wife takes a vacation without me


wife takes a vacation without meThis is a true storyMy wife is a hot little number, like I’ve described her before she is five foot four and weighs one hundred pounds. Her natural hair color is mousey brown but she bleaches it blonde. She has beautiful blue eyes and her skin tans a wonderful brown. When we first married neither one of us knew much about sex. Oh we knew how to fuck but that’s about all. I had a lot of mixed up feelings about showing off her body. I loved her small thirty four b cup tits and perfect legs , I often talked her into dressing to show off. But if any guy starting paying what I thought was to much attention I’d get jealous. One summer we got invited to go to Panama City with a group of friends. I had just started up my own business and really didn’t need to take time off. I could tell my wife really wanted to go but she thought she had better stay home with me. Now we had talked in the past about how I thought some of our male friends would have sex with her if given the chance. I kept that in the back of my mine the entire time I was talking her into going without me.She finally said she would go. I kept telling her to have a good time and be safe. While she was showering I opened her suitcase to see what she was taking. She had packed the typical stuff. Bras panties mini skirts and tank tops. I don’t know why I did this but I took every bra and pair of panties out. Then I wrote a note and hide it between the cloths. The note said . I LOVE You, HAVE A GOOD TIME AND SHOW OFF THAT BODY. Then I folded it up with two one hundred dollar bills. When she came out of the shower I told her I had loaded her stuff in her car. She thanked me with a quick kiss. Then she asked me what she should wear for the ride down. I picked out a thin cotton sun dress that I’ve always loved on her. She said OK what panties? I said go commando. She giggled and said OK. Then she put on a pair of wedge sandals that make her legs look great. I gave her a good looking over and told her she looked great! I said you really look to sexy to travel alone. Its not safe for a hot little number like you to be out on the road solo. She picked up her purse and kissed me and as she started avcilar escort out the door she told me to not worry. That Kelly’s brother Ronny was riding with her. OH shit I thought. He is one I know for a fact would fuck her if given half a chance. I wanted to stop her or at least make her change her cloths and I kept trying to tell her. But I think she knew what was going on in my head and never gave me a chance. She was out the door and in her car before I could stop her. Bet baby she said, don’t worry I’ll have fun she added. I stood and watched her drive off. I felt a feeling I had never felt before. I knew for a fact she was going to be fucked and I didn’t want that to happen. Well that’s true, I wanted her to have sex but I wanted to watch. I had no idea that at the moment I had just become a Cuckold husband.It was the longest six days of my life whole she was gone. She was due home Saturday around lunch. Well at two o clock she still wasn’t home. I was just starting to worry when I heard her car pulling into the garage. I literally ran out to greet her. She was tanned dark, I remember thinking that’s a good sign. She had a giant smile on her face. She was wearing a very thin white short dress. I could easily see her whole tanned body through it. I said baby O can see your pussy through that dress. She gave me a sexy smile and said yeah it could be seen all week. She said seems some one took every piece of my under wear out of my case. In the house I told her to tell me about her trip. She said well do you really want to hear about it? I said well I think I do. She said well being that you sent me off for a week with no panties or bra I had a feeling you where ready for me to play. Oh there’s that mixture of jealous and list boiling up inside me. I know my face must have flushed because my wife said honey are you OK? She said let’s get a drink and ho set out side on the deck and I’ll tell you all about it. I mixed us up a couple of drinks and we sat in the shade of the awning. As she sat she flipped her dress back so her naked ass cheeks sat on the chair. She said right off the bat let me tell you I had sex. My heart stopped beating for a few şirinevler escort seconds. I felt my face get hot. I remember thinking what do I do or say? I’m mad and horny all at once. I want to hear all the nasty details and I don’t want yo know anything all at once. I wanted a scream and yell one second, then very next one I wanted to eat her pussy. I forced a smile then I heard my mouth say good. What? My mouth just said good without my brain telling it too. For the next few moments it was like I was a third person. As she started telling me about when she stopped to pick Ronny up I begin to come down to earth. She said he commented on her outfit for the ride. He loaded his stuff and she said he wanted to drive. He told her that since they where using her car he could at least drive. On the ride down they had the windows down to enjoy the weather. I said but your AC blows cold. She said I know and I told Ronny but she said let’s enjoy the fresh air. I thought that was strand until she said she had to keep pushing her dress down. The air kept flipping the thin cotton material up. She said you know you talked me into not wearing panties and I was afraid Ronny would see my pussy. I said well did he? She said after an hour I got tired of fighting the damn thing and just let it go. She said the hem found a place to stay right at her crotch. Nothing was showing but every inch of her legs. She said the smoked a number and they each got real mellow. My wife became aware that she and Ronny started talking about sex. She said she didn’t know how they got on that subject. Ronny was telling my wife how he had always thought I was the luckiest man he knew. And that he had always dreamed of what she looked like under her cloths. My wife said she giggled about that comment. She said it must have been the joint but for some reason she told him to wonder no longer. She raised the hem and told him to have a look. She said he looked at her setting there showing her shaved pussy. Oh its shaved to remarked. He said I knew it would be. She said she asked him how he could know she shaved. He said you are so sexy I knew you would.She told me she had an overwelling taksim escort urge to suck his cock. She said she asked him if looking at her was making him hard? He said yes it is. She told him to get his dick out that she wanted to suck it. He said I will but only if you swallow my cum. She said deal. He eased down the nylon shorts he was wearing, he was commando also. I had to ask and she smiled. Yes he had a nice long cock. She said it was longer than mine and he wasn’t totally hard yet. She took it in her hand and started stroking it. She said Ronny slid the seat back to give her room for her head. She then leaned over a took it in her mouth. After a few minutes she said she sat up so she could look at it. She guesses it was at least eight inches long. And that her fingers didn’t quiet touch holding it. She said the fatness of it made her want to fuck. She said she didn’t know that cocks could be that thick and she wanted it to stretch her pussy. Baby I said would you listen to what you are saying? She said does it shock you to heard that I said those things? I said well yes it does. She said well then when I tell you how he hurt my pussy with that big dick of his you might die. I had to know , how many times did he make love to you? She said he never made love to me but he fucked the shit out of me all week. In fact he never left my room. We fucked all night and most of the day. But you had never had a cock that size I said. She said it was a tight fit at first. In fact his cum couldn’t leak around his cock until after about the third day. She said he even commented on the fact I was getting relaxed down there. What did Kelly and the others say about you whoring around. She said they loved it and one night they watched as Ronny fucked me right in front of them. She said Kelly even took pictures with her phone of us. I told her I had to fuck her right now. She said OK but I have to warn you there a load of Ronny’s cum in there. That’s why I didn’t set on my dress. I got between her legs and spread them. She raised her ass up and slid to the edge of her seat. I pushed her legs apart and I could smell her sex. I put my tongue to her pussy and licked a few times. She grabbed the back of my head and made me get on it there. I could taste his cum mixed with her pussy juice. I got my hard cock out and eased it all the way to my balls in a single stroke. Baby you are wet I said. She said loose too. That was the start of me enjoying sloppy seconds.

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