Who Is Your Daddy?


As I sit here with Bill Jr. on my lap I can’t help but wonder whom he looks more like. He definitely has Bill’s chin, but he sort of has Stan’s hair, and a little bit of Bradley’s lips, and those eyes look so much like Marcus’. I can’t help but think of the night he was conceived, and I still get excited remembering it.

My Husband Bill and I had been trying to conceive for over a year with no success. It had gotten to the point that sex between Bill and I was mundane, and more of a chore with reproduction in mind than intimacy or pleasure. We loved each other, but had gone almost 6 months without making love, only having mechanical sex. We decided to take a break from it all during one of my less-fertile weeks and just relax. That was the week of Super bowl Sunday.

Bill had decided to invite some friends over from work for the game. They were your traditional jocks-turned-professionals kind of men, muscular and big, but also soft from lack of exercise since their high school and college athletic days. They were all very nice men, and fun to be around. The party had been going well, lots of beer and junk food, a good game, and lots of laughs.

Being the only woman in the room as these men became more and more inebriated was getting to be quite interesting. I am a well-endowed woman with 40DD breasts and shapely hips. I am not as tight as I was in my twenties, but I am not over weight either. Most men find me attractive. That night I was wearing a tank top and jeans as I worked in the kitchen keeping these ravenous boys fed and happily drunk. It was hot in the kitchen as I cooked Buffalo wings and nachos, but I enjoyed doing it.

I came out with a plate of some food and went to put it down on the coffee table in front of the couch. As I bent down to place it I noticed eight blurry eyes looking right down my tank top at my cleavage. I looked back at them and said “stop drooling boys, it’ll ruin the upholstery.” Hey all laughed and even bill thought it was hilarious. As I walked back to the kitchen I noticed all of them batıkent escort watching my rear end as I left. I gave it a playful wiggle as I went through the swinging door and let it close behind me to an eruption of laughter from all in the room.

As the door closed something happened that had not happened for a few months; I got aroused. Bill had sort of stopped looking at me sexually recently. Like I said, sex had become a chore, and I had not been ogled for some time. I know they were drunk, but still, it felt nice to be admired like that. Most women hate to be objectified since we feel that’s all men do, but we also notice when it’s not there and it tends to detract from out self-esteem. This gave me such a boost that I started to feel hot and aroused. I felt my panties start to get damp. I stopped what I was doing and just felt that old familiar feeling of being horny start to build. It was not unfamiliar, but had also been absent for some time. I liked it.

I ran my hand down my neck and chest feeling the skin getting sticky with perspiration, then over my breast and nipple. I jumped at how sensitive and hard my nipples were. That sensation opened the floodgates of my arousal. My panties were now soaked and I could feel my pussy swell with blood. I needed a release or else I would not be able to walk right. I felt so strange, more like a dog in heat than a woman. I needed to get off. I needed that release.

I opened my jeans and pulled them down to my knees. I felt over my wet panties and moaned at the feeling of my swollen lips being stroked through the soft cotton fabric. I pushed my finger against my pulsing clit and moaned again at the sensation of pleasure that washed over me. I pulled down my panties and spread my legs, leaning over and bracing myself against the kitchen island for balance. I was rubbing my clit with my palm and shoving two fingers as far into me as they could go. I don’t remember how load I was, but it was enough to get the attention beşevler escort of all the men inside. I don’t know how long they watched because I was too into myself to notice the door open, but as I looked over my shoulder I saw all four men standing there with their pants tenting and their eyes glued to my naked wet pussy.

I don’t know what came over me, but I turned to face them, pulled off my jeans and panties, sat on the kitchen island, and spreading my legs said, “Who’s first?”

Bradley, Marcus and Stan all looked at Bill, and he just responded with a drunken smile and a shrug. Stan came over first and knelt down in front of me, and was about to start to lick me. I smacked the top of his balding head and said “just fuck me before I lose my nerve.” He got up, pulled down his pants, and tried to aim his hard cock into me. He was so drunk he missed and almost stuck it in my ass. I reached down and guided him in. He slipped balls deep into me without any effort. I gasped and he fucked me with all the coordination of an epileptic, but I was so horny it was enough to make me come. He stroked about ten times and stiffened as he came inside of me. I hate fucking drunken men.

Marcus came over next. He was the most muscular out of the four. He was also a black man and from the size of the bulge in his jeans he seemed to enforce the stereotype of his race. He pulled out the biggest cock I had ever been in the presence of, and without delay shoved it deep into me. He didn’t get all the way in, but went as far as he could. He bumped my cervix! I had never felt that before. It hurt a bit, but in my state of mind it was maddeningly erotic to feel. He fucked me hard and fast, and luckily lasted longer than Bradley. I came so hard with him, my pussy being stretched and his big head stroking my g-spot with each thrust. When he came it filled my pussy and I felt his come running down my things and ass.

Next Bill came over and turned me onto my stomach, still on the counter büyükesat escort my legs were not long enough to reach the floor, so he held them at his sides and spread my legs wide. He pushed inside of me seemingly oblivious to the semen of his two friends that splashed out of me as his cock entered me. I was in heaven. He fucked me exactly as I wanted to be fucked. He knew it was not procreation we were after, he just wanted to please the woman he loved. I don’t know where one orgasm ended and the next began, but I think I may have lost consciousness for a moment from the intensity of it all. When he came it was like a fire-hose going off inside of me. Semen was pouring out of me and down our legs onto the floor.

Last came Bradley. Poor Bradley had been jerking off to keep himself hard while he waited, and I think the excitement got to him. He came over to me with pre-come dripping from his cock and a look on his face like he was trying to hold back a big orgasm. I put my feet on the floor when Bill let me go and tried to keep my balance on wobbly legs. I stuck my ass high in the air and Bradley came over and shoved himself in me. He stroked once or twice before I felt him start to lose control and squirt restrained drops of come. I shoved my ass back against him and grinded my pussy against his rigid cock. The veins of his dick stood out like a roadmap and felt incredible as he thrust into me. Unfortunately he was almost done when he started and came quickly. He moaned, pulled my hips tight against him and came with a roar and a flood of semen. As he came I slipped on the puddle under me and we both fell to the floor. I laid there gasping for breath feeling tremors of the orgasms that just wracked over me, and then I laughed at the thought of it all. I knew what I had just done, and it was so unlike me, but I liked it. I then got a horrible thought. Bill saw it all. He was drunk but not unconscious. Would he be upset? I went to him and hugged him and asked, “Does this mean we’re done?” He just kissed me and said, “I may be drunk, but I knew what I was doing. I couldn’t have satisfied you the way you needed. Just don’t ever do this again.”

Nine months and two weeks later Bill Jr. was born. I don’t know who’s lucky swimmin’ boy won that race to the egg, but they have all been very good to him, and although Bill is the boy’s daddy, the father will forever be a mystery.

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