What Might Have Been


I am a pc repair technician for my county school district, having now worked there for over 12 years. At the time this event happened, I had not been working there for but about 3 years, and our director wanted to take a new step in how we serviced all of our schools (we are one of the biggest in the state). This meant, assigning a more seasoned tech at a High or Junior High in a “region”, with each tech having about 4 schools to manage. We were given a least seasoned tech to train and who would provide assistance. I took the high school and elementary school closest to home (rank does have its privilege) and my assistant got 2 elementary schools. He did a GREAT job, enjoyed the fact that I was there for him if he needed me, but gave him as much freedom to do as he pleased and still get the job done. Something I learned in my Navy days.

I had not been there long, when I got a ticket to set up a bunch of computers for one of our ESOL teachers. I STILL do not know a lot of the acronyms we use (in 20 years of navy service, never learned close to half of the ones we used then), but ESOL is English As A Second Language. In other words, people who transfer in from, oh, say, Puerto Rico who don’t speak any English, we teach them to in these classes using software like “Rosetta Stone” and other methods. That was when I met Ms. Carin Michaels for the first time.

At first, nothing stood out. She wasn’t tall, in fact, a bit short for me (I am 6’1″), no Hollywood body, which I am not really attracted to. Too much work for the woman to maintain, not to mention the cost of makeup, and I am not really into women that cake it on in layers!! Makeup is there to ENHANCE the natural beauty. If you have to use SO much makeup that you are in the makeup chair for almost 90 minutes each day, you need to think about things. What she had were EYES!! That is the first thing I am attracted to, but man, her eyes were like space black holes. They pull you in, and there is no escaping. And, I could feel it.

We introduced ourselves and we chit chatted for a few minutes as I learned what she taught, what ESOL and Rosetta Stone were, and with every Büyükesat Escort word, she was drawing me in. Before she finished talking, she had me to the point of being her slave at the snap of a finger. I have never had a woman have that kind of influence on me, but, sadly! I AM a professional, and I shook it off. Got her computers all fixed up like she wanted (I am all about GOOD customer service, so I do go the extra mile now and then to earn respect and trust), wished her a good day, said it was very nice to meet her, and she returned the sentiments, and I headed back to my office. Thankfully, there was a restroom within a few feet of my office, because she had me in such a state, I had to stop in and jerk off! I shot a load of cum like I had never shot before. I even amazed myself. Since I do NOT believe in wasting any cum, I licked it off my fingers, swallowed it on down, finished getting cleaned up, and went to my office. For the rest of the day, she was all I could think about. HOW to I approach her and tell her how bad I wanted to fuck her until she couldn’t see straight??????? The next day, I didn’t have to.

Towards the middle of the day, I got another ticket that 3 out of 6 of her PC’s would not turn on. I returned to her room, and she greeted me with her smile, again and those soul sucking eyes. I went over and found that the power strip had been unplugged from the wall.

She looked at the end of the strip in my hand and asked “Could the kids have kicked it out of the wall socket?” all the while, she had placed her free hand in the small of my back. “Sure, happens all the time! Well, she said she would fuss with them and remind them to keep their feet flat on the floor when they were using the computers. I ask was there anything else I could do, and she said something I didn’t understand, and when I said “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that!” she said, “Oh, nothing. Was just thinking out loud, no, no thank you! That should do it!” Again, I excused myself and as I turned to leave, she let her hand drop down to firmly grab my ass cheek, then on down to her side. I Çayyolu Escort returned to my office, and in my total NAÏVE way, kept thinking, did she grab my ass???????????? I have to tell you, I was pretty shy as a kid and, well, nope! Never really outgrew that! Definitely not used to any woman showing me “attention”.

Now, I have a tendency to stay late and get my paperwork finished up, so, it was about 15 minutes after quitting time when another ticket from her came in. I grabbed my tool bag, the ticket, and headed to her room. When I got there, she was fussing around in the HUGE closet in her room, so I poked my head in to let her know I was there.

“OH, great, but can you help me here, for a second?????? I’m trying to find something, she said. Whatever it was she was trying to find, I was too busy looking at the tits I had missed the first couple of times. VERY, VERY NICE tits!

Well, of course I said “Sure, no problem. Whatcha looking for???” She described something I would have NO problem finding, and she thought it was up on the top shelf in the closet, but I couldn’t find it. I looked down at her from the top of the ladder, and that’s when I saw her up against the door, and the door was closed and now locked.

“What I really need help with, are these. They haven’t had any attention in quite some time. Think you can help me?” she was saying, the whole time letting those beautiful tits out of their cages. I immediately got down off the ladder, pressed my throbbing hard cock against her pelvis, bent down, kissed, nibbled and sucked on her lips for a few minutes before looking into those soul sucking eyes, nodding my head up and down while responding.

“Yes ma’am! I do believe I can help with those.”

Immediately taking one swollen nipple in my mouth, between my teeth, I flicked my tongue across it, when I heard her hiss and she became a little weak in the knees. I worked that nipple over for a few minutes before switching to the other, while at the same time, sliding my hand down the front of her jeans, and landing my index finger on her wet, swollen Cebeci Escort clit! It was erect like a small dick, and I do love a large clit!! Finishing up on her other nipple, I returned to kissing her wet, swollen lips, biting them gently, sucking on them, and sliding her pants off without her even realizing they were missing. She looked up at me and said, “Oh, my!!”

Panting, she dropped to her knees, opened my shorts, and freed my now raging hard cock!! Wrapping her hot lips around the head, she slowly licked across the top, getting it wetter and wetter before taking in deeply in her mouth. My head snapped back, and all I could gutter out of my mouth was “FUCK!!”

After a few minutes of sucking on my raging hard cock, I lifted her up, and sat her on one step of the ladder, and it was the perfect height to have her pussy even with my mouth, and I dived it. I licked her throbbing hard clit with my tongue, and could feel her legs quivering in my arms and hands, but when I wrapped my lips around it and drew it into my hot mouth, she let go the first flooding orgasm. Squirting all over my face, she pulled my face even tighter against her pussy by my hair, grinding her sweet juices into my face. After she had finished, she tilted my face up to see hers and she said, “I sure hope you fuck as well as you eat pussy!!”

She was about to find out.

Lifting her down off the ladder, I slid her right down on my cock, until I was buried to the balls. She whimpered and all she could do was repeat “oh, my god!! Oh, my god!!” Laying her back over a cart with some posters on it, I crawled on top, and for the next 30 minutes, we fucked like there was nothing else in this world that needed to be done at that time. After my third time cumming in that sweet pussy, she said she had one problem. I asked if she was thirsty. She laughed and told me, no!

“Well, what’s the problem???”

“That cock is NOT in my ass!!”

In 7 seconds, it was!!

I think I must have cum a quart that day. She beat me. She must have cum at least a gallon.

Not long after that, she moved away transferring to a different part of the state, and gave up teaching for a while. I often, and I do mean often, think of that day in her closet, of her. I think of the magnetism between us, and many other thoughts cross my mind, but the one thought that comes to mind more than any others is the thought, what might have been had she stayed. What might have been, indeed?

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