Wife Swapping with Jim


Wife Swapping with JimGwen was so gorgeous that I couldn’t stand it anymore! I finally just did it.I went to college with Jim and when we graduated, we took jobs in Florida at the Space Center. I took a job with NASA and he took a job with Boeing since it paid more. We were both single and carefree and dated a lot of girls, but soon found that someone special and got married. I married a brunette, Sharon, and he married Gwen, a gorgeous, sexy, willowy blonde. I was jealous of him from the get-go because Gwen was just so gorgeous! I wanted her immediately and I think she knew it. And Jim was jealous of me because he wanted Sharon! We talked about our wives all the time. We’d tell each other about our sex lives; how often we had sex; how good they were in bed; even how good they were at giving a blowjob.Jim couldn’t stand it when I told him that Sharon always let me cum in her mouth and she’d swallow everything. He became insanely jealous because Gwen wouldn’t even let him cum in her mouth. She’d always insist that he pull out and cum on her tits. I remember the day he told me that she let him cum on her closed lips. He was so excited!The four of us spent a lot of time together, either at their house or at ours. Gwen and I would flirt with one another, but it was always mild flirtation, nothing very overt or suggestive. But it did serve to telegraph my desire for her. I think she really enjoyed the fact that another man secretly wanted her. When we were alone together, which wasn’t very often, I made no bones about the fact that I wanted her.One night they were at our house and she excused herself to use the bathroom. I thought, “Now’s my chance to get Gwen alone and show her just what I want.” I waited a minute or so and excused myself, too, just in time to catch Gwen leaving the bathroom. I grabbed her around the waist from behind and pulled her against me. Her nice ass pushed against the bulge in my pants as I kissed her neck.“I want you, Gwen. I think you know that,” I whispered.She pulled away and said, “You know we can’t do anything, Bill,” and she walked away, leaving me aroused and frustrated.But the flirting continued between us and I noticed the flirting going on between Jim and Sharon, too. I knew that he was eager to get a blowjob from her and I was okay with that, so I broached the subject of wife swapping with him.“Jim, have you and Gwen ever talked about wife swapping?”“No! She would not be at all interested or open to that.”“Oh, too bad, because it would be fun to swap for one night. Gwen is so hot and I know that you like Sharon.”Jim rubbed his cock and said, “Yeah I do.”The subject was dropped and I considered it to be something that was never going to happen. But I still had vivid fantasies of Gwen and how good she must be in bed, even though she wouldn’t swallow or allow Jim to cum in her mouth.Then came the holiday when I was off and Jim and Sharon had to work. I dropped by Jim’s house on the pretense that I didn’t realize that he had to work. Gwen invited me in and apologized for Jim not being home.“Oh, well I guess we’re alone then,” I said with a lecherous smile.Gwen looked a bit shocked and alarmed when she realized that she was indeed completely alone with me for the first time.She was slowly backing up as I slipped my arms fethiye escort around her waist and pulled her to me.“Bill, don’t,” she whispered as I kissed her neck and ran my tongue through her gorgeous blonde hair.“I want you, Gwen,” I whispered in her ear as I pushed my hard bulge against her crotch. She tried in vain to push me away, but she wasn’t trying very hard.I was pushing her into the living room where I pushed her against the back of the sofa. I was between her legs and humping her and started to kiss her hard on the lips.She kissed me back only briefly before pushing me off and tried to leave the room. I followed her to the bedroom and grabbed her around the waist from behind.“Don’t, Bill. You know we can’t do this.”“I don’t know that, Gwen,” I said as I pushed her face down on the bed and ripped down her slacks and panties.I held her down with one hand as I pushed my shorts down with the other, then pulled my cock out of my boxer shorts. I spread her legs and easily pushed my cock into her.”Ooh. Don’t,” Gwen whispered but did not attempt to stop me.I leaned over her, grabbed her shoulders, and started to thrust slowly into her warm, wet pussy. I kissed her neck and behind her ear and whispered, “I’m finally fucking you, Gwen.”She just moaned and pushed her ass up so that I could penetrate her further.“You like my cock don’t you?”“Yes,” she whispered.Gwen was letting me fuck her and was getting aroused against her will. She started to moan with each thrust of my hard cock.“Don’t cum inside me. I’m not on the pill.”“That’s not my problem, Gwen. I’m going to shoot off so deep inside you that you’ll feel it.”“Please don’t.”I lay down on her back, buried my face in her gorgeous blonde hair, and rammed my cock into her over and over until she had an orgasm.“Mmm! Fuck me, Bill!” she moaned as it ravaged her body.When her orgasm was over, I stopped thrusting so I wouldn’t cum. I wanted this opportunity to last. I had been fantasizing about fucking Gwen for four years, so I wasn’t about to get it over with quickly.As the threat of my climax subsided, Gwen recovered from her orgasm. She was panting trying to catch her breath.“I’m going to fuck you all afternoon, Gwen. I’ve wanted you for so long!” I whispered as I nibbled her ear and started to thrust into her again.I straightened up and pulled her hands behind her back and started to pound into her again. The actuality of fucking Gwen was unbelievable! It was so much better than my fantasies! Her hair was softer than I had imagined. Her pussy was tighter than I had imagined. And the way she moaned through an orgasm was sexier than I had imagined.As another orgasm tempted to ravish Gwen’s body, I stopped thrusting, leaving her wanting. Her hips were thrusting up involuntarily.“Don’t stop!”“Do you want me to fuck you, Gwen?”“Yes! Fuck me! I’m cumming again!” she begged.I released her hands, put my hand over her mouth, and pulled her up against my chest.“Mmm!” she moaned in surprise.With Gwen’s head against my face, I rammed up into her, lifting her off the floor with each thrust.“Cum now, Gwen. Cum on my cock while I fuck you,” I whispered in her ear.“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” she moaned as a second orgasm swept through her body.I held her tight as it made her alanya escort body convulse. I loved her orgasms and I hoped she loved them on my cock.As Gwen’s orgasm let her relax, I shoved up into her one last time and shot my load, giving her five or six good spurts of cum.“Mmm!” she moaned when she felt it filling her cunt.“Oh, your body feels so good, Gwen! I want to fuck you again whenever Jim is gone.”“We can’t, Bill.”“Sure we can. We should wife swap sometime.”“Jim won’t want to do that.”“Talk to him and talk to Sharon. They might want to.”“I don’t know.”“You loved the way I fucked you. I know you did. So if you want me again, you’ll at least try.”“Okay.”I crawled on the bed and Gwen cuddled up to me. I ran my fingers through her gorgeous hair as we went to sleep.I woke up about an hour later. It was three o’clock and Jim might be home within an hour.“Gwen! I should go before Jim comes home.”“Okay.”“But I want a nice blowjob first.”Before she could agree or disagree, I climbed on her chest and pushed my cock into her warm mouth. She eagerly opened for me, but wouldn’t let me go down her throat.“Give me your throat, Gwen,” I said strongly.“I can’t do that,” she protested.“I bet you can. Just extend your tongue and let me slowly push in.”She did as I suggested and pushed her tongue forward under my cock, allowing me to slowly push down her throat.“Agg!” she gagged hard and tried to push me out.I pushed forward and held my cock in her throat as she gagged again. When she gagged it squeezed my cock and felt so good that I started to cum.“Agg! Agg!” Gwen gagged as my cum spurted down her throat.I grabbed her head with one hand and leaned over to thrust even deeper as my cock spit five or six spurts of cum down into her stomach.Even though she was struggling, I managed to shoot off in her mouth against her attempts to stop me…and it felt good.When my cock was empty, I pulled out of Gwen’s mouth and she coughed and swallowed to clear her virgin throat. She’d never had a cock so deep in her mouth before and had never felt warm cum slipping down her throat.Before she could say anything, I asked, “Wasn’t that good?”“No! I’ve never done that before!”“I know, but it was time that you did.”“How would you know that? Has Jim talked to you about our sex life?”“Yeah. We compare notes.”“What?”“We even discussed wife swapping.”“I should have known.”“I should go. You’re a really nice fuck, Gwen, and I want you again, so talk to Jim and Sharon about wife swapping.”“I’ll think about it.”We kissed and I left. My cock was still wet with Gwen’s saliva as I drove away. I felt privileged that I’d been the first one to fuck her throat and shoot my load down it.- – – – -“Hello?”“Hey, it’s Jim.”“Hey! What’s up?”“You’ll never believe this, but Gwen asked me if I wanted to wife swap with you guys.”“Oh my god! Really?”“Yep.”“And what did you say?”“I played it cool and said I’d think about it. I even said that I didn’t think that you or Sharon would want to.”“Good.”“And she said she was going to talk to Sharon if I wanted her to.”“Wow! That’s amazing!”Obviously, Jim had no idea that I’d already fucked Gwen and that I’d cum in her throat.“So I guess I’ll expect Sharon to ask me about it.”“Yep.”“Jeez! This is working out better ataşehir escort than I ever expected!”“I know!”- – – – -After Sharon and I had sex that night, she broached the subject.“Guess what Gwen asked me today?”“What?”“She asked if we had ever thought about wife swapping.”“Really? What did you say?”“I said we hadn’t.”We lay there a few awkward minutes when she asked, “Would you want to?”“I don’t know. Would you?”“Well, Jim is handsome and he flirts with me all the time.”“So you would be open to it.”“I guess so. I know that you think Gwen is hot.”“Yeah, she is.”“So I should tell Gwen we’ll think about it?”“Just tell her we will. Why say we’ll think about it?”“Okay.”Sharon cuddled up to me and started to stroke my cock, something she’d never done after sex before.“Can we make love again?” she whispered in my ear.“I think you want to.”“I do.”- – – – -The following Saturday, Jim came to our house and I went to his house. We had agreed to meet at Denny’s at ten the next morning for breakfast.Gwen was waiting at the door in a red teddy, her long blonde hair cascading down over her shoulders like I’d never seen it do before. She was the very vision of a sex goddess and I got an immediate erection.“Wow! Look at you! I think you’re looking forward to tonight’s activities.”She slipped her arms around my neck and whispered, “I am. I really loved the way you fucked me before. I found out that I like to be forced.”“Mmm! Then I’ll have to force you won’t I?”We kissed passionately as I held her tight against my body. She was so willing and so aroused that I would have to be resourceful if I was going to ‘force her.’Gwen led me to the bedroom and immediately dropped to her knees to give me a blowjob.“Fuck my throat the way you did before. I liked that.”“You did, huh?”“Yes.”So, I took her blonde head in my hands and pushed my cock down her throat. I didn’t wait for her to lick it or suck it. I just shoved it down her throat all the way…all eight inches.“Agg!” she gagged hard, but let me keep pushing.“Agg! Agg!” she gagged repeatedly as I fucked her throat.With that going on, it didn’t take me long to shoot off. I pulled hard on her head to force my cock deep into her throat as it started to spurt. Her throat felt so good and my climax was so strong that I almost lost my balance. I looked down at her blonde head pressed against my stomach and the sight extended my climax. Gwen was so gorgeous and looked so sexy in her red teddy lingerie, that I could have held my cock in her throat all night. I had been dreaming of it for years and now it was happening!After that strong climax, it took me a good thirty minutes to recover, so we cuddled and talked before I crawled between her legs and fucked her through two orgasms. She squeezed her pussy muscles tightly around my cock and won’t let it go until they both had run their course.We fucked several times that night. I lost count. We would cuddle and nap for a while, then fuck again. Gwen was insatiable that night and I figured that it was because of our wife swapping. Jim had never described her as being insatiable.- – – – -The next morning at Denny’s, Sharon looked fabulous! She had a radiant smile on her face and I couldn’t wait to get her home and fuck her brains out.Jim told me the next day that Gwen now loved to swallow his cum and said he didn’t know what I did, but he loved it.“How were Sharon’s blowjobs?”“They were great! You’re a lucky guy.”“Just to give you a hint, you can force Gwen to take your cock down her throat. She’ll let you cum in her throat, too.”“Really? That’s what you did?”“Yep.”“Jeez! I’ll try that. Thanks.”

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