What Happens in Summer…


Room 14

Ron’s breathing began to slow and I could feel his arms tighten around me. He was already asleep and I shifted just a bit to get comfortable. All his naked glory was pressed up against my flesh, I felt the heat radiate from him, warming my hungry body. I couldn’t believe what had happened in the past 10 hours. I felt as if my life had been completely turned upside down.

Shards of morning light pierced the curtains and I looked over the austere room, having missed details due to the…previous distraction.

I noticed the undergarments thrown to the cheaply carpeted floor and the crumpled, cotton shirt sprawled over the one, chipped, wooden chair in the corner. A painting of a daisy rested crookedly against the corner of the desk. I smiled to myself. My breathing began to quicken at the recollection, but I willed myself to calm down. A dull throbbing from below served as a constant reminder. Things had gotten a bit rough and now I was just a little sore. Worth it, though. I wouldn’t have traded this for anything else.

10 hours earlier:

It was supposed to be a casual meeting, a chat among friends. A year since we had last seen one another. We had initially met in high school, a couple decades back, but at that time he hadn’t appeared very interested in me. I had since grown into my personality, and my body. As did he. Perhaps there was a reason for everything and we were meant to cross paths now.

So, yes. Last summer he had taken me out for drinks. But he was too polite, aloof. Guarded somehow. I actually left thinking I would be immediately forgotten. It was a shame, because spending time with him like that had brought up a lot of memories. I found myself longing to discover how he kissed, what he smelled liked when he began to sweat. Thoughts I tried to unsuccessfully discard once I got back home, to my “real” life.

This summer, I was back on my annual visit. Drinks again, pre-dinner. I was secretly hoping we wouldn’t get to the meal, but that was presumptuous on my part. It wasn’t looking promising. He had his groupies buzzing around him at the bar, especially the younger ones. Still, though amiable to them, I did get a sense that he was annoyed by their presence. It was as if Ron would have made the room go silent if he could have.

Yet he played the game. It would have seemed rude not to, and that wasn’t the impression he wanted to give. That wasn’t who Ron was, I suppose. He was an introvert masking as someone social.

When he saw me again this time around, he had changed disposition. His eyes lit up. “Hey stranger…” Ron said, flashing me that divine smile. I noticed his biceps tight under his work shirt and I wondered if he had been working out more than before. Everything about his physique was taut this year, he filled out his clothes to perfection. I was engrossed by his presence and realized I had yet to say anything. I nervously pushed my black bangs to the side of my freckled face.

“Hey there. How have you been?” I replied.

What a dorky thing to say! I immediately regretted that tone I had used. I had to be more careful around him. I didn’t want to come off like some brainless fan girl. He was kind of famous, and I wasn’t. Which tilted the scales in a way I didn’t really feel comfortable with. I would have felt more at ease had I accomplished more in my life, perhaps. But I was but a lowly employee and he…well, he was an enigma to me, despite his public persona.

There had been a few exchanges on social media, but nothing of real revelation. It had mostly been a lot of discussions about books and films. I still had no idea what he thought of me and I didn’t want to make a bad impression.

Small talk ensued and this time around I had this nagging feeling in my stomach. It was worse than butterflies. It was like a cannon ball. I had come to the conclusion that I really liked this amazing guy, and perhaps, on some level, he also liked me back. Though all reason argued otherwise, I wanted so much to believe it.

“Can you give me a minute?” he inquired, sharp, green eyes locked on his phone screen. “I have to make a phone call.”

I nodded. “Sure thing.”

He walked away slowly, lifting his finger in the way people do when they want to tell you “Just ONE minute, be right back.”

I paused to speak Batıkent Escort with some friends and momentarily forgot that he was going to be coming back for me. I felt a light touch on my shoulder some time later, and when I turned around …there he was. Ron greeted the others and engaged in a bit of chitchat, though everything about his body language screamed that he wanted to get far away. Ultimately, he excused himself and took my hand, pulling me aside.

“Let’s get out of here. I know a place.”

I nodded, and followed him out of the back door of the venue without even saying goodbye to my friends. I could have carried my excitement better but I was trying to play it cool. I had no idea what was going to happen.

Outside, he had a car waiting. I raised an eyebrow in wonder and he said “That was the phone call. My brother lent it to me.” So, he had planned this?

Ron graciously opened the door for me and as I got in, his toothy grin won me over yet again. He had the perfect American smile. White. I mean…pearly white. Straight teeth, except for a subtle protrusion of his canines, as if he had been trying to straighten vampire fangs and had almost succeeded. I could not tear my eyes away from his mouth.

“I’m hungry, and I want to buy you a drink.” I woke from my hypnosis.

“Um…yes. Of course. I could use a drink,” I replied.

We drove for a short distance, stopping at a rather secluded little diner. I didn’t even know it was there and I had lived in this city for years. Granted, it was many moons ago. But still. I was pleasantly surprised.

The diner was very cozy and not too bright. A perfect place to talk, to blend into the background, in fact. And that’s exactly what we did.

We got lost in conversation for a couple of hours. We spoke about his music, and my living abroad. The travels we both had undertaken over the years.

As time passed, he seemed more and more comfortable around me. His shoulders relaxed, and he let himself go in his manner of speech as well. As the alcohol kept coming, the conversation became lighter, and we began to laugh at the smallest, dumbest things. A small sparkle began to appear in his gaze that hadn’t been there before. I took advantage of a moment of silence and stood up. I thought I was going to suffocate. “Excuse me.” I uttered.

With the excuse of going to the restroom, I stepped out to the back of the diner. I propped myself against the cold wall, closed my eyes, and breathed deeply. I needed to calm my nerves and put my head on straight. I could discern the timbal clicks of the summer cicadas keeping time for me. Moments later, I felt two hands around my waist. Startled, I jerked to attention and opened my eyes.

Ron was standing in front of me, his forehead a question mark. “Am I that boring?” he joked.

“No.” I breathed. “I just needed a bit of air.”

He moved his body closer to mine and while one of his hands travelled around to my back, the other came up and touched my cheek. I was trapped, but in the best way possible. I wondered how much alcohol had fueled this sudden prowess.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear. “You shouldn’t be out here alone. There are bad elements around.”

His hot breath sent a shiver through me and instantly lit my body on fire. “Oh really?” I replied. “I guess I better get myself home then.” I shifted my weight but he wouldn’t budge.

“Not just yet..” he sighed, as his lips softly met mine. “Just stop me if you don’t want this.”

I felt the icy concrete behind me contrasting with my flushed skin. It was the same sensation as having a high fever and chills simultaneously.

His kiss grew deeper, and our tongues danced. Ron was an expert at this, but I wasn’t that bad myself. His moans into my mouth said so.

My hands grazed his muscular arms. I took a deep breath.

He smelled heavenly against my face. Like a baby angel. I wanted to embrace him, feel his body along mine, but he grabbed my wrists, and with his soft hands, pinned me against the wall. The fabric of Ron’s pants stretched as his arousal grew, I could feel it against my leg. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity. His mouth mapped down my neck and he stopped in that one place he shouldn’t have. I could barely stand, Beşevler Escort my knees went so weak. His teeth scraped my clavicle.

It was time to go or things were going to get really dirty, really fast.

I realized Ron had already paid the bill because he pulled me over to the car and with a quick wave to the bartender, ushered me in. I gauged if he was okay to drive, but the man held his liquor like a Russian. Not an inkling of being inebriated.

I couldn’t contain my delight at being with him. My hotel was still a distance off, so I honestly didn’t know where he was taking me. I had the impression that he was content at just driving around.

At every stop sign in the darkness of the back streets, he’d turn to me, one hand on my thigh. High school driver’s education warned about this. I almost laughed to myself, he was so cute.

He leaned in at yet another crossroads and put his mouth to my ear. His voice took a serious tone.

“I don’t want to do something untoward …I have to admit I can’t wait to get to your hotel. I want you now. Please, tell me what you desire.”

I kissed him back as a response and put a hand on his groin. “I want you. It doesn’t matter. If you wish we can stop on the way.” Ron nodded, giving me a quick kiss on the lips.

Shortly after, we pulled off the road into a dingy motel. Never have I seen anyone make a transaction so quickly. Before I knew it, we were at the door of Room 14, and though this wasn’t by definition romantic, that’s not what either one of us wanted. I was just shocked it had gone in this direction and that my own bravura had so firmly taken over.

As soon as the doors closed behind us, he pulled me to him by tugging at my shirt. Ron took possession of my mouth, this time more forcefully and with more persistence. My hands grabbed his firm ass and his toned body crashed into mine. It almost knocked the breath out of me.

I could feel his manhood stir as he pulled off my top, revealing my sheer black bra. In a microsecond that was gone, too. Like a magic trick. Poof! He took in the view of my ample breasts before drawing near, flicking his tongue on my large nipples. My pussy clenched. His barely audible moans vibrating against me, I kneaded him over his pants. I felt a lake between my legs.

Ron pulled the covers off with one hand while still locked with my chest. “I want to be inside you,” he breathed. I fell back and found myself helping him to remove my pants. Small detail. I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

As soon as he realized this, he grinned. “Okay, now you’re in trouble.”

I lay there, chest heaving, elbows propped up on the bed. He was transfixed. His lascivious nature was very apparent.

“God, you are beautiful.” I wished it was darker, I didn’t feel so at ease in my skin. I almost wanted to cover myself, but instead I mustered courage and my foot found its way to his crotch, teasing his erection. I sat up and smiled.

“Can I help you with that?” I whispered as my hands reached for the button and zipper. It didn’t take long before the clothing fell to the floor. I was impressed by his perfect body, and he was less hairy than I expected. Except for that small, blond trail that lead to his glorious manhood, now just inches from my lips.

I was still sitting on the bed and I took advantage of the position by slipping his length into my mouth. He let out a loud, guttural groan as my nails dug into his buttocks to get a better grip.

With one hand on my head guiding me, he used the other to push open my knees. His cock pushed even further down my throat as he drew near. It fit perfectly and he tasted so, so good.

“That’s it, …” he sighed. “Oh Jesus, like that…” His thrusts more demanding, I cupped his balls and licked up and down his shaft. A tease of the tip and he was back throat fucking me. Tears came to my eyes, but I didn’t gag. I never did.

For a second, he pulled my hair in a physical reaction to the orgasm building in his abdomen, but then he gently let go. I felt his cum shoot down my throat in a hot river.

“Fuck” was all I heard him say, as I passed my finger along the side of my mouth. There was nothing left, just spit. I had swallowed all of him.

Ron looked down at me, lust and Beypazarı Escort hunger in his light sea eyes. His erection had not waned one bit. He actually seemed more..substantial if anything else.

Placing his arms around my shoulders, he turned me, and I found myself bent over the edge of the bed. Strong fingers pulled apart my legs and I felt a licking from my neck all the way down my spine. It was tortuously slow. He managed to stop and bite each of my back tattoos.

“Open wider for me, baby” he ordered, as he slid in his index and middle fingers. I did as asked and seconds later felt an incredible wetness and heat in my folds. I raised my eyes and saw him in the reflection of the mirror in front of us.

I wasn’t seeing things very clearly, mind you, as my vision was beginning to swim from the pleasure flooding my body. I could see the top of his head gyrating.

He pushed my ass up with his hands and explored my sex, burying his face in me.

One finger circled my clitoris and the other hand moved in an even rhythm inside me as his mouth followed with quick, teasing brushes. Two fingers became four. I felt something akin to an earthquake go through me as I wet his face and hands with my satisfaction. I couldn’t scream because I felt paralyzed. It hurt to breathe. All I wanted now was for him to penetrate me.

I turned my head and asked “What do you want me from me? I want you to tell me.”

Ron lifted his gaze towards mine and slapped my ass cheek with an open palm.

“I want to fuck you, hard. First in the ass, then in the pussy. Just to switch things up.”

Without warning, he pulled my legs up higher on the bed, propping a pillow under my knees, and with my lower half lifted in the air, he slid two fingers into my dripping pussy, and then stuck them into my anus.

Ron pushed them in, my muscle stretching for him. Back and forth until he added a third finger.

“I don’t want to hurt you, baby, so you tell me if it is, okay?” His voice had grown soft, gentle. I heard a wrapper crinkle.

Before I could answer, he placed himself at my opening and pushed in. I gasped. I fixated on his eyes and kept my gaze on him through the mirror, as much as I could keep my eyes open, anyway. His dick was the definition of sex…in his intent and his fury. It burned into me, pushing harder and deeper until even my uterus felt it. I wished it could have filled me up even further. I pressed back and felt him go in until his balls.

At this point, the pain wasn’t pain at all. It was a masochistic need and I kept calling his name, “Ron, harder Ron. Fuck me harder.” I didn’t care if the neighbors of this shitty motel heard us. I just wanted to be torn in two by his thick, hot member.

His nails gripped my hips and he no longer pulled out. I could hear and feel the slap of his balls against me as he buried himself inside my ass.

The more I pleaded, the more violently he beat into me. I wanted it all and so much more.

Then, he pulled out suddenly, growling “Change of position” as he took me by the waist, lifted me up, and slammed me into the wall to the left of the bed. Something within me shook.

I wrapped my legs around him. We fit back together, this time his force entering my slit, and the pounding recommenced. My huge breasts bouncing up and down, he tore into my neck over and over and I dug my nails into his back until he moaned through gritted teeth, “I want you so…Jesus you feel so good. Come for me again, baby. Do it.”

My screams of pleasure made harmony with his, and the effort of his movements made a painting fall across the room. He licked my chest and gnawed my clavicle like an animal. My hands were all over his body, I didn’t know where to grab next.

It wasn’t clear who came first and it didn’t matter. It was something that rattled us both to the core. I stopped counting the pulsations when I got to seven. He had made me come inside and out.

Afterward, we fell spent onto the sheets. I pulled him near, his cock, reddened and glistening from the exertion, rested on his groin and stomach. He took my hand in his and kissed it gently. The sound and fury had passed and here had returned the docile prince.

His demeanor changed completely and as he sweetly pressed his lips to mine I wondered how strange this all had been. I had so many questions in my mind but I didn’t want to ruin this moment. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me to him, nuzzling his head against my shoulder. “Same time next year?”

I chuckled in response. “Of course, but I am still here for another week.”

Ron grinned. “Guess I will be taking my vacation.”

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