Wife Stories: Lisa


Wife Stories: LisaIntroductionThis hot tub feels amazing. The warm water, bubbling, gurgling all around my naked body. I close my eyes, lean my head back, hearing the sounds of my three beautiful daughters loving on a black man. They are sitting across from me, Angela, Alice, Jules, along with TJ.I hope my eyes, watching them run their hands over his huge black muscles, kiss at his face, shoulders, chest, and take turns sucking and stroking the monster cock poking out of the bubbling water. I moan, thinking about how good it felt to bounce up and down on that cock, just a few minutes ago. Mothers go first. I slid off him after I climaxed, leaving him to my girls. They devoured him with kisses, licks, strokes, and soon they’ll take turns riding him like I did. They love black men – just like their mother. I lean back, smiling, once more. Mmm, I so love black cock. I think about the past fifteen years, I think about all the black men I’ve had, my addiction to them.It’s an addiction that caused me to ruin not one, but two marriages.-1-Kirk was my high school sweetheart, the father of my c***dren, my first husband. He was a hard worker, a good man, maybe not the best in bed, but he tried his best.We married younger, around 20 or so. We had help from our parents with our young k**s while we finished college. It took us six years to graduate, working part time jobs, but we did.I got my first real job at a marketing and advertising company at age 24. Kirk was in IT.Three things led me to cheating with black men. Firstly, a bland sex life. As we moved toward our late 20’s, work, k**s, and so on was the forefront – sex, not so much. Second, a majority of our clients were African-American operated or marketed companies. It wasn’t a choice on my part; I simply wanted a job in my field. As a result, there were parties, client events that we organized or attended. I found myself around black men and women quite a bit.Third, black men seemed to adore me. It was all very innocent at first. I’d receive looks or comments in the gym. I’d receive compliments at work on my new skirt or blouse. I’d catch a few clients or coworkers looking at me, staring at my body, as if they wanted it. Admittedly, this was somewhat of a turn on. No one looked at me like that anymore. I thought about how all the hours in the gym paid off. Sadly, Kirk never noticed. For around four years, all I did was befriend, playfully flirt with the various black men I worked with and worked for. While Kirk was at home, sleeping, I’d be attending a huge fundraiser event we organized for hip-hop record label. Nothing happened other than flirting, drinking, dancing. The main memory I have from a night long ago was dancing with a black coworker. We both were fairly drunk and our flirtations pushed the line for more than usual.“Ain’t no way I can get home like this,” he said, his breath smelling of vodka. “Me neither,” I slurred back.“We can get a room nearby,” he suggested as we danced.“Oh yeah? What for?” I smiled up at him.He spun me around, pulled me against his crotch, “You feel that big dick, baby?”I gasped, then bit my bottom lip, not turning around. He was drying humping me from behind. He put his hands in my long, dark hair, pulling me back against his chest. “I don’t give a fuck if you married, I been wanting that pussy for a long time!”Oh wow was his erection huge. I was lost on the dance floor, wanting it inside me. I moaned, swerving my ass across his crotch.“You gonna give me some of that pussy tonight, baby? You know all our clients talk to me about how much they want it. We all want it,” he whispered.“I, uh,” was all I could get out. I closed my eyes feeling his big bulge against my butt. When he kissed my neck, my eyes snapped opened, I came to my senses and pushed him away, apologizing. I stepped outside, clearing my head, thinking about what just happened. When I re-entered the dance hall the event was booked at, I saw him with another white woman. I think she worked for the hip-hop label. She was going to town on my coworker, dancing against him, kissing him, pulling her dress up for him.I left the event, drove 10 miles under the speed limit, inebriated, and luckily got home safely. I showered and crawled into bed next to Kirk. I felt like I dodged a bullet, but still, something was tugging at me. The big erection, the way he talked to me, the fact he said all the black clients and other coworkers talked about me, how they wanted me.I shook those thoughts from my head and tried to go to sleep. I thought about initiating sex with Kirk the next day, but deep down I didn’t really feel like it – it wasn’t all that great anyway.-2-I tried to do the right thing. I looked for other jobs, hoping to remove myself from an environment where so many black men wanted to have sex with me. I admitted to myself how much it turned me on, but also how dangerous it was to be around that. I asked myself if I’d cheat, my answer was always the same: I don’t know. My job search wasn’t as successful as I liked. I had a few recruiters calling me sending me positions, setting up phone screens and interviews. None was going well. The flirts continued, the stares continued, the guys at the gym cat-called. I changed gyms, the same thing happened there too – the black men loved me. “Damn you smell good, Lisa!” a different black coworker said in the break room one morning. I smiled politely and nodded. I checked my email at my desk – a recruiter sent me one, telling me yet another interview failed. I was expecting to read something like “Hey, Lisa, sorry they are changing direction with the role.” Or maybe even, “Hi! Interview went great, but they are going to keep interviewing candidates. I’ll keep you posted!”This email was far different. “Lisa, I have some interesting news from the interview last week. Can I call you? It’s not bad news per say, but just something you may want to think about going forward with your job search.”I immediately called the recruiter. “So, bad news first. They are going with another candidate,” he said. I sighed, “Alright.”“The good news, kind of, is the reason they are doing so. They told me you are, well,” he paused, lowering his voice. “They said you a very attractive woman. They used the word sexy.”“Uh, what?”“Yeah, I mean we haven’t met you in person, but they said it could be a problem in their office environment.”“I can change. I can wear different clothes, I can get a horrible haircut.”He laughed, “No, no it’s fine. Listen, I’m going to keep looking for other positions. I’d hate for you to change who you are.”“Who I am?” I thought, looking over to my coworker. He looked away, he had been staring at me, maybe at my legs. I pulled my skirt down an inch or two.“Yes. I tell candidates all the time – be truthful and be yourself. I’m going to keep looking. I know of a publishing company that you may be a good fit for.”We ended our call, I sat at my desk, looking to my thighs. Deep down I liked dressing like this, I like the attention – even if it was wrong. Maybe if I worked at a place with all straight women, I could dress this way.I used the bathroom, then checked my hair. I glanced at my body. “They love it,” I thought of the black men ogling and flirting with me. “Does Kirk?”I turned around, looking at my ass, “I’d hope he does.”I left the bathroom, not watching where I was going and collided with another coworker.“I’m sorry, baby girl. You ok?” he said.“Uh, yeah, sorry.”“Mmm, Lisa, you look real fine in that dress,” he complimented me.“Thanks,” I brushed passed him.“Hey, you ok?”“Fine,” I said, not turning around. When I rounded the corner, my peripheral vision caught him still standing there in the hallway. I glanced toward him, he was smiling at me, no doubt looking at my ass.That night, after the k**s were finally asleep, the house was finally quiet, I surprised Kirk by snuggling up to him. “Job search going ok?” he asked.“Not really.”“Sorry,” he held me in his arms. “Something work out, don’t worry.”“Yeah,” my hand slid down his body, finding his boxers, reaching for his flaccid cock. He laughed when I played with it.“Do you want to? You know,” He suggested.“I think I do,” I smiled, playing with his cock as it gained strength.“You can, uh, you know, play with it first. You don’t have to, but you can,” he said.He wanted a blowjob, something I rarely felt like giving. I took him in all the way to the back of my mouth. I took his entire length with ease, no gagging, no stretching, no effort. My nose was in his bush of pubic hair, my forehead against his lower abdomen. I sucked on it a few minutes, becoming bored, wanting a cock in me. I climbed on top, guided him in, barely feeling it and rode him. Banging my clit against him, I thought about work. That led to thoughts of all the black men flirting and complimenting me. That led to thoughts of that night of the dance fundraiser. Which led to thoughts of me dancing with my coworker, and feeling his huge erection against me. Finally, that led to thoughts of me leaving with him, getting a room and having sex all night. I was cumming – hard. Kirk was too. He was panting, whimpering, while I struggled to keep quiet after an extremely powerful orgasm coursed through me. “Wow,” he whispered when I laid on his chest. “Yeah,” I whispered back, seeing myself having sex with one or all of my black coworkers and clients. I imagined them taking turns with me. I imagined me meeting up somewhere, cheating and cumming every night.I quickly slid off Kirk and took a shower, rubbing my clit as I climaxed two more times picturing myself riding a black man and cheating.After my shower, I dried off, and climbed nude into bed. Kirk was asleep.“I have to get away from that place. Before I do something I’ll regret,” was my last thought before sleep overtook me.-3-A couple weeks later, on the verge of walking out of work if another black man complimented, I finally got a call.I was angrier at myself for not changing, not changing my attire, my hair, makeup – myself. But at the same I didn’t want to change myself. I liked wearing sexy dresses, I liked working out to keep my body sexy. I wondered if deep down I was doing this for Kirk, or someone else.Those thoughts diminished over the next few weeks. I got a job at a publishing company, one that handled several different nationwide magazines. I was to sell ad space. One thing I noticed during the entire interview process was there were black males, or males period. I was thankful I wouldn’t have to deal with their flirts, and more so, my deep desire to be fucked by one. Out of sight, out of mind, or so I hoped.All the women were friendly, talkative, and similar to me in style. Perhaps my recruiter found a perfect match for me after all. We all got along great, talking about shopping, k**s, and so on.The first few weeks were great. I was becoming acquainted with everyone and all the various projects and accounts. Sex with Kirk and I was at an all-time high. I still fantasized about being taken by a black man, cumming hard on Kirk, when I did. But sex was sex. I let that little fantasy remain in my head during intercourse with Kirk or masturbation. I thought there was no harm to it. Things changed about a month into my tenure. I was assigned to a specific magazine to sell ad space for. It was called Elite Magazine and was marketed toward black males age 18-35. I almost broke out in a cold sweat. I hoped and feared I’d only be talking with clients on the phone. I didn’t want to risk being around anyone, potentially flirtatious black men, and cross lines.I felt dread, lust and arousal, and finally, anger at myself when I met the Elite Magazine executive I’d be working with.His name was Robert. He was huge, like a mountain. He also recently moved out to LA. I faked a smile, shook his huge hand, introducing myself.“Miss Lisa, nice to meet you. I look forward to working with you on this wonderful publication,” He grinned, glancing to my cleavage. “Yes, great, I have a meeting room Avcılar Escort reserved,” I groaned inwardly, knowing his eyes were all me when we followed me down the hall.He said hello to every single woman there. He stopped to flirt with some, asking about another’s husband, asking of another’s daughter. All the women flirted back. Some hugged him, some even brought him down to ear level to whisper something in his ear. He laughed at whatever comment was made. “Nice new conference room, Miss Lisa. So glad I’ll be here much more often,” Robert said, taking a seat next to me. He smelled wonderful.“Yes, I like here to. Anyway, I have some ad space mockups to go over with you,” I said flipping through my design print offs.“We can later, Miss Lisa. Let’s chat a bit. Get to know each other.”“Alright, um, well, I got my degree in marketing. I worked at –““No, no,” he chuckled. “Tell me about your personal life. You married? Got any pets?”“Um, well, yes. I’m married, k**s, all that.”“Wonderful. I love to hear that,” He said.“What do you mean?”“A career woman, out there, working, providing, caring for a family. A secret party a****l.”“Hah. Well I wouldn’t say I’m a party a****l.”“I bet you are, Miss Lisa. You probably go out clubbing with your girls, let hubby deal with the k**s.”“Well, not really,” I said.“We’re all on big family here. Tonight I’m heading out, I’ve been inviting some of your coworkers here, I’ll invite you too. Go home, get freshened up, and meet me at a new club tonight.”“I don’t know if I can.”“Well, think about it. We’ll unwind, get to know one another even more, and build a wonderful work relationship,” Robert suggested.“I see. I’ll think about it. Now then, let me show you what we’ve been working on.” I went on with the presentation, his invitation in the back of my mind. I thought maybe I could do it. Just flirt, drink, that’s it. It wouldn’t lead anywhere. We had lunch with him another coworker. They flirted quite a bit. She sat in the front seat of his car, his hand was on her thigh. I noticed she was wearing a wedding ring, like me. “Alright, Miss Lisa. Her and I are going to have a quick meeting, then I’ll meet you back in the conference room,” Robert said as we walked indoors from the parking lot. His hand was around her waist. An hour or so later, he appeared, his suit slightly unkempt, he looked as though he was sweating. Wiping his forehead, he sat next to me once again. The rest of the day was filled with legitimate work. Before I left for the day, he reminded me again to meet up later for drinks. He gave me the address, he said others were invited. I shrugged, and told him it depended on when the k**s were in bed and everyone was settled in.In my mind I could handle it. He was the only black man I saw or worked with at this new job. I wasn’t surrounded by flirting, complimentary black men like I was at my last job. I figured I could go, have a drink, socialize with my coworkers, and that’d be it.-4-I lied to Kirk, saying I was going out with a few girls from work. He gave me a funny look when I appeared wearing a tiny red and black zebra pattern dress. It was tiny. I hadn’t worn it in years, but it still fit. “Why are you wearing that?” he asked.“The girls told me to wear something hot. So I am,” I said, adjusted my makeup. “Well when are you getting home?”“Probably later. You’ll be asleep.”“Yeah, but,” Kirk said.“But what?” I turned to him, grabbing my purse. “The invited me out, I want to fit in. I’ll have a drink and chat, then come home.”“Alright, fine,” he shrugged, looking down. “Please be careful.”“I will!” I kissed his cheek and left.****I was tricked. At least I think I was. I was the only woman from the office that showed up. One drink, chat, then go home was the mantra I kept repeating in my head. “Miss Lisa! Damn, baby girl you look good!” Robert said, handing me a cranberry and vodka.“Thanks,” I said. He told me the others couldn’t make it. I’m not sure I believed him.We sat at a booth, sipping our drinks, Robert dangerously close to me. I didn’t mind. “So your hubby doesn’t mind his sexy wife is out at a club?” Robert asked.“I told him it was work related.”“Well, it is. I want to talk to you about work,” Robert said. “Oh?”Robert leaned in close, whispering in my ear, “You know I’m fucking every white pussy in that office, right?”“Excuse me?” I said, pushing myself away. He sipped his drink.“You heard me, Miss Lisa.”I didn’t know what to say. I immediately wanted to leave, to get away from him or any tendencies I fear have developed in me.“Why do you think everyone is so happy there? Now that I’m out here in LA more often, things are going to be real good.”I grabbed my purse, but he grabbed my arm, “Don’t leave, Miss Lisa. I just want to talk to you.”He pulled against him, his arm around me, speaking into my ear once more. “You know all those women there are good at what they do. They sell ads, close deals, and love black dick. If you want to be a success there, you’ll get on your knees and suck cock. You’ll bend over and give that married white pussy to a brother. You understand?”“I, um,” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I looked around the crowded night club, people dancing, drinking all around us. I left on job because all the black men flirted with me, making me feel like I could give in any moment and cheat. Now here I was, with Robert at my new job, and he was out right telling me if I wanted to be successful, then I needed to cheat. “Miss Lisa?” I said, his large hand gently landing on mine. I looked away from him, shaking my head. That’s when I felt it. My eyes widen, my mouth hung open. I was touch another man’s penis. Robert put his hand on his exposed member, under the table.I immediately jerked it away. I stood, grabbed my purse and took a step.“Hey!” he yelled over the hip-hop music. I turned around and nearly fainted at the site of the biggest, fattest cock I’d ever seen. Robert was grinning at me, grabbing it by the base, banging it against the side of the table. I was frozen, staring at it. “You want it? Come get it. I guarantee you that you’ll go far. You want raises, you want to make more sales, you want to rise up the ladder? Then come get this dick.”Maybe it was fate. Maybe it was what I was meant for at the time. There was no more running or denying what I wanted, what I fantasize about while having sex with my husband. A huge black cock was right there for the taking. I sat next to Robert, I gulped my drink down. I grabbed his drink and chugged it next. I slamming the glass on the table, wiped the back of my mouth and went to my knees.It was the most incredible experience I ever had until that point. I was on my knees, under a table at a night club, sucking on the biggest cock I’d ever seen. I was furiously rubbing my clit while I worked his cock. It stretched my mouth, my lips, hardly fitting. My hand couldn’t even close all the way around it. I was moaning non-stop, loving the taste, the smell, his thick, fat cockhead. “I’m a cheater, I’m cheating,” I thought, licking the sides of his shaft. “But this cock,” I closed my mouth as best I could around its top. “Is perfect.”I never felt so sexy as I brought myself an orgasm while sucking his cock from under the table. A good thirty minutes of cock sucking passed. I was tired, my mouth and jaws hurt. Robert tapped my head, telling me to stop. I climbed up in the booth next to him, my hand still on his cock, jacking it.“You coming back to my place to night, Miss Lisa. I’m stretching that pussy out. You’ll have to tell your husband you’ll be late.”I nodded my head, watching him put his cock back into his pants. I followed him back to his apartment, I didn’t call Kirk. -5-“Oh shit, you want that black dick inside you, don’t you?” Robert said, as I pushed him as best I could into his apartment.He fell back onto his couch. I straddled him, kissing him, his hands on my ass.“You gonna cheat tonight?” he said, breaking the kiss.“Mmhmm,” I moaned, kissing him hard again. “You gonna get what you’ve been craving?”“Yes,” I said, standing in front of him, removing my tiny dress.“Good girl, Miss Lisa. You’ll learn this is how Elite Magazine functions,” Robert said, watching me remove my thong and bra.I straddled him again, grabbing the base of his cock.“Wait now, just wait. Is your husband big like me?” he asked.I shook my head. “Here,” he reached over to the small tabled next to couch, grabbing some lube. He squirted a little bit on his cock. “I’m guessing that married pussy of yours is soaking wet, but every little bit helps.”He set the lube back on the table, slapped my ass, and told me to get to work. “Earn that paycheck, climb that ladder.”“Ahhh shit!” I screamed out after impaling myself on Robert’s fat cock.“That’s it. Get it! I’m guessing husband can’t stretch you out like me,” he said.“So big! Shit!”“Uh huh. Take it easy, Miss Lisa. You got all night. You’ll be a start employee,” Robert said.“I can’t believe, I can’t believe how fat it is,” I said, struggling to breath as his cock stretched me out.“Mmhmm, made for stretching white pussy.”He was finally all the way in. I was shaking, my pussy was shaking, I’ve never cum like that before – simply from being penetrated.“Ah yeah, work that body now,” he slapped my ass again. “Cum on that cock. Cum like you don’t cum on your husband’s.”“No. I do cum on it,” I said, catching my breath.“Oh yeah?”“When I’m fantasizing about being with a black man.”“Ha! Sounds like this has been pent up for a while”“It has.”Robert grinned, gripping my ass, sucking my tits, “Good. Enough talking. Ride that dick.”****“Oh fuck!” the hours went by as I fucked that black man’s brains out. Up and down I’d bounce his big cock. He’d watch me, smiling at me, slapping my ass, encouraging me. “Fuck yes!” I’d scream in Robert’s apartment. I never, ever, had sex with my husband, like I did with a black man. I couldn’t believe I had been missing out on this. I came over and over on Robert’s black cock, just like he wanted me to. It was so good, so big, so thick. With each passing moment, with each passing orgasm, my feelings for Kirk faded away. Eventually Robert stood, taking me with him, and walked me to his bed room. He slammed me on his bed, climbed on top and fucked my white, married pussy, like it had never been fucked before. “Come on, Miss Lisa! Cum on that black dick!” Robert said, slamming into me, my legs spread far as they could go. His bed banged against the wall, “Give me that white pussy!”He leaned down and kissed me for the first time, “You gonna let me fill this pussy up?”“Uh huh,” I kissed back, sucking on that big tongue of his. I never kissed my husband so lewdly. “You gonna win all kind of clients. Get on your knees, suck them dicks. Bend over, offer that white pussy. You do this and you’ll go far with Elite Magazine,” Robert said, still fucking me. “You’ll have black dick every day,” his words alone brought another orgasm over me. “Yes!” I cried out, thinking about continuing to cheat, to have sex at work with Robert, or clients.He pulled out, flipped me over, and slid right back in. He brought my hips up and took me like an a****l. I gripped the sheets of his bed. Kirk had never taken me like this, he never fucked me. We had sex, sure, but it wasn’t like this.Robert was tiring, I was too. He pulled me by my hair up against his chest, thrusted several hard times, and filled me with semen. After he unloaded his balls in me, he licked my neck, grabbed a tit with his free hand, and threw me back onto my tummy. I watched him pull out, his cock covered in cum and my pussy juices. Without being asked, I immediately cleaned him with my mouth.He laughed as he watched me, “Yeah, you gonna do just fine. You got some of the best pussy in that office – it’s even better that you’re married. Stay that way if you can. Makes it more fun for me, knowing the white pussy I’m hittin’ is married.”I moaned as I sucked remnants of cum from his cock, as I licked it clean, as I thought Avcılar Escort about his words.Perhaps he told all the women they were the best pussy he had. I didn’t care as I swirled my tongue around his fat cockhead. I said goodnight to him a little later, he assured me we’d fuck again on Monday at the office.When I got home, the house was quiet, the k**s and Kirk still asleep. I looked long and hard in the mirror of our bathroom. I looked at my disheveled dark hair, tiny, slutty dress. I thought about how sexy I felt fucking that black man. “Monday, huh?” I asked myself, undressing, stepping in the shower to wash another man’s cum off and out of my pussy. In the process I rubbed my clit, working myself up again, thinking about Robert, or any black man, joining me in the shower. When I climaxed I moaned pretty loudly, I wondered if it’d wake Kirk. It didn’t. A few moments later, naked, I climbed into bed next to him with a smile on my face. I ignored guilt, feeling as though what just happened that evening was destiny and I was meant for it.The next day Kirk was in the kitchen and asked if I drank a lot, since he noticed I was naked when he woke up. I laughed, hugged him, and kissed his cheek. “Yeah,” I thought. “I drank semen.”-6-Every single day of the following week, Robert and I fucked at the office.We’d have a meeting, then have sex. We had lunch together, then had sex. Each day I was getting home later and later. Finally, on Friday, I made a call to Kirk.“Hey sweetie,” I said when he answered. Robert entered my office, whipped out his bug, donkey dick.“Listen, I need to stay later again. I have a HUGE problem to tend to,” I lied, while staring at a black man’s big cock. Kirk understood, saying he’d deal with the k**s. I hung up, climbed up on my desk, ripped my top off and kissed Robert. He spun me around, bent me over my desk, and tore my married, white pussy apart!That weekend, I had to take one of my daughters on a playdate. I dropped her off at the park, quickly made up an excuse, telling the other mom I had to get my car looked at. She didn’t mind watching my daughter. I sped over to Roberts apartment. After I banged on his door, I stripped naked right there in the hallway. He opened the door, grinning, and led me inside. He fucked the shit out of me, causing me to run late to pick my daughter up. With Robert’s cum oozing out of me, I thanked the other mom for watching my daughter, lying that my car turned out to be ok afterall.The next week at work, Robert gave me a collection of new, even sexier, work dresses. I was riding his cock in his office.“We got a potential client coming in this week. Wear that new outfit, make sure your titties are nearly popping out. When you get on your knees and suck them off, they’ll see what Elite Magazine is all about, then throw money at us to run their ads.”“Uh huh,” I moaned, kissing Robert while I climaxed again.****The sales meeting basically turned into a gangbang. I called Kirk, taking a random black cock out of my mouth when he answered. I told him the client had a lot of questions, our sales meeting would run over. He said he’d eat up some leftovers and watch the k**s.I was passed around to several black men. I sucked so much dick, and swallowed so much cum, that that I actually felt full – not hungry for supper.I had to fix my hair, straightened out my clothes, pop a few breath mints before going home. I kissed Robert on the cheek, squeezed his crotch, and told him I’d seeing him tomorrow.That night in bed, Kirk and I were fooling around. He was grabbing my butt and tits. Even the way he did that was boring. The black men I fucked earlier in the day, really squeezed my tits before they sucked them. They’d grab and slap my ass hard too. I loved it. I barely felt his cock slide into me. But I came on it, thinking about Robert and our soon-to-be new clients. I decided to suck Kirk to completion, confusing him slightly. Even his cum, what little there was, didn’t taste as good as a black man’s. I laughed inwardly, thinking to myself, “Poor Kirk.”A few minutes later, he was asleep, and I was thinking about our future. Would I eventually leave him? Or stay for the k**s? I decided the thrill of cheating was too much, I’d stay with Kirk as long as possible.The next day my first ad sale at Elite Magazine closed. We left work early, headed to their hotels and the took turns fucking me, with me swallowing every single drop of their cum, filling myself up again. I won that client. A couple weeks later, I won another, then another, then another.Each sales session was me sucking and fucking black cock. When I wasn’t doing that, I was with Robert, having sex in my office, his office, a conference room, or sometimes his apartment on the weekends.Months passed, I kept cheating, I kept closing deals. Just like Robert said I rose up the ladder; I got promoted and brought home even more money.I celebrated my one-year anniversary working with Elite Magazine in bed with Robert. I lied to Kirk saying I was going out of town for a work-related fundraiser. Instead, I spent the weekend at Robert’s apartment, my cries of pleasure echoing off the walls.I was playing with that fat cock of his while he took a break. “Mmm, Miss Lisa, I’m moving to a new condo soon. I think it’s closer to your home. You’ve made all more money,” he told me.“Good. I can sneak over to see you more often. Or better yet, when the k**s are in the bed, and my husband is asleep, you can come over and uck me in our driveway, or backyard, or quietly on the couch in the living room.”“Ha! I don’t think you can be quiet,” he laughed.“Mmm, you’re right. I can’t,” I moaned, sucking his huge cockhead, kissing all over it. “So good, girl, so good,” he closed his eyes, leaning back while I loved all over that big black cock of his.“I think I have a good nickname for you,” I told him.“Oh yeah?”“Yep. Out of all the black men I’ve slept with since meeting you, yours is the fattest. Baby, this thing is SO thick,” I kissed the head.“Heh, it sure is Miss Lisa”“So, I think I’ll call you,” I licked all around the tip, seductively looking into his eyes. “Fat Rob.”-7-I remember the day Kirk caught me. Nine long, wonderful years of cheating with Fat Rob, with other coworkers and clients and I was finally caught.So much happened in that time. I rose in ranks, I became the VP of Sales and Business Development. I had my own very large office, complete my choice of very large black cocks whenever I wanted. I even managed sleep with the owner of the entire publishing company quite a few times. It wasn’t that great – he was white – but I still felt sexy and powerful.I also missed out on a few key moments of my k**’s lives. But at the same time I was earning so much money, I dismissed my guilt, reasoning that this money would easily pay for all their college tuition.My routine over the years was going to work, fucking Fat Rob throughout the day, having client meetings a few times a month, have sex with all of them, get home late a couple days a week, then weekly sex with Kirk. I also occasionally snuck out late at night to meet Fat Rob or a client that was in town. Then of course, there were my weekend sessions at Fat Rob’s. I lie about going shopping, or the gym, or lunch with a friend. I remember looking out over the LA skyline one night in my office, seeing the reflection of Fat Rob approaching me from behind.I was upset with him. He squeezed my tits from behind, kissing my neck, then unzipped my dress. I turned around and removed it, exposing my bare breasts.“I knew you couldn’t be mad forever, Miss Lisa.”“What I am I going to do?”“You’re going to keep fucking and taking care of black clients. When I’m out here in LA, you’ll be taking care of me.”He was moving to Atlanta, to work out of the main Elite Magazine office there. I’d only see Fat Rob every few months if that much.We had sex in my office, he followed me home and like many, many late nights over the years, we had sex on the couch in the living room. I was straddling him, like I usually did. I quickly learned to control my enthusiastic, loud climaxes. I bit my lower lip in the dark room, as an orgasm washed over me. I kissed Fat Rob, moaning into his mouth. We were French kissing, moaning quietly, when the lights turned on. I uncoiled my tongue from his, sliding it back into my mouth, and looked to my left. Kirk was standing there. My mouth dropped open. I heard Fat Rob chuckle and grab my tit to suck on it. He didn’t care. I was shocked that I actually got caught cheating. I went nine years of sneaking and lying, now here I was caught. I looked at Kirk and shrugged. “Well. Want me to pack my things?”He shook his head and packed his instead. By this point only a couple of the k**s were left at home. The others were away at college. Kirk left all of us, quickly divorcing and giving me custody. His reason for this was that I wouldn’t be able to go out and sleep around as much, if I had k**s to tend to.I did anyway – clients, coworkers, and Fat Rob when he was in LA. I even flew to Atlanta on the occasional business trip to fuck Fat Rob. I couldn’t give it up. I needed black cock. Something was wrong though. Something seemed off. I was fucking countless black men, but I was no longer married. The excitement was missing. I got off on cheating. After a couple years of being single, the orgies with black clients no longer affecting me, I made a decision. I decided to remarry for the sole purpose of cheating. I loved it, I needed that feeling, just as much as I loved black dick. This second time, my second marriage I’d be more careful. I’d go out and fuck around with black guys and never get caught. I would maintain this dual life, a life that made me so horny, and feel so good.****I dated a nice man, named Jack, about a year before he proposed. I’d fuck black men at work, come home, go out to dinner, moves, hang out with Jack, have sex, then repeat. He never once suspected anything. The company would throw more events, celebrating winning a client, all because I’d sleep with them. There’d be an orgy, I’d go home exhausted. Jack was understanding, caring, assuming I was simply tired from work. I was hoping he’d propose to me. He did so on an out-of-town trip he took me on. He took me to dinner, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I said yes, we hugged, kissed, made our back to our hotel room and had sex. A couple hours later, he was asleep, and I was getting fucked in a janitor’s closet by one of the young, black hotel employees. I think he was working the front desk earlier. I don’t remember. I just recall him taking me from behind in that small closet he led me to after I flashed him my tits. I remember the wedding. All my k**s were there, older now, some out on their own. My daughters, all dark hair like me, looked so lovely. Another girl, a redhead, 17 years of age was there. This girl would go on to pose a huge problem with my cheating lifestyle. She was Jack’s daughter, my step-daughter, Leanna.I remember at the reception, I had my eye one of the black employees of the catering company. Someone else had their eye on him too – Leanna.I saw the way she licked her lips and watched his every move. I know she was watching me as I talked with him, subtly dropping hints over the loud music that I wanted this black guy to fuck my newly married pussy. He went to the back kitchen area. Shortly later I followed, after making sure Leanna or anyone else was not watching. Oh how good it felt to commit adultery again. I pulled my wedding dress up and that big black cock entered me from behind. I loved it. I was made for this – it was my purpose.-8-Leanna moved in with us for her final year of high school. This made things difficult, not because I had trouble sneaking around to cheat – I was an expert – but because Leanna turned out to love black cock as much as her cheating step-mother.Shortly after she turned 18, a few months after her father and I married, I came Escort Avcılar home from the gym, tired not so much from the work out, but from one of the black men that fucked me in the sauna room.I heard an unmistakable moaning sound, followed by a “Yes! Fuck me!”I crept down the hallway, and listed at the door. “Yes!” she cried out again, thinking no one was home. Then I heard music to my ears.“Give me that black dick!” Leanna commanded, her bed banging against her wall.I was able to quietly, slowly open her door without them seeing me. I looked in and saw her long, red hair going down her back, a pair of dark brown hands on her waist, and her ass flexing and jiggling as she bounced up and down on a black cock. I watched him sit up, grabbing her, kissing her. He looked to be around her age. I closed her door as quietly as I could. Undressed and walked down the hall to the shower. When I got out, got dressed, she was in the hallway bathroom. Surely she knew I was there and saw her. I barged into that bathroom, “Leanna?”“What?”“Can we talk?”“Right now?”“Yes,” I said, something devilish on my mind. “Uh, yeah, whatever.”“Does your father know?”“Know what?” she asked over the sound of shower water.I inched closer, lowering my voice. “How many black boys his daughter is haven’t sex with.”“Oh crap. You heard us?”“I got home early.”The peeped over the shower. “Please don’t tell. He’d kill me.”“I won’t, if you do something for me.”“What?”“Share them.”“What?” she was confused.“Share them with me.”“Are you serious? Get out.”“I’m serious. If you don’t, I’ll tell your daddy that his little girl is sleeping with black guys. I’m sure he wouldn’t like that.”“So you want to cheat on my dad?”I made a mistake, driven by lust, and continued talking with her, the erotic nature of Jack’s own daughter helping me cheat. “Honey, in the last nine years of my first marriage, cheating was all I did. They were all black, too.”“Yeah right.”“And if you tell your father, I bet he won’t believe you, just like you don’t believe me. Hook me up with your little high school fuck buddies, and I won’t tell your dad.”“I, I don’t know.”“Our little secrets. Our fun.”Leanna shrugged, not convinced of my insane little proposition. “We can trade too. I have a lot of coworkers that’d love that little body of yours. These aren’t high schoolers, but older black men, in their 30s and 40s. They’d love to have your young, littlee white pussy.”“Um, uh, ok. Fine!”“I knew you couldn’t resist,” smiled and went to my bedroom.She joined me later and we got to work talking about our plans. It turned out Leanna had slept with nearly 50 black guys at school since starting her senior year. I was blown away and impressed.I asked her again if she had an issue with this. “Deep down I don’t really care, I guess. I mean, it’s not like my dad and I are close. And I don’t even want to be here to begin with. If you’re a cheating, worthless, whore – I’m sure he’ll find out on his own.”Her words stung, even if they were true. However, I disagreed that her father would find out I’m a cheater. I cleared my throat, and spoke up. “Well, then, let’s get to work. Shall we?”Her and I went to the mall that evening under the guise of shopping. We technically were, but for black cock. A couple of her friends were there, both black, and we paired up. They took us back to their car. I could tell Leanna was nervous. Especially when I removed my top. I didn’t care though. I grabbed her friend and made out with him in front of her. I felt so slutty.She eventually did the same with her other friend. Several minutes later, Leanna following my lead, all four of us were naked in that hot, steamy car. It was rocking so hard that anyone could tell what was going on. We settled down after the mall closed. Leanna and I orgasmed several times, her little high school friends hadn’t cum yet. I told Leanna to finish them with our mouths. I moaned watching that girl suck black cock. She was a pro. She sucked his cock clean, every last drop. A mall security car drove by. I knew we needed to head home.Jack was already there, “Have a good time?”I smiled, Leanna went to her room. “I tried,” I sat next to him on the couch. “I tried to bond with her. I’m not sure I can do though.”“Give it time,” Jack put his arm around. “She’ll warm up to you.”I smiled, snuggling against him. Leanna and I were bonding. We’d pretend we weren’t, but we were bonding in a wonderful, black cock sharing way.-9-For the next few weeks, Leanna and I were fucking black men left and right. I’d pair her up with some coworkers, who loved her young, white pussy. She’d pair me up with her high school friends. I loved fucking those young, black studs.Anytime Jack was away for work on the weekend, Leanna and I were on our backs in my king size bed getting fucked by blacks. Jack never suspected a thing. When he was around, Leanna barely looked at me, much less talked to me. I’d shrug and sigh, pretending to be sad that his daughter didn’t like me. She probably didn’t like me, but I was supplying her with black cock.We watched each other cum; a few times we held one another while a huge black rod seemingly split us open. She’d take a break and I’d have two in me as once. I took a break and she was double-penetrated next. It was wonderful, until I found out she was taking photos of me sucking black cock or having sex with her friends. One day, after four of her black friends left. Leanna and I were showering, washing the sweat and semen off our bodies.“You have nice boobs,” she said, nodding to them.“Hey, thanks. You do too. Nice long legs too,” I smiled back at her rinsing my hair.That extremely rare friendly exchange turned sour a few minutes later.She barged into my room, holding her phone. “I have demands.”“Demands?”“Yes,” she scrolled through her phones, briefly flashing me a photo she took of my sucking a black cock.“Oh great, here it comes,” I thought.“I want money. When I graduate, I want you to pay for an apartment for me down near Santa Monica, maybe close to Beverly Hills if you can find it. I want a new car too.”“Or what?”“I’ll show these to dad. You didn’t think you could get away with this, did you? You didn’t think you could cheat for the rest of your life, right? If you don’t do these things and anything else I can think of, I’ll ruin your little slutty, BBC fantasy you’re living out. Got it, bitch?”“Give me the phone,” I reached for it.“No.”“Leanna, give it to me now,” I said in a stern motherly tone.“Fuck you, whore.”I sat on the bed, putting my hair in a ponytail. She stood in front of me to resume her demands.“As I was saying. I also want –“ I lunged at her, grabbing the phone from her hand, knocking her back.She chased after as I headed to the bathroom. Leanna tackled me, tripping me before I could reach the toilet. I crawled closer to her, with her on my back, trying to pin me down. She was hitting me, pounding on my back. I was able to drop the cell phone into the toilet. When Leanna, got off me to reach for it, I pulled her back down, away from the toilet. I was on top now. We rolled around, trying to choke one another. She punched me, causing me to roll off her. Ignored the pain and rolled again closer to the toilet. I kicked at her shoulder, her head, not caring if I hurt her. I need to flush that phone.“NO!” she yelled, jumping on me one last time, causing my hand to pull the lever down, flushing the phone.She was on top of me, choking me out, yelling at me when Jack walked in on us.“You bitch!” Leanna screamed when her father pulled her off me. I started crying, some of it fake, but some of the tears real.I gathered myself and sat on the bed, listening to Leanna scream to her room, her father ordering her to stay in there.I was still crying when he joined me by my side, holding me. I was so relieved – Leanna’s cell phone with all those photos of me cheating was gone. I could continue the lifestyle.Jack kissed the side of my head telling me it would be ok. It was better than ok. A couple weeks later, Leanna finished her first semester of her senior year, and Jack sent her back home to live with her mother on the east coast. She said nothing to me her last day there. I gave her a look as if to say “sorry.”Another good thing about her leaving, was one of her schoolmates and I kept seeing each other and fucking. We actually slept together for several more months, until he went to college. At that point, my marriage to Jack was nearing an end. Leanna’s accusations had an effect on him. He didn’t believe her at first, but decided to make certain his daughter wasn’t just spewing out hateful lies.When the marriage did end, I dated another black high school senior for almost a year.-10-Jack hired a private investigator to follow me. Was the PI black? Did I sleep with him? No. I wished he was though. The PI could’ve found me having sex with a black man, maybe even my teenage lover, confronted me with pictures of footage from his phone. One thing would’ve led to another and we’d be sleeping together. We could’ve had years-long affair behind my husband’s back. The PI could’ve told Jack I wasn’t cheating on him, all while taking me for himself. We could’ve snuck around, met up in cars, in hotel rooms, in alleyways and had sex behind my husband, his client’s back.But no. I never met the investigator. I don’t think he was black. Jack presented me with photos, tossing copies of them on the table. Some were of me kissing a black man, others of me getting into a car with one. Another picture was of my teenage boyfriend and I walking into the house, holding hands. Another one of me at night, standing naked in the front door, light from inside silhouetting me. I was hugging and kissing him goodnight after hours of sex in my and Jack’s bed.I was horrible, so very horrible. I nodded at the pictures and told Jack I’d pack my things. I packed a small bag or two and went to a hotel. A couple hours later, still wearing my wedding ring, I was dancing and grinding against a black man in a night club. He followed me to my hotel room and we had sex until dawn.The next day was teenage lover’s high school graduation. That night he came to my hotel after telling his parents he was going to classmate’s party. He was sitting up in the bed. I was squatting over him, swirling my tongue all around his, his cockhead just inside my pussy.Mmm shit. He went all night on. That boy knew how to fuck a white woman’s pussy. Whatever college he’s at now, I’m sure he has a different girl in dorm each night – maybe even a few white, married professors.We met up for sex a few more times, along with Fat Rob too. Then I moved across the country, my adult c***dren coming with me. Things have settled down. Maybe I got the need to cheat out of my system. However, a black cock can never be removed from my desires. My girls and I are having a great time here. So here I am, in our hot tub, watching my girls have fun with TJ. Alice is cumming hard on his cock. I love watching their mouths hang open, eyes roll into the back of their heads. They love black men as much as I do.I leave the hot tub, wrapping a towel around my naked body. I head inside to my bedroom. Someone is waiting for me. She’s tall, tan, has long, red hair. She’s on the bed naked, smiling at me. My former step-daughter has matured so much. She no longer hates me, no longer competes with me. Such a small world that her and I live close to one another now.A year or so after she left, I sent her a package to her mom’s house. I told her that Jack and I were divorcing. I apologized for everything. I even bought her a new cell phone – even though she probably already had one. It was the thought that counted. She wrote back and apologized too. We trade phone numbers and emails. We made up. I disrobe, my towel falls to the floor. I smile and climb on the bed next to her. I brush her red locks away from her face and we kiss. I roll on top of her, straddling her while she plays with my breasts. “You want to wear the strap-on tonight?” I ask.Leanna kisses me again, moaning into my mouth. “Absolutely.”I climb off the bed, open the draw next to the table and toss to it to her. She puts it on while I climb back on the bed, facing away from her, on all fours, waiting for Leanna to fuck me. The end.

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