her crease and pulled it off her pussy. Rosie didn’t need telling and dove 2 fingers right up her willing snatch.

If I could have got my cock out and wanked their and then I would have!! So many times, I’ve gone over and over this moment it still turns me on today.

The 3-minute dance came to an end and the stripper thanked us all and made her way off. We all went wild!! What a show, how horny, unreal!!

We couldn’t top that, and all decided to leave before we got in some real trouble. We had another drink in the pub. It was getting pretty late when we left here, and we decided to get a taxi back. As we walked to the taxi stand Chris decided his night wasn’t over and wandered off with a wave towards the red-light windows.

We got into the taxi and headed back to the hotel with me sat in between Ashley and Rosie in the back seat of the cab. Rosie’s right leg was fully on display again and it was pressed against my leg. Ashley’s dress had ridden up showing the full length of her sexy slender legs. I was in heaven. We all laughed and joked about how horny it was watching Rosie and the stripper, at this point Rosie took my hand and placed it between her legs and asked me to feel how wet she was from it. I could feel the heat coming from her pussy under her knickers and my fingers quickly dug into her folds. Rosie held it there for a few seconds and then moved it away with a simple “see?”.

We all stumbled in the lift and headed to our rooms, as we walked out of the lift I asked if they wanted a nightcap in my room? They all agreed, and we walked into my room, Rosie threw herself on the bed, her dress going everywhere and giving a good view of her knickers. Ashley nipped to the toilet whilst I got the drinks. Ashley re-joined us and put some music on and took a seat on the sofa.

We chatted about the night and conversation got to the stripper again. Rosie suggested that Ashley give me a striptease, my eyes locked on Ashley and hers on mine. She smiled a very sexy smile and began to get to her feet. She moved and dragged a chair to the middle of the room and began curling her finger beckoning me to come and sit down.

I stood up and walked over and sat down on the chair. Ashley moved behind me and my eyes moved to Rosie who by now had got comfortable facing me with her legs slightly spread and one knee up showing her entire thigh split out of the dress swaying it slightly from side to side with a wicked look on her face.

I felt Rosie place her hands on my shoulders, I could feel her rhythmically moving to the music. She took hold of my arm and moved it around the back of the chair and then the other and tied my hands together with what I now know to be the belt off the robe that was hung on the door. I grinned with anticipation and stared at Rosie who was by now hungrily taking in the situation.

Ashley moved around and straddled my legs and began to writhe on top of me. Simulating riding my cock, I could feel my cock stir in my pants and begin to feel very trapped. She then started to lift her dress up over her head and threw it in Rosie’s direction. She was completely naked, and she placed her arms around my neck and leaned in and kissed me deeply. She continued to simulate riding me whilst we kissed and all of a sudden, she gasped and sat upright.

My eyes flew open and was greeted by Rosie esat escort stood behind her cupping Ashley’s breasts and playing with her nipples. Ashley was in extasy she moved her head slightly twisting it towards Rosie and they kissed for the first time. Ashley reached up and gripped Rosie’s face and their kiss became hungrier. I watched as Rosie began to pull Ashley’s nipples away from her body making them more engorged and erect. She then slipped a hand down Ashley’s back and I knew she was reaching for her pussy.

They broke their kiss and Ashley placed her whole body against me and her head next to mine. Her mouth was adjacent to my ear and she whispered, “she’s fingering my cunt”.

I was so hard, and I could hear the orgasm building in Ashley as she began to thrust her arse back further allowing Rosie to go deeper with her fingers. “She’s got more than one inside me and I’m going to cum” she breathed in my ear.

Ashley stood finally and turned to Rosie who by now was also naked, her big tits with free and her body was incredible and so different to the lithe Ashley. They kissed again deeply; Ashley pushed Rosie back to sit on my lap with her back to me. Rosie moved so she was almost lying across me, with her head next to mine. She turned towards me and kissed me as Ashley knelt down and spread her legs wide. I broke the kiss to try to watch what was happening. Ashley had her face buried in Rosie’s pussy. I could hear her devouring her luscious pussy.

“Tell me what she’s doing?” I said to Rosie.

“She’s eating me with two fingers jamming in my pussy and it’s fucking horny” she replied.

I watched as Rosie writhed on Ashley’s face, grinding her pussy in her face. She took her hand and gripped the back of Ashley’s head and was literally pulling her into her pussy. Her chest was heaving, nipples pointing to the sky and she broke out a huge orgasm. She panted and cried out in pleasure as Ashley continued her assault on her pussy.

Ashley moved up her body stopping only to bite nipples until she was face to face with both of us. We all moved together to have a three-way kiss. I could taste Rosie’s pussy on Ashley’s face, and it was divine!

They both stood up and started to pick up their clothes and sort themselves out. “hang on are you forgetting about me?” I said.

They both laughed out loud and almost simultaneously dropped to their knees in front of me. They reached for my button and fly and dragged my pants to my ankles. I was still restrained but at least my thick cock was now free. It sprung up and looked huge in front of their faces. They both leaned down and took one long swipe of their tongues up my cock to the tip where they then kissed again.

Ashley took my cock in her hand at the base and offered it to Rosie. She smiled and swirled her tongue around the head before closing her mouth around me and lowering taking in most of the shaft. She bobbed her head on my cock whilst I watched Ashley watching Rosie. It was such a horny scene. Ashley started to pull my cock away from Rosie and eagerly took me into her mouth. She wanked me slowly into her mouth as she sucked my cock.

Rosie was stroking the back of her hair when suddenly when Ashley was at her deepest on me she forced her head lower and held it in place. Ashley made the sounds of gagging which always turns me on. She bucked back violently when she couldn’t take any more. “Do that to me” Rosie said. “I love it”.

Rosie took me in her mouth, Ashley grabbed her hair in a semi ponytail and forced her face down on my cock. Rosie took the full length and was held there with me forced to the back of her throat. After what seemed like ages she bucked away, and Ashley wasn’t finished. She forced her back down on to my cock and started pushing and pulling her face down on my cock. It was incredible the sounds, the aggression, the horniness. I was getting perilously close.

Ashley let Rosie up to catch her breath. “Are you close?” Ashley asked. I nodded silently. Ashley took me in her hand and Rosie did the same and they began to wank me steadily. They both moved to sit right in front of my wanking cock, and they began to kiss sensually. It was way too much for me and I began to unload, spewing cum over their amazing faces. They kissed, licked, sucked all the cum off each other as fast as I could produce it.

I was beginning to calm down when the girls finally were clean of all my cum and they stood and untied me. We all burst into laughter and decided to finish our drinks while we all lay on the bed together stroking each other’s bodies until the early hours.

We all got up the next morning like nothing had happened. I went home to my partner, Rosie back to her husband, Ashley to her single life and Chris who missed out on the best time ever back to his family. We never spoke about it again it was almost like a freebie for all.

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