Wife Submits To Her New Lesbian Lover

Wife Submits To Her New Lesbian Lover
It has been two weeks since I learned that my neighbor Angela had turned my wife Carol into her submissive lesbian lover. I returned from a five day business trip and that night I noticed that Carol’s ass had several reddish marks on it. I asked Carol what happened and she explained that she had fallen off a treadmill at the gym and bruised her whole back. What I really suspected was that Angela was being a little “rough” when she made love to my petite wife. I called Rob a retired cop friend of mine and told him the whole story. Rob said “don’t worry I’ll do a “bag job” (i*****l entry) to her house and find out what I can.

I left town for a week and when I got home Rob had left me a message. He said “I found out quite a bit, let’s meet for lunch.” Rob had checked out Angela’s house and the only thing he saw was a picture of my wife and Angela on Angela’s dresser. Then he went to check out the downstairs and the door was padlocked, of course as any decent Detective would do he picked the lock and soon learned why the basement was padlocked. In the basement was a bedroom that was set up as a bondage parlor. Rob said “Sorry Al, but it looks like your wife and her girlfriend are into some strange stuff.” Then he said, I took the liberty of setting up a small voice activated panoramic camera in there to film them, here’s the tape from when you were gone”.

I got home and put the tape in my VCR (this is the 1990’s) and the tape began. The walls of the room were painted black and various bondage devices (whips, handcuffs, chains and ropes) hung on the wall. There was also a small couch and a large four poster bed with ropes attached to each corner to tie someone down. What really shocked me was that in the corner was a large wooden whipping post with a chain suspended from the top to tie up a handcuffed slave for a flogging or beating.

Then my wife and Angela come into view. Carol had on a short leather mini-skirt, black nylons and black leather bra and a small leather vest, she was wearing “Goth” black make-up and looked totally different from my meek suburban housewife I was married to. Angela had on a low cut spandex top and no bra so you could clearly see her nipples. She had no makeup on and was wearing a pair of skin tight leather pants and long leather boots. Angela was obviously the dominant dyke in this scenario.

Both of them kissed passionately and Angela ran her hands over every part of my young wife’s thin body. She unclasped Carol’s bra and began sucking on her small nipples until her small areolas were rock hard. Then her hand went up Carol’s mini skirt as she rubbed her pussy. Soon Carol was moaning from the pleasure of her body being used in this manner. After a few minutes of this Angela said “baby, take your skirt off and lay down”. As my wife’s leather skirt dropped to the floor I saw why she was moaning when Angela’s hand went up her skirt. Carol had no panties on and Angela had been fingering her pussy the whole time.

Carol and Angela lay back on the bed and my wife lay on her back and instinctively spread her arms and her legs out. She obviously had been tied up in this manner before. Angela went around the bed tying Carol’s arms and legs to each corner. There was no way my wife could move at all with these taught ropes holding her down. Angela got on her knees in bed and squatted over my wife’s face. She then raised her head a little so her tongue could reach Angela’s pussy. She began by licking her lovers shaved cunt from the bottom to the top as her tongue parted Angela’s labial lips. She raised her head more despite the ropes so her tongue could go deeper into Angela’s pussy. She spent a lot of time exploring Angela’s inner pussy until Angela lowered her pussy so that her clitoris was tight over Carol’s mouth. Angela commanded “suck my clit, till I cum”. My submissive wife did as she was told, Carol alternated between her tongue rapidly flicking over Angela’s sensuous nub, and her mouth sucking Angela’s whole clitoris into her mouth. Angela began to move her hips back and forth over Carol’s face Then Angela’s hips went still as my wife sucked her new lover’s whole pussy in her mouth. Angela cried out “Ohhh my god don’t stop, don’t stop, keep sucking it, don’t stop, please”!!!!! Carol obliged her masculine lover and continued to suck her pussy.

Soon Angela let out a loud scream her first orgasm was like a thunderclap her whole body tensed up as wave after wave of Sapphic pleasure overcame her whole body. My wife’s face was coated in a shiny liquid that had squirted from Angela’s pussy. Angela moved lightly back and forth over my wife’s face as my wife sucked and licked her pussy. Then Angela stood still with her clitoris right in Carol’s mouth as Carol sucked her engorged button. Angela could not take any more she yelled “slow down baby” as my wife’s mouth ceased her sucking. Angela fell back exhausted on the bed. Angela then took Carol in her arms and kissed her as she untied my wife. They both just held each other in a warm embrace.

Then Angela’s whole demeanor changed, she said, hey Carol, Rhonda told me that before I got to the bar you danced with Jean and made out with her? Carol said, yeh we danced and kissed once or twice, and I pulled down her blouse and sucked on her nipples. You know I like Jean but nothing else has ever happened between us. Angela was furious and shot out of bed to get a set of handcuffs. She came back to bed, flipped Carol over and handcuffed her. Then she got a wide leather collar with a large ring on it and buckled it around Carol’s neck.
You could tell Angela was really mad as she grabbed my wife pulled her out of bed and led her to the post in the corner. Angela grabbed a chain that was attached to the top of the post and clipped it to the ring on Carol’s collar. Then she took a large leather strap that was attached to the post and tied it around her waist. She ripped off Carol’s leather skirt and her naked ass was fully exposed now. What surprised me was that Carol did not seem surprised, she had obviously been whipped before. That’s where all those red marks I noticed a week ago had come from.

Angela yelled at Carol “OK bitch, you get fifty with the flogger or ten with the whip”!!! Carol said “the whip hurts more, but go ahead, I deserve it”. Angela went over to her wall and took down a four foot whip and snapped it in the air, it made a loud crack and Carol shuddered knowing that the instrument was soon going to be used on her. Angela placed herself to the rear and to the left of Carol so she could get good aim. Angela yelled out “one” as her arm swung back and the whip whirled through the air and found its mark. Carol screamed, in pain as a large red welt appeared on her ass. Then Angela screamed “cheat on me asshole” as her arm went back and the whip hit Carol’s buttocks for a second time. Angela followed with two more strikes as tears streamed down her face. Red welts soon appeared on her ass cheeks. Carol pleaded through her sobbing, “I’ll never fuck around on you again, I promise”. With that Angela said this will teach you!!! And gave her another crack.

Then something really strange began to happen, Carol began to pant heavily, her chest heaved up and down, and she began to smile, the next lash came and she just let out a small moan. Angela’s seventh lash was much lighter and Carol smiled and purred like a kitten. The eight came and it occurred to me that she was beginning to enjoy herself. By the time the ninth came she let out a loud moan as she had an orgasm. By now Carol was writhing in pleasure on the post when the tenth one hit. She screamed as she had an orgasm from the mix of pain and pleasure.

Then Angela changed back to a caring lover she put her whip away got a large jar of salve and began coating Carol’s beet red ass with it. As she did so she raised her head and French kissed Carol as she untied her. Carol fell to the floor exhausted from the whipping. Angela helped her up and laid her on the bed. She took the salve and spread it on her hand. Carol raised her body upwards so Angela could massage her pussy. First Angela gently massaged her clitoris with just two fingers as she and stroked Carol’s inner pussy. Then came a third finger as Carol began to writhe in pleasure on the bed. Carol cried out “give me all of them”, Angela made a fist and put it at the entrance to Carol’s pussy, she slowly twisted her hand in a circular motion around the entrance to my wife’s cunt to get her relaxed for the large penetration that was to come. Then all four fingers went inside her, the thumb followed and now Angela’s entire hand was in her small pussy. Angela gently eased more of her hand inside her until it was up to her wrist. She slowly twisted and moved her hand in and out as she fisted my young wife who squirmed underneath her. Then with her ass still red from the whipping she let out a loud guttural scream, her whole body spasmed, her hips moved up and down as she rode her lovers fist. It was incredible!!! she had never had an orgasm like that even on our wedding night. Angela’s hand was still inside her when she came a second time. Then Carol said “OK, I’m done” so Angela slowed her hand down and gently brought her lover down from her orgasm.

Angela gently slid her fist from Carol’s swollen pussy.
They both laughed when Carol said “honey I don’t even know anyone named Jean”. Then I knew this whole thing was a sex fantasy they were playing out.

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