Wild Oats – Bird Watching


“Sally, the annual bird count at Myakka State Park in Sarasota is this weekend. Would you like to go?”

“What is involved, Jason?”

“We will go down Saturday afternoon, get set-up, look around, have dinner and get a good night’s sleep before getting up early Sunday morning to help count birds.”

“Where do we sleep?”

“My family has lots of camping gear from when we did family camping. I will bring everything we will need.”

“Sounds like fun. I’ll put together some food for Saturday night and Sunday morning.”

On Saturday morning I took an extra shower since I did not know what facilities would be available. I went through my usual routine of shaving my legs and pits, and grooming my pussy with my razor comb that leaves me with a ½ inch layer of soft pubic hair. I like the feel and I think it looks good on me. In addition, no one who goes down on me ever has to pick my short and curlies out of their mouth.

Jason picked me up about noon and we headed for Sarasota.

At the State Park Jason mentioned that we were there for the bird count and we were directed to a special camping area just for bird counters.

Numerous campers were in the process of setting up. Some had camping trailers, but most had tents like we did.

I helped Jason set-up the big family sized tent. It was nice because there was room inside to stand up and move around. Jason blew up an air mattress and we spread a double sleeping bag over it for the extra padding.

Once the tent was set-up, we noticed that there was to be one central campfire in the center of our circle of tents. We carried our folding chairs over and began making friends.

Drew, a well preserved man in his early 50’s, took us under his wing and told us all we would need Gaziosmanpaşa Escort to know for the count. He said they always went in small groups so counters could look in various directions. He knew his birds and offered us the opportunity to be in his group.

We all separated to have our dinners and understood that everyone would be meeting back at the fire ring after dark.

We sang, talked, drank beer and had a good time. Drew told us that he was a widower. His wife had passed over a year ago and he had thrown himself into things like this to keep his mind off his wife and the wonderful sex they used to share. He has not been with a woman since his wife first got sick over two years ago.

As the evening wore on, the bird watchers gradually retired to their beds. Finally, only the three of us remained by the dying embers of the fire.

Drew had been watching all evening as Jason made free with his hands on my body and we kissed. I had not noticed, but Jason told me later that Drew could not take his eyes off of me.

Drew helped me up from my camp chair and because of all the sitting, my legs were not working properly. I stumbled into his arms. One of his hands came in contact with one of my bra-less, natural DD breasts and he could not let go.

Jason noticed that Drew’s shorts were sporting a tent in them and when we got to our tent, Jason asked Drew if he would like to join us. Drew stammered a bit but when I took his hand, he allowed me to lead him inside.

We all took off our shoes and placed them on a mat to the side of the tent flap.

I hugged Drew and gave him an open mouth, tongue involved kiss and we all settled onto the sleeping bag.

Drew began kissing Gölbaşı Escort me like there was no tomorrow and I kissed him back.

It was dark in the tent so we operated primarily by touch and feel. Drew’s hands went to my breasts and I pulled my T=shirt over my head to give him full access. As he rolled my nipples between his finger and thumb, they popped up like small corks. Jason pulled my shorts and panties off and I was touching Drew’s cock through his shorts.

I unfastened them and he lifted his butt to help me get them off. I moved between his legs while he explored my breasts with his hands and fingers.

The circumcised cap of his penis was smooth as silk and I spread the drops of pre-cum over it as I checked him out. The cap was as large as my fist and had a well defined ridge where it sat on his shaft. The shaft was as thick as my wrist, but only as long as the distance from the knuckle of my pointer finger to the knuckle of my pinkie finger. Thick and short with a ridged head that once in would not slip out easily.

I can feel Jason’s cock at the opening of my vagina and I say, “Jason, do not cum. I want to save that for Drew.”

“I won’t.” I just want to love you a little while you are otherwise occupied.” My love lips opened and he slipped his cock into me. For the next ten minutes, he gently stroked in and out of me.

I did not know if I would be able to get Drew’s helmet in my mouth, but I ran my tongue over it and was able to suck on the end. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft and while he did not get any bigger, he did get harder.

Drew said, “I want to taste you.”

Jason pulled out and moved over to one side, I got on my back and Drew moved between my Grup Escort legs. His tongue on my pussy felt divine. He gently licked my folds, lapped my juices, and played with my clit. He almost sent me over the edge, but I wanted to cum with him if possible. He opened my tunnel of love with his tongue and explored inside me as far as he could reach.

Drew moved up so that the silky tip of his cock was poised at my vaginal opening.

“If you cum, I want to feel you inside me.”

He gently probed with the helmet of his cock and my lips gradually opened, allowing him access to my love tunnel and gripping the head once he entered. He continued to press forward. I lifted my knees and spread my legs as far as I could to give him full access. Soon he was fully inserted and began short strokes.

On every stroke the ridge of his helmet rubbed my G-spot and I could not help it. I had my first orgasm. It was good and it just kept happening. Of course, his stroking and rubbing my G-spot the whole time probably helped. After that orgasm, my vagina was more relaxed and he was able to move more freely inside me.

I had been under the impression that older men had less staying power, but for whatever reason, Drew and I pumped together for nearly one half hour before he began moving faster and harder into me. I knew he was ready to cum, but was not expecting the volume of love juice he shot into me. Like my earlier orgasm, he just kept shooting and shooting his cum into my vagina. I did not want him to stop, and I did not think he ever would. After his last spasm, I wrapped my legs around him to keep him inside and we kissed.

He was so tender and loving. His lips were gentle but demanding and his tongue and my tongue seemed to like each other.

I glanced over at Jason and he was asleep, so I just continued enjoying Drew’s lovemaking.

We fell asleep linked together at our sex and during the night awoke several times to gently resume our coupling.

In the morning we heard the other birders getting up and heading out, but we were busy. Perhaps we will count birds next year.

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