Wendy’s World – 3


Wendy’s World – 3Chapter one When I get home from the warehouse fuck, I go shower and lay down. I still feel overwhelmed by the bawdy day with two scrumptious cocks. I text them both that I got home and didn’t have a problem with the cop, he had fallen for my lie. I strip off my shorts and blouse and slip into the shower. After drying off, I fall into bed for a quick nap. There’s is still no message from Mack, my husband but both guys text me back that they are looking forward to coming over and hanging out by the pool. The thought of them coming over helps me to drift off to sleep. When I wake up, it’s been about 2 hours and I feel refreshed. I dress in some slinky lingerie. A nice matching black bralette and open panel panties with stockings and 4″ heels. I put on a sheer georgette cover, I fix my hair and apply some light make-up. After I finish I head towards the kitchen. On my way, I check my phone and see that Mack has text me that he is running late but should be home in an hour. He sent it 30 minutes ago. I start some dinner and pour myself a glass of wine. I make Mack and me a Panini. I am just finishing up with Mack’s seared steak, smoked cheddar cheese, lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, red onions with some creamy horseradish sauce on Panera bread, when he walks through the door.He gives me a double take when he sees what I’m wearing and that I have dinner ready for him. He apologizes for being late. I tell him not to worry about it. After fixing himself a stiff drink, he sits down at the dining room table and we eat together. I finish my salad before he’s does his sandwich. I go and refill his drink. My robe opens a bit when I sit back down. He notices a bruise on my breast.”What happened there Wen?”I look down and see a finger shaped bruise on my breast. “I don’t know. I must have bumped into something. I went to the gym today, maybe I got it there. Do you want to go out to the pool and enjoy the cool evening?” I say changing the subject. We head out to the backyard. I spend a lot of time out here tending the flower beds and the pool. It’s a nice area, very secluded and private. We have a large 20 meter pool with a half circle Jacuzzi area right off the pool. It’s only about 5′ deep in the center and sloping up to 3′ at each end. We have a volleyball net that goes in the middle and used to have tons of parties and have some wild water volleyball games. But since Mack has been working so much, we haven’t had a party in ages.Mack lights the outdoor patio heater and I turn the yard sconces on. We sit at the patio table and sip our drinks. It’s been forever since we have done this. I secretly wonder if I am trying to make up for all of my philandering. I love Mack. He’s been a good provider and a loving husband but I have always been a needy woman. We talk some about his work and tells me that he feels that they are finally making some headway and maybe he won’t have to work so much soon. We talk about having a pool party soon. My mind is drifting off to a pool party I’d like to have with some of the skater guys.I find myself slipping a finger between my thighs while Mack is talking. I’m starting to feel a buzz from the 4 glasses of wine I’ve had. I ask Mack if he’d like to sit in the Jacuzzi. He says that is sounds nice and gets up to go put his bathing suit on. I stand and stop him. Taking my hands, I start to unbutton his shirt.”Wendy, what’s gotten into you? You’re going to wear me out. We’ve had more sex in the past few days then we’ve had in weeks.””I’m just a wanton slut Mack.” I say seductively.”Maybe I need to call in some re-enforcements.””MMMmmm do you have anyone in mind? That sounds so tempting.”We both slip out of our clothes and get into the Jacuzzi and sit next to each other. Mack takes me in his arms and I snuggle in the crook of his neck. I feel a hum starting in my core. It feels good to have skin on skin contact with the man I love, even if I spent the day sucking and fucking two studly younger men. “You’re incorrigible. The guys are coming over tomorrow to watch the game and maybe play some poker. I’m not sure if they’re going to be safe with you around,” he laughs.”MMMmmm do you want me to be you’re slutty waitress?””Would you like to do something like that?””I would if you wanted it too.” My mind is racing with thoughts of having an orgy with a bunch of Mack’s friends. I’ve known most of them for years and they’re always looking me over when they are here.I can see the lustful thoughts going through his mind. He has no idea how much I would love to be surrounded by cocks. “Do you need me to refresh of your drink honey?””That would be great. If you don’t mind.””Anything for you dear and I mean a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.”I slip out of the water and bend over to pick up his glass. I stay there bending over, giving him a good look at my swollen labia. His groan is enough for me to know that I still have him wrapped around my finger. I saunter back into the house and fill both our glasses. I see from the reflection of the glass that his eyes are eating me up. I pride myself on keeping my body trim and fetching. A shudder goes through me I come back outside. I make sure my breasts have an indecent wobble as I make my way back to the Jacuzzi.”Thanks sweety. You’re looking so hot tonight. The thought of a room full of horny men must have you going.””I have all kinds of thoughts honey. And yes, the thought of having all of the attention of a bunch of horny men does get me wet.”When I get back in his arms again, I reach over and take his erect cock in my hand and stroke it. He is not as big as the two I had today but he has always gotten me off in so many ways. He leans in and kisses me. I wrap my hand around his cock and cup his balls. His hand cups my breast as I moan in his mouth. Our tongues swirl around as he pushes his deeper into my mouth. I give his cock a good squeeze. He groans into my mouth.He finally lifts me out on the edge of the tub and goes between my thighs and starts to lick my swollen lips, licking and sucking şişli escort them into his mouth. His finger slips between them and curls up and touches the spongy area of my G-spot. I throw my head back in raptured bliss. My pussy is still sore from the rough fucking I received earlier today. But I relish in the soreness. I whimper with his delicate lapping of my pussy. The spasms wash over me as he licks and fingers me to an enthralling orgasm. When I finally calm back down, I take his hand and lead him inside and into our bedroom. I thoroughly fuck him silly. The entire time I’m thinking about what will happen tomorrow when the guys come over to watch the game.Chapter Two – Poke Her NightI slept late on Sunday morning. When I get up Mack has already gone to the store to pick up some stuff for the game today. I have a text from Jason telling me he needs to come by and pick up the skateboards. I text him back telling him where I live. He says he’d by right over. I get up and get myself together. It isn’t long before I meet him at my car and give him the boards. We talk for a few minutes. I explain why he can’t stay long, that Mack should be back any minute. He kisses me sweetly and leaves.Mack gets back about 15 minutes later. I have breakfast ready when he comes in. We sit down and have a discussion about what he thinks should happen today. He says that he didn’t want me to do anything until after the game. That he knows the guys wouldn’t want to be bothered while the game was on. I don’t think that is the case but I respect his wishes. I tell him I will lay out by the pool and get some sun while the game is on and be out of their hair. He tells me it seems like a good plan to him.By the time the guys start to arrive. I have already gotten into the skimpiest bikini I own along with some 4″ heels. I knew the heels were a little over the top but I’m looking for attention. Just as the game is about to start I walk past them in the living room. To say that I turned every head in the room would be a gross understatement. It could have been the last 30 seconds of the Super Bowl and those guys would have missed it for what I was showing them. The thought of showing them more later, has my pussy wet with breathless anticipation. I saunter out the back door and out to the pool.Once out there I pull a lounge chair over to where no one can actually see me laying out from the house. I stripped off my bikini and started rubbing some lotion into my skin. While I rub the lotion in I am thinking about all of the hands that will be on me later. My nipples tighten at the thought. I feel tingles in my sex as I rub lotion into my freshly shaven pussy. I normally leave a little runway but today it is as clean as the day I was born. I shudder as I let my fingers linger there a little longer. I finally lay back and soak up some sun.After about an hour I get up and dive into the pool to cool my skin off. I do a few laps. The cool water feels good. When I grt out I dry off and reapply the lotion. I turn over on my back and lay there for another hour. When I finish, I slip my bikini back on and go inside to get a glass of water. The thin fabric clings tightly to my wet skin. I open the fridge and get a bottle of water. I’m getting a glass and filling it with ice when Mike walks into the kitchen. He eyes my scantily covered body. He brushes up against me as he leans into the fridge to retrieve another beer.”Hey there Big Mike. How’s the game going?” I have always wondered why they called him Big Mike. I was hoping it was for the obvious reason.”We’re ahead by two touchdowns and there’s only 5 minutes to go. I think we have it tied down.””MMMmmm I wouldn’t mind being tied down.” I said teasingly. “Where have you been? I’d much rather watch you then the game.””Ah that’s so sweet. I didn’t want to be a distraction and make you guys miss the game.” I took a piece of ice and rubbed it against my top around my hardened nipple. It perks up quickly. I can’t help but notice Mike’s eyes catching every move. I rub it against the other nipple until they’re both hard enough to cut glass. I can see the growing bulge in Mike’s jeans and my assumption of where he got his name were correct. He is sporting a monster cock. I lick my lips seductively and reach for the bulge. “Maybe I can play with this later if I’m a good girl.””Yeah, you can play with that if you were good or bad, but I like bad girls better.” he says smiling.”You’re such a bad boy Mike and so big too.”With that he takes me by the hand and leads me back into the living room. Mack is surprised but doesn’t say anything. The game is all but over.”Hey guys, look who I found loitering in the kitchen.”The room uhs and ahs as I stride in with Mike. My breasts wobble trying to keep up with him in my heels. The thin wet fabric of my bikini leave nothing to the imagination. I had planned on this when I picked it out. I would often wear this when we played water volleyball because when it’s wet you can see right through it. So I was on obvious display in front of the guys. I look over at Mack to judge his response to me intruding on his game. He is eyeing me up and down just as everyone else is. He finally says, “Why don’t we get the card table set up and we can start some poker.”Someone says, “I’d like to poker her.” Everyone laughs, even Mack.The men get the table set up in the den in record time. I make sure everyone has a fresh beer. While I’m passing them out, I get a few pats on my ass for my quick service. I busy myself while they play a few hands. When Mack wins a big hand, I decide to take the initiative and slink down under the table and unzip his pants. I reach in and take out his cock. It is semi-hard but when I take it into my mouth it perks right up. I know that everyone at the table knows what I’m doing but I want them to know. David, who is sitting next to Mack copes a feel of my ass while I have Mack’s cock in my mouth. I stay down there until the next guy wins the pot. Its Mike. When I get back from under şişli escort bayan the table, leaving Mack’s shaft glistening from my saliva, there is a round of applause.”Hey, where’s mine? I just won a hand.” Mike says with a smile.By the time I get back down under the table Mike already has his thick cock out. I take it eagerly in my mouth and lave the monster with enthusiasm. I push it down until I can feel the meaty head hit the back of my throat. I moan around his thick shaft. I have to have this monster in my pussy before the nights through. When the next pot is won, I’m pushed over to where the winner sits. I not sure but I think its Buddy. Buddy is a big stout burly man. His cock is so big, he has to stand up to get it out. “Oh my fucking god!” I exclaim.The room just laughs. I take the head into my mouth. That’s all I can fit in. My lips are stretched as far as they can go. I lick his gigantic cock up and down before taking his large meaty head back into my mouth. I’m just getting a good rhythm when the next hand was won. I swear I think they are playing faster. It is Mike again. I pretty much stay like this for an hour or so. When they need their drinks refreshed someone else goes tp get them as I’m doing a more important service now. The one guy who didn’t get his cock sucked by me is Rick. He is married and faithful to his wife so I just get up on the table and remove my top and let my hand go down into the bottoms of my bikini and finger myself right in front of him. I’m giving him his own personal show. Of course everyone else is watching too. But I keep my eyes on Rick. The show brings everyone to their feet. They all have their cocks out and are stroking them as they watch me finger fuck myself for Rick. A few hands start groping me. When my orgasm washes over me, someone, I think it’s David shoots his load across the table landing on my breasts. This starts them all to doing the same. Even Mack shoots his load onto my face. I am covered in cum and the night was still young. I lick my own juices from my fingers and scoop up some of the hot sticky cum from my body and clean myself up to the roar of the guys.Chapter Three – Poke Her Night ContinuesAfter all they cum on me, I need a break and to take a shower. It’s not that I want to get rid of the cum, I love the feeling of it on my skin. I just want to put on some sexy lingerie for the guys. I pick out a beautiful white corset with suspenders with matching stockings and a pair of 6″ red heels. I pull on a long strand of white pearls that Mack bought me years ago. My shoulders are bare and the pearls dip down between my breasts that are pushed up by the corset, providing an enticing shelf of cleavage. I pull on a pair of thongs over my stockings. I don’t plan to have them on long.When I’m about to come out, Mack comes up behind me.”You look lovely Honey! That was so hot earlier. I just wanted to make sure you are OK.””Oh Mack, that is sweet. I’m feeling great. I’m ready for round two.”He goes back into the den and I follow him. When I get back to the table, the guys all have their eyes on me. I get a few cat calls, but mostly I see lust filled eyes and gaping mouths. I’m proud of how I’ve kept my body trim and sexy. I feel very sexy in my corset and stockings. My heels accentuate my ass and legs as I walk slowly around the table. A few of the guys reach out and stroke my ass. I make my way around the table twice letting everyone get a close look at me and another chance to touch my body.”Anyone need a fresh beer?” I ask the guys.Mike and Buddy both say they could use one. I saunter back into the kitchen and bring back two cold beers. When I hand Mike his he reaches between my thighs and rubs against the crotch of my thong. I am soaking wet. A shudder goes through my body. I feel a tingle as my nipples press against the rigid boning of the corset. I go to hand Buddy his beer, he pulls down the front of my corset, revealing my breasts. He takes his beer and holds the bottle against my turgid bud. The wet condensation chills my nipple causing them to both crinkle and tighten. David reaches from behind and rubs the wet crotch of my thong. He pulls the tiny strip of fabric aside and slips his fingers through the folds of my slip. A moan escapes my lips.”Ah that feels so good. Are you guys ready to play another game?”They all groan but one of them says, “We’d rather play with you instead.””Well, I have an idea.” I reach for the cards that are laying on the table. I sort through them and pull out the ace of spades and hearts and three of the deuces. I hold them up in my hands where they can’t see the faces of the cards.”I want each of you to pick a card but don’t look at it until I tell you to.” Each man pulls his cards and places it on the table in front of him. “Now the guys with the aces can follow me. It was David and Mack. I head back into our bedroom and David and Mack follow behind me. I stop by the bed and pull Mack’s jeans off and push him down on the bed. I turn and remove David’s jeans too. They both have nice sized cocks and I look forward to having them inside me. Mack is laying on the bed and take his cock into my mouth and down to the root. My head bobs up and down a few times. Then I remove it and stroke it while looking back to David.”Put that cock in my pussy David. I want to be filled with cock from both ends.”He didn’t hesitate. He peals my thong down and I steps out of them. He rubs his cock in the trough of my folds, wetting the head before slipping it inside me. By then I take Mack’s shaft back into my mouth. As David sinks into my depths, I moan around my husband’s cock. It takes me a few minutes to get accustomed to the rhythm of David’s fucking. With each thrust from David, he drives Mack’s cock deeper into my mouth. I start to shudder as I am being spit roasted by their cocks. The feeling of being so full is more than I can take. I orgasm around David’s shaft, squeezing him as the spasms washesd over me. The moans are humming on Mack’s cock mecidiyeköy escort bayan and he spilles his warm seed into my mouth. David follows soon after. His molten jism splashing into the back wall of my cunt.I stay there leaning on Mack, his cock slowly becoming flaccid but my mouth softly sucking the last bit of his cum. David’s shaft slips from his splayed lips. His warm cum drips down to my engorged clitty. I reach back and rub his slick juices into my bud. I finally stand back up and pull David into a kiss. His strong tongue swirls with mine as we share Mack’s saltiness. I reach down and squeezed his semi-erect cock. I lead them both back into the den by their spent cocks.”OK boys, let’s see who’s next.” I reach for the cards again. Picking up the two aces and one deuce this time. I hold them up to the remaining three guys. This time it is Mike and Buddy. The two biggest cock of the bunch. I lead them both into the bedroom.I can’t wait to get Buddy’s gigantic cock inside me. I start to push Mike down on the bed and suck him like I did Mack. He is having nothing of it. He pushes me down on the bed and rams his thick shaft into my cum filled pussy. He pounds my cunt, forcing the air out of my lungs. His hand is on the back of my corset as his cock takes me with abandon. The feeling of being taken this way has me on the edge very quickly. I can feel myself nearing on orgasm. That is until he abruptly pulls out. It leaves me feeling empty and needy.That doesn’t last long as Buddy puts his giant cock at the entrance to my cunt. He rubs the spongy head of his shaft against my wet lips. The thought of his humongous cock ready to enter me is more than I csn stand. I try to push back against him. He gives my ass cheek a hard slap. I moan and pout. He reaches up and grabs my arms and fold them over each other, holding them in one hand while reaching down and grasping his thick cock and pushes it into my channel. OH MY FUCKING GOD! The feeling of fullness is too much. I whimper as he eases himself inside me. It feels like he is going to rip me open but it’s so good too. It feels like I was giving birth.He lets me adjust to his girth for just a few seconds before he starts sawing that fat cock in and out of me. He leans down with his weight on the hand that holds my arms behind me. His cock is taking its pleasure with my stretched lips. I can feel the pull of my labia each time Buddy’s huge cock is pulled out. He leaves just the head of his cock in my hole then pushes into my depths. His spongy head bumps into my cervix and I feel a twinge of pain but I am loving being taken like this. Again, I’m nearing my orgasm when he pulls all the way out. I whimper like a puppy.He slaps my gapping lips with his cock, wet with my juices. I’m begging for him to enter me again. He moves away and Mike comes back and rams his stiff cock back inside me. I’m moaning like a whore, begging to be allowed to cum. Mike takes me with such force that my body feels like a receptacle for their pleasure. My needs are ignored. I have always been used to control and getting my way. These men have other ideas. They work me over and over again. Taking turns keeping me on the edge. My begging and pleading falls on deaf ears. Finally when its Mike’s turn again, he pounds me with ceaseless vigor. His cock swells and spills his warm cum inside me. He slaps my upturned ass and before I can catch my breath Buddy’s cock fills me again. His giant cock pushes out some of Mike’s cum. I’m not sure why, but I’m thinking of an article I had read once about the design of a man’s cock. The ridge of the cock’s head was designed to catch another man’s cum and sweep it out of a vagina. Buddy’s thick head is doing just that. With ever thrust and withdrawal I csn feel Mike’s warm cum running down my thighs.I realize that they had released my arms but I’m obediently holding them there. Buddy leans in and grabs the back of my neck, holding me down as his cock owns me. His thrusts are driving the breath out of me with each stroke. When he finally cums it is so much that it pulsed with so much force that it throws me over the edge and I’m writhing in pure ecstasy. My cunt tries to milk Buddy’s giant cock but I’m only able to lay there and spasm. He finally removes his thick shaft and they both leave me moaning and empty except for the huge load of cum slowly leaking out of my gapping cunt.I just lay there bent over the bed. My legs still spread lewdly. I know I need to go get Rick and see what he will allow me to do to service him. But my body won’t let me up. I’m a limp sated noodle, unable to move. I just stay there unmoving, until I feel a warm pair of lips kissing my well fucked pussy. I turn and see Rick kneeling between my thighs and softly licking the cum from swollen pussy. I mew as he spreads my labia in order to push his tongue deep inside me. I haven’t come back down fully from my orgasm and feel my pussy spasm again to the ministrations of Rick’s expert tongue. I think it’s so sexy for him to clean me this way. He finally finishes cleaning me and fall down off the bed in front of him.He has his cock out and is stroking it. I want to take it into my mouth but he still won’t let me. He does however let me stroke it for him. I cup my exposed breasts as I let my hand slowly move up and down his cock. There is quite a bit of pre-cum dripping from his cock and I take it and spread it around his cock and continue to stroke him. It doesn’t take long for him to cum. I let his hot cum splash on my breasts and face. When he finishes. I look into his eyes and sweetly lick his cum from my fingers, making sure he knows how much I loved his gentle treatment of me after being so thoroughly fucked.By the time I come back out into the den, everyone is getting ready to leave. I thank them all for “cumming”. They all said they hoped that this would become a regular thing. When they all have left. Mack comes into the bedroom where I have gone to lay down.”Honey that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. The guys were really impressed with your sexiness. I owe you big time!””I will find a way for you to pay me back.” I say thinking of my skater guys and what I could do with a group of them here in front of Mack. Boy was he going to see a show, and soon.

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