While He’s Away She’s Going to Play


Laying back on the cool sheets of her bed, closing her eyes, she sighs. It’s been a long day and finally stretching out, she feels her muscles relax. Her husband is on yet another business trip, the bed all to herself is at least some small bonus. She rests her hands on her stomach, at the waistband of her knickers. Her eyes flash open. Maybe not too tired for some self indulgent play.

Her hand runs over the front of her red lace knickers. Yes, this is exactly what she needs to unwind. She’d hoped he’d be free tonight (hence the red lace, his favourite) but no such luck. As she rubs firmer she parts her legs, hooking the lace to one side tracing her tight slit. She’s already starting to grow wet, as she replays favourite moments out in her head. Things he’s said and done to her that have stuck. Telling her ‘You’re my dirty girl’ as his hand gripped her throat. Making her open her eyes and look at him as she rode his thick cock to an explosive orgasm. He knew just the moment to say things for maximum impact. God how she wishes now he could have been free for her tonight.

Reaching over to her bedside table she pulls open the drawer and reaches for her trusty rabbit. She was going to use it for him tonight, his fantasy was to watch her make herself cum with no assistance from him. She’d never used toys on herself in full view of a man before but the thought of it excited her. Anything that involved him excited her. Turning her toy on, she holds it between her legs. The gentle buzz makes her groan and purse her lips. The warm tingle spreading deep inside her, over her stomach and down her thighs, making her nipples stiffen.

She can hear her own heartbeat pounding in her ears as she clicks the power up and pulling her knickers to one side, runs the tip of the toy down the neat fold of her pussy. She bites her lip, gently pushing it deeper a little more with each stroke. Finally pushing the whole length inside her, she stretches her legs out, curling her perfectly polished toes at the sensation. She’d love to perform for him now, watch his eyes turn dark and breathing quicken as he watched her pleasure herself.

She suddenly stops, acutely aware of the feeling she’s being watched. Her eyes flash to the doorway where a familiar shadow is stood watching her. She doesn’t jump, she knows it’s him. A wry smile spread across her face and a hot flush spreading over her cheeks and neck knowing his fantasy is about to come true.

His finger against his lips tells her to be quiet, continue what she’s doing. Keeping her eyes firmly locked on him, she continues to push her toy in and out of her. Knowing he’s watching her every move, intensifying the sensation in every stroke. She can’t see enough in the dim light but knows he’ll be so hard by now watching her fuck herself like this. She can hear him groan gently as she grabs at her breasts with her other hand, pinching at her nipples.

Slowly, full of intent, he walks the few steps to her bedside and stands over her. “You naughty girl starting without me” he growls at her. “Sorry” she murmurs, biting her Dikmen Escort bottom lip smiling. Now he’s stood so close she can see the straining bulge in his trousers. That’s what she really wants. Nothing can recreate how he feels, so thick and hard. No toy or other man.

He reaches down between her legs, pulling her knickers off to gain a full view and unbridled access to his favourite part of her.

Walking to the foot of her bed, he can see every exposed inch of her. Her legs stretched open as she slowly pushes her toy deep inside her, the tiny ‘ears’ of her rabbit cup her swollen clit. All the while she can’t stop staring at him, watching his reaction to her performance. He reaches to the waistband of his jeans, quickly unhooking the button and sliding down the zip. Reaching into his boxers, his perfect cock springs out. She groans, her toy suddenly seeming a poor alternative to what he’s just shown her.

She slows her hand and he laughs, “No, you carry on, you’re not having this yet”. She’s so frustrated, only five minutes earlier she’d thought she would be spending tonight alone and now here he is in all his glory and she can’t have him, not yet anyway. His hand strokes up and down his hard shaft, his thumb stopping at the tip to massage the small trickle of precum over himself. “Please!?” She begs him desperate for his touch. He loves seeing what he does to her, bringing out something primal that he can’t resist. He drops a hand to her leg running his fingers up to her inner thigh, grazing so close to her throbbing pussy yet still not touching. She bucks her hips from the bed straining to make him touch her.

Cocking his head to one side he places his hand over hers slowing her. She lets go of the toy as he takes over, his actions much harder than her own had been. It’s not his cock but him controlling her toy is the next best thing. She grips her bed sheets dropping her legs further open for him. He kneels onto the bed, between her legs, gaining closer access to her, pushing her rabbit in harder and faster. Her eyes are closed as she can feel her orgasm growing. Reaching up his hand grazes her breast, over her collarbone and stops at her neck. Resting lightly he wraps his fingers around her throat, biting his lip at the sight of it. Her eyes open, staring into his as he pulls the toy hard out of her. Not breaking eye contact or removing his hand from her throat her grips his cock with his free hand. Sliding it up the wet slit of her neat pussy. Not entering her but teasing her. She’s breathing hard, desperate to feel him fill her. He stops, gently dipping his swollen head inside her. She’s begging him now “Please fuck me, I need you so bad”. How can he resist that, her pleading for him.

Tightening his grip on her throat he pushes hard into her, making her gasp. He never tires of her reaction to his cock entering her. It’s like everytime is the first time. The combination of his impressive girth and her tightness makes an explosive combination that neither can get enough of. He gets a kick out Elmadağ Escort of being that bit ‘too big’ for her, her moans punctured with the odd whimper drive him wild but don’t stop him fucking her hard. Forcing her legs wide open gives him the deepest access to her.

Using his thumb he gently circles her sensitive clit, his thrusting rough, going a little deeper everytime. Her eyes are closed as she savours every sensation, feeling him stretch every tiny part of her. She squeezes herself tight around him, her juices creating a slick between her legs. “I’m going to cum” she murmurs to him feeling it building deep inside her. Only encouraging him more, he slams into her but rather than pulling out stays ball deep pushing as hard into her as he can. She screams out, a perfect balance of pleasure and fullness (almost too full) as the delicious burn of his thick cock shudders through her. He feels her orgasm grip him, pulsing hard down his shaft, a flood of her hot cum rushing from her.

“Fuck, that was intense” he smirks. She doesn’t need to say anything, her flushed cheeks and breathlessness are agreement enough.

He pulls out of her, a wet pop permeating the silence and moves up the bed to lie next to her, inviting her to help herself to him. As he stretches out she turns and straddles him. Astride his lap, his cock presses against her as she kisses him. He grabs her ass cheeks appreciatively, pulling her against him. She plants tiny kisses down his neck, over his shoulders and down him chest. Moving down his body before stopping at the base of his cock. She’s on all fours now, looking up at him smiling as she runs her tongue up his shaft, flickering over his sensitive head tasting him. Her hand gently strokes his full balls as she takes his length in her mouth, gagging as she reaches the base of him. He loves hearing her gag and she can feel him grow harder in her mouth at the sounds.

His hands tangle in her curls, forcing himself deeper into her throat, fucking her mouth. She can make him cum so fast with her dirty mouth, if he doesn’t stop her soon he’ll blow in her throat. Not this time he thinks, having seen and felt her wet pussy in all it’s glory he knows that’s where he’s cuming tonight.

“Sit up” he instructs her, she obeys, a puzzled look on her face. “Turn around and bend over”. She does as she’s told. On all fours he has the most spectacular view of her most intimate parts. He sits up to kneel behind her, cock in hand he rubs himself between her ass cheeks and down towards her soaking pussy. Hovering there for moment ready to plunge himself into her for the second time tonight.

“Stop” she breathes, “Not there”. Reaching back to grab his cock she repositions him, against her ass.

“You want me to take your ass?” He smiles asking her, “But this is for you tonight not me”.

“Exactly” she replies, her eyes dark and voice almost a growl. He remembers her making appreciative noises last time her took her ass but he assumed they were a result of the two fingers he was pounding Elvankent Escort her with at the same time. This was unexpected, how many women ask for this, for their own gratification? This one it would seem, and who the hell am I to let her down he thought.

Reaching around to her pussy he scoops her delicious juices onto his fingers and rubs them over her tight ass. Very slowly he starts to push himself into her. Her head drops right forward at the sensation and she parts her legs further for him. She’s barely breathing in anticipation. While she knows it’ll blow her mind once she eases into it, the initial sensation of him pushing his oh so thick cock into her most private places makes her heart pound and eyes water. She wants it though, so badly that those first couple of minutes of pain are so worth it to feel him devour every fibre of her. He’s slow to begin with, inching gently into her, letting her push back onto him as much as he’s pushing into her. She lets out a moan and he feels her reach down and massage her pussy, rubbing at her swollen clit and sensitive folds. Her hand grazes his balls which are now sitting heavy against her. She’s growing use to the feeling of him inside her, he can tell by the way she slowly begins to move back and forward against his length. Only a fraction to start but she’s building in confidence. He takes her lead pulling out a little more each time, lengthening his thrusts. She’s so tight and the way she wanted this, for her own kicks, blows his mind.

“Harder” she requests, “Fuck me harder!”

He has to use every ounce of willpower not to fill her ass there and then hearing those words. His hands are on her hips, steadying his thrusts. She’s panting and pushing harder onto him, still furiously rubbing her pussy. She’s going to cum hard, she can’t help it. It’s as though she has absolutely no control of herself. He reaches forward to grab a handful of her hair jerking her head backwards. Out of the corner of his eye he notices her rabbit, still lying where he’d discarded it earlier before replacing it with his cock. Stretching to grab it he flicks on the vibrate switch and reaching around holds it against her. She drops her hand, “Yes!” Needing no more permission he fills her pussy with her rabbit. “Fuck” she cries out, she’s so full it’s overwhelming. As he clicks the other switch and the shaft starts to move inside her she starts to cum. Huge waves of pleasure start pounding through her as he thrusts hard into her ass, feeling the swirling shaft of the rabbit inside her he can’t hold himself back either.

“Fill my ass up, please!” She begs him, “Now!” His cock starts twitching, he’s going to fill her alright, so fucking hard she won’t walk tomorrow. Her ass is squeezing his cock so tight and the way she’s cuming for him is animalistic. “I can’t stop!” she cries. He pulls the rabbit from her and holds his hand against her pussy, feeling her convulse he starts to pump her full. She screams feeling him explode inside her, her pussy releasing a gush of sweet cum into his hand.

As the last of her orgasm pulses through her, her legs buckle from underneath her releasing his cock from her audibly. She lies in front of him breathless and exhausted, her curls stuck to her neck and back in a sheen of perspiration. He smiles as a trickle of his load starts to escape her. “I fucking love my dirty girl” he tells her, slapping her ass.

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