Subject: West By Southwest ch 1 This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males and females older and younger than 18. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you are not allowed to read this story by law. This story is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person’s living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental. The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by the web sites to which it has been posted, without the consent of the author. In addition, do not forget to donate to Nifty. Help keep these stories free and available! Support Nifty! Please understand this is a work of fiction. The actions described in the story are not real, encouraged, or condoned in real life. Its just a story kids. I hope you enjoy it. West By Southwest � Chapter 1 My name is Garret Rush. I had just finished my third year at Northwestern studying Political Science, and was doing well academically. I had also made a name for myself on the soccer team. Becoming one of their star players. I’d been playing the game as long as I could remember. Dad said my first ball was a soccer ball. I’m 6′ tall, and had developed a nice build that seems to impress a lot of people. All the running and workouts had really paid off. I found it embarrassing how many times I’d find pics of myself posted all over the Internet, often shirtless pics, and sometimes on rather sketchy websites. I had never shared pics or posted anything of myself, although I was tempted many times. I recognized a lot of them were from sports sites that had written articles about me, and a few gay sites that have made a big deal about me being an “out athlete” on campus. I decided to take Amtrak’s Southwest Chief back to my parents’ house in Los Angeles for the summer. Traveling by train seems like an old fashioned way to travel nowadays, especially for a young guy like me. But my parents liked traveling by train when I was a kid, and we would always take the train whenever we went on vacation. So I suppose that rubbed off on me. What I didn’t plan on was how this trip would change my life forever. This is the story of that trip. DAY ONE: I’m sitting in the Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge at Union Station in Chicago, waiting to board my train. I had just celebrated my 21st birthday, and all I could think about was the huge headache I had from overdoing it the night before. It was also the one last party before everyone split up for the summer. I had hooked up with a hot twink last night and fucked him all night long. So much so I thought I had broken my dick. Our soccer team has lots of groupies, mostly girls, but this was one of our few male groupies. He was incredibly cute and had that “boy next door” look. I woke up with him in my arms, but then realized I had to catch the train. We said our goodbyes with no time for a quick morning fuck. Thankfully, I made it to the train station in time. Yeah, I’m totally gay, and it’s not a secret. So there I was, sitting in the waiting room with sunglasses on. I had just finished downing three Advil with my complimentary orange juice when I noticed him. The boy looked around 12 or 13 years old, slumped down in one of the big chairs at the end of the spacious waiting room. There was a black travel bag and backpack next to him. He looked like he was alone, since there was no one sitting near him. He was wearing a black hoodie with the hood pulled over his head as he stared at his smart phone. Tufts of dark blonde hair poked out around the edges of his hood. I could see the word ‘Parker’ emblazoned across the front. My eyes continued down to his Navy blue soccer shorts, then down his long tan legs. Then I noticed the boy’s right ankle had an ankle brace on it. I’d seen enough of those to recognize he probably had a sprained ankle injury. He slowly opened and closed his thighs as if he was nervous. The boy had kicked off his one Adidas flip flop and was basically barefoot. The boy shifted in the chair as he stayed focused on his phone. I could now see up one of the leg holes of his shorts. He was wearing baby blue underwear, most likely bikini briefs as it hugged his balls perfectly. Then I noticed the prominent bulge arching across the front of his shorts. The boy had his arm resting on it. Then I noticed him slowly moving his arm over the bulge, trying his best to be sly about it. The angle I was sitting at gave me the perfect view to watch him. Plus, my sunglasses hid my eyes so he didn’t notice I was watching him. The bulge looked rather large for a boy his age. It had to have been at least five inches long, maybe longer. My 8 inch cock start to harden, knowing this boy was hard. Which was a problem, since I was only wearing loose sweat pants and no underwear. When you have a big cock its difficult to hide it when it starts to do its thing. I was suddenly taken aback. This mystery boy reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t place the face with my fuzzy brain. Maybe a boy I was attracted to when I was that age? I always fucked around with guys my own age, like the groupie twink I hooked up with last night. But this boy had caught my attention. Why was I focusing on him? Was it his daring little boner? Or something more? I took off my sunglasses just as the boy looked up. We made eye contact. For some reason I smiled. Surprisingly, the boy’s gaze never wavered and he gave a slight smile back. I was too far away to really confirm, but it looked like he was starting to blush. Suddenly the boarding announcement was made breaking our moment. Everyone in the waiting room, including the boy, stood up and started gathering their bags. Then everyone started moved towards the passageway like a heard of cattle. I didn’t know why, but I was glad to see the boy was going to be on my train. However, I lost track of the boy during all the commotion as I joined the mass of people heading for track D. The Superliner train was waiting for me as I approached the sleeping car at the front of the train. There were a few people already lined up waiting to board the sleeper car. I joined the line and waited for my turn to check in. Then I overheard a conversation between a boy and an older guy behind me start up. “How fast does this go?” “I don’t know.” “Do they have WiFi?” “I’m pretty sure they do.” “Do I have to stay in the room?” “No, you can walk anywhere you want on the train.” I glanced back saw a guy my age with a boy who looked to be around 11 years old. Both looked slightly Asian, but with some white genes mixed in. The older guy was tall with dark, short hair, and a toned muscular build under his clothes. He looked like a swimmer. The boy with him was shorter, but just as athletic looking with a black towheaded look. The older guy noticed me looking back. “Sorry, he has a million questions,” the guy laughed. “Its our first time on a train.” “You’ll love it. I’ve been ridden the rails since I was a kid.” I replied as the line advanced forward. “Well, he’s excited.” The older guy said ruffling the boy’s hair. Our eyes met as the guy cracked a smile. I could feel him checking me out. Then I realized my pride necklace was advertising my sexual identity, as well as my semi hard cock in my loose sweat pants. We both instantly knew we were gay. But I knew there was no chance of hooking up with this hot guy on the train. He’d be too tied up watching after the boy he was traveling with. “I’ve ridden lots of things,” the younger boy interjected with a smirk as he looked up from my sweat pants, “but this is my first train.” I got the feeling the boy was checking me out just as much as his older companion was. “Yes, we will be learning together,” the guy smiled as he hugged the younger boy back into him. “Are you going to Los Angeles?” I asked, changing the subject. Trying to keep my mind out of the gutter. “Yup, we’re going all the way!” The boy beamed as the line moved again. Diyarbakır Escort “Cool, I’m headed to Los Angeles too, I’m Garret.” I said as I held out my hand. “I’m Kiran, and this is Trent.” the older guy replied as I shook his and Trent’s hand. I was about to ask if they were related, but the line moved again. “Looks like your next,” Kiran said. “Nice to meet you,” I smiled, “I’ll see you on board.” As I turned I was greeted by a tall, good looking black man in an Amtrak uniform holding a clip board. The attendant smiled warmly,”Hello sir, are you riding with us to Los Angeles?” He looked like he was in his late 30’s. His muscular frame nicely filled out his uniform. My eyes spotted a sexy bulge in his tight slacks. It wasn’t hard, which made it all the more impressive. I quickly got my mind out of the gutter as I stepped up to him. His eyes paused at my throat, and then boldly, but quickly checked out the rest of my body. I realized he’d seen my Pride necklace and my bulge. But I didn’t mind if this hunk was `interested’ in what he saw, and I was glad he made it obvious we’re on the same team. “Yes I am. I’ll be going all the way with you.” I smiled as I handed him my ticket. He chuckled and looked at his list, comparing it with my ticket. “Ah yes, Mr. Rush, I’ll have you in bedroom A.” the attendant replied as he handed my ticket back, “My name is Al, and I’ll take really good care of you during your trip. Head up the stairs and take a left. I’ll be around to make sure you’re settled in, explain a few things, and answer any questions,” Al smiled. “Thanks, Al. I’m sure you’ll satisfy my needs just fine,” I smiled back. Then Al added with a wide grin, “Welcome aboard the Southwest Chief.” I stepped aboard with a sneaking suspicion that Al had just checked out my ass. I climbed the stairs up to the second level and turned left down the long narrow hallway. What was nice about my room was it was the last compartment at the front of the car. The sleeping car I was in was closest to the engine, so I wouldn’t be getting a lot of foot traffic moving by my door. I had gotten a full bedroom which was much more spacious than a roomette, and I was happy my parents splurged on the extra cost. It was going to be a long trip. Like the roomette, there are two berths; during the day the lower berth serves as a sofa. The room also contains a chair which faces the beds. Unlike the roomette, a bedroom includes a private combination toilet/shower, and a small lavatory. This would be home for the next two days. After I got settled, I pulled out a bag of edible weed gummies and stretched out on the wide sofa. I munched on a whole gummie as I watched the train pull out of the dark underground of Union Station. Generally, I would only take half of one because they pack a punch, but since I was on vacation I decided to eat the whole thing. Soon, the train was zipping past suburban Chicago on the way out of town. 10 minutes later I heard a knock on my compartment door. I felt a bit wobbly as I stood up to answer the door, the gummie I had eaten was kicking in faster than I thought. I opened the door to be greeted by Al’s smiling face. “Hello Sir, here is your dining menu.” Al said as he handed me a form, “Fill out what you want for dinner, and mark if you want to have it in the dining car, or take it… in your room.” His pause on “take it” caused me to blush and my cock to harden, “Th… thank you.” Al smiled at my blushing, “I’ll be making your room up around 8:30 tonight. If you want a different time, just let me know. If you need anything, just press the attendant call button.” Then the sexy black man turned and walked down the hallway. Not sure if it was the edible, but I watched Al’s ass as he walked away. After my interaction with my sexy car attendant, I decided to head up to the observation car to stretch my legs. Walking in a moving train while high was something of a challenge. But after a few unstable stumbles, I was able to navigate myself to the observation car. As I entered I noticed there were a handful of people sparsely spread out. The biggest group were an even pairing of six men and boys chatting in the far corner at the far end of the car. I recognized one of them as Trent. He was listening intently to whatever they were talking about. I realized the others he was chatting with I had seen on the platform waiting to board when I first met Kiran and Trent. They seemed to be acting as if they all knew each other, far from the feeling I had gotten when boarding the train earlier. Kiran was no where in sight. “Maybe they were part of a boy scout troop or something?” I thought as I sat down on one end of the short sofa like benches in the middle that faced the windows. I relaxed and zoned out at the moving farmland that was now zipping by, questioning if I should have eaten that damn gummie. After a few moments I felt someone sit in the chair next to me. I ignored the person until a bare foot rested itself on the window ledge in front of me. I glanced at the foot. It was a foot of a young person. I followed the sexy line of the person’s leg up to a pair of blue soccer shorts. It was the boy from the waiting room! He had his good foot propped up on the window ledge, but was no longer wearing the black hoodie. His medium, disheveled hair was dark blonde, and I was surprised he was wearing a white compression shirt that fit his body like a glove. It showed off his developing body oh so nicely. His coltish legs were on full display causing my cock to harden again. I couldn’t believe this boy was sitting just a few feet from me. I started to wonder what his ass looked like. Was it nice and firm? As firm as last night’s fuck? Was he a virgin? Probably not. I wasn’t when I was that age. WAIT! Why was I assuming he was even gay? Then I wondered what his cock look like. I knew from what I had seen before that it was big for a boy his age. I refocused my stoned attention to the changing scenery as I tried to regain my composure. Why was this boy making me hard? Then I heard his boyish voice. The timid voice asked, “You’re… Garret Rush… aren’t you?” His question popped me out of my thoughts. “Yeah… how did you…” He cut me off immediately. “I knew it! I’ve seen you play! You’re awesome!” The boy said excitedly. I smiled, both befuddle and flattered, “You have?” this young boy god knew who I was? The boy grinned excitedly, “Yeah, you play forward for Northwestern!” “You’ve seen me play?” I was always surprised when someone knew who I was. The tween started babbling, “Several times, I play on my school soccer team and they take us to see you guys play all the time,” the boy beamed as he rattled on, “I have your autograph. You probably don’t remember because you’re always signing for huge crowds after the games.” Then it hit me. There was a boy always standing to the side desperately trying to get my attention at every game. It was this boy! I replied through the fuzziness of the weed, “You do look familiar. After the Michigan win? I remember you. Sorry it was so crazy and we didn’t get to talk.” The boy gushed, “I can’t believe you remember me!” I scooted to the end of my sofa next to his chair. We were now only about two feet apart, and could talk more privately. “What’s your name?” I asked as I offered my hand. The boy shook my hand as we made eye contact. The boy said with a blush, “My name’s… Logan,” There was an awkward pause as we held each others hand. It felt like an electric shock touching him. I let go of his hand as we awkwardly grinned at each other. I could feel my cock inflating fast in my sweatpants. I asked inquisitively, “You traveling alone?” “Yeah, I just turned 13 so I can go by myself. I’m headed to Los Angeles for a soccer camp thingy.” “Can you do it with that ankle?” I asked gesturing to his ankle brace. “Oh that? I just have to keep it on for a few more days. Tweaked it when I slide tackled someone.” Logan smirked with a bit of pride. I grinned, “Slide Diyarbakır Escort Bayan tackle, huh? I guess you play dirty sometimes?” my meaning purposely double edged as I rubbed my arm against my now rock hard cock. Thankfully, Logan couldn’t see it, or at least I hoped he couldn’t. Logan replied with a mischievous grin, “Sometimes, when I know I can get away with it.” I smiled back, “Yeah, it happens, especially when raw emotions take over.” I could feel my cock throbbing under my arm as I shifted positions. “Yeah, uh… raw… emotions.” Logan stammered as he also shifted in his seat. I noticed his arm positioned over his crotch like I was doing. I felt bold as I leaned in and whispered, “I sometimes have problems… like that.” I lifted my arm off my lap, fully revealing my 8 inch bulge arching to one side in my sweatpants. I could see Logan’s eyes grow wide as he caught site of my bulge. He glanced around trying to act casual, then lifted his arm off his lap. My heart was racing as Logan revealed his boy bulge arching across the front of his blue soccer shorts. The same bulge I had seen earlier in the waiting room. Fuck! He was just as hard as I was! We looked at each other not sure what to say, but I could see the want in his eyes. Then three people stood up from the group Kiran and Trent were chatting with and walked towards us. We quickly covered our bulges as we looked at each other waiting for them to pass. As They walked past us down the aisle I noticed it was Trent, an older man, and a good looking 15 year old. The three continued walking down the aisle, leaving in the direction of the sleeper car. Logan finally gulped out, “I… I sometimes get hard for no reason.” I replied with a grin, “Are you sure its for no reason?” as I took my arm off my lap, letting the boy see my erection once again. Logan’s face blushed as his mouth opened slightly. Then he whispered as he ogled my bulge, “I… I know you’re gay… I noticed your pride necklace,” then added, “I also read in the University blog about you being openly gay.” He was right, the University paper did a story on me being an ‘out’ athlete. Logan looked up at me and nervously stammered, “I am too… I think… I mean… I’m… pretty sure. I’ve even… done stuff… a little.” I could see his face blush, as he revealed his deepest secret to me. There was another awkward pause as we stared into each others eyes. Logan looked at me with a hopeful look, as if he was trying to gauge my reaction. In my head I thought, “Oh god! I feel like such a perv falling for this boy? But FUCK! I want to kiss him right there!” I felt emboldened by the gummie, “Did you want a test and see if you’re gay?” as I flexed my bulge. Logan stared at my crotch, then looked up at me with a big, devilish grin. He sat back and flexed his impressive bulge inside his blue soccer shorts, then gently stroked the bulge with the tips of his fingers.. “I’d like to try.” I wasn’t sure if it was the weed? Or how hot I was finding this whole situation, but I suddenly suggested, “Did you want to… head back to my room?” Logan grinned and nodded his approval with a wild look in his eyes. “Let’s go then,” as I stood up. Logan’s eyes were still locked on my prominent erection visible through the front of my sweatpants. It was right at his eye level. Then he whispered with obvious wonder, “Dude, you’re freeballin’…” “It will be even freer when we get back to my bedroom.” Logan looked up at me with a grin, then held out his hand. “I might need some help, I had a hard time getting here with the train moving all over the place.” I realized the boy was down one foot. I lifted him up and guided him to the aisle. His underwear was keeping his erection in check, but was still noticeable through the front of his blue soccer shorts. I grabbed Logan by the hips and helped guide him through the lounge car. Having Logan in front of me helped hide the bulge in my sweatpants. But it also was brushing against the boy’s lower back. I knew Logan could feel it. On the way out I was surprised to see Kiran and a brown haired boy sitting together alone in the corner. The boy looked to be around 11 year’s old, and was sitting in Kiran’s lap, laying against the older man. The boy had his eyes closed as Kiran watched the moving scenery. Kiran noticed us. He looked at Logan’s bulge, then up at me and smiled with an approving nod. Just as Kiran looked away, I glanced down and noticed one of his hands was down inside the boy’s shorts, the other was up under his shirt. There were subtle movements happening both inside the boy’s shorts and shirt. The boy had a look of pure ecstasy on his face as Kiran stroked the kid inside his clothes. Logan was oblivious to all this as he concentrated on not falling over. I gasped in my head, “Fuck! He’s openly molesting that boy right here in the Lounge car?!” I didn’t have any time to dwell on it as the movement of the train had me focused on keeping Logan steady. We moved into the next car, and on several occasions I had to hug Logan into me when the train crossed over a switch causing us to lose our balance. We would lean against the wall and wait for the train to stop rocking, which caused my straining cock to press into the top of Logan’s ass and lower back. “Sorry, the train is a bit unsteady,” I smiled apologetically. Logan smiled, “I don’t mind,” as he leaned into me. The grin on his face assured me didn’t mind the extra contact. As I held him in my arms, I realized how much shorter the boy was compared to me. The top of his head was just level with my chin. After a few minutes of wobbly walking, we finally made it into the sleeper car. Towards the middle of the hall I spotted Trent and the 15 year old standing in front of the doorway of one of the roomettes. The older man stepped out of the roomette as the two boys entered. The man stood in the door frame, talking to them. As we got closer I overheard the man say, “I’ll be having another drink in the Club car. The lube is in the bag. Have fun, but try and keep it quiet.” The man closed the door to the roomette as the privacy curtain pulled shut inside. The man turned and looked at us with a bit of surprise on his face. As he let us pass I noticed him looking down at Logan with leering eyes. The man noticed me and nodded his approval, just as Kiran had done. What was going on on this train? My foggy brain wasn’t really sure if the man said “lube”, but the more I thought about it, the more it made my cock throb. Surely, he didn’t say that, did he? Why was I thinking such pervy things? More troubling, was the realization of what I thought those two boys where about to do. I’d seen all of them earlier, huddled in that group in the lounge car, but I didn’t think anything of it when the three stepped away from the others and left. Did I just witness a hookup? Clearly, Kiran and Trent were a part of something after seeing him with that other boy in the observation car. I tried to clear my mind. Thankfully Logan stopped in front of one of the roomettes further down and pointed to the door labeled Roomette Number 2. Logan looked back at me over his shoulder and grinned, “That’s my room.” “My bedroom is further down.” I gestured with my head. “Bedroom?” Logan replied a bit confused. “Yup” as I guided Logan around the corner and down the long hallway of bedroom compartments. Right before we reached my bedroom, the door to Bedroom B opened and Al stepped out. He was tucking in his shirt. When he turned to face us, I noticed his hard cock snaking down the leg of his slacks, a slight wet spot had formed at the end of his impressive bulge. Al smiled and greeted us, “Hello Mr. Rush, I see you made a friend.” I noticed his eyes glance down at Logan’s crotch approvingly, no doubt spotting the prominent bulge in Logan’s soccer shorts. Al looked at Logan, “How are you Mr. Harrison? Should I serve dinner to you in Mr. Rush’s room?” So the boy’s last name was Harrison? Logan Harrison. “I… I don’t know yet,” Escort Diyarbakır Logan stammered bashfully. Al grinned, “Well, just ring the bell and let me know what you’d like.” before he scooted past us. We continued on, finally reaching my bedroom. I lead Logan inside and locked the door, then pulled the privacy curtain closed. Logan gasped with a bit of concern, “Wow! I thought he’d say something about us.” I smiled as Logan looked around the bedroom, “No, Al is cool, he’s family.” Logan looked at me confused, “What do you mean, family?” “He’s gay.” Logan’s eyes grew wide as he smirked, “Ooh, family…!” as he figured out what I was implying. Logan continued looking around the room then blurted out, “This is so cool!” He opened the bathroom door and peeked inside. He gasped, “You have your own bathroom?!” as he inspected it, “and it has a shower?” “You can use it if you want.” Logan turned with a devious smirk, “Can we… share it?” then he blushed with a sheepish grin, realizing what he just said. I stepped closer, returning his devilish grin with one of my own. Logan started babbling, “I mean… together… at the same time?” I simply replied with no judgement, “If you want?” Logan glanced around the room one more time, “Yours is so much bigger than mine!” I chuckled, “In every way.” Logan looked down at my bulging sweats and giggled at my double meaning. The train suddenly lurched, causing Logan to fall towards me. I caught him in my arms. He looked up at me, “Thanks, the train is… a bit unsteady.” There was another long pause as I held him in my arms. I watched his expression change to a more serious look. “Are you nervous?” I asked as I felt his body start to tremble. I swear I could hear his heart beating. Logan gulped, “Yeah, kinda…” as we continued to stare into each other’s eyes. “Don’t be, you’re a very sexy boy.” as I ran my hands through his dark blonde hair. I felt him tentatively wrap his arms around my waist as he gently pushed his head against my caressing hands. I took his head in my hands and moved my face closer to his, our lips were almost touching, “Will this be your first kiss?” Logan cooed, “Yeah…” I could feel Logan’s breath catch as my lips gently brushed against his for the first time. I pressed my lips against his, then gently ran my tongue across them. Logan relax into me as he opened his mouth. I felt his tongue gently enter into mine as we started to hungrily kiss each other. Logan hugged me tighter as he ground his erection against me. I cupped the boy’s pert ass cheeks and pulled the boy into me as I ground back. Then it hit me, I was making out with a 13 year old boy! Was I now a perv? A boy lover? A pedo? I’ve kissed tons of guys before, but this kiss felt so different. Maybe it was because Logan was younger and smaller? I’d never felt more excited than I did at that moment as I started to run my hands all over his toned boyish body. I wanted him! I wanted to make love to him. Show him how good sex could be. I wondered if Logan felt it, too? Between kisses I mumbled, “Fuck, you’re so sexy, Logan,” as I ran my hands down into the back of his soccer shorts and into his bikini briefs, feeling the bare skin of his perfectly smooth bubble butt. I felt Logan’s hands slip under my shirt as he started feeling me up. I flexed my abs and felt his fingers gently trace over them. He broke off our kiss and looked up at me. Then he gasped softly, “Wow…” I pulled him back into another kiss as his hands plunged down into my sweatpants, searching for my hard member. I grunted into Logan’s mouth as I felt his hands grip my throbbing 8 inch shaft. I flexed it in his hands causing Logan to giggle excitedly into my mouth. Logan groaned into my mouth, “God, I’ve wanted this so bad,” as he kept feeling up my cock. I was shocked to hear that coming from the mouth of a 13 year old boy. I forget boys can have strong sexual urges. So desperate to experience it. I know I did when I was his age. I pulled my hands out of Logan’s shorts and grabbed the bottom of his compression shirt. Logan raised his arms up allowing me to strip it off of his body. I turned Logan and laid him back onto the sofa. I slowly stripped off my shirt, then knelt down in front of Logan and gently took his ankle boot off. I paused and looked up at Logan. “You okay with this?” The boy nodded approvingly with wild anticipation in his eyes. I continued as I reached up and started to pull his blue soccer shorts off. Logan lifted his hips off the sofa allowing me to slid his shorts down and off his smooth coltish legs. Logan was now sitting on the couch in just his baby blue bikini underwear, his erection arching nicely across the front, pointing to his left hip. A wet spot marked the tip of his leaking boy cock. I got between his legs, and slowly pulled down the front of his underwear until his hard erection popped free. He had a beautiful, 6 inch uncut cock, the purple head just peaking out from underneath the foreskin as it leaked pre-cum like crazy. He only had a few wisps of hair around the base, but his balls were perfectly smooth. I completely removed his underwear, leaving the boy entirely naked. Logan spread his leg wider, allowing me full access to him. I thought, “Damn! Logan is hung for a boy his age!” as I gently took his shaft in my hand and started to slowly stroke it. Logan let out a soft gasp as he watched me. Logan suddenly whimpered, “Ooooooohhh…” as I watched more pre-cum ooze out of his piss slit. “Feel good?” as I kept gently stroking him. Logan softly moaned, “Oh God, yessss!” as his cock head started to emerge from under his foreskin. I leaned down and took the tip of his young cock into my mouth, teasing the head with my tongue, tasting Logan’s sweet pre-cum for the very first time. I looked up to see Logan watching me with a far off stare as I pleasured him. Logan gave me a sly smirk right before I engulfed his entire cock. It fit my mouth just right. Not too wide a fit and just long enough to hit the back of my throat. “Oh Garret…” Logan groaned as I started sucking on the entire length of his beautiful boy cock. I ran my hands over his hairless trembling legs as the boy started making subtle upward hunches with his hips. I pulled off his cock briefly to remove my sweatpants, then wet my finger. Then I moved back and engulfed his cock once more as I fingered his boy hole. Logan opened his legs even wider as I started to gently apply pressure. Logan let out a sharp moan as he felt my finger slip into his tight, hot hole. His cock got even harder in my mouth as my finger went deeper and found his prostate. Logan started to mumble, “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” Then his tween body suddenly tensed up, his smooth thighs squeezing my body. Logan grunted, “OOOHH FUCK!” as he started shooting his sweet boy cum into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but the boy really flooded my mouth. Some of it escaped out around my lips but I was able to get most of it. When he finally stopped cumming I pulled off and sat back and took a deep breath, admiring the sexy, sweaty 13 year old. I moved and sat on the sofa next to him. He quickly cuddled up into my side, still reeling from his orgasm. I wrapped my arm around him and hugged him into me. “Did you like that?” I asked as I caressed his smooth tummy. Logan didn’t say anything for a minute as he seemed still out of it. Logan finally gasped out, “That… was… incredible. What did you do to my ass?” He asked quizzically as he reached over and started stroking me as the train gently rocked us, “You touched something… and I felt like I was gonna explode.” “That was your prostate. Its a special spot that makes everything feel so much better.” “That was the best!” Logan said excitedly, then asked, “Can you do that again?” as his cock started to harden again with amazing speed. To be box * Please Donate to Support Nifty! Keep it free! * * * * * Other stories: * Checkmated (Adult-youth) * Watching the Boys (Adult-youth) * Thumping Time (Adult-youth) * I Want You To Watch (Adult-youth) * Hot Summer Daze (Adult-youth) * Incestsemilla (Incest) * Squeezing the Periphery (Adult-youth) * Swimming for The Team (Highschool) * The Thirsty Boy (Sci-Fi) * The Merger (Sci-Fi) * An Agreement Between Brothers (Incest) *

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