Why Some Girls Love Trucks


James loves his 1995 GMC Serra sport side truck. It’s paid for and it hasn’t let him down yet. He’s a truck man and a good ole boy. He is happy just driving around town. Therefore, a Friday night drive was just want he planned. However, he did not expect to have the most sensuous sexual encounter of his lifetime. Nor, did he expect to learn why some girls love trucks.

Charlyn loves her 1997 GMC Serra sport side truck. Like James’, it’s paid for and it hasn’t let her down yet. She is a girl that loves trucks. Actually, she a girl that loves boys toys because guys have the coolest toys. Charlyn never was the Easy Bake Oven type but she is totally into boys and their toys. Her 5’9 feminine muscular build boasted size 36B breasts, narrow 26 inch waist, and broad 42 inch hips. Charlyn likes her body and loves finding secluded spots to masturbate because getting off in her truck made her cunt explode with pleasure. And after a long work week, Friday night was her time to get her rocks off.

James’ 6 foot tall lanky frame boasted a thick mat of chest hair that tapered down his stomach to meet with his pubic hair and nice 7 inch long penis that he knows how to use. He enjoys people watching, especially the ladies. James would select one woman to fantasize about when he found his private spot to masturbate in his truck. He likes stroking his tool, getting it nice and hard, then stroking it until he sprays his cream all over his hands with the image of that female sucking and licking up his love juices. So when the work week is over, Friday night is his jack off night.

James and Charlyn live in the same city but it was big enough that a chance encounter would be rare. So, they didn’t expect to end up in the same place, doing the same thing on Friday night. The spot Charlyn chose was her usual, a dead end cul-de-sac that overlooked Highway 19 south of the city. She dressed for the part, as well; a plaid farm shirt, button fly jeans, and alligator skin cowboy boots, no bra and panties because they just get in the way.

James drove about exploring the south end of city. He hadn’t been in that section of town in a while and thought that it would be a nice change of pace. James drove down a side street that he thought lead to an on ramp that connected to Highway 19. However, it was a dead end cul-de-sac that just overlooked artery. He pulled in and prepared to turn his truck around and noticed the other truck and the woman inside. Etimesgut Escort She was in the passenger seat with the driver side door open. Thinking that she was hurt, James pulled his truck up beside hers.

Charlyn had gotten comfortable in the passenger’s seat. She stroked her breasts, blood filled the veins around areolas causing them pucker and harden. Charlyn touched her body, rubbing and stoking her erect clit, plunging her fingers in and out of pussy and ass, as she hunched her way to orgasm. She was so caught up in her masturbation session that she didn’t hear or see a truck pull up, nor did she hear the truck door open and James’ breath catch as he watched this woman get off. Her eyes were closed, head thrown back, mouth open; one hand was pinching and pulling on an erect nipple while the other hand was pounding rapidly in and out of her wet glistening cunt and ass as she finger fucked herself to sexual release.

The scene before James caused an instance reaction to his 7 inches. He just stood there watching Charlyn perform the most erotic peep show of his life. She was totally oblivious to his presence and she was thoroughly caught up in giving her body the most pleasure. Sweat glistening between her breasts, her fingers moving so fast it was almost a blur as they moved speedily in and out of her pussy and ass. Suddenly, Charlyn’s whole body arched up. James continued to watch knowing that she was reaching orgasm. This caused his dick to jerk in reaction; it was at that point that Charlyn opened her eyes and noticed the tall lanky cowboy in front of her. Her body exploded. Juices squirted out of cherrypie. She could not stop it if she wanted to and secretly she didn’t want to. This had always been her fantasy: to have a sexy man find her masturbating in her truck.

Charlyn finally caught her breath and said, “Okay, now that you’ve seen me get off, it’s your turn.”

James said, “Huh, you’re kidding, right?”

Charlyn sat upright, pulled off her pants and finished unbuttoning her blouse. “No, I gave you a show,” she said. “Now, it’s your turn to give me one. I can see from the bulge in your pants that you’re capable of a stellar performance. So, come on, give me a show to remember, Cowboy.”

James laughed and thought to himself, “What the heck. How many times will I get to do something like this in my life time?”

“Sure, Cowgirl,” he said. Etlik Escort “Keep those pants off because I want lick the juices once the show is over.”

Charlyn laughed and slid over to the driver’s seat for a better view, as James climbed in his truck, sitting facing her. He slowly unbuttoned his jeans while rubbing his balls through his jeans. Charlyn watched James intently as her fingers slid over her silky wet clit and pink dripping creampie. He finished unbuttoning his jeans, his long firm veined hands rubbing over his tightly stretched white briefs as he stroked his growing erection. James let the head of his trouser snake peek up and out of top edge of his briefs. He looked over at Charlyn to measure her reaction to his performance. Her eyes were locked on his dick head and she licked her lips. James smiled to himself, slid his hand inside his briefs and rubbed his balls, wrapping his hand around his dick. He slid his hands up and down its length. He paused and raised his hips and pulled down his jeans and briefs as his ridged tool dripped pre-cum. He heard Charlyn moan and knew that she was enjoying the show so far. James slowly slid a hand around the base of his dick and his other hand cupped his ball sac, rubbing against the base of his cock.

He heard Charlyn’s breath catch as he fisted his meat, his hand gripping firmly around his johnson, stroking the entire length from base to tip using the pre-cum as a lubricant. James continued, pulling on his ball sac, quick fast jerks up and down the length of his manhood. His eyes closed, his head thrown back, mouth slightly opened, he felt the electrical shocks start to build in his balls. James knew he was close to shooting a load of cum and increased the speed of his strokes along the length of his sausage. Then, he could feel the cum launching from his balls to his cock and exploding out the head. What he didn’t expect was to feel a pair of soft lips and wet tongue lapping up his cum juice. That was it! James’ cock squirted and jerked another load of cum; Charlyn wrapped her lips around the head and sucked and swallowed as his tool unloaded into her hot month. He rested his hand on her head as she continued to milk his love muscle of its entire essence, moaning with each lick and suck of her lips. She leaned back and looked up at him and said, “Hmmm, your cum is so salty. I love salty cum.”

James couldn’t speak for Eve Gelen Escort trying to catch his breath. Finally, he said, “That was incredible. Now it’s my turn to taste some pussy cream.”

Charlyn laughed at him. She pushed back on the seat and climbed up his body to position her fuck hole on top of his face. James stuck out his tongue and licked from her asshole to her erect clit, wrapping his lips around her aroused bean and stroking it with his tongue. He could feel Charlyn’s hands grasping his hair, as she rubbed her creamy twat against his chin and mouth while he continued to suck and lick her clit. She was moaning and kneading his hair like a kitten sucking its mother’s milk. James released her bean and started tongue fucking her cherry, swirling his tongue around and around and in and out in rapid fuck motions as Charlyn moved her hips back and forth in time with his mouth-loving of her private parts.

Meanwhile, James’ love-shaft has returned to full mast as he continued to tongue her creamy chochi. At that moment, Charlyn sat up and flipped around to get her lips and tongue on his sausage. She bent down and spit on the head, rubbing it all over with her hand as she palmed the twins with her other hand. Opening her mouth she slid down, down, down, until his cock hit the back of her throat and triggered her gag reflex. James paused in his tongue fucking to let his mind refocus on making her squirt a load of love juice because of her blowjob. He got a second wind; grasped her ass, inserted his thumb in her poop chute as his tongue stabbed at her twat. Now, it seemed like it was becoming a race to see who can make whom cum first. Tongue lapping, lips slurping, fingers stroking, rubbing, and pounding holes to complete orgasmic release. James could feel Charlyn was reaching her climax first. She did too and, not wanting to give into a that release alone; she redoubled her mouth fucking on his tube steak and slid it down deep into her throat as her throat muscles contracted around his love-shaft. She felt her pussy begin jet out vaginal juices while his dick released streams of cum. The juices seem to flow for over five minutes each licking, sucking, slurping and swallowing every drop.

They both came down off their sexual high together. James smiled as he helped Charlyn turn around to lie on top of him and said, “Now, I see why some girls like trucks. I am the luckiest bastard in the world to have a wife like you.”

Charlyn kissed him and laughed, “No baby, I’m the lucky one. Next, time you get to pick the place and set the scene.”

James said, “Let’s continue right now”, and he slid his cock into her pussy as he wrapped his hands around her ankles; she swiveled her hips around on his cock and they began to fuck in earnest.

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