Who Needs a Protein Shake?


One of the worst parts of living in a major city is the amount of people. After a while it becomes somewhat normal, but when you get outside of the city it shows just how abnormal this truly is. When you live in New York City, you feel more like sardines packed into a container than people living in close relation to one another.

These thoughts were racing through Luke’s head as he was making his way down the elevator of his apartment complex. He has grown accustomed to day dreaming during his monotonous daily routine. Each day he wakes at 6:03 am, showers, eats a quick breakfast of eggs and bacon, puts on his work attire of dress pants, shirt and tie, and is off to the subway. Living just north of Central Park his commute to lower Manhattan gives him ample time to reflect and to prepare for the day. Luke’s job would be considered boring to most people, however an investment banker in New York City is a sought after position.

As he finds a rare opportunity to sit down on the subway, he begins observing his fellow New Yorkers coming and going from the train car. Men and Women dressed in suits, sanitation gear, McDonalds uniforms, and the occasional NYPD officer. There were teenagers in tank tops and board shorts, pullovers to cover up bikinis, and other usual summer gear. Although they were not as prevalent in the morning Luke was able to pick out a few homeless people enjoying the comforts of a New York summer where they didn’t need to be huddled next to a fire all day as in the winter. As the morning hustle and bustle continues around him, Luke begins to remember what had happened the night before.

As with every evening, Luke began his nightly routine with an intense workout. Yesterday’s workout consisted of pushups, pull-ups, and dumbbell curls. When he gets winded during his workouts Luke was known to walk to his front windows to look out upon the city. The windows consisted of two glass sliding doors, which when opened slid behind two similar stationary windows. They stood a little over 7 feet tall and were perfect height for Luke to grab ahold of the top and catch his breath. Occasionally during the summer months he would use his balcony to cool down, but the weather last night was too humid to make it comfortable.

He was half way through his 45 minute workout when he took an extended break at his window. He was scanning the building across the street, an almost identical apartment complex. Along the balconies there was the usual array of New York Yankee towels, Mets chairs, and I Love New York gear. He was beginning to pull his arms away from their resting place when something caught his eye a few floors above him on the other complex. A slender woman who appeared to be doing a yoga session. She was doing an upward stretch and Luke could see that she was very fit. Because of the angle of her balcony he could only see to her waist, but he did notice that she had large breasts for her size. She had her dark brown hair tied back in a ponytail, and from what he could make out, she had very pleasant features. Luke noticed that the shirt she was wearing appeared to be one of his favorite album covers, The Beastie Boys “License to Ill”. “What a small world,” Luke said as he turned to finish his workout.

Luke enjoyed his protein shake, and began to watch a re-run of “The Office” that was on TV. His relaxation was short lived when his 3 year old pug Tormund came plowing through the living room. Luke knew that could only mean one thing. He grabbed the leash as Tormund sat anxiously by the door. “Are you ready to go to the dog park?” Luke asked. Tormund’s bark and body gyrations made it clear that he was ready. They took off down the elevator, out the front of the apartment complex and headed south toward “Boris’ Playground” the local dog park. On their way into the park Luke grabbed a poop bag, and unhooked Tormund’s leash letting him free.

Luke pulled out his phone to check the stock market, emails, and see what was happening on his twitter feed. He caught the scent of someone grilling hamburgers and hot dogs from a nearby balcony. He turned to see if he could tell where the scent was coming from and noticed a fit attractive woman in a Beastie Boys shirt. Luke stared lustfully at the attractive woman, seeing that she was even prettier than he had thought. This was indeed the woman that he was seeing from his window earlier that evening. She caught him looking at her and gave him a smile. Just then he heard Tormund barking, he ran to grab him before he chased a small chihuahua through the parks obstacle course, and smack! Before Luke knew it he was on top of the beautiful neighbor in the Beastie Boys shirt with her dogs leash stuck around his foot. As he was fumbling trying to get back to his feet he grazed her stomach and noticed she felt very fit, today was definitely not her first yoga experience.

“I am so sorry, I heard my dog barking and wasn’t watching what I was doing,” Luke said.

“It’s okay, seems like Emek Escort my dog started it by running. Lucy has always been feisty with small dogs like her,” the woman said as she grinned with both cheeks becoming increasingly red.

Luke noticed that she had a curvy body to be so petite. It was hard to keep his eyes on her eyes with her wearing her tight fitted yoga clothing.

“My name is Anna” the woman said while looking at Tormund’s collar. “And you are, Tormund? I see your dad must be a fan of Game of Thrones.”

“I am indeed. You can call me Luke though, only Tormund calls me dad,” Luke grinned thinking this was extremely clever.

“I’m used to men falling for me, but maybe not this fast,” Anna said as she was getting back to her feet.

Luke chuckled , knowing that she had won on wittiest comment. “You have some dirt there on your back and pants,” Luke pointed to her yoga pants.

“Can you brush it off for me?” Anna asked winking with her right eye.

Luke obliged and rubbed her back first, then moved to brushing off her pants. As he was rubbing the dirt off her butt he noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear that he could feel. Also how round and tight her backside was.

“You must workout often,” Luke said as he finished wiping her down.

“Oh yes, a lot of yoga and toning stuff, and lots of stairs,” Anna smirked. “You aren’t too bad yourself Mr. I take my rest breaks with my shirt off staring out into the distance,” Anna covered her mouth pretending that she had let her secret slip.

“So you stare at me out the window huh?” Luke laughingly asked.

“Well that’s all I can do, from afar,” Anna winked again with her right eye.

Luke could feel his member tightening in his cargo shorts and began looking around the area rather than at Anna. “How about this. How about I meet you at your apartment building tomorrow at 630, we go somewhere nice for dinner and you get to know me, not from afar?” Luke looked back down at Anna hoping he had said the right thing.

“I’ve got something better. My sister is a chef and just sent me an awesome recipe. It’s perfect for summer. But it involves grilling, and I’m pretty sure you’re the guy to help me out. So, how about instead?” Anna reaches into Luke’s pocket grabbing his cell phone. “You text me on this number, and let me know when you are coming over and I’ll give you my apartment number,” Anna said excitedly.

“Yeah I think we can work with that,” Luke said. As Anna slid his phone back into his pocket, Luke was trying to think of anything other than how she had grazed his cock. He wasn’t sure if she had noticed or not but he did see that he was now able to see her hard nipples through her Beastie Boys shirt.

She clipped Lucy back into the leash and turned back toward them. “Nice meeting you Luke, don’t forget to bring mr Tormund as well tomorrow. See you soon,” And with that Anna opened the gate and began to walk back to her apartment.

Luke’s head smacked against the subway cars window as it raced around one of the many curves in his morning route. He was shook back to the present time. He was excited for this evening. It had been a year since Luke had split up with his long time girlfriend. And his only activities outside of work had been working out, watching movies and TV, and playing with Tormund.

Luke watched the other morning commuters for a few more minutes before his stop came. He was able to make it from the subway to his office in almost record time. He got started on his daily reading of stock futures, what the companies he invested for were looking at that day, and the latest baseball standings. As he was reading through the news on ESPN he began thinking about the previous night after he met Anna.

After returning home from the dog park, Luke finished his episode of “The Office”. He read a few chapters from the latest book he was reading, took Tormund out for his last bathroom break, and then hopped into bed. As he lay watching TV and trying to cool his mind, all he could think of was Anna. How beautiful she looked in the window, and then how much better she was in person.

He felt his cock begin to enlarge as he was imagining her in his mind. He thought about how tight her ass had been, how hard her nipples were after grazing his cock. It wasn’t long before he had to pull down his boxer briefs to release the tension that his hard cock was producing from being trapped inside. He reached over to his night stand and grabbed a tissue and a quick squirt of lotion. Luke rubbed the lotion beginning at the head, then in circular motions all the way down his hard cock. Once he had covered every inch, he closed his grip around his member and closed his eyes. He imagined bending Taylor over the couch and entering her from behind. Pushing deep inside her while getting to feel her tight ass. He pictured pulling on her ponytail and hearing her moan for him. It wasn’t long before Luke’s Eryaman Escort hard cock released it’s pleasure. He cleaned off, and had to wipe his forehead and chest from the sweat that he had created. He checked his alarms and put his head on his pillow and quickly fell asleep.

“Cool hand, ready for the weekend?” asked Tim, one of Luke’s work companions.

“You know it, just gotta make it through today my friend,” Luke answered as everyone was getting to their desk. He had been jolted back into today’s world rather than last night’s excitement. The clock ticked over to 7:30 and the work day went on like every other. Luke had little time to contemplate his date later in the evening. He walked out to a food truck for lunch and was pondering what Anna would ask him to cook when his office workers told him to come back up for a cornhole competition.

Their lunch hour went by quickly, Luke winning the prize money for the cornhole tournament. “No wonder they call you cool hand,” said Molly the office intern.

“Anytime you all need to lighten up your pockets you know the guy to call,” Luke said and noticed Molly red faced grinning at him. Luke finished his day, said his goodbyes, and hopped on the subway going back toward his home.

His ride home usually did not give any opportunity for him to daydream. The hustle and bustle of the mid afternoon commute was more hectic than in the mornings. During the afternoon everyone was up and about. In the summertime the subways were always crowded at this time of the day. He played on his phone and listened to all the goings on of the people around him. Luke decided to get off a stop before he normally did so that he could stop by Duane Reed to grab a bottle of wine for tonight’s dinner. As he was searching down the wine aisle, an employee came over to see if he was okay.

“Can you help with a suggestion for wine?” Luke asked.

“Sure. What kind of event will this be for?” the young lady asked.

“A first date. She is cooking dinner at her house. Well actually, I am grilling some of the meal and she is making the other parts. I’m so sorry I know that isn’t super helpful, but that’s all that I have been informed of,” Luke smiled as he knew he had confused the helpful employee.

“I would suggest a bottle of white wine, and a 6 pack of beer,” she said.

Luke looked confused, “Beer for a first date?” He asked as he looked at the beer selection.

“You did say it was a cookout sir, most people drink beer at cookouts,” the cashier said smiling.

Luke took both the wine and beer to the counter, grabbed some dog treats and checked out. He thanked the employees and walked the remaining few blocks to his apartment.

Tormund was bursting with excitement as Luke came through the door. He took him out for a quick bathroom break, before trying to decide what he should wear to this event. On his way back up to his apartment he decided on casual summer attire. Luke had a nice pair of khaki shorts, and a flower patterned collared shirt that would be perfect for this occasion. His shoe selection was lacking, so he picked a pair of Sperrys that he had worn in college. Hoping they fit well after ten years of being jammed into his closets, he slipped them on. “Perfect” he uttered as he fist pumped in the air. Luke got Tormund ready and sent Anna a text that he was about to leave. He grabbed the wine and beer and was at the door when he received her reply text. It said “can’t wait! With an emoji with heart eyes”.

Luke and Tormund made their way down the elevator, across the first floor near the door and he remembered something his ex had always hated, he didn’t get a gift. He went to the counter at the front desk and saw that they were selling purple orchids for charity. He bought one and they headed across the street to Anna’s building. On his way down she had sent her apartment number “I’m in apt 733. When you get off the elevator take a right and I’m the last one on the left. Knock three times and howl like a wolf to be admitted,” Luke laughed as he read this. They made their way into Anna’s building and up the elevator. When they arrived on the seventh floor Luke’s heart began to beat faster. It continued beating faster as he approached the last door on the left. He knocked three times, and howled, which in turn made Tormund howl.

Luke was amazed when the door opened to a scantly clad Anna. She was wearing a purple sports bra, and very short purple shorts. He was awestruck by the amount of cleavage that was showing. He noticed her nipples becoming more and more visible. “I hope you weren’t expecting a black tie affair tonight,” she said.

“No I was hoping for casual actually. You look great. I got this for you,” Luke said as he handed her the orchid.

She blushed and said, “Lucky guess on my favorite color.”

“And I got these for you,” Luke opened the dog treats and gave Lucy one. He tossed one to Tormund Esat Escort as well who was sitting patiently behind him.

The smell of freshly cut tomatoes, onions, and garlic filled the dining room and kitchen. Anna pointed out hamburger which was patted out and ready for the grill. Luke cooked up the patties all the while eyeing Anna dancing around in the kitchen. At one point she came outside and looked over his shoulder to check on his work. While looking at the grill Anna pressed her chest against Luke’s back. Luke could feel her nipples rubbing against his back. She kissed his cheek lightly and left him to it.

When the hamburger was finished he brought it all inside to the amazement that Anna had been making homemade fries and homemade sauce. She must have been taste testing them, as she had a smear of sauce on her lip. Luke went to wipe it off and she waved her finger back and forth and pulled her face away. “I want you to taste it too,” Anna said. Luke angled his head so that his nose would fit perfectly beside Anna’s. He put his upper lip slightly above hers and got the sauce, and noticed how delicious it was. He moved his mouth down over top of Anna’s and kissed her for the first time. He put his hand on her cheek and nibbled at her upper lip. She reciprocated the sensation by sucking in his lower lip and giving it a quick nibble with her teeth. Luke got his lip back under his possession and slid his tongue along Anna’s playfully dancing back and forth in each other’s mouth. Anna was pressing her body against Luke’s to gain leverage in their kissing. He felt his underwear begin to push out as his member began to enlarge. He slowly receded from the kiss and ended with a light peck on her nose.

“We made all this great smelling food. We can’t let it go to waste,” Luke said, noticing she was staring at the bulge in his pants.

Anna rubbed his bulge slowly back and forth “To be continued,” she said staring longingly at his hardening bulge.

The food was delicious and Luke was very pleased with Anna’s abilities in the kitchen. The employee at the drug store was right, beer was the correct choice, they each drank 2 beers while eating and quizzing each other. Luke decided that since he was the guest he would clean the dishes and help tidy up the mess they had made in the kitchen area. As he was washing the dishes Anna rubbed up against his back and reached around to give him a soft kiss. Luke decided that he would take this opportunity to make his move. He wiped the soap and suds off his hands and grabbed Anna under her butt and sat her up on the counter.

“Oh, you like to manhandle do you,” she asked while biting his lip.

Luke grasped his hands on each of her thighs and pulled her close, as he returned her lip play. He was taken back by just how aggressive she had become. Her kissing had become full of passion and desire.

Her tongue seemed to dance around his as a ballerina would dance around the stage. Their passionate kissing led him to want her against him. Luke grabbed Anna’s ass and pulled her close. He felt her hands against his back grasping his back muscles. She found the corner of his shirt and began inching it upwards. Luke lifted his arms to help her get it the rest of the way off. Anna eyed his body like a prize. Running her hands over his well built pec muscles. She grabbed at his biceps and giggled as she ran her fingers down his stomach.

“Get over here,” she said as she pulled on his cargo shorts inching him closer to her.

Their kissing continued, learning more and more of each other’s moves. Luke kissed down Anna’s neck and came upon her cleavage. He kissed the top of each breast and then used his hands to grab each and get a full feel. He could feel her hard nipples begging to be let loose. Anna reached her sides and pulled the sports bra up. She lifted it slowly over the voluptuous mounds that made up her chest. When she finally got the skin tight material over her head Luke was in awe at the delicious breasts that were staring back at him. They were lovely shaped, with up turned nipples. The left appeared to be slightly bigger than the right, but the right had the most active nipple, which was already very hard.

He watched them bounce as Anna’s body came to a rest after tossing her sports bra through the kitchen toward the living room. He put her breasts in his hands and gave each one a light squeeze. He used his finger to make a circle around each nipple, watching as they grew harder and harder. Anna’s hands had found the ever growing mound beneath Luke’s pants. She was caressing his member through his shorts. Luke leaned down and took her left breast in his mouth. He licked up over her nipple and then quickly came back down into a full circle of pleasure with his tongue . Anna’s grasping at his cock became harder. He put his whole mouth over her nipple and began sucking on it. This brought Anna to a quiet moan. Luke was nibbling on her nipple with his teeth while fondling the other with his hand.

Anna tugged at his shorts and said, “Let’s head to the bedroom.”

Luke helped her down, watching her tits bounce as she landed. He picked her up and carried her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and was kissing his neck as they went through the threshold of her bedroom.

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